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The Brown case: The Left proved as bad as the Right
The reactions by radical Leftist in the media over the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Wilson is a reminder that those of us looking for reasonableness and perspective on the Left are ...
Sam Weller 11/26/2014 83 - - -
Forward: The Red Tide Will Turn Blue
What does the victory for Republicans last Tuesday really mean? If you ask most smiling Republicans, as I recently did while visiting a number of bars on Capitol Hill frequented by GOPers, you get ...
Sam Weller 11/08/2014 11 10 - -
The Pentagon Sink Hole
There are so many other things in our society we could have paid for - like maybe healthcare, education, pensions, etc - with the dump truck loads of wasted money we've thrown at the Pentagon . ...
Sam Weller 03/15/2014 8 9 - -
Have American Liberals really surrendered?
Aldoph Reed Jr claims American Liberals have become fixated on election results, on "winning elections," rather than on pursuing their progressive long term goals of transforming society for the ...
Sam Weller 02/28/2014 150 59 1 -
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