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This morning I got an email from announcing that they'd received support from the Peterson Foundation and for a social media project they intend to do.  This was announced at the event "Exploring the Millennial Generation’s Return on Investment" a conference announced earlier this year when Mobilize announced their $1million grant from the Peterson Foundation.

William Greider wrote in The Nation earlier this year about the Looting of Social Security, describing very specifically the plan among Wall Street and Banking elites who are pushing the idea of fiscal responsibility as part of policy.  Fiscal responsibility is a well tested phrase that everyone can get behind - because everyone agrees that our country should be responsible with its money. . . but Greider says that this is a backdoor swindle on anyone who has paid into Social Security

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Watching election returns last night proved to be a very interesting evening.  What became consistent was the impact of the lack of outreach on the youth segment of the electorate and the diminished rate of enthusiasm.

In Virginia

"Only 1,973,868 of a total 4,955,755 voters participated in the gubernatorial race — "a miniscule number when you consider there were 3.7 million voters in the 2008 election," said Isaac Wood, assistant communications director at the University Center for Politics... He added that generally one-third of Virginia voters in presidential elections choose not to participate in gubernatorial elections, and that, as such, yesterday’s voter turnout was even lower than usual."

One difference this year than in 2008 was young voters had a candidate at the top of the ticket who actively sought their vote.  

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Sun Oct 11, 2009 at 11:30 AM PDT

KS02: Likely to be WWE Match

by Sarahkatheryn

Ric Anderson rarely tweets, so when he does I notice.  This AM, he tweeted his column where he wrote about the Kansas Second District race between Laura Kelly and Lynn Jenkins, giving substantial credibility to what we know about Laura Kelly's potential.  

  • "Kelly could be better financed than some navies. She used to live next door to former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius in Potwin, and Sebelius encouraged Kelly to get into politics. Now, Sebelius' legendary fundraising skills and connections to donors could come in handy for Kelly. In a state where Democrats face an uphill battle, the connection could help level the playing field.
  • Kelly vs. Jenkins is a distinct choice. When Kelly ran for the state Senate in 2004, she sounded a lot like Sebelius on social issues. She said a constitutional ban on gay marriage was unnecessary because state law already prohibited it, for instance...Jenkins appealed to conservative Republican values in beating former Rep. Nancy Boyda, a Democrat, in 2008."
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State Senator Laura Kelly has announced she's running against Lynn Jenkins for the Kansas 2nd Congressional District.

Via Scott Rothschild at the LJWorld

"In the last few months people from all across the district have been urging me to run for Congress," Kelly said in a prepared statement.

"They are tired of leaders tied to a do-or-die narrow partisan agenda that has failed our country for the last eight years. Saying NO is not enough in these challenging times. People deserve common sense answers and real solutions," she said."

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I rarely promote my own candidates or clients because it feels awkward, but my newest client shocked the hell outa me.  I mostly do new media work with the campaign (despite being a youth politics expert) so let me preface all of this by saying that I have - not once - had a conversation with this candidate about the youth movement, about young people, about young voters, or the best ways to do youth outreach.  Not once.

Jari Askins, the current Lt. Governor of Oklahoma spoke at the Young Democrats of Oklahoma convention several weeks ago and I have to say it was probably the first time I've ever heard a candidate actually dispel the constant myth that young people don't participate or get involved.

"For those of us who have been in political office for a number of years, we sometimes hear from our local parties that 'we just can't get the young people involved.  We just can't get the young people interested.'   And my observation when I was State Representative and then as Lt. Governor has been that you guys are the ones who are involved.  And a lot of times its the local parties who are not as involved as they ought to be."

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This morning Jaxpagan did a great post about the problem Rep. Lynn Jenkins from Kansas has with non-whites.

Kos also awesomely picked it up

"Republicans are struggling right now to find the great white hope," said [Rep. Lynn] Jenkins. "I suggest to any of you who are concerned about that, who are Republican, there are some great young Republican minds in Washington." As examples, Jenkins mentioned Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)."

The Update on this story is that the boxer named "The Great White Hope" (Jess Willard) is from Jenkins own district... not just her own district... 30 miles from where she grew up.

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One of the panels I attended at Netroots Nation was Repairing our Democracy: Voter Registration Modernization and other Solutions with speakers Secretary Debra Bowen California's Secretary of State, Dean Logan the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk for Los Angeles County (the nation’s largest county), Jonah Goldman a national expert on voting and elections, and Justin Levitt counsel at the Brennan Center for Justice.  The panel was also moderated by Eric Marshall, campaign manager for the National Campaign for Fair Elections in the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law's Voting Rights Project.

Highly knowledgeable experts on the panel seemed to develop the consensus that the system is broken.  

"We must have a system of error correction that is speedy enough so that people aren't disenfranchised and the error is corrected," Secretary Bowen said.

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Earlier this week we told you about the connection with Kansas Senator Sam Brownback and Rep. Todd Tiahrt to the conservative cult The Fellowship on C Street.  And Colin Curtis at Everyday Citizen has a great piece today about the article in the KC Star where Tiahrt tried to walk back his relationship with them

Well... now McClatchy has another addition to that list.  Rep. Jerry Moran from the Kansas First District and candidate for US Senate is now an open resident of C Street.

I once thought of Moran as the lesser of the two evils in the Kansas Senate Race, but to now know that Moran is aligned with this secret society and "church" cult on Washington DC Capitol Hill.

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 If you haven't heard about "C-Street" yet.. or "The Family," or "The Fellowship" then let me tell you its a little wacky and I have a feeling its only going to get wackier.

Sometimes its tough being an elected official.  You have to get really good health care, have a staff of people bring you stuff, and most people tell you you're great a lot.  But a very conservative group of Senators and Congressmen were having a rough time, so they all moved into a quaint little house on C Street.

Nothing says GOP like a good old fashioned frat house?  College was a time when you could screw around with women, forget your homework, and ponder whether your teachers mom would have had an abortion?

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 Sally Kern, who you might know from such hits as"gays are a bigger threat to the US than terrorists", is it it again.  She has been pushing a piece of special legislation called the Proclamation for Morality, which among other things denounces President Obama, blames homosexuals for the economy, and divorce and abortion are apparently causing a downfall of our country.

A brave and noble Rep. Ryan Kiesel from Seminole, Oklahoma was a part of a counter-protest of the KernKlan that rallied at the capitol in attempts to show opposition.

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In a culture that has made hope a buzzword for potential and progress, the unfortunate reality is that the "hope" department is always the first to be cut from our public schools.  Today education is being reduced to filling in bubbles, where every child is left behind, and there is too little time that can be allocated to the troubled teens even when they're the most gifted.  Even President Obama has remarked that its disappointing that arts programs are being cut in the face of No Child Left Behind.

Despite the downward spiral, there remain some very few old-school teachers who push through the crowded halls, overcome the kids with drug problems, and go the extra mile for their students.

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Wed Apr 15, 2009 at 08:35 AM PDT

Proud to Pay My Taxes

by Sarahkatheryn

While some in our country want to curse taxes they have to pay many are thanking their lucky stars for those returns they'll get back in a few weeks.

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