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I've got your libertarian paradise for you right here!
Hey Ron Paul fans! Are you tired of paying taxes to fund those damn government services and the jobs that go along with them and vigilante justice rules the land? Are you looking to move to a place ...
Sagebrush Bob 06/02/2012 19 16 - 265
Debt used as a Weapon of Mass Destruction
Austerity has been used as a weapon of mass destruction by the banksters for decades . What's being done to Greece is nothing new. The only difference is that using debt as a WMD used to be employed ...
Sagebrush Bob 05/14/2012 8 10 - 88
Mitt Romney's Neocon War Cabinet
Judging by his advisers, expect Romney to strongly embrace Bush's unilateral interventionism (which arguably never ended) and massive military budgets (which definitely haven't ended).
Sagebrush Bob 05/03/2012 6 4 - 57
Naomi Wolf: Four Alarm Alert -- Red Flashing
If you haven't seen Naomi Wolf's Facebook page today , you need to do so and read her March 30th reports from the hearings for the lawsuit filed by Chris Hedges and others regarding the NDAA.
Sagebrush Bob 04/23/2012 469 390 19 3111
KGO "Newstalk 810" is no more
One of the all-time great talk radio stations, San Francisco's KGO 810 has fired Gene Burns, Gil Gross, Ray Taliaferro and John Rothman and (apparently) others as they switch to an "all news" format ...
Sagebrush Bob 12/01/2011 89 28 1 286
Amazing Video: Kid shot with shotgun multiple times and survives
This is an incredible story.
Sagebrush Bob 10/08/2011 7 8 - 120
NYPD Gone Wild 10-05-2011 (Updated with bonus video)
NYPD tried to ram marchers with motorcycles. Serve and protect?
Sagebrush Bob 10/07/2011 11 13 2 155
Worried about the Baucus appointment? It gets worse!
Ari Berman points out that Max Baucus may be the least of our worries .
Sagebrush Bob 08/10/2011 24 23 2 267
Many of us live in a reality world
Here's a dose of reality from Thom Hartmann for those who think that we are the ones living in a fantasy world:
Sagebrush Bob 08/01/2011 20 7 1 118
The final words of a killer that should not be ignored
Hate is going on in this world and it has to stop. Hate causes a lifetime of pain.
Sagebrush Bob 07/22/2011 13 16 - 129
Bill Clinton still talking like a Republican - calls for corporate tax cut
Today Bill Clinton suggested that the corporate tax rate is too high and needs to be lowered.
Sagebrush Bob 07/03/2011 134 13 - 267
Catfood Commission - Does this sound familiar?
What do you think about these recommendations and how they compare to what we're hearing from the Catfood commission?
Sagebrush Bob 11/10/2010 39 33 - 67
Paranoia: 6-year-old Alyssa Thomas placed on terrorist watch list
My country is officially paranoid.
Sagebrush Bob 07/10/2010 50 21 1 57
Justice Stevens gets it. ACLU doesn't.
Corporations are different from human beings! For those who haven't had the chance yet, I highly recommend that you take a look at Justice Stevens' brilliant rebuttal to the majority opinion in ...
Sagebrush Bob 01/22/2010 79 39 2 98
Kseniya Simonova's amazing sand paintings
Kseniya Simonova is a 24 year old Ukranian artist who creates an amazing art experience using a giant light box, dramatic music, imagination and her incredible "sand painting" skills.
Sagebrush Bob 01/07/2010 16 16 1 91
Forced to choose between little or nothing at all
I choose little. I've come around to the point where, if I were in Congress, I'd likely vote in favor the bill that we will get. I am not, however, pleased with it or the way that the White House ...
Sagebrush Bob 12/22/2009 23 4 - 48
Jim Cornette lays the "Smackdown" on Joey Styles (and Vince McMahon too)
I just learned that Joseph Carmine Bonsignore, better known by as Joey Styles (former ECW and WWE wrestling announcer and current Director of ...
Sagebrush Bob 08/01/2009 39 23 3 145
Six people hanged in Tehran. 29 more to be executed tomorrow?
As we are entertained by the Sarah Palin circus and as we in the U.S. take time this weekend to celebrate our nation's birthday, let's not allow ourselves to forget about the situation in Iran.
Sagebrush Bob 07/03/2009 33 44 1 40
Financial Services Committee lined pockets while market tanked. Completely legal apparently.
The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that members of the U.S. House Financial Services Committee, who are supposed to be overseeing the banking industry, seem to have had other things on their minds: ...
Sagebrush Bob 06/30/2009 13 13 - 11
Vote to have massacre of Peruvian indigenous people addressed at the next Progressive Caucus Q&A
Upset about the massacre of Peruvian indigenous people? Please consider voting at to ...
Sagebrush Bob 06/08/2009 15 7 1 27
Speaking of class warfare
Regarding Tasini's excellent diary about the fact that there is, indeed, class warfare...
Sagebrush Bob 05/15/2009 5 3 - 12
Google is fixed and all is NOT WELL
FINAL UPDATE (I hope): Google seems to be fixed. In any case, this is a good reminder as to why we should not want one search engine to so dominate that it crushes all ...
Sagebrush Bob 01/31/2009 78 13 - 18
Foxes guarding the henhouse
While I can't say that I'm surprised (since Obama already had that scoundrel Robert "What Meltdown?" Rubin advising ...
Sagebrush Bob 11/26/2008 47 17 1 25
Bill Clinton needs to shut his piehole
What's it going to take to get this man to just give it up?
Sagebrush Bob 09/26/2008 113 11 1 16
The Federal Reserve is going broke
The Federal Reserve started the year with about $800 billion in cash. Jim Jubak, reports that amount is now below $200 billion. Could the U.S. lose it's AAA credit rating?
Sagebrush Bob 09/22/2008 4 4 - 46
World is Watching
The world is watching and the world is hoping,
Sagebrush Bob 08/30/2008 13 2 1 3
Live McCain VP announcement thread
Watch the disaster here!
Sagebrush Bob 08/29/2008 137 7 - 1
On a Slow News Day (secondary poll)
Not a substantial diary here but I just wanted to give the none of the above voters in the poll by BarbinMD's poll a chance to vote.
Sagebrush Bob 08/18/2008 9 2 - 9
A whole lotta dancing
I realize that this doesn't meet the standard for posting a "substantive" diary but I think the inherent message is just too good not to spread all around.
Sagebrush Bob 07/04/2008 5 3 - 3
Hillary won't be nominated as VP (Updated)
Today it's been reported that Hillary is open to being Obama's VP. Fortunately, it won't happen. Update: This concession victory speech of hers tonight should ...
Sagebrush Bob 06/03/2008 19 1 - -
Bill Clinton says seating half delegates fine
Bill Clinton says that seating Michigan and Florida delegates as half delegates is probably the only solution.
Sagebrush Bob 05/31/2008 11 3 - 2
What Hillary should have said
At first, Hillary Clinton pretty much kept out of it. However, with her lies about Bosnia, SCHIP, and NAFTA making the news, she decided that it was a good idea to try ...
Sagebrush Bob 03/27/2008 16 3 - -
Corrupting influence of superdelegates
Earlier today, someone on this site accused Barack Obama of trying to buy the votes of superdelegates. He called this bribery.
Sagebrush Bob 02/15/2008 11 1 1 -
Ronald Reagan was right!
WTF you say? Blasphemy you say? Well I implore you to please keep an open mind.
Sagebrush Bob 02/02/2008 14 6 - 4
Poll: Did this debate change your mind?
OK. There are other polls asking who won the debate, but did any of the candidates win over anyone?
Sagebrush Bob 01/21/2008 83 2 - 14
Judge orders Kucinich be included in Nevada debate
Senior Clark County District Court Judge Charles Thompson has ruled that Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich must be allowed to participate in tomorrows debate in Nevada.
Sagebrush Bob 01/14/2008 286 65 1 29
Obama, Powell and a Nevadan's dilemma
It's the morning of the New Hampshire primary and it appears that Barack Obama will be the clear winner. The time is fast approaching for me to make up my mind about who I'll support in the upcoming ...
Sagebrush Bob 01/08/2008 85 3 1 14
When Republicans (and Democrats) weren't afraid of the L word
When Wendell Willkie ran as a Republican against FDR, he went out of his way to say that he was a Liberal and that he supported Liberal ...
Sagebrush Bob 11/23/2007 23 7 - 9
Crisis in Lebanon Coming to a Head *updated*
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon fears confrontation in Lebanon if feuding political factions ...
Sagebrush Bob 11/22/2007 53 1 - 2
Hillary Clinton best understands "pressure" of Presidency
Which Presidential candidate is best prepared to deal with the pressure of being President?
Sagebrush Bob 11/21/2007 14 6 2 -
Kucinich supporters... who is your second choice candidate?
As someone who has been struggling to choose between Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards, I'd like to know who Kucinich supporters would back if Kucinich were to drop out of the race.
Sagebrush Bob 09/12/2007 26 6 - -
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