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I had to report my 4yo son to the police
Please don't judge me. I have never been so distraught and conflicted. He's my only son and he's a good boy. Lately though, his behavior has become disturbing. Suspicious. What did I do wrong? I ...
SamLoomis 01/04/2015 25 19 - -
Nice golf community you got there. Be a shame if wild animals moved in.
In overdeveloped states like Florida, each county has its share of packed neighborhoods. Where you don't walk to the neighbor's porch to borrow some eggs. You just open a window, reach out and tap ...
SamLoomis 11/30/2014 10 12 - -
Cliven Bundy: "want to tell you one more thing I know about the negro..."
Rand Paul and Sean Hannity's friend Cliven Bundy took some time to whitesplain about the negro, welfare, porches and black men in jail. And yes, it went as well as we would expect. Which is ...
SamLoomis 04/23/2014 317 546 2 -
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