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God’s Foreign Policy
Disguised as love, Christian Zionist friendship, rather than helping, is the Jewish peoples’ worst nightmare. You are seeing the King of the South come together with lightning speed. 

Egypt ...
Save Ohio Now 03/13/2014 5 3 1 -
Why I Continue to Fight for Being Christian – A Novel By K. C. Boyd
A year after publication, why do I continue to trumpet the dark and ugly voice of a quasi-fictional, abused child turned mega-pastor, John Christian Hillcox? As in Being Christian . A voice ...
Save Ohio Now 01/08/2014 9 1 - -
Guys, How About a Global Warming Three Way?
Below follows a jumble of would-be conversational excerpts from a March 5th New York Times Editorial, On Climate, Who Needs the Facts? , an actual email from Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) and ...
Save Ohio Now 03/06/2011 3 3 - 31
While We're On The Topic of Hate, How About Another Dash of John Hagee?
Mikey Weinstein of The Military Religious Freedom Foundation has been described by Harper’s Magazine (May 2009 cover story) as “the constitutional conscience of the U.S. military.” ...
Save Ohio Now 01/11/2011 9 6 - 96
It's here. Government subsidized Creationism
Here are the basics: In 2007, Answers in Genesis (AIG) brought the anti-science, state of the art and purportedly non-profit "Creation Museum."to Northern Kentucky (a mere 7 miles from the Greater ...
Save Ohio Now 12/02/2010 32 16 - 53
Chris Rodda, Conspiracy Theorist? Hah!
I count myself lucky having been privileged to know Chris for several years. Lucky because, in the crazy oft-dishonest/self serving world of what counts as today’s corporate journalism, Chris ...
Save Ohio Now 08/14/2010 94 32 1 83
Breaking: Texas BOE Qualifies: US is "A Christian Land governed by Christian principles"
From Kathy Miller of The Texas Freedom Network: "Moments ago the State Board of Education cast the final vote on new social studies standards, ending more than a year of political wrangling that ...
Save Ohio Now 05/21/2010 81 24 - 30
Birther Jean Schmidt Denounces Racism??????
Primaries matter. They matter a lot. As Democrats fret about seats we might lose in November, it might be more prudent to concentrate on races where we might instead, pick up a seat. In Ohio’
Save Ohio Now 04/29/2010 5 9 - 48
The Curious Case of David Krikorian or, How to Beat Mean Jean Schmidt
Here in Ohio’s 2nd District, the land of Mean Jean Schmidt, we've gotten used to bizarre elections and even stranger politicians. Not to disappoint, May promises a Democratic Primary battle we ...
Save Ohio Now 03/30/2010 49 6 1 100
Breaking: Texas School Board Tentatively Approves Revisionist History
And the beat goes on. Minutes ago, in a mostly party line vote, the Texas BOE approved new standards for history textbooks, standards that rewrite history.
Save Ohio Now 03/12/2010 133 40 2 30
Is “Going Stealth” Coming to an Election Near You? New Media Is Our Only Defense.
There's a new game in town and it's threatens to change the political landscape for the worst. Washington State bloggers have been yelling about a new conservative ploy:
Save Ohio Now 10/29/2009 20 19 - 111
Long Before Rummy's Bible Thumping, We Knew . . .
As mainstream media reels from the inclusion of biblical scripture on the cover pages of Donald Rumsfeld’s Intelligence Updates, the world far beyond our borders thinks ‘Crusade” ...
Save Ohio Now 05/20/2009 7 14 2 31
Free Lock and Load Offer: Get it now while supplies last
Forgive me for copying the below email in its entirety but I feel it speaks for itself far better than my own words ever could. The email comes from Joseph Farah, Editor and Chief Executive Officer ...
Save Ohio Now 03/24/2009 11 4 - 8
Five till Midnight and the Clock Is Ticking
Sandy Tolan’s 2006 book, The Lemon Tree is a true story about the human costs created by the formation of the state of Israel. Tolan movingly shares the history of a Palestinian family ...
Save Ohio Now 02/03/2009 9 6 - 5
Stick a shoe in it, Mr. Gates
President Obama is sending clear signals, from the top down, that real change is coming to American-Muslim relations. With his first formal media interview going to al-Arabiya, in which he re-...
Save Ohio Now 01/29/2009 12 11 - -
Hayden at CIA???
Though still a believer in Barack Obama, certain things have become increasingly more disturbing these days. Although the President-elect has more than enough political capital to make a clean ...
Save Ohio Now 12/30/2008 20 10 - 16
Time to Flip the Switch
“Sixteen years ago, President-elect Bill Clinton headed for Washington with a national security team that was unprepared for a new age of foreign policy marked by the end of the ...
Save Ohio Now 12/16/2008 2 3 - 3
The Case Against Retaining Robert Gates
Should Barack Obama choose to retain Robert Gates, if only for a year, he will telegraph a victory of the bankrupt status quo in the far-reaching and foremost area of Defense. Having already ...
Save Ohio Now 11/24/2008 14 9 1 49
Mel Goodman, Former Senior CIA Analyst Is Concerned
Melvin Goodman has earned the right to be heard. Mr. Goodman, a senior fellow and director of the national security program at the Center for International Policy, author of Failure of ...
Save Ohio Now 11/16/2008 25 34 4 48
Oprah Winfrey: Check and Double Check!!!!
After you vote, check and re-check. Aside from potential election fraud, as voters, the responsibility belongs to each of us. Per Oprah, THE nationally anointed Queen of Talk TV, 'I went back to ...
Save Ohio Now 11/01/2008 14 12 - 2
No Excuses This Time: This One Belongs to Us
Bob Herbert of The New York Times, appeared on Morning Joe Tuesday, expressing a concern, his confidence tempered by a belief that the remaining swing voters will break for McCain. Should McCain ...
Save Ohio Now 10/29/2008 3 5 - 12
PhD & Former Fundamentalist Rips Palin
An Open Letter to Sarah Palin: Dear Sarah, As a former fundamentalist, I'd like to call you on what you are doing. The media has found you "opaque" about your religion. Why? You have not ...
Save Ohio Now 10/15/2008 73 68 10 37
Mark Crispin Miller to SNL: Wake Up! Don't Give Palin Your Bully Pulpit!!
From the pen of Mark Crispin Miller: The New York Post reports that Sarah Palin has been scheduled to host NBC's "Saturday Night Live" on 10/25:
Save Ohio Now 10/13/2008 62 16 1 16
Fight the Ir-religious Right and Boycott McDonald's
The food fight is on. Conservative feathers were more than a little ruffled this past March when Richard Ellis, VP of Communications for McDonald’s USA joined the board of the National Gay ...
Save Ohio Now 10/12/2008 54 17 - 26
Electioneering Hate Crime
After 9/11, a shell-shocked but not yet totally manipulated press acted responsibly enough to report when hate crimes were committed against innocent Muslims. Sadly, that is no longer the case. ...
Save Ohio Now 09/29/2008 6 8 - 47
The Dangerous Patriotism of John McCain
John McCain wants to win. Fact is, he wants it so badly that, it hardly matters whether or not the choice of Palin came from panic or was merely another Rovian masterstroke. Either way, he ...
Save Ohio Now 09/15/2008 - 3 1 -
Ready for Another War on Christians?
Bush family friend and insider, the man who coined the term “Compassionate Conservative, Doug Wead, seems to think John McCain has made the mother of all picks in choosing Sarah Palin. Could ...
Save Ohio Now 08/29/2008 17 7 - -
Ken Blackwell Marginalized?
After a week of watching the guys with the white hats, it's easy to don the mantle of over-confidence. After all, what can the old guy do or say next week to begin to rival the now united ...
Save Ohio Now 08/28/2008 5 6 - -
McCain and Hagee: Still Joined at the Hip by Jilted Joe
“I am your brother Joseph,” proclaimed Joe Lieberman to the controversial end-times pastor, John Hagee from the podium at the annual Christian’s United ...
Save Ohio Now 08/24/2008 9 12 1 20
Headline, November 5, 2008: Obama Loses Race by Small Margin
Democratic Party leaders, fearful of the size and scope of voting machine fraud, have chosen to turn their heads at their, and our risk. With public awareness and outcry that this is not ...
Save Ohio Now 08/12/2008 43 20 1 24
Action Alert: Dobson Quietly Co-opts All Fifty Governors
Where Will the Religious Litmus Test Stop? The Religious Right changed what was originally called the National Day of Prayer AND MEDITATION.” Chairperson Shirley Dobson, wife ...
Save Ohio Now 04/28/2008 32 54 4 184
John McCain: Running with the Christocrats?
As published on BuzzFlash this morning, Now that John McCain has tempered his lovefest with ...
Save Ohio Now 03/03/2008 7 4 1 1
Just crossed paths with Ken Blackwell
Shoulda, coulda, woulda . . . I just passed Ken Blackwell in a Whole Foods parking lot in Cincinnati. Not surprising to me was the fact that my jaw dropped to the ground as I stared into the face ...
Save Ohio Now 02/05/2008 48 12 - 2
Mikey Weinstein and Reza Aslan: Is Anyone Listening
As indications point toward a pre-emptive attack on Iran within six months, the U.S. populace will have only themselves to blame when the real "Crusade" begins. Anyone watching the CNN special, God'...
Save Ohio Now 08/22/2007 1 5 1 19
Joe Wilson Speaks Out
Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame Wilson personify the depths to which this administration will sink to cover-up their crimes against humanity. Impeachment would be far to good for Bush, Cheney,
Save Ohio Now 07/03/2007 6 3 - -
With God On Our Side by Mikey Weinstein
The movie short of Mikey Weinstein's shocking expose of the pervasive infiltration by Dominionist Christians into the U.S. Military is a must-see. Combined with Showckwave's post on Constantine'...
Save Ohio Now 06/26/2007 9 6 - -
Nancy Pelosi or Why War With Iran May Be Inevitable
As the drumbeat for a U.S. strike on Iran follows a familiar path, it is critical that we revisit the once encouraging beginnings of the 2006 Democratic Congress.
Save Ohio Now 06/17/2007 81 28 2 48
Gore, Edwards and Obama
This will be short. As progressive and intelligent Dems we had better get our act together and fast. This is no time to support Hillary. Just as Rovian Republicans pushed for a Kerry candidacy by ...
Save Ohio Now 06/16/2007 78 11 - 8
When They Come for Your Radio . . . .
Source: Here in Cincinnati we treasure public radio. And we are lucky enough to have two stations,classical WGUC and all-news, all-day WVXU. A year ago when Ohio Christian ...
Save Ohio Now 12/08/2006 6 2 - 1
Time to Re-Read G.W. Speech that Launched the War
In early October, 2002, George W. Bush gave the speech which launched the war against Iraq. Take the time to re-read his words. Revisit the proof of the enormity of the lie. Three thousand ...
Save Ohio Now 11/30/2006 26 14 - 6
Defeat the Religious Right's Stealth Attack
Save Ohio Now 11/17/2006 3 6 1 37
It's Simple: If The Republicans Win on Tuesday . . . . .
Save Ohio Now 11/04/2006 47 19 1 8
Can it Be? Religion Mixes with Politics in Ohio??????
Save Ohio Now 10/25/2006 10 8 - 4
Dangerous Games: Bush and Bin Laden Play End Times?
Save Ohio Now 10/12/2006 2 2 - -
Blackwell Tour Buddy Larry Pratt: Rascist, Anti-Semitic Militia Man
Save Ohio Now 10/06/2006 7 5 - 7
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