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NRA leaders use same old, tired tactics on Sotomayor
Last month, on behalf of my organization, the American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA), I sent a letter to Senator Leahy endorsing ...
Schoenke 07/17/2009 22 9 - 52
There is no Obama gun ban. Stop spreading that lie.
Let’s get something straight: No one is going to take anyone’s guns away. There is no gun ban coming from the Obama administration. The rhetoric about gun bans is ridiculous. Most ...
Schoenke 06/16/2009 71 16 1 46
The federal assault weapons ban didn’t reduce crime. It’s bad policy and bad politics.
Last night, on 60 Minutes, Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano , was asked about reinstating the ...
Schoenke 03/02/2009 85 11 1 71
In 2008, NRA Shot Blanks. American Hunters and Shooters Hit the Target.
I just got back from spending the holidays with my family out on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where I got in some great time with the grandkids. I was able to sneak out to the duck blind early in ...
Schoenke 01/06/2009 144 55 10 186
Obama and Gun Owners: Together a Winning Team
As a former professional football player, I always knew winning was much more fun. And, Tuesday’s election result was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. First, I owe a big thanks to ...
Schoenke 11/06/2008 21 12 - 13
Gun maker lost job for supporting Obama
USAToday reported that Dan Cooper, founder and owner of Cooper Firearms, lost his job. The reason: He'
Schoenke 10/31/2008 73 51 1 39
In Ohio for Obama, gun owners are getting the message
I just back from my third trip to Ohio where I spent the last couple days campaigning for Barack Obama . ...
Schoenke 10/24/2008 101 31 1 85
Talking to gun owners for Obama in Northern Minnesota
I’m back home for a day before I head back out on the road. Wanted to get up a post about my trip to Minnesota. I was heading there to speak to hunters about Obama, mainly because Todd Palin ...
Schoenke 10/18/2008 16 12 - 98
Obama is talking to gun owners -- and they're listening
I was in Florida over the weekend campaigning for Obama. I'm impressed with the way the Obama campaign will not cede any vote to McCain. This is the first time any Democratic presidential campaign ...
Schoenke 10/14/2008 84 42 - 49
NRA endorses "enemy of the Second Amendment" McCain
I'm just back from doing eight campaign stops in Ohio for Obama over the past couple days. ...
Schoenke 10/09/2008 22 16 1 3
Hunters and shooters give the NRA an "F"
I’m in Ohio again--on the campaign trail for Obama. The response I’ve been getting from gun owning Democrats is very positive. It’s been important to let them know Obama is on ...
Schoenke 10/07/2008 19 17 1 1
New Obama video for hunters and sportsmen
The Obama campaign released a video on gun issues. I think it's very good (and not just because I'm in it.) The Obama campaign is fighting back hard against the NRA's campaign of lies and trying ...
Schoenke 10/03/2008 20 19 - -
NRA leaders put their economic interests before the economic interests of America’s gun owners
Yes, the NRA leaders put their economic interests before the economic interests of America’s gun owners. As widely reported, this year, the NRA is spending $40 million to defeat Barack Obama.
Schoenke 09/26/2008 7 4 - 57
NRA lies about Obama and ignores pro-gun Supreme Court ruling
Last week, I spent some time in Southern Ohio on behalf of the Obama campaign. My mission ...
Schoenke 09/23/2008 12 5 - 30
I'm on the air with a radio ad for Obama
This week, I’m featured in a radio ad for Barack Obama. Politico ...
Schoenke 09/16/2008 46 67 2 50
Obama won't take your guns. Don't let the NRA tell you he will.
Over the past weeks and months, I’ve spent a lot of time talking to fellow hunters and shooters about Barack Obama, his positions on guns and his views about conservation, global warming and ...
Schoenke 09/03/2008 30 12 - 3
Time for the NRA leaders to stop lying about Obama
Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is right : As for Obama, Schweitzer said, “He ain't going to take ...
Schoenke 08/14/2008 20 8 1 3
On Obama, NRA members aren't buying the NRA's tired old spin
Sure, the leaders of he National Rifle Association (NRA) are going to spend $40 million dollars of their members’ money in a campaign against Senator Barack Obama. But, we may have reached a ...
Schoenke 07/24/2008 28 31 1 33
Obama is on the right side of the real gun issues in 2008
Earlier this year, on behalf of the American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA), I endorsed Barack Obama for President. My message was simple:
Schoenke 07/09/2008 18 22 2 166
Vindication for Hunters and Shooters at the Supreme Court
Today, the Supreme Court found that the Second Amendment of the Constitution does guarantee the individual right to keep and bear arms. This is a critically important decision for all of us who ...
Schoenke 06/26/2008 48 7 - 41
Vote for gun confiscation divides Obama and Clinton. She was wrong.
A couple weeks ago, on behalf of the American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA) , I endorsed Barack Obama for President. I explained ...
Schoenke 05/02/2008 23 18 1 26
Hunters and Shooters support Obama: He "gets it"
Today, as President of the American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA) , I announced our endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for the ...
Schoenke 04/16/2008 196 402 13 38
AHSA on target on the Second Amendment
I know most people are preoccupied by the presidential campaign – and rightly so. However, there was a very important Second Amendment case argued before ...
Schoenke 03/20/2008 4 3 - 23
Taking on poaching -- and NRA Board Member Don Young (R-AK) -- on Capitol Hill
BrownSox has a post up today on the political woes of Rep. Don Young. He’s got some real problems. I had my ...
Schoenke 03/17/2008 8 9 - 76
A number of NRA Board Members sponsored a conference of global warming deniers this week
A couple weeks ago, I wrote a diary about the 670 hunting and fishing organizations that signed a letter to Congress ...
Schoenke 03/06/2008 9 16 - 83
Another attack on hunters from the leaders of the NRA
Last week, I asked who is the real enemy in camouflage ? My answer was simple. It’s the leadership of the ...
Schoenke 02/28/2008 14 20 1 204
Who’s the real “enemy in camouflage”?
As a hunter who is proud of the American hunting tradition there is no doubt in my mind that the senior leadership of the National Rifle Association has sold us out and become a front group for the ...
Schoenke 02/21/2008 31 34 1 297
Hunters unite to fight global warming. Where's the NRA?
Earlier this week, over 670 hunting and fishing organizations – including my organization, ...
Schoenke 02/14/2008 21 20 - 48
AHSA at the Supreme Court, a unique approach to the DC gun ban case
Today, as promised, the American Hunters and Shooters Association (ASHA) filed an amicus (friend of the court) brief with the Supreme Court of the United States in the landmark Second Amendment case,
Schoenke 02/08/2008 26 12 - 180
The NRA’s leaders don’t care about hunters and shooters
It’s a question I get all the time: What happened to the National Rifle Association? It’s a question that hunters ask all the time. First, there’s an important distinction. ...
Schoenke 01/29/2008 48 20 - -
Rebuilding respect for the hunting and shooting tradition
This is my fourth diary on Daily Kos. A big thanks to all who have made me feel very comfortable in the community. When I told people I, as a gun owner, was going to start a diary on a progressive ...
Schoenke 01/17/2008 31 21 - 11
The Second Amendment really is about hunting, too
As Adam B noted here on DailyKos last November, this year, for the first time in seventy years, the United States Supreme Court ...
Schoenke 01/08/2008 59 12 - 29
Hunters, Locavores and Environmentalists
Last week, I wrote my first diary on DailyKos about the impact of climate change on hunting -- based on my first hand ...
Schoenke 12/18/2007 33 23 1 1
Hunters really are asking: Where are the ducks?
“Where are the ducks?” That’s the question hunters across the country have been asking for the last couple years. I’ve been asking it myself. And, I can tell you, it’...
Schoenke 12/14/2007 64 43 - 57
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