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Sorry For Raining on #StandWithWendy
Last night in comments I was unduly cynical about the Texas SB5 filibuster. It wasn't that I didn't think she (and others) were sincere in opposing the bill, but I really didn't think it would ever ...
Scientician 06/26/2013 20 7 - -
Any Rule Change on 51 Votes is The Victory That Matters
It's probably appropriate that in the debate about Senate procedural rules, it turns out that the procedure followed to change those rules is far more important the substance of the actual changes ...
Scientician 12/13/2012 2 - - -
The Institutional Racism of the Filibuster
I'm no racism scholar, so to ensure there's no confusion about how I'm using the term "institutional racism" I am referring to effective racism in results, whether designed as such or not. This ...
Scientician 11/17/2012 10 3 - -
Ending the Filibuster is the only sensible "reform"
I think this diary on filibuster reform is well intentioned and I'm happy to see the issue have some prominence, but progressives really really need to get a simple fact through their head so they ...
Scientician 11/07/2012 4 4 - -
Yes Mr. Romney, That is a Tax Cut for the 5%
It's amazing to me that Mitt Romney is dissembling about the fact that his tax plan entails a significant tax cut for upper income Americans, but last night he claimed his tax cut wasn't a tax cut ...
Scientician 10/17/2012 52 43 2 -
PBS Must Be Killed Because It Shows Government Works
PBS is by far the most trusted TV news source , NPR listeners show up as the best informed or the second-best informed , and a majority of Americans watch or listen ...
Scientician 10/05/2012 49 118 1 508
Ryan: "Torture" Statistics and They'll Confess
Hat tip to Digby who quoted this section, and I know there's already a recommended diary about this interview as a whole, but I just wanted to ...
Scientician 09/30/2012 8 5 - 97
If Ayn Needed Medicare, How Can We Do Without?
In 2011, news broke that notorious libertarian/objectivist Ayn Rand had accepted Social Security and Medicare in the 1970s after she was diagnosed with lung cancer (unsurprisingly she was a cigarette-
Scientician 08/16/2012 55 116 1 788
Even Rick Perry's capital punishment record doesn't stand up
As I write this, people of conscience around the United States await the likely wrongful execution of Troy Davis for a crime that there is most certainly reasonable doubt that he committed. It got ...
Scientician 09/21/2011 36 66 - 549
Did liberals really stay home and cause the 2010 rout?
You know what I'm talking about. The claim that a bunch of liberals were so pissed off at Obama that they stayed home and this caused the 2010 rout. It's pervasive. I won't link to examples ...
Scientician 08/05/2011 434 271 20 1919
Yes, this site is for electing Democrats
Often, at moments where Democratic leaders have done or signs suggest they might do something that is distressing to liberals/progressives, someone in that group will suggest that if the Democrats ...
Scientician 07/08/2011 26 12 - 101
Warming Wednesdays: A carbon tax Down Under
This week, I found a couple pleasant suprises coming out of Australia, so the post is a primer on what I know of the climate fight there. First and most important was the announcement by Prime ...
Scientician 03/02/2011 5 11 - 35
Warming Wednesdays: Acceptance of Climate reality rebounds in US
Welcome to Warming Wednesdays, for background on the idea, please see ...
Scientician 02/23/2011 11 14 - 112
Atrios got me thinking about something I've been meaning to do.  That is to assemble a half decent list of the known ...
Scientician 02/22/2011 7 4 - 65
Rules blocking States from deficits and debt are dumb
From the little I understand and some moderate research , it appears that only Vermont is allowed to govern itself like a real soverign ...
Scientician 02/18/2011 7 4 - 56
Warming Wednesdays: Build the consensus to solve the climate crisis
Over the past few years I have had a sense of ongoing low level dread over the state of the world's climate. I'm not a scientist nor a climate blogger and my interests in writing usually ...
Scientician 02/16/2011 19 15 - 88
Ending Common Filibuster Myths
Chris Bowers' frontpage campaign to reform the filibuster draws a fair amount of opposition, and a lot of it is based on beliefs that are in error. This diary will correct some common myths. ...
Scientician 09/01/2010 6 12 1 185
Crowdsourcing Request:  State Senate filibuster rules
I need your help. Which states can be governed by a simple majority? If the current US Senate rules are so great, you'd expect them to be replicated in lots of States right? And if any ...
Scientician 03/07/2010 6 1 - 15
That 4th Circuit Ruling Includes Citizens, not just "Civilians"
There is some debate about that 4th Circuit court ...
Scientician 07/16/2008 11 10 - 22
"When I'm your Commander-In-Chief"
Last night in his otherwise excellent (apparently extemperaneous) victory address, Barack Obama said something like "When I'm your Commander-In-Chief, I will..." and went on to say some (sensible) ...
Scientician 02/20/2008 45 1 - 11
Towards an Economic Revolution
The broad sweep of economic history for the past century has been a tug of war between unrestrained capitalists and constrained capitalists. It may surprise some that liberals used to be the former ...
Scientician 01/31/2008 56 33 5 156
A Call for More Critiques of Conservatism
Cross posted at OpenLeft Something has been nagging me about the primary campaign of 2008 among the Democrats:� The ...
Scientician 01/02/2008 22 5 1 2
Breaking: House passes no-immunity FISA Bill
Some good news, the immunity-free House version has passed 223-189. Small Edit: Roll call ...
Scientician 11/15/2007 14 21 - 7
Comparative Article on Health Care: Switzerland
Yesterday, I posted an article by Jim Landers comparing the US and Canadian Health Care systems at a fairly substantive macro level. ...
Scientician 11/06/2007 9 5 1 69
Great Comparative Articles on Health Care - Dallas News
My Google News Alert for "Canada" brought me to a fine piece of exploratory journalism comparing the US and Canadian Health Care systems in the Dallas News by Jim Landers. Now I know nothing about ...
Scientician 11/05/2007 9 5 1 9
Iran War Rollout: Update from Dr. Rubin (Informed Comment)
This is an update on the credibly rumoured September "roll out" of the Administration's newest product: War with Iran. Last Thursday ...
Scientician 09/04/2007 37 19 1 37
war with Iran, Updated with Comment from Dr. Rubin
This morning Juan Cole's blog, Informed Comment alerted me ...
Scientician 08/30/2007 561 463 21 138
Time to revive the filibuster?
FISA. Iraq funding. How confident are we that our Democratic majorities will do anything close to the right thing on those issues? My fear is that they will cave to the new gestalt brewing that ...
Scientician 08/26/2007 7 3 - 5
The Need for a Constitutional Offence
I'm going to entertain a certain conceit in this diary; the conceit is that my perspective as a non-American (Canuck) allows me to observe American problems in a way you cannot yourselves easily see.
Scientician 08/10/2007 5 5 - 1
Congress Should Investigate the MSM - UPDATE 2
In my last diary , I made an elementary effort to apply game theory to a couple pervasive patterns of media failure we can easily ...
Scientician 08/08/2007 138 17 - 6
Applying Game Theory to Media Failures
I'm finding the meta-analysis of media failures in the netroots to be lacking in something. We do an excellent job of focusing on the particularly delinquent and malfeasant prominent media repeat ...
Scientician 08/06/2007 56 18 1 14
Ron Paul is a heartless ideologue
I know he's not exactly everyone's favourite around here, but from some sites I read, and a small crew of Kossack libertarians I have encountered, plus his stance against the Iraq war, there are ...
Scientician 08/01/2007 102 11 3 12
Ending the Era of High School Politics
For some reason I woke up just after 5 this morning, and couldn't get back to sleep. I guess since I've been reading Al Gore's book lately, I have some thoughts on issues of fear and rationality ...
Scientician 05/31/2007 19 10 - 1
Greenwald a Must-Read today (War With Iran)
Once in awhile, Glenn Greenwald manages to rise above his already stupendous writing and awesome reasoning to make a point of supreme insight and Digbyesque prescience. Today is one such.
Scientician 05/28/2007 90 97 4 13
A fun diary not about the Shooting
A conservative encyclopedia you can trust. - (tag line on the main page) Launched November 22, 2006, Conservapedia was going to chart a bold ...
Scientician 04/17/2007 14 4 - 16
Purge Affair Talking Points
Being an avid follower of this scandal, I have decided to try and coagulate a set of talking points and talking point responses for the Republican talking points on the Attorneygate Eight/Dogate/...
Scientician 04/13/2007 24 21 6 146
Public Approval of Democratic Congress at New High
AP-Ipsos polling puts public approval of Congress at 40% Normally that would be nothing to celebrate, but that's way up from the past year.
Scientician 04/10/2007 10 4 - 2
When Authoritarians Rule the World (it sucks)
Dr. Bob Altemeyer's freely available online book " The Authoritarians " has given us new and valuable insight into the real and present dangers associated ...
Scientician 04/09/2007 45 18 1 30
The William Jefferson ruling and Rove's Executive Privilege shield
On the 20th of May, 2006, the Executive and Judicial branches of the United States government made history when the latter issued and the former executed a search warrant of the Congressional ...
Scientician 04/07/2007 6 26 1 11
How the Hell Did The Democrats win in 2006 again?
I think it's time to pause and reflect on two major events, and how they relate: First is the Democratic victory in November 2006, and second is the Purgegate scandal. Put those two together and ...
Scientician 03/31/2007 286 513 33 28
Why Rove can't be indicted under the WH Offer
Make no mistake, the White House knows very well what it is doing, and their "Extremely Generous Offer" ( EGO - ha, "ego" it fits ) is tailored precisely to guarantee that Rove and Miers ...
Scientician 03/24/2007 26 44 - 13
Executive Privilege is Not Absolute
T he idea that the President can arbitrarily declare evidence off-limits belongs on the ash heap of history along with the "Divine Right of Kings," "Unitary Executive" and the "Doctrine of ...
Scientician 03/21/2007 13 30 - 159
Scandals Galore! Chairman Lieberman: (crickets)
In getting to the bottom of the ineptitude, nepotism and vainglorious malice of the Bush Administration there are 4 key committees in Congress: The House and Senate Judiciary and Government ...
Scientician 03/16/2007 14 13 - 16
The Silver Lining re: Iran and AIPAC
So we learned today that the language forbidding war with Iran was stripped from the appropriations bill in the House. This has been largely attributed to the lobbying efforts of AIPAC, who many ...
Scientician 03/13/2007 35 27 2 140
Murtha's Plan can Pass the Senate
The essence of the Murtha plan to end the war involves budgetary restrictions on how money can be spent towards the war effort. As it is budgetary in nature, a budget bill including ...
Scientician 02/20/2007 16 27 - 3
Of Course Iran is meddling in Iraq
After I stopped and took a step back from the Administration's unsupported claims that Iran is purposely aiding insurgent groups in killing US troops, it dawned on me: it should come as no shock ...
Scientician 02/14/2007 15 4 - 19
Who Really Wears the Pants in the US Government?
So I'm posting this with not inconsiderable apprehension. I'm aware of the percieved hubris of a foreigner questioning the accepted theory and quasi-religious holy aura with which most ...
Scientician 02/04/2007 17 18 5 138
Diesel Jeans Mocks Global Warming
A little flooding ...
Scientician 01/29/2007 70 20 - 64
The Public Rips Liz Cheney a New One
Browsing Atrios this morning, he linked to an "interesting"
Scientician 01/23/2007 17 28 - 10
70 thousand votes Karl.
Scientician 11/13/2006 242 474 14 46
GOP Losers call for disbanding RNC
Scientician 11/10/2006 11 5 1 6
Supremes to rule on 2 abortion cases
Scientician 11/07/2006 36 11 - -
Electoral-Vote.Com: We will win the Senate!
Scientician 11/04/2006 20 4 - 11
Ethics Committee Member in trouble
Scientician 10/25/2006 5 9 - -
Leahy gets it. UPDATE: Feingold does too
Scientician 09/26/2006 189 434 21 33
Flag Burning illegal = Lèse majesté
Scientician 06/27/2006 6 4 - -
YearlyKos impact assessment
Scientician 06/13/2006 5 6 - -
Letter to the Canadian Prime Minister on Iran
Scientician 05/02/2006 1 5 - -
Right Wing Myth: Americans dislike the UN
Scientician 03/12/2006 8 8 - -
Let's be like Congress
Scientician 02/17/2006 7 3 - 16
Democratic Murder Boards
Scientician 01/30/2006 2 2 - 6
Reid can put a filibuster over the top
Scientician 01/28/2006 37 14 - 3
Canada will survive our Conservatives
Scientician 01/21/2006 80 28 - 10
Arlen Specter wrote the single bullet theory
Scientician 01/17/2006 87 12 3 7
Chickenhawkery isn't just cowardice, it's elitism too
Scientician 01/09/2006 10 5 - 6
Hey Lou Dobbs! Abramoff's victims can give money to whoever they want!
Scientician 01/06/2006 15 13 - 18
Abramoff linked to militant Israeli settlers
Scientician 01/04/2006 20 9 - 12
Warrantless Spying will damage any Terrorism Prosecutions
Scientician 12/19/2005 12 4 - 26
Automatic Investigations of War
Scientician 12/12/2005 7 12 - 8
Executive Branch Dominance
Scientician 11/16/2005 2 3 - -
JFK on Executive/Media relations
Scientician 11/14/2005 4 6 - -
So Bush thinks the media attacking him are hurting the war effort
Scientician 11/12/2005 2 3 - -
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