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Human Rights Missing from Health Care Debate
President Obama - and all of us - would do well to avoid the trap of letting the debate become more about economics than about health care. Instead we should be focussing on the human right to ...
Sameer Dossani 08/31/2009 21 10 - 19
Chomsky on the Economic Crisis
I promised to post this here so am doing so. Sorry I don't have time to write a proper diary to go along with it... Instead here's a pseudo-deep ...
Sameer Dossani 02/17/2009 53 37 4 23
UPDATED: Chomsky on Colonialism and Gaza
Update: Now with full text from interview. A couple days ago I had the opportunity to do an interview with Noam Chomsky. The bulk of ...
Sameer Dossani 01/17/2009 152 29 1 108
Pope warns of 'Gay Threat'
Part of me just wants to ignore this, but I guess a lot of people still listen to the Pope , so here goes...
Sameer Dossani 12/22/2008 57 9 - 78
Lieberman, Nader and fighting the good fight
A couple of days ago, Kos wrote two diaries dismissing Ralph ...
Sameer Dossani 11/19/2008 16 7 1 4
The IMF Can't Help End the Crisis
There are a lot of reasons that we're in a global financial crunch right now, and about half of them lead straight back to one Mr. Alan Greenspan. But a good part of the other half of them can be ...
Sameer Dossani 11/13/2008 3 3 1 1
Out of Afghanistan
While I'm as teary as anybody else about the events of last Tuesday, I'm also pretty uncertain about whether or not President Barack Obama will put an end to U.S. empire. Doing so would not only ...
Sameer Dossani 11/10/2008 23 11 - 176
Can we please stop echoing the right on the oil addiction meme?
Ok, so now we're (hopefully) getting rid of the last vestiges of Repuglican one-party rule, can we please stop using their ...
Sameer Dossani 10/30/2008 53 7 1 -
Adam Smith: Socialist Extraordinaire
The Republican party's attempts to educate the public about the dangers of socialism are long overdue. Helpfully, they've even identified the cardinal sin of socialism - taxing rich people (taxing ...
Sameer Dossani 10/28/2008 9 6 3 11
Breaking: Iraq PM will not sign status of Forces agreement
Havn't seen this diaried as yet, but if it is, let me know in the comments and I'll delete this. Fearing a split in the Iraqi parliament, Iraq's PM Nouri al-Maliki won't sign the status of forces ...
Sameer Dossani 10/25/2008 79 81 - 32
Friedman v. Keynes Part I: "How Dare They Expect Us Not to be Greedy - That's the point right?
Today's news that Ben Bernanke is now advocating serious government spending in order to help stay the huge downturn in the markets ...
Sameer Dossani 10/20/2008 42 46 18 241
Neoliberalism and neocolonialism
So as lukewarm as I usually am on the mainstream political parties, and as much as I really see Obama as a kind of bland centrist on most policies, I'm psyched for change. The reason I'm psyched ...
Sameer Dossani 10/15/2008 10 3 - 4
IMF outlines four point plan of action
Geez, these guys aren't serious . Please can we stop listening to the IMF now? Their free market fundamentalism is ...
Sameer Dossani 10/11/2008 15 2 - 1
Four Reasons why I can't get too worked up about the financial crisis
Alright, I admit it. There's a part of me that just doesn't care that the entire global financial system is crashing around us. When I first got phone calls from reporters in panic about Bear Stearns,
Sameer Dossani 09/30/2008 25 14 3 173
Last night's debate and ending the empire
Hearing Obama trying to out-hawk McCain on Afghanistan last night made my stomach do a few somersaults. I've been fighting the Taleban a lot longer than Bush and co. have, and I know one thing: The ...
Sameer Dossani 09/27/2008 12 3 - -
Questions More Important than Obama's Veep: U.S. Empire
NB: Long time member, first time diarist. Let me know what you think and if I'm following protocol. Alright, so I admit that the thought of a President Obama makes me feel a bit warm and ...
Sameer Dossani 05/18/2008 9 4 - -
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