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Study saying EPA rules will save 3,500 lives should be nailed to door of every naysayer in Congress
Curbing coal plant emissions would save lots of lives. Not that this matters to EPA haters. A new study published in the ...
Meteor Blades 05/04/2015 28 88 2 -
Do we all live in a giant hologram?
The large scale universe projected onto a two-dimensional boundary There is an active field of research in cosmology and physics seeking to explain the cosmos in terms of a radical idea: we live ...
DarkSyde 05/03/2015 115 91 2 -
House Republicans launch direct attack on Earth Sciences slashing $300 to $500 million from NASA
Republican shills for Big Carbon are launching a direct assault on NASA funding designed to gut any future enhancements to the Earth Sciences capabilities to monitor changing conditions on our ...
Lefty Coaster 05/03/2015 32 61 - -
The Inoculation Project 5/3/2015: Physics in Baltimore
Solid science education is the best inoculation against ignorance.
belinda ridgewood 05/03/2015 28 23 - -
Michigan Seismic Event -- 4.0
Michigan experienced a 4.0 seismic event ----8 kilometers south of Galesburg, MI -- at 12:23 PM today, Saturday. It shook my house in East Lansing, was noted by MSU employees and East Lansing ...
LakeSuperior 05/02/2015 7 6 - -
This week in science: stardrive?
There is great excitement in some corners of the space exploration community this week, as several NASA people opened up a discussion with engineers and others outside the agency over a mysterious,
DarkSyde 05/02/2015 91 46 - -
How To Read A Seismic Hazard Map
Now that the USGS has preliminary come up with a way to quantify the short term hazard of potentially induced earthquakes it’s important to know what these maps are and mean.
terrypinder 05/01/2015 28 66 1 -
NASA: EM Drive shown to work in space-like vacuum
The EmDrive which made made headlines last year is back in the news with the results from a new set of tests by NASA showing that the drive has been successfully tested in a hard vacuum. The EM ...
Unit Zero 05/01/2015 235 103 3 -
The Voyage of the "Trieste"
In January 1960, two ocean explorers named Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard took the manned submersible Trieste to the bottom of the Challenger Deep in the Marianas Trench, the deepest spot in the ocean.
Lenny Flank 04/29/2015 17 30 - -
Debunking the pH Claim of GMO Safety
EdG Note: This article has been retitled and substantially edited since 1st publication. See "Updates" for details. Those who pay even casual attention to The Great GMO Debate are likely aware ...
edg 04/28/2015 269 16 1 -
Valentina Tereshkova: The First Woman in Space
Most Americans assume that Sally Ride, who flew on the Space Shuttle in 1983, was the first woman in space. But in reality, the first women had flown in orbit almost 20 years before--and she was a ...
Lenny Flank 04/28/2015 10 29 - -
Lipsky Family Wins a Victory on Range Resources SLAPP Law Suit at Texas Supreme Court
The Lipsky Family in Parker County, TX has defeated a Range Resources petition in a SLAPP lawsuit seeking to reinstate certain business disparagement and civil conspiracy claims brought by the ...
LakeSuperior 04/27/2015 24 21 - -
Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) Deservingly Enjoys Victory In Helping Destroy A Conglomerate Merger
Leslie Salzillo 04/26/2015 45 141 1 -
The Inoculation Project 4/26/15: If They Build It, They Will Learn
Solid science education is the best inoculation against ignorance.
tgypsy 04/26/2015 17 22 - -
Ancient Europe: The Stone Ages
In the nineteenth century, before the advent of modern scientific chronometric dating, archaeologists and museum curators relied exclusively on relative dating. To make sense out of the chaotic ...
Ojibwa 04/26/2015 24 122 4 -
Mass Extinctions (part 2): The First Time Life on Earth Almost Perished
485 million years ago the Earth was a very different place. The Earth's climate was mostly warm and wet, with sea levels nearly 2,000 feet above those of today. The area north of the tropics was ...
GregWright 04/26/2015 24 100 1 -
Is There Any Intelligent Life Out There? Maybe Not.
Last week two Senior NASA Scientists confidently predicted that we will find evidence of extraterrestrial life within a decade or ...
Dartagnan 04/25/2015 297 160 3 -
Sanford Stalling Charleston Transit Progress
From Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit This statement was prepared for the April 23rd. protest at the Office of US Congressman Mark Sanford in Mount Pleasant, SC. At that ...
wjhamilton29464 04/25/2015 16 21 - -
America's First Roswell: The Aurora UFO Crash
Everyone is familiar with the story of Roswell, New Mexico, where an extraterrestrial spaceship supposedly crashed and alien bodies were recovered and hidden by the US Government. But if the ...
Lenny Flank 04/25/2015 51 28 - -
This week in science: she's a witch!
Will the real Mike Rogers (R-AL) please stand up? Because there's a fire and brimstone Mike Rogers who hates him some commie leader and likes to wax elegantly on a certain president who ...
DarkSyde 04/25/2015 68 25 - -
The Hubble Space Telescope: 25 Years and Counting
There has been a lot of attention on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) this week, including posts here at Daily Kos. I'm going to try to make this one worth your time. I've been putting together ...
xaxnar 04/24/2015 28 30 - -
What's that spot on Ceres?
NASA is holding a vote on what you think the bright spots on Ceres may be. Images of Ceres from as far away as the Hubble telescope show a white splotch that everyone assumed would be a crater. ...
atana 04/24/2015 98 68 - -
Backyard Scientist: Chimp Edition
I may have been the first person to see these chimps I'm a lover of science you can do close to home, but thanks to sites like Zooniverse , you can now do science very far away from home without ...
Mark Sumner 04/24/2015 11 20 - -
Science Denier Bingo: A Board Game for Science Fans
Science Deniers come in all stripes. Some are right-wing, some are left-wing. Some are anti-government, some are anti-corporate. But if you look closely at all of the anti-science fringe, everyone ...
Lenny Flank 04/22/2015 114 28 1 -
A Heartwarming Story With A Terrible Lesson for Anti-Vaxers
Earlier this year a tiny, frail, disabled, 67 year old pensioner was mugged as he put out the trash in the northern English city of Gateshead. His 25 year old assailant was desperate for money to ...
Lib Dem FoP 04/22/2015 234 145 1 -
In Oklahoma, hard data that finally lays out the danger from the state's man-made quake boom
For the last year, I and several others have covered the rise in seismicity in Oklahoma and Kansas . The earthquakes in these two states, coupled with earthquakes in Texas, Colorado, and Ohio, ...
terrypinder 04/21/2015 107 190 3 -
Pi-Ramesse: Egypt's Oddest Mystery
During his reign, the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II built an extraordinary number of monuments in his capitol city, Pi-Ramesse. In later centuries, Pi-Ramesse was abandoned and forgotten, lost in the ...
Lenny Flank 04/21/2015 40 69 1 -
How Much Radioactivity Are We Exposed to While Sampling Seawater for Fukushima Radioisotopes?
The purpose of this diary is to introduce a brief, informal movie made while using a Geiger Counter in the laboratory today. This diary is part of an ongoing effort to communicate what the ...
MarineChemist 04/20/2015 5 21 1 -
Sink or Swim: UVic's Mike Irvine First to Defend His Masters Thesis Underwater
In case you're interested (ICYI) you will be able to watch the first Masters degree defence conducted underwater. It will live stream in about 30 minutes from now. From the YouTube description: ...
MarineChemist 04/20/2015 3 6 - -
Beyond the Hubble
The Cat's Eye Nebula as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope in the constellation Draco. Click to embiggen Ask anyone to name a telescope and odds are one answer will come up every time: Hubble. Not ...
DarkSyde 04/19/2015 111 141 2 -
Mass Extinctions (Part 1): Yes, The Climate is Always Changing.
The Earth’s climate changes naturally and gradually over long periods of time due to geological forces. The climate can also change abruptly. These abrupt changes can be due to geological forces ...
GregWright 04/19/2015 11 22 - -
The Inoculation Project 4/19/15: Bridges & Geometry and STEM Materials
Solid science education is the best inoculation against ignorance.
nervousnellie 04/19/2015 20 22 - -
Some large conservation organizations have a problem. They have to get the money needed to run their programs without being co-opted by the organizations and corporations who donate to them, but ...
Desert Scientist 04/18/2015 72 132 2 -
Written in Bone: Archaeopteryx
In 1859, a British naturalist named Charles Darwin published a book that shook Victorian England to its core. Titled On the Origin of Species , Darwin's book argued that all living organisms (and, ...
Lenny Flank 04/18/2015 29 36 1 -
This week in science: pinko-world
Dwarf planet planet Pluto and its largest moon, Charon, acquire a pinkish hue as seen by New Horizons' color camera recently. Click image for more on mission and timeline Do you think ...
DarkSyde 04/18/2015 21 26 1 -
Apollo 13 : NASA's Iconic Achievement
Tom Hanks' movie about the incredible success story that was the recovery of the Apollo 13 crew, was great. It's one of those movies that I hate to see when I'm flipping, because I'll compulsively ...
3rdOption 04/18/2015 98 112 3 -
Dawn on the night side
The Dawn spacecraft has been looping around Ceres' night side, but is now closing in for its first science orbit. Because it is approaching Ceres from the night side, a crescent view is still all we ...
atana 04/17/2015 4 9 - -
Researchers to study large methane plume above the Four Corners
Methane is a gas often associated with swamps in the southeast or West Texas oil deposits. But last year scientists found the largest concentration in the US hanging quietly above in an unexpected ...
DarkSyde 04/15/2015 67 71 - -
EPA RadNet Ancillary Protocol
The EPA maintains more than 130 fixed radiation air monitoring stations spread throughout all 50 states. This is 30% more than three years ago. Each monitor has at least one onsite volunteer ...
PriceRip 04/15/2015 24 - - -
Water Works (Part 5): Why Can't California Stop Exporting Its Water?
This post wraps up my water supply topic. My last post covered harmful industrial pollution polices and some ways to reduce their impact. This post will cover the problems associated with ...
GregWright 04/14/2015 36 45 - -
Nestlé has been pumping water from a national forest with an expired permit for over 25 years
The lack of regulation here is stunning. The U.S. Forest Service in Southern California just caught wind of the fact Nestlé's permit to pump water out of a national ...
FaithGardner 04/13/2015 179 304 7 -
Georgia pharmacist denies miscarriage patient's prescription
From the files of "That's a law?" comes a story out of Milledgeville, GA. Brittany Cartrett had recently received the sad news that five weeks ...
Walter Einenkel 04/13/2015 374 330 8 -
Kelp Watch 2015: Most Recent Results Looking for Fukushima Contamination
The Raincoast Education Society has partnered with the University of Victoria and California State University to carry out radionuclide sampling of sea water and kelp, respectively, in Clayoquot ...
MarineChemist 04/12/2015 19 12 - -
The Inoculation Project 4/12/2015: The Lorax for Earth Day!
Solid science education is the best inoculation against ignorance.
belinda ridgewood 04/12/2015 13 20 - -
This week in science: do the math!
Not many remember the interest rate correction of 1994, when rates finally went up after a long decline. But plenty of fixed-income mutual funds and bond-holders got caught by surprise, in part ...
DarkSyde 04/11/2015 19 35 1 -
Wisconsin Climate Change Gag Order Part of Multi-Front, Industry-Tied Attacks
On April 7, Wisconsin's Board of Commissioners of Public Lands voted 2-1 to ban those employed by the agency from doing any work pertaining to climate change or global warming while doing public ...
Steve Horn 04/11/2015 11 80 2 -
Coming Together to Fight Trans-Worker Discrimination, by Christopher German-Jones
I requested and obtained permission from the author to present in its entirety this piece about labor and trans-workers collaborating on workplace issues. I thought the author was spot on with ...
Tortmaster 04/10/2015 9 14 - -
Obama Administration Issues Pipeline Safety Bulletin for Submerged Water Crossings
The Obama Administration Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration issues a pipeline safety bulletin in today's Federal Register pertinent to operations throughout the United States: ...
LakeSuperior 04/09/2015 15 20 1 -
The Mighty Rio Grande
In Late February of this year as I walked down the trail along the Rio Grande at Leasburg Dam State Park in southern New Mexico, I was struck by the relative lushness of the area. A reasonably deep ...
Desert Scientist 04/09/2015 60 125 1 -
Tweet the Surgeon General today with your health questions
Vivek Murthy, M.D., the U. S. Surgeon General, will be taking tweets today from people with questions about public health issues. This is National Public Health Week and he'll be available to ...
d3clark 04/09/2015 2 2 - -
POTUS to Call For End to Gay/Transgender 'Conversion' Therapy
(image courtesy of South Park and Comedy Central) From The New York Times : WASHINGTON — A 17-year-old transgender youth, Leelah Alcorn, stunned her friends and a vast Internet audience in ...
ericlewis0 04/08/2015 21 80 1 -
Scientific theories are really scientific facts
Time to move away from the scientific facts of GMO safety, vaccine safety and efficacy, and whatever else stimulates my brain. Actually, if I were to start a new blog, it would be about baseball, ...
SkepticalRaptor 04/08/2015 40 21 - -
Low Cost Hoop House Cold Frame- Gardening in the Frozen North
Farming and gardening in the cold northern states can be a challenge. Buying seed and starting your own plants enables us to choose those unusual varieties not available at the big box stores ...
flowerfarmer 04/07/2015 37 54 3 -
Monitoring Fukushima Impact on the Pacific: How We Process Citizen Scientist Seawater Samples
In case you're interested (ICYI). A brief explanation of how seawater samples to monitor for Fukushima contamination are processed when they arrive at the University of Victoria. More details ...
MarineChemist 04/06/2015 5 16 - -
Fukushima Contamination Detected at Shoreline in British Columbia
Satellite measurements of ocean temperature (illustrated by color) and the direction of currents (white arrows) help show where radionuclides from Fukushima are transported. Large scale currents ...
MarineChemist 04/06/2015 238 62 - -
Windows 8: From Hell's heart I stab at thee
Once upon a time an outfit called the Coca-Cola company came out with a new product. They called it New Coke . The can was slightly different, the drink inside was slightly sweeter and tangier ...
DarkSyde 04/05/2015 675 280 11 -
Sunday Train: The Hole in the PA Keystone West Feasibility Study
One of the things I was waiting on last year was delivery of Pennsylvania's feasibility study for improvements on the "Keystone West" corridor. The "Keystone East" corridor connecting Harrisburg and ...
BruceMcF 04/05/2015 9 16 - -
The Inoculation Project 4/5/15: Energy & Motion and STEM Materials
Solid science education is the best inoculation against ignorance.
nervousnellie 04/05/2015 12 17 - -
------ Overnight News Digest ------ Saturday Science Edition
Welcome to the Saturday Science Edition of Overnight News Digest Overnight News Digest is a regular daily feature which provides noteworthy news items and commentary from around the world. The ...
Man Oh Man 04/04/2015 21 41 - -
Crowd-sourcing the Iran nuke deal
It is fortunate for the world that making a reliable nuclear weapon is not easy. Just initiating a runaway fission reaction under controlled conditions in a friendly test range is tricky enough. ...
DarkSyde 04/04/2015 20 20 - -
Schneiderman Denounces Supplements Then Quietly Withdraws Accusations
The Denunciation February 3, 2015: With great fanfare , New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman revealed the results of his testing of six of the most popular supplements. Only 21% ...
wilderness voice 04/04/2015 143 51 5 -
Another Story of Global Warming, Human Evolution, and David Koch
Several DKos articles have been written here ...
liberaldad2 04/04/2015 13 16 - -
Citizen Scientist Discovers Amazing Tanner Crab Migration in Deep Ocean
This diary is based on a recent blog by Fabio De Leo a scientist working with Ocean Networks Canada on March 19, 2015.
MarineChemist 04/04/2015 23 63 1 -
Offshore Oil Rig Explosion Kills 4
It sounds eerily familiar if you were one of the Gulf Watchers. Pemex lost a rig today; at least four people died.
BlackSheep1 04/01/2015 14 31 - -
Obama Offers Refuge On US Land To Nine Climate Threatened Nations
President Obama today announced that the US would provide new homelands for the nine most climate-change endangered island nations in the world (see table below). Here is part of the text of the ...
AKSteve 04/01/2015 21 26 - -
35 Senators and 84 Representatives Affirm Support for Emissions Target Obama Submitted to the UNFCC
Earlier today, the White House submitted the US's 2025 emissions target to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in preparation for the climate talks in Paris later this ...
Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees 03/31/2015 6 11 - -
Bad Trade
Sucker punched by massive, illegally subsidized imports, American steel producers laid off thousands of workers in bedrock communities from Ohio and Illinois to Texas and Alabama. That’s in just ...
Leo W Gerard 03/31/2015 17 14 1 -
Water Works Part 2: A brief rundown of industrial water pollution
1969 Cuyahoga River Fire Our ancestors have been very much like modern-day humans in terms of intellectual activity and curiosity for centuries. The way you and I look into the night sky and ...
GregWright 03/30/2015 9 29 1 -
Strike Debt Take Three Strikes at Student Debt, Scores Hat Trick.
Although Prock finally has the degree, the only potential job the college helped her find was a ...
jpmassar 03/30/2015 10 19 - -
The Inoculation Project 3/29/2015: Little Scientists!
Solid science education is the best inoculation against ignorance.
tgypsy 03/29/2015 14 21 - -
The Elephant in the Room
As we hear in the news every day, anthropogenic (human caused) global climate change is real, despite the efforts by some to call it a hoax. It is the most serious result of our species fouling our ...
Desert Scientist 03/28/2015 13 30 2 -
Tswaing: Africa's Meteor Crater
It is about the same size as the more famous Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona, but the Tswaing Meteor Crater, in South Africa, is almost five times as old.
Lenny Flank 03/28/2015 19 33 1 -
UPDATE: Gov. signs Arizona abortion bill requiring doctors to give patients misleading information
Arizona's GOP: Who cares if the procedure is unproven? Doctors must tell women about it Let's say you have a stomachache and go to the doctor, but a new state rule mandates that your physician must ...
Mother Mags 03/27/2015 41 65 1 -
30 new insect species discovered in Los Angeles
You didn't know there were this many types of flies, did you? On April 15, 2015, researchers from the first-ever urban biodiversity survey will publish ...
Walter Einenkel 03/26/2015 26 43 - -
180 House Democrats Just Voted to Cut Medicare Benefits, Paving Road for Future "Entitlement Reform"
The House passed its "doc fix" deal today 392 to 37 . Party leaders were glowing in self-congratulation: Pelosi praised the deal, saying it had been a “privilege” to work with Boehner “in a ...
Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees 03/26/2015 64 45 1 -
Monitoring of Rice Produced in Fukushima Prefecture Since the Nuclear Power Plant Meltdowns
This diary reports on a recently published study of the levels of radiocesium contamination in rice grown in Fukushima Prefecture since the triple reactor meltdowns in March 2011. It is the most ...
MarineChemist 03/25/2015 74 31 - -
Space Toilets: How to "Go" in Space
It's the question that every nine-year old asks (and every adult wants to ask but is too embarrassed)--how do astronauts go to the bathroom in outer space? The answer is surprisingly complex.
Lenny Flank 03/24/2015 40 40 1 -
Fukushima and Our Radioactive Ocean: Science on a Sphere Video
This diary simply presents a video made by Our Radioactive Ocean (ORO) for the United States of America National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Science on a Sphere program. ORO is a sister ...
MarineChemist 03/22/2015 2 11 - -
The Inoculation Project 3/22/2015: Sumo Bots!
Solid science education is the best inoculation against ignorance.
belinda ridgewood 03/22/2015 19 29 - -
International Agency Designates Herbicide Glyphosate (Roundup) as Probable Human Carcinogen
The most widely produced and used herbicide in the United States has been determined by a prestigious international scientific institution to be a probable human carcinogen (cancer initiating/...
LakeSuperior 03/21/2015 429 72 1 -
New data on energy subsidies from EIA
It's been a long time coming, but the EIA has finally updated its numbers on US energy subsidy levels. The latest data is for FY 2013, while the previous version was for FY 2010. Once again, wind ...
Keith Pickering 03/21/2015 12 9 - -
Pooties: A History of the House Cat
They are one of the most popular household pets in the US today, and served humans for thousands of years as agricultural pest controls. But it was only recently that scientific findings have ...
Lenny Flank 03/21/2015 66 88 2 -
Fukushima Radionuclides in Pacific: Doses to Japanese and World Public Unlikely to Cause Damage
The purpose of this diary is to summarize a the most recent, peer reviewed scientific study to examine the likely impact of Fukushima contamination of the North Pacific on human health. The diary ...
MarineChemist 03/20/2015 72 20 - -
Amazonian carbon sink has declined 30% in last 10 years
Published today online in Nature is a study authored by nearly 100 people who have been studying the Amazon (approximate size = 3 000 000 000 trees) across the last 30 years. In the ...
e2247 03/18/2015 22 19 1 -
Amtrak bill heads to Senate, and Amtrak heads back to the Circuit Court
I was tasked to write a far more comprehensive piece about Amtrak and the recent Supreme Court Ruling and the Amtrak reauthorization bill currently in the Senate. I think I’ll talk about them in ...
terrypinder 03/17/2015 30 66 2 -
How the internet is connected, all around the world
That is a map created by TeleGraphy showing the 278 in-service and 21 planned undersea cables in the world that connect the internet, "...
Joan McCarter 03/17/2015 22 39 4 -
Geomagnetic Storm!!! - Watch the Skies Tonight!
The Earth is currently being impacted by a stream of charged particles from the Sun (Raise shields, ensign!) and their interaction with the Earth's magnetic field has already produced ...
xaxnar 03/17/2015 79 102 1 -
No primordial 7 day soup for you, FSM! Researchers may have solved origin-of-life conundrum
Even the FSM used "HCN is abundant in comets, which rained down steadily for nearly the first several hundred million years of Earth’s history. The impacts would also have ...
annieli 03/16/2015 214 198 2 -
Critics view former DOE official's $1.7 million job at uranium-enriching corporation with concern
Former Deputy Secretary of Energy Dan Poneman, who will soon head Centrus, a company critics say already has too close of ties to the government. It's another story of the revolving-door between ...
Meteor Blades 03/16/2015 24 75 2 -
Some Thoughts on Fukushima, Conspiracy Theorists and Science Communication
The earthquake, tsunami and nuclear triple disaster that struck Japan in March 2011 led to the release of massive amounts of radioactive isotopes into the environment. I began outreach and ...
MarineChemist 03/15/2015 317 79 - -
The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission needs help!
As you may have heard, the Obama administration has released its proposed budget for FY 2016. Unfortunately, it has some problems with its support for NASA [1] (see below the fold for details), most ...
Zaq 03/15/2015 14 22 - -
California has about one year of water left. Will you ration now?
Jay Famiglietti is the senior water scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech in Pasadena, California, as well as a professor of Earth system science at UC Irvine. Famiglietti wrote ...
unapologeticliberal777 03/15/2015 100 69 3 -
The Dawning of "the Environment"
Yet another paper I wrote on Environmental Politics. This is the story of how and why the concept of the Environment began and how global political concern for the the environment has evolved (or ...
GregWright 03/15/2015 9 17 - -
Obama Admin to Consider Massive Alaska LNG Project with At Least 50 Million Metric Tons CO2 Impact
You heard it here first on Daily Kos, and the only reason you're hearing this today instead of yesterday is that I just got around to looking at the Federal Register index for Friday. President ...
LakeSuperior 03/14/2015 32 25 1 -
"Possibly The Worst Cyclone In Pacific History" Meets Climate Change in Vanuatu [Updated]
[ This post has been updated. ] The news is devastating from the tiny island nation of Vanuatu. Cyclone Pam, possibly the worst cyclone in the Pacific's history, slammed directly into the tiny ...
Dartagnan 03/14/2015 49 181 1 -
This week in science: 3-2-1 isn't just an area code
If you like following politics and appreciate science—and who doesn't?—the continuing saga of our space program offers a great lesson. It's got everything: larger than life technology ...
DarkSyde 03/14/2015 48 31 1 -
GATTACA: Are genetically engineered human embryos already here?
Over the past few days, my twitter account has been filled with calls for a moratorium on the genetic editing of the human germ line, that is, any cell that will eventually give rise to either a ...
raoul78 03/13/2015 123 60 2 -
FCC releases net neutrality rules, with a very special shout-out to Daily Kos
The Federal Communications Commission released ...
Joan McCarter 03/12/2015 120 299 5 -
New nuclear reactors still not making the grade
It is one thing to talk about the need for nuclear power in the United States — it is another thing to understand the strategies required to ensure that nuclear maintains its current status quo. ...
Enformable 03/11/2015 97 24 - -
The Kola Borehole: The Deepest Spot on Earth
Everyone knows all about the 1960's Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union. But there was also a scientific "Earth Race" between the two superpowers, won by the Soviets, that is ...
Lenny Flank 03/11/2015 104 210 - -
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