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Billionaire Tom Perkins: Rich Should Get More Votes
Venture Capitalist and billionaire Tom Perkins suggested Thursday that only taxpayers should have the right to vote -- and that wealthy Americans who pay more in taxes should get more votes.
Scarce 02/14/2014 48 16 1 -
Pennsylvania's Governor Compares Gay Marriage to Incest
At some point many elected Republicans gave up on the idea of governing at all, and just became professionally paid trolls. Pennsylvania's Tom Corbett is one of them.
Scarce 10/04/2013 24 13 - -
House of Turds
Scarce 10/01/2013 11 7 - -
Canadian University Slammed Over Sexist Frosh Week Chant
The fallout from this continued throughout the week, as yesterday the president of the student association resigned.
Scarce 09/07/2013 8 20 - -
14-Year-Old Activist Schools Corporatist Shill On GMO's
14-year-old activist Rachel Parent debates Kevin O'Leary on the question of why genetically modified foods need to be avoided. Back in June the Canadian broadcaster called the protesters against ...
Scarce 08/06/2013 40 33 1 -
'John McCain to Endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016'
There, you heard it here first, for the record. At least that's the suggestion that'll have right wing heads exploding today, when they see this headline from Yahoo: McCain: Hillary Clinton vs. ...
Scarce 07/31/2013 52 11 1 -
North Carolina Gov Restricts Abortion, Offers the Ladies Cookies Instead
Scarce 07/31/2013 82 152 1 -
Kids React to "Controversial" Cheerios Commercial
This YouTube video has gone viral this week, and it's not hard to see why. Absolutely must watch.
Scarce 07/16/2013 18 46 1 -
Irish MP Pulls Female MP Onto His Lap in Parliament During Abortion Debate
You see, the poor (married) fellow had just a wee bit too much to drink . The Irish press has taken to calling the incident "Lapgate", with the twitter tag #lapgate getting heavy use.
Scarce 07/12/2013 19 23 1 -
Bert and Ernie's "Moment of Joy"
Ernie and Bert of Sesame Street fame celebrate the Supreme Court's DOMA decision. via The New Yorker “It’s amazing to witness how attitudes on gay rights have ...
Scarce 06/28/2013 86 72 - -
Jon Stewart Appears on Egyptian Satirical TV Show
In one of the cooler tv moments I've seen recently, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart travelled to Cairo to appear with "Egypt's Jon Stewart", Bassem Youssef.
Scarce 06/21/2013 27 128 2 -
Louie Gohmert Defends His Asparagus. (No, Really.)
Things got heated and a bit insane, as they usually do, when Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) got miffed when Attorney General Eric Holder rather politely told Gohmert he didn't know what he was talking ...
Scarce 05/16/2013 25 37 - -
Minn. Republican: 'My Heart Breaks For Minnesota'
After the Minnesota state legislature voted to pass same-sex marriage yesterday, 78-59 in the lower chamber, with even some Republican support, Minnesota is now poised to become a state which allows ...
Scarce 05/11/2013 26 16 - -
Michele Bachmann: 9/11 and Benghazi Were God's Judgment
Apparently we deserved it.
Scarce 05/11/2013 17 4 - -
NY News Anchor Pat Kiernan Reads Gabby Gifford's Entire Op-Ed On Air
Longtime NY1 news anchor Pat Kiernan took the time this morning in his "In The Papers" segment to read Gabby Gifford's op-ed ( A Senate in the Gun Lobby's Grip ) for the NY Times in it's entirety.
Scarce 04/18/2013 4 35 - -
Cheers as New Zealand Legalises Gay Marriage
This will probably be the most touching thing you'll view all day.
Scarce 04/17/2013 16 11 - -
'Morning Joe' vs 'The Colbert Report'
It was Mark Sanford day on MSNBC's Morning Joe yesterday. Stephen Colbert was not happy about it.
Scarce 04/04/2013 19 29 1 -
Mark Sanford Prepares to Run Against Stephen Colbert
Ostensibly, former South Carolina Governor (and notorious Appalachian Trail hiker) is set to run against Elizabeth Colbert-Busch for his former and now vacant congressional seat. But if this clip ...
Scarce 04/03/2013 44 57 - -
Fox Affiliate Celebrates 'Women’s Day at the Capitol' With Breasts
Local Connecticut Fox affiliate WTIC in Hartford had a rather unique way of celebrating Women's History Month, with long panning shots of women's breasts.
Scarce 03/14/2013 35 36 - -
WWE Wrasslers Remind Glenn Beck They're Entertainers
The rightwing has their shorts & panties in a knot ( WWE Creates Obnoxious Tea Party Characters, Right-Wing Heads Explode ) over these two for what they say denigrates the Tea Party and what it ...
Scarce 02/23/2013 25 17 1 -
Carville: 'The sequester sounds stupid and cruel so the public assumes it's a Republican thing'
Speaking on Morning Joe , Carville offered this pithy assessment of the problem Republicans face regarding the sequester.
Scarce 02/21/2013 17 28 1 -
So, the Tea Party Patriots® just sent out this e-mail....
"Uhh I just got an email from the tea party patriots with a picture of Karl Rove in a nazi uniform:" Uhh I just got an email from the tea party patriots with a picture of ...
Scarce 02/19/2013 136 236 2 -
Stay Thirsty, My Friends
The Republicans are looking for a savior. Did they find one in Marco Rubio last night? 'The Most Interesting Man in the World' has some advice for the GOP.
Scarce 02/13/2013 11 11 2 -
BREAKING: Black Man Brandishes Firearm
President Barack Obama shoots clay targets on the range at Camp David, Md., Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) Barack Obama has released a picture of him skeet ...
Scarce 02/02/2013 352 136 2 -
This is how Joe Biden greets babies
The YouTube is classic as well, ...
Scarce 01/03/2013 16 31 1 -
NY Post: NRA loon in bizarre rant over Newtown
About says it all, doesn't it?
Scarce 12/22/2012 118 319 - -
UPDATED: Elizabeth Warren named to Senate Banking Committee
Source: Senate D leaders will announce today that Elizabeth Warren will be on Banking Committee, confirming @ ryangrim scoop — Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) December 12, 2012 Ryan Grim's scoop ...
Scarce 12/12/2012 6 18 - -
Mitt Romney hits Costco
TMZ has the sordid details, like buying toys from China just like a real person. Mitt Romney went on MASSIVE (and fiscally responsible) shopping spree at a Costco near his home in La Jolla, CA this ...
Scarce 12/04/2012 84 8 1 -
Dick Armey to get a sweet $8mil from FreedomWorks
Sam Stein put it thus: Befitting the grassroots nature of the Tea Party group he launched, Armey will get $8m in departing, consulting fees — Sam Stein (@samsteinhp) December 4, ...
Scarce 12/04/2012 15 10 - -
Republicans Go To Obama School
Zeke Miller at Buzzfeed has this funny story of last week's summit in Boston. At Harvard, GOP staffers sit at Axelrod's feet. “We weren't even running in the ...
Scarce 12/03/2012 116 183 1 -
Nate Silver: POLITICO Covers Politics Like Sports, ‘But Not In An Intelligent Way’
TPM caught this exchange earlier in the audio podcast but it's since gone up at YouTube (full version here ). I've excerpted the bit on Politico.
Scarce 12/01/2012 43 53 - -
Blue Dog Heath Shuler Breaks Pledge, Becomes (Quasi) Corporate Lobbyist
This reads like something from The Onion . via Rep. Heath Shuler will go to work for Duke Energy, heading its federal affairs team in Washington once his term ends in January. Duke said Shuler, ...
Scarce 11/27/2012 19 16 - -
Alan Grayson helps Walmart worker walk off job in 'Black Friday' protest
Anyone who thinks Alan Grayson is going back to congress somewhat neutered after his loss in 2010 would be sorely mistaken. If anything his activities over Thanksgiving seem to indicate he's more ...
Scarce 11/23/2012 50 191 2 -
BREAKING: Mitt Romney crashes back to Earth
This image posted to Reddit is of Mitt Romney pumping his own gas in La Jolla, California last night. The pic has since gone viral. A commenter at Reddit captures the appropriate significance. ...
Scarce 11/20/2012 345 218 4 -
Allen West has conceded to Patrick Murphy
West has conceded in a written statement, released early this morning. via Politico Florida Rep. Allen West — the tea party pugilist and face of the class of House ...
Scarce 11/20/2012 151 216 2 -
ABC Denver Runs Photoshopped Cover for Paula Broadwell's Book
This is one of those on-air goofs you figure when you hear about them someone was pulling your leg but this really happened. Now, I'm already sick of this story of Petraeus's dalliances as anyone ...
Scarce 11/13/2012 32 31 2 -
Florida certifies Patrick Murphy's win against Allen West
This being Allen West though he'll still try and drag it through the courts as best his lawyers can. The result as certified is outside the margin for an automatic recount. ...
Scarce 11/10/2012 119 251 5 -
Mitt Romney Is Losing 847 Facebook Friends Per Hour
Mashable has the details. You can literally watch Mitt Romney's Facebook page shrink as you refresh the page. ...
Scarce 11/10/2012 28 31 - -
Chris Christie stiffs Romney's Pennsylvania rally
Huffington Post has the funny details. BOSTON -- New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who was effusive in his praise of President Barack Obama when the two leaders toured damage from Hurricane Sandy ...
Scarce 11/05/2012 76 129 1 -
Any Questions?
Scarce 10/31/2012 9 15 - -
Most Inadvertently Funny Tweet of the Day
Joe Weisenthal is the Deputy Editor Of Business Insider. Poeple reading way too much into Christie's Obama comments. There's zero reason why he'd do anything to jeopardize Mitt being '16 incumbent. �
Scarce 10/30/2012 20 22 - -
President Obama Cancels Campaign Events on Wednesday
He has more urgent matters to attend to. via TPM : President Obama will remain in Washington on Wednesday to monitor the response to Sandy, the White House announced Tuesday. The president was ...
Scarce 10/30/2012 19 11 - -
Twitter suspends account of @RomneyStormTips
The New York Daily News noted the emergence of the parody account, which quickly swelled to 40,000 followers yesterday. Mitt Romney's only official tweet about Hurricane Sandy is the number to text ...
Scarce 10/30/2012 11 25 - -
Dear Richard Mourdock,
Melissa Harris-Perry's open letter to Richard Mourdock this morning. Dear Mr. Mourdock, Sometimes I still flinch when I’m ...
Scarce 10/27/2012 25 35 - -
Stephen Colbert Offers Donald Trump $1mil to Charity 'If You'll Let Me Dip My Balls In Your Mouth'
After Trump made his "major announcement" yesterday that he'd donate $5 million to charity if President Obama would release his college and passport records, Stephen Colbert decided to make his own ...
Scarce 10/25/2012 24 26 - -
Romney Blimp Crash Lands in Florida
With any luck at all this blimp crashing on it's way to tonight's debate in Boca Raton signals an omen for Mitt Romney's impending doom as a presidential candidate. Report by NBC, Miami .
Scarce 10/22/2012 59 42 - -
Tammy Duckworth: Rep. Walsh ‘taking biology lessons from Todd Akin’
The accompanying text at NBCNews says "In Illinois the war over women is being fought by a woman with combat experience, Democratic congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth who is running against ...
Scarce 10/21/2012 6 27 - -
Ann Romney buys $80,000 pair of shoes for election night coronation
via The Associated Press A pair of silk slippers believed to have been worn by Marie-Antoinette, the wife of French ...
Scarce 10/19/2012 24 10 - -
Joe Walsh: Against Abortion, 'Without Exception', Including the Life of the Mother
Republican Joe Walsh's answer on the abortion issue tonight in his debate on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight with Tammy Duckworth caught reporters offguard, so they asked him again what his stance was, ...
Scarce 10/19/2012 37 49 1 -
Scott Brown's comments spark outrage across Massachusetts
The reaction to Scott Brown's offensive comments yesterday has been widespread condemnation across the board. No one is defending him, not even the local Fox News affiliate. Conservative commentator ...
Scarce 10/18/2012 165 515 1 -
Elizabeth Warren raises astonishing $12.1 mil in the third quarter
Her best quarter to date, and puts her well ahead of Brown. via : Elizabeth Warren, who has been the nation’s leading congressional fund-raiser this year, today outdid even herself as ...
Scarce 10/15/2012 59 73 1 -
Elizabeth Warren Pummels Scott Brown in Debate
This is the signature moment. Transcript ...
Scarce 10/10/2012 404 821 8 2800
Elizabeth Warren - Scott Brown Debate Open Thread
Scarce 10/10/2012 99 36 - 881
Linda McMahon Affirms Her Support For 'America’s Same Sex Marriage Law'?
Scarce 10/08/2012 18 14 - 177
Mitt Romney makes surprise visit to Chipotle
Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney poses for a photo with workers as he makes an unscheduled stop at a Chipotle restaurant in Denver, Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012. (AP ...
Scarce 10/02/2012 92 38 - 670
The Simpsons Spoof Romney in Opening Credits
Season 24 of The Simpsons opened with this gag in the title credits last night, which may mean they'll run it for the rest of this year. You'd have to have sharp eyes to see it.
Scarce 10/01/2012 8 27 - 386
Samuel L. Jackson to Apathetic Voters: "Wake the F**k Up!"
Samuel L. Jackson admonishes apathetic voters for this year's presidential election, reminding them what the stakes are.
Scarce 09/27/2012 161 470 11 2755
Mitt Romney admits 'harvesting' companies
This would be the literal definition of a "vulture capitalist", right? via David Corn at Mother Jones : Mother Jones has obtained a video from 1985 in which Romney, describing Bain's formation, ...
Scarce 09/27/2012 16 15 - 162
Scott Brown Ad Slams Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Claims
The smell of desperation is strong with this one. via The Washington Post : Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) released a TV ad Monday that draws attention to Democrat Elizabeth Warren’s claim to Native ...
Scarce 09/24/2012 58 16 1 310
Ann Romney Slams GOP critics: 'Stop it. This is hard.'
Lawrence O'Donnell played what I thought was a telling clip from a radio interview with Ann Romney yesterday. The complete sense of entitlement is galling in the extreme. We're "lucky" to have Mitt ...
Scarce 09/21/2012 16 15 - 141
SNL Weekend Update Thursday Edition on Romney's Gaffes with Fox & Friends
Saturday Night Live had a special Thursday night political edition. They opened with this segment spoofing Fox's incredibly lame Fox & Friends . That part was as usual just ok, and it's probably ...
Scarce 09/21/2012 13 20 - 240
David Frum savages the Romney campaign
(1) This AM's Politico story about Stuart Stevens being to blame for Romney campaign's troubles utterly misses the point. — davidfrum (@davidfrum) September 17, 2012 (2) The Romney campaign has ...
Scarce 09/17/2012 266 542 9 4343
Confirmed: Romney achieves the dreaded 'negative bounce'
Professor Sam Wang of Princeton provides the gory details, The negative GOP bounce. As I stated before, the GOP convention was of no help to them in the Electoral College. Indeed, it appears that ...
Scarce 09/08/2012 120 204 4 2547
Claire McCaskill on the latest Rasmussen poll
Rasmussen poll made me laugh out loud. If anyone believes that, I just turned 29. Sneaky stuff. — Claire McCaskill (@clairecmc) August 23, ...
Scarce 08/23/2012 24 23 - 302
Rep. Todd Akin's Empty Chair
CNN's Piers Morgan was left holding the bag tonight when embattled GOP congressman Todd Akin cancelled as Morgan said, "at the last possible moment, leaving us and you looking at an empty chair. It’
Scarce 08/20/2012 19 16 - 179
Clayton Williams: Victims of Rape Should 'Relax and Enjoy It'
Todd Akin 's ignorant remarks yesterday recalled another political race where another Republican candidate managed to torpedo his chances. Clayton Williams was leading in the race for Governor of ...
Scarce 08/20/2012 7 2 - 98
PPP: (IL-08) Duckworth 50, Walsh 41
As expected, Democrat Tammy Duckworth leads the pathetic Joe Walsh, 50-41, in a poll commissioned for the anti-Tea Party super PAC CREDO . The poll was done by Public Policy Polling , so it's legit. ...
Scarce 08/16/2012 9 25 - 157
Corn Flakes Girl
Gabby Douglas, the West Des Moines-trained Olympic gold medalist, will be vaulting off the TV screen and onto your cereal box this fall. Douglas, 16, will be the newest Corn Flakes cover girl ...
Scarce 08/03/2012 23 20 - 170
Mitt Romney challenges Harry Reid to a fistfight
via Politicalticker at CNN : (CNN) - Mitt Romney on Thursday pushed back against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's allegations that the presumptive GOP nominee has not been paying his taxes. "It'...
Scarce 08/02/2012 47 15 1 273
Obama jumps to double-digit lead, 51-41
Kyle Leighton over at TPM highlights the results of a newly released national Pew poll . A new poll from the Pew Research Center shows one of the biggest national leads for President Obama since ...
Scarce 08/02/2012 133 181 3 1958
Karl Rove Gives President Obama Commanding Lead
Say what you like about Karl Rove, but he understands the numbers and the math behind winning the electoral college. So it must be somewhat disconcerting for him and other Republicans looking at the ...
Scarce 08/01/2012 16 17 - 322
UK celebrates their National Health Service at the Olympics opening ceremony
It's customary for a host nation to celebrate what they take pride in and to showcase it for the rest of the world in their opening and closing ceremonies. In this case, in one memorable segment ...
Scarce 07/27/2012 171 191 4 1011
London's Mayor calls out Mitt Romney by name for his Olympic criticism
Mitt Romney's very bad week in London just got worse, as he was called out by name by London's Mayor Boris Johnson in front of 100,000 in Hyde Park, and millions more watching on the 'telly'.
Scarce 07/26/2012 134 204 - 1286
President Obama shares one victim's inspiring story
President Barack Obama hugs Stephanie Davies, who helped keep her friend, Allie Young, left, alive after she was shot during the movie theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado. The President visited ...
Scarce 07/23/2012 7 16 - 80
BREAKING: Pentagon to allow service members to march in uniform in gay pride parade
This just came across the wires: CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. — Pentagon to allow service members to march in uniform in gay pride parade for first time. And more. Note the symbolism of the date. ...
Scarce 07/19/2012 29 65 - 285
Mitt's Dancing Horse makes DNC ad appearance UPDATED: New Second 'Dancing' Ad
The DNC have released an ad this morning that goes there: to the Dancing Horse.
Scarce 07/18/2012 328 290 4 2184
Rep. Joe Walsh Doubles Down on Tammy Duckworth Attacks
Joe Walsh, America's Most Offensive Congressman ® , doubled and then tripled down on his comments disparaging Tammy Duckworth today in an interview on CNN. I lost count of how many times he says "...
Scarce 07/05/2012 88 140 1 869
Elizabeth Warren: 'No, Mitt, corporations are not people'
Scarce 06/25/2012 63 197 3 993
Mom, Dad.... I'm a Democrat....
A Utah Democrat comes out of the closet.
Scarce 06/21/2012 14 33 2 293
The Romneys Go For Olympic Gold! 'Horse Ballet'
Ann Romney's horse has qualified for the U.S. Equestrian team which competes next month in London at the Olympic games. This should only benefit the presidential run of Mitt Romney because as we all ...
Scarce 06/16/2012 71 13 - 204
Breaking: Deportations End
....for younger "illegal immigrants". BREAKING: Officials: U.S. gov't to stop deporting and grant work permits to younger illegal immigrants. — The Associated Press (@AP) June 15, 2012 ...
Scarce 06/15/2012 115 102 1 667
PPP: AZ-08 looks like easy Dem win tomorrow
Former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords joins hands with former aide Ron Barber on stage as she supports him during a get-out-the-vote rally at the Rialto Theater in downtown Tucson, Ariz., Saturday,
Scarce 06/11/2012 16 19 - 136
Former Baseball Star Curt Schilling Leaves Rhode Island in the Lurch
(Reuters) Curt Schilling, former Red Sox pitcher and owner of video game company 38 Studios, filed bankruptcy papers on Thursday, less than two years after it won a US$75-million loan guarantee ...
Scarce 06/09/2012 93 83 - 578
Denmark approves same-sex marriage and church weddings
Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Copenhagen Mayor Frank Jensen at Copenhagen Pride 2011 via Pink News : The Danish parliament has approved equal marriage laws 85 to 24 today, reports ...
Scarce 06/07/2012 17 13 - 106
DNC refusing to send money to defeat Scott Walker
Greg Sargent at the Washington Post has the gory details. The failure to put up the money Wisconsin Dems need to execute their recall plan comes at a time when the national Republican Party is ...
Scarce 05/14/2012 391 373 6 2737
Old Testament No Longer Part of the Bible, According to the American Taliban
Scarce 05/10/2012 20 13 1 249
BREAKING NEWS @ FOX: Hillary forgets her makeup!
Yeah, this , is the sort of thing they talk about over there. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Scarce 05/07/2012 34 18 - 368
'Obama's Favorite Republican' on the ropes in Indiana
These numbers are spelling impending doom for Richard Lugar in Indiana against Richard Mourdock. Mourdock has been endorsed by several conservative interest groups, including the Club for Growth, ...
Scarce 05/04/2012 27 3 - 111
Elizabeth Warren Slams Scott Brown's Hypocrisy on Health Care
ELIZABETH WARREN: “Scott Brown ...
Scarce 05/01/2012 8 23 - 174
Dan Savage Points Out Hypocrisy in the Bible, Right-Wing Groups Spring Into Action
Scarce 04/30/2012 194 166 1 1473
Liveblogging the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner
The White House Correspondents' Association hosts their annual dinner. This year's program entertainment is comedian and late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.
Scarce 04/28/2012 60 11 - 383
Newark Mayor Cory Booker Saves Woman From Burning Building
Scarce 04/13/2012 113 138 2 659
Hillary Clinton submits her own "Text from Hillary"
I posted a diary about the tumblr Texts From Hillary which has gone viral this past week. Well, today Madam Secretary herself added her own submission:
Scarce 04/10/2012 137 174 4 2082
Rasmussen (!) has Liz Warren up over Scott Brown
Oh. my. god. Republican Senator Scott Brown and his chief Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren, are now running neck-and-neck in Massachusetts’ red-hot U.S. Senate race. The latest Rasmussen ...
Scarce 04/10/2012 12 10 - 238
Obama opens up big 19 pt lead among women over Romney
A new Washington Post/ABC poll has some interesting data points showing just how much the Republican War On ...
Scarce 04/10/2012 83 117 1 840
Elizabeth Warren Raises an Astonishing $6.9mil in the 1st qtr of 2012
Former Obama administration official Elizabeth Warren raised $6.9 million in the first quarter of 2012 in support of her challenge to Massachusetts Republican Sen. Scott Brown, a massive sum that ...
Scarce 04/09/2012 17 7 - 105
Hillary becomes the epitome of badass cool
Who'd a thunk this four years ago? via Benjy Sarlin at TPM : What a difference four years makes: When she was running for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton was parodied as ...
Scarce 04/09/2012 23 24 - 342
PPP: Romney leading Santorum in Pennsylvania 42-37
This is as clear a signal as we've seen so far that this thing is over. The realization that Romney is their nominee with the first poll show Romney ahead of Santorum in Pennsylvania. If these ...
Scarce 04/05/2012 11 2 - 58
Chelsea Clinton Relates to Sandra Fluke on the Limbaugh Attacks
Scarce 04/03/2012 17 25 - 144
Not April Fools: Sarah Palin to Co-Host The Today Show
Scarce 04/02/2012 41 13 - 321
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