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Scientists abandon California snowpack measurement, because–why bother?
Nothing to see here! Two years ago, scientists at UCLA predicted there would ...
Jen Hayden 05/04/2015 75 160 3 -
CA Kossack aitchdee: Struggling to Make It to SSDI
This is a followup diary to the one I posted last week ,
belinda ridgewood 04/30/2015 104 98 1 -
ACTION NEEDED: Where California Goes, the Nation Goes...
Hi all! I know, long time, no hear. I'm still ...
Elisa 04/28/2015 19 17 - -
aitchdee Update: Progress Made, Help Still Needed in CA
I last wrote in January about the troubles of long-time kossack aitchdee -- you can see that diary here . Since ...
belinda ridgewood 04/24/2015 102 72 1 -
WhereTheKogsAre:Links to the 150+ DK Geographic Groups by State & Beyond,2011-2015
COPYPASTE \http:\/\/ FOR LINKING. Revision is continual : send corrections, additions, mergers, "ceased activity", etc. HERE . SCROLL ALPHABETICALLY BELOW INTRO OR ...
mettle fatigue 03/19/2015 25 36 12 -
The Weather People And The California Drought
Mr. Emmet and I watch a lot of local news. I think it’s a Zen thing. There’s a comforting familiarity, a seamless sameness, to it. There’s a daily checklist: * Five second mention of ...
Emmet 02/14/2015 127 164 - -
TURN:"Could a Comcast Colossus Completely Control the Internet?"
© The Utility Reform Network. 85 Market St., Ste 1400, San Francisco, CA 94103 - A CALIFORNIA NON-PROFIT ORG'N - content replicated to Daily Kos by permission of TURN Communications Director. All ...
mettle fatigue 02/04/2015 6 10 - -
TURN California Public Utilities News: Give'em Your Keyboard's Best Shot & Links to Low Income Rates
Danger- Corruption in Progress The growing scandal at the California Public Utilities Commission may have cost customers statewide $68 million — there is mounting evidence that disgraced CPUC ...
mettle fatigue 12/09/2014 4 6 1 -
Contributions to Yes on Prop. 1 and 2 campaign rise to over $13 million
Contributions to the Yes on Proposition 1 and 2 campaign soared to $13,212,726 on Friday, October 24 as corporate agribusiness interests, oil companies, billionaires and the health care industry ...
Dan Bacher 10/25/2014 47 27 1 -
Walker Administration/WI DOJ appealing 120 Sing Along tickets that were thrown out
I haven't offered an update on the Solidarity Sing Along in a while, but it is still going strong. The sing along is a noon-hour singing protest that has occurred at the Wisconsin State Capitol ...
Giles Goat Boy 10/24/2014 52 233 4 -
It's World Food Day: "Feeding the world, caring for the Earth"
The importance of family farming is the theme of today's World Food Day, as international organizations collaborate to draw attention to the critical role small scale family farms play in solving ...
boatsie 10/16/2014 10 27 1 -
SERIOUSLY SEEKING Morongo Basin and Coachella Valley Kossacks
Really. It sucks being one of only a handful of Democrats up here in the Morongo Basin of the Mojave Desert. There are secret sympathizers, I know, but few in this deep deep red district will admit ...
Susan Grigsby 08/31/2014 20 14 - -
Red to blue lunch with Nancy Pelosi and the CA Candidates
My friend Paul Song, Executive Chairman of the Courage Campaign , sent me an invitation to a fund raiser at his home. I met Paul in the Single Payer movement and he did come to my party in Detroit.
Shockwave 08/31/2014 11 29 1 -
Paid sick leave could become law in a second state: California
Laura Clawson 08/31/2014 12 35 - -
Do you live in SoCal? Organize! Take Action! Tell L.A. Kossacks where. We need your help.
Los Angeles Kossacks is working with Navajo on building community in Southern California. If you are in Southern California, and are interested in working together with other Kossacks for change in ...
benamery21 08/24/2014 2 10 - -
Southern California Roll Call - Where Do You Live and Where Should We Focus Our Political Action?
During our last meetup and in C.U.A. diaries, navajo has talked about the effort to set up DKos community groups in all congressional districts. Here in Southern California there is interest in ...
susans 08/24/2014 94 20 1 -
Western USA drought: 63 trillion gallons of groundwater lost, and the surface of the Earth is rising
Lake Shasta Wow ! The ongoing drought in the western United States has caused so much loss of groundwater that the Earth, ...
Laurence Lewis 08/22/2014 129 226 1 -
California is dying of thirst, while it uses its precious water to raise livestock in China
California is thirsty and on fire. The worst drought in recorded history is now responsible for an early severe wildfire season which Gov. Brown has declared a national emergency. Watch this ...
VL Baker 08/05/2014 199 264 1 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing - 8.4.14 ...... How Frackers defeated Butte County
paradise50 08/04/2014 64 56 - -
Highest recorded combined global temp for a June; Record increase in exceptional drought for CA
Full version here . From the National ...
Laurence Lewis 07/31/2014 62 120 4 -
Attention Orange County, CA Kossacks
Butterflyweed, a California native Are you ready to start OC Kossacks? I just made up that name, but those of you who live in Orange County can choose any ...
susans 07/31/2014 28 11 - -
Oklahoma experiences 7 earthquakes in 14 hours over weekend (Update: 4 More 7/15)
Oklahoma had a very busy weekend, at least according to the richter scale. GUTHRIE, Okla. (AP) -- The U.S. Geological Survey has recorded seven small earthquakes shaking central Oklahoma in a span ...
Chris Reeves 07/19/2014 243 212 1 -
San Diego Latest City to Increase Minimum Wage
San Diego becomes the largest city in the country so far to raise the minimum wage : San Diego joins several other cities across the nation, including San Jose and Seattle, trying to fight poverty ...
EWembley 07/15/2014 5 20 - -
CA-Gov: Tell Jerry Brown (D) To Sign The Overturn Citizens United Act
Received this e-mail today from Peace Team regarding Governor Jerry Brown (D. CA):
poopdogcomedy 06/26/2014 5 23 1 -
Buying into community solar gardens - solar power, not just for people with roofs anymore.
Solar gardens allow groups of remote owners or lessors to share panels in an more optimally located array. Here are three small items of good news that may cheer you up on this summer solstice.
HoundDog 06/21/2014 49 91 4 -
San Onofre Nuclear Settlemt To Refund Millions to Customers: Meet'g June 16, Costa Mesa Comm'ty Ctr
TURN has entered into a settlement with SoCal Edison and SDG&E to refund millions customers have already paid for the failed steam tubes at the San Onofre nuclear power plant. This guarantees ...
mettle fatigue 06/11/2014 13 9 1 -
New silent wind turbine could generate half of a homes electric needs, says company The Archimedes
Megan Treacy of Treehugger ...
HoundDog 06/05/2014 292 307 17 -
Germany got 74% of its electrical power from Renewable Sources the other day
On Friday evening I went up to Bellingham to hear Bill McKibben speak. Bill has something fascinating to share with his audience, how Germany has reached the point where it had gotten over 74% of ...
Lefty Coaster 05/19/2014 165 183 4 -
May 17 - The California March for Democracy Kicks Off (UPDATED with Route Map)
Democracy, in this case, means getting money, especially dark and anonymous money, out of politics. One Pissed Off Liberal wrote a diary about this Thursday and, after my diary on the signing of SB ...
Dave in Northridge 05/19/2014 17 35 1 -
California Wildfires Starting Way Too Soon
The video, from ABC News tonight, is distressing, as are the written reports . "The fire was just incredible. It was beyond anything you've ever seen before," he said. Jay Ringgold, an ...
Dartagnan 05/15/2014 25 33 - -
California Low Income Utility Rate Elibility - by Income or by Assistance Program
"CARE" is the acronym for California Alternate Rates for Energy program for low income households. It's mandated (more or less) by the California Public Utilities Commission. There are two ways to ...
mettle fatigue 05/13/2014 1 14 - -
Governor Brown’s Bay Delta Conservation Plan Lacks Answers
Three environmental organizations today asked the big, unanswered question of the state and federal officials behind the Bay Delta Conservation Plan to build the twin tunnels: Who will pay? "With ...
Dan Bacher 05/01/2014 3 6 - -
Fracking Moratorium Bill Passes Senate Environmental Quality Committee
A bill imposing a moratorium on fracking and acidizing for oil extraction in California passed through the Senate Environmental Quality Committee today by a 5 to 2 vote. Senators Mark Leno, Jerry ...
Dan Bacher 05/01/2014 11 15 - -
Don't Buy Koch
Here is a list of Koch products. Koch Brothers and Koch Industries from: It was probably here before, this list, so here it is, ...
kathybbb 04/06/2014 211 375 28 -
KosAbility: Use-Ables: Many Medicare Patients NOW Entitled to Skilled Services Previously Denied
This diary follows up on KosAbility's October 2013 [ "...Better Care on ...
mettle fatigue 03/29/2014 18 36 4 -
Anti-fracking rally in Sacramento
In Sacramento on Saturday, March 15, two busloads of "fractivists" from Fresno and Merced joined many other groups from around the state for a huge, well-organized anti-fracking rally. Young people ...
ybruti 03/29/2014 6 31 1 -
I'm About to Pay My Filing Fee with My Rent Money
Thanks primarily to the generosity of people from this website, I will be able to pay my filing fee this morning. In return for your generosity, I can offer you -- well, at this point, only an ...
Seneca Doane 03/09/2014 34 108 2 -
The library is the last, best socialized institution in America today and you're about to lose it
(This diary is written by an American expat living in the European Union who is a male business librarian who holds a graduate library degree (MLS) and a Master's degree in business administration ...
Democrats Ramshield 03/09/2014 191 320 10 -
Rumors of a historic winter storm next week are a HOAX. Spread the word.
There's rampant speculation around social media right now that there's going to be a historic, blockbuster winter storm that affect over two-thirds of the United States east of the Rockies next week.
weatherdude 02/26/2014 221 345 4 -
Issa Goes Full Benghazi Psycho
From the website of the Democratic members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform ( Washington, D.C. (Feb. 21, 2014) – Today, Rep. Elijah E.
ericlewis0 02/21/2014 171 444 7 -
The California Frack Wars: Episode 3 Revenge Of The Greed
Sacramento: Where Pay-To-Play Means Pay-To-Frack "California is home to one of the largest remaining deposits of oil in the country: the Monterey Shale. It has 13.7 billion barrels of oil locked ...
FractivistForce 02/20/2014 9 20 2 -
Hey GOP: Stick a Rainbow On It. Love, San Diego
San Diego just gave the Republican Party a very obvious clue as to how they can win and stay viable in 2016. After our mayoral licking last night (Faulconer 54.5%, Alvarez 45.5%), I am now convinced ...
La Gitane 02/12/2014 2 10 - -
Quick re-mention of March 15 statewide "Don't Frack California" demonstrations
More info regarding message from Navajo to Central Valley members (and probably other California groups), in case anyone missed it, is at this search
mettle fatigue 02/10/2014 15 11 - -
Darrell Issa Recommended by Daily Caller for President of the U.S.
Boo yah! Guys, I just got endorsed by the Daily ...
pipsorcle 02/10/2014 14 7 - -
Tell Your Representatives to Oppose HR 3964, the Delta Destruction Bill
Restore the Delta, a coalition opposing Governor Jerry Brown's Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) to build the peripheral tunnels, has launched an action alert to oppose the "Emergency Water ...
Dan Bacher 02/05/2014 3 15 - -
Drought emergency in California raises stakes on fracking fight
Today, Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency for the State of California. While the details of what this declaration will entail for state water policy remain murky, one thing that ...
dturnbull 01/19/2014 13 50 1 -
San Diego City Attorney Blames Victim in Sexual Assault by Cop Case-UPDATED
A sexual assault victim suing the city of San Diego because her assailant was a police officer is now being portrayed in court documents as having committed a criminal act. According to an article ...
dougbob 01/19/2014 7 31 2 -
Diverting water in a desperate drought
What would you do with 201,600 gallons of fresh water in the middle of a desperate drought? California is facing a desperate situation : the state is likely to close out the year as the driest on ...
RLMiller 12/21/2013 10 36 1 -
Verizon FiOS & VoiceLink Repair Scam; Avoid Home Utility Shut-Off; & More TURN News & Alerts
From the TURN December 4, 2013 email action alert: We need your help to hold Verizon accountable to its customers. It appears that Verizon has become increasingly pushy in its campaign to switch ...
mettle fatigue 12/19/2013 6 14 1 -
Time to #UnFrackCal
Last night, dozens of concerned Californians descended on the Oakland convention center for a "scoping meeting" regarding the California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources "environmental ...
dturnbull 12/19/2013 3 12 1 -
Find HERE Your Elected Reps' Contact Info to Tell Them Confirm Janet Yellen as Fed Chair
This [ Congressmerge page] is one of the finder tools to get contact info for our members of the House and Senate. When you find yours, you can telephone, email or ...
mettle fatigue 12/19/2013 3 2 - -
Breaking: Court confirms Soledad Cross Removal-including decision
I just heard this brief bulletin on KPBS San Diego driving home within the last half hour. Here is the stub of the report, with no more details from the local newspaper, The U.T. The comments on ...
arodb 12/12/2013 82 138 - -
How can progressives gain influence? Throw everything we've got behind David Alvarez in San Diego
I really like San Diego. And not just because of Ron Burgundy (although his "legend" makes a truly funny, and surprisingly feminist movie). It's also a great place to visit, what with ...
Ian Reifowitz 11/24/2013 121 61 2 -
Darrell Issa Snaps Back at Rep. Jim Cooper Over Kangaroo Court Accusation (Video)
JIM COOPER: This committee is a Kangaroo Court. DARRELL ISSA: Don't call my committee a Kangaroo Court! I run this damn committee! JIM COOPER: Mr. Chairman, I'm a member of this committee too. ...
pipsorcle 11/15/2013 9 20 - -
Darrell Issa's Subpoena on White House CTO Officer Todd Park Backfires
ELIJAH CUMMINGS: Are you going to ever learn to cut out the politics in the investigations on our committee? DARRELL ISSA: Elij... ELIJAH CUMMINGS: Are you going to learn sir?! DARRELL ISSA: ...
pipsorcle 11/14/2013 54 173 2 -
CA-49: Meet Democratic Candidate Dave Peiser -Darrell Issa's Challenger- in San Marcos Tomorrow 11/9
For any of you who have been reading my regular Darrell Issa diaries, you'll note that I continue to reference his Democratic challenger, Dave Peiser, and his campaign website. I do so to get ...
pipsorcle 11/08/2013 12 33 2 -
Our Own David Harris Gershon in San Diego!
You all know David Harris Gershon , aka The Troubador, from his many great diaries here at the dKos. Well, he's got a new book out, What Do You Buy the Children of the Terrorist Who Tried to Kill ...
La Gitane 11/04/2013 6 10 - -
Kosaks on AARP Board of Directors? Application Deadline 11:59pm* Oct. 31
from AARP Bulletin/Real Possibilities , October 2013, p.30, "Your AARP" column HELP SET THE COURSE AARP is seeking candidates for its nonpartisan, all-volunteer ...
mettle fatigue 10/25/2013 9 14 1 -
TURN news updates for California utility customers & consumer advocates
[ San Diego Electricity Customers Sound Off on San Onofre Shutdown Costs] The thirty-year-old nuclear ...
mettle fatigue 10/25/2013 2 5 - -
Darrell Issa Writes San Diego Op-Ed Piece on Why He Voted to End Government Shutdown
I had no choice. While I contributed to the government shutdown because I just COULDN'T STAND Obamacare, I realized the risk of a default would not only cripple businesses in CA-49, it would hurt ...
pipsorcle 10/25/2013 9 8 - -
TURN Consumer Utility Advocacy Organization 40th Anniversary in S.F. Thursday, Nov 14
TURN —The Utility Reform Network— is a nonprofit California grassroots consumer advocacy organization with an emphasis on justice for the poor and fairness for all rate-payers, winning uphill ...
mettle fatigue 10/02/2013 1 6 - -
CA-Gov: Tell Jerry Brown (D) To Protect Solar Power In California
Received this e-mail today from the Sierra Club regarding solar power in California:
poopdogcomedy 08/17/2013 18 25 - -
California Man Faces 13 Years In Prison For Offending Bank of America With Kiddie Chalk
UPDATE ( ACTION NEEDED ): The Daily Kos Community has launched a petition in support of Jeff Olson...and the First Amendment. Tell the San Diego City Attorney to drop the case by signing our ...
james321 06/27/2013 528 348 3 -
The Rebirth of the San Diego Free Press
A Good News story from San Diego, California. Earlier this week we launched a city-wide progressive news site for San Diego. For the past four and half years a growing number of writers and ...
dougbob 06/07/2012 14 8 - 73
Howard Dean stumps for Saldana in CA-52!!
Governor Howard Dean came to San Diego on Tuesday to lend his support to and announce Democracy for America's endorsement of Lori Saldana. I have already written a few diaries about this race; you ...
La Gitane 05/25/2012 2 6 - 45
San Diego Kossacks MeetUp tomorrow!!
Tomorrow night is our monthly meet-up here in San Diego! Come and join us - 8pm The Whistle Stop Bar South Park See you there!!
La Gitane 05/17/2012 1 2 - 27
PCCC endorses Lori Saldaña for Congress
Usually, Blue Dog Democrats at least try to hide their right-wing positions during primary campaigns. But not Scott Peters in California's 52nd congressional district... KUSI-TV reporter: Do you ...
BoldProgressives 04/28/2012 3 8 - 39
Why is it important for candidates to release their tax returns?
As we know, the FEC already requires candidates to disclose their finances, as well as quarterly campaign financial reports. Some of our wealthier candidates - on the left as well as on the right - ...
La Gitane 04/17/2012 10 9 - 66
SD Mayoral Candidate Bob Filner joins San Diego Kossacks!
A bunch of San Diego Kossacks have been meeting up every third Friday at the Whistle Stop bar in South Park for about six months now. It's really a blast! This Friday we will have a special guest -
La Gitane 04/16/2012 10 7 - 63
I want to vacation in San Diego
San Diego's weather has dubbed as "closest to ideal weather" by many weather almanacs and the weather channel.
sreeizzle2012 04/14/2012 54 5 3 195
Rush Limbaugh talk show fallout spreads to music formats
Since Rush Limbaugh caved in to reality and hired a crisis management team , media coverage has suggested a campaign against his talk show has failed . Others involved in contacting advertisers ...
Richard Myers 04/09/2012 129 415 16 2570
UPDATE: Lori will be answering questions today! We Don’t Need Another Corporate Dem in Congress!!
California District 52 (San Diego) is a great opportunity for a dem pickup this year. Mother Jones called Lori Saldana one of the ten mostly likely electable Occupy candidates, saying her prospects ...
La Gitane 04/07/2012 24 51 2 295
Lori Saldana, Progressive Candidate CA-52 w/DEBATE VIDEO
I've been writing diaries about Lori Saldana, a grassroots progressive who is challenging republican incumbent Brian Bilbray in the newly-drawn California 52; you can learn more here Lori was a ...
La Gitane 03/19/2012 8 4 - 49
It's the third Friday, so that means we are getting together once again for good times, libations, and wonky banter! 7:30 at The Whistle Stop bar, in South Park . Hope to see you!!
La Gitane 03/16/2012 7 2 - 28
Debate Party Tonight w/Beer!! CA-52
Hey San Diego Kossacks! Come to the Whistle Stop bar in South Park at 5:30 to cheer on progressive congressional candidate Lori Saldana as she faces off against Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray ...
La Gitane 03/14/2012 2 1 - 21
CA-52 One of PPP's 12 Likely Dem "Pick-Ups"-DEBATE PARTY WED W/BEER!
According to Public Policy Polling , back in October, they chose California 52 - Rep Brian Bilbray (R) as one of the 12 most likely pick-ups for house dems in 2012. -In California’s 52nd ...
La Gitane 03/12/2012 5 4 - 61
“Mini-Mitt” Trying to Beat a REAL Progressive in San Diego!
I’ve posted a few times about a great, true progressive candidate in CA-52, Lori Saldaña, who can beat Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray. Read here to find out more about Lori, and why this is ...
La Gitane 03/04/2012 4 5 - 44
Progressive Challenger is BEATING Republican Incumbent Bilbray!!!!
We have a grass-roots progressive fighter here in California's 52nd (San Diego) that needs our help!! Since 2010, the district has been redrawn into what is now a very likely pick-up opportunity ...
La Gitane 03/03/2012 6 28 - 181
Progressive Challenger is BEATING Republican Incumbent Bilbray!!!!
We have a grass-roots progressive fighter here in California's 52nd (San Diego) that needs our help!! Since 2010, the district has been redrawn into what is now a very likely pick-up opportunity ...
La Gitane 02/28/2012 15 23 - 231
(WINNING!!) Progressive Candidate in CA 52 needs our help!!!!
We have a grass-roots progressive fighter here in California's 52nd (San Diego) that needs our help!! Since 2010, the district has been redrawn into what is now a very likely pick-up opportunity ...
La Gitane 02/27/2012 5 18 - 74
(WINNING!!) Progressive Candidate in CA 52 needs our help!!!!
We have a grass-roots progressive fighter here in California's 52nd (San Diego) that needs our help!! Southerly adjacent to Darrell Issa's 49th district, the newly redrawn 52nd is currently ...
La Gitane 02/25/2012 11 17 - 84
In San Diego? Join us tonight!! The Whistle Stop Bar in South Park, 8pm. See you there!!
La Gitane 01/20/2012 2 3 - 33
We are meeting for drinks!!! This Friday, January 20, at 8pm at The Whistle Stop Bar in South Park. Hope to see you there!!!
La Gitane 01/17/2012 8 4 - 55
“Anchor Baby” Added to New American Heritage Dictionary
By Mary Giovagnoli The degree to which the immigration debate has coarsened over the last few years is no more evident than in the pages of the recently released fifth edition of the New American ...
ImmigrationPolicyCenter 12/09/2011 8 7 - 46
Are you a kossack in San Diego? Well, we are planning a holiday San Diego Kossacks meet-up next Friday, the 16th, at 8pm at the Whistle Stop in South Park. Please join us!!!!
La Gitane 12/09/2011 2 3 1 28
LGBT activist group begins grassroots outreach for Occupy San Diego; Lawsuit is filed against City
Canvass for a Cause , a San Diego-based progressive activist group who ...
BeckEpants 11/30/2011 1 9 - 68
Former Dem House Candidate arrested for voter registration at Occupy San Diego w/updates!
2010 Democratic Candidate for CA's 52nd congressional district Ray Lutz was arrested today at Occupy San Diego for ...
BeckEpants 11/30/2011 115 321 5 2032
ATTN: San Diego Kossacks
Not really a diary - just an announcement. A few of us are getting together tonight at 8pm at The Whistle Stop in South Park. See you there!
La Gitane 11/18/2011 8 5 - 49
San Diego's only newspaper just bought by Prop 8 Gay hater Doug Manchester
So...Like the Union Tribune wasn't already enough of a right wing rag and mouthpiece for our local haves, #1 Douchebag Gay Hater and Teabagging 1 percenter Doug Manchester ( the man that brought us ...
Razorblade 11/18/2011 7 10 - 76
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