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Michigan Police Office Shirts: "Breathe Easy, Don't Break the Law"
In response to Eric Garner's death, a tragedy that is still echoing across the nation, one Mishawaka police officer and business owner seems to have his own take on the man's last words of "I can't ...
Scientistocrat 12/16/2014 22 9 - -
Daily Show and Kristen Schaal's Hilarious Segment on GOP's Attempt to Win Over Female Voters
I already have high regard for her as the ever-talented voice actor of Mabel Pines on Gravity Falls (Seriously any Gravity Falls fans on here? My younger relatives have gotten me hooked), but my ...
Scientistocrat 10/09/2014 3 3 - -
African-American Woman Beautifully Debunks the Concept of "Speaking White"
A beautiful video on Liveleak emerged recently debunking the concept and general pejorative of "talking white". Choice quotes include: There's no such thing as talking white. It's called speaking ...
Scientistocrat 09/26/2014 47 12 1 -
Fox News Mocks Female UAE Pilot, Calls Her "Boobs on the Ground"
Female UAE pilot , Mariam al-Mansouri, made the news recently after taking social media by storm in partaking in bombing missions. However, Fox of course, has reserved its own judgment. Just last ...
Scientistocrat 09/26/2014 24 17 - -
No Charges Against Officer Who Shot Man Carrying Toy Gun in Wal-Mart
Just today , a special grand jury acquitted an officer of shooting John Crawford III, who had been holding an air rifle in a Walmart. Notably 1) everything has been caught on tape, which you can ...
Scientistocrat 09/24/2014 7 3 - -
Fox News' Groundbreaking Science: Fossil Fuels are Renewable
I'll leave the commentary on the low, because the quote does enough speaking by itself. Yesterday night, Fox was leading a panel discussion on the issue of climate change . Gregory Gutfeld said: "...
Scientistocrat 09/23/2014 27 17 - -
Beautiful Song and Cause Against Police Brutality
Not sure how many of my fellow Daily Kos readers and writers are hip-hop fans, but I found a recent song and cause I stumbled upon extremely interesting and worth sharing. Entitled Another Man Down ,
Scientistocrat 09/18/2014 4 4 - -
Officer Given Paid Leave After Killing Teen, Participates in NRA-Sponsored "Killer Cop Competition"
I'm frankly speechless. Alternet gives us an extremely heartwrenching and significant story on the state of police brutality in our country, one that shows the level of ignorance and hypocrisy is ...
Scientistocrat 09/15/2014 35 204 3 -
Mic: LAPD Confuses African-American Woman Kissing Her Husband for Prostitute
To be honest, at first glance I thought (and hoped) that this was an article from The Onion. Unfortunately, it seems like the police have transcended even the bounds of parody. I'll keep the ...
Scientistocrat 09/13/2014 345 447 3 -
Stop and Seize: America's Police Have Unjustifiably Taken $2.5 Billion From the Public
A subculture is rising among America's police, turning them into the modern-day equivalents of "Robin Hood". The police are increasingly turning to cash seizing, especially when it's completely ...
Scientistocrat 09/07/2014 73 155 8 -
Philadelphia Home Seized Over $40 of Heroin
I didn't think this was possible, but the war against drugs has reached a new level of disgusting. I'll keep the commentary low: the story speaks for itself. As CNN reports : The nightmare began ...
Scientistocrat 09/04/2014 22 33 3 -
CSE: Minimum Wage Act Will Result in $2 Billion Annual Benefit to Maryland, Reduce Inequality
According to a recent study by the Center for Sustainable Economy , opponents of the minimum wage are blatantly wrong yet again. This study is the first of several form the Center of Sustainable ...
Scientistocrat 09/01/2014 3 11 - -
Williams Institute: Same-Sex Marriage Legalization Will Add $80 Million to Georgia's Economy
A recent study conducted by the Williams Institute puts yet another nail in the coffin in the fight against same-sex marriage. Even with the generous figure of only half of same-sex couples choosing ...
Scientistocrat 08/30/2014 6 7 - -
The GOP's Genius New Plan To Attract Women Voters
It's that time of the year again. It's always fun to see what's going on in the minds of the GOP, like Mitt Romney's 47% statements from a few years back, and t his time the fix is coming from a ...
Scientistocrat 08/29/2014 19 23 1 -
ATTP: 20 Quotes from our Founding Fathers that Destroy Tea Party Ideology
The "Americans Against the Tea Party" have recently compiled an interesting list of quotes form the founding fathers that deconstructs a lot of what the Tea Party stands for and shows that this ...
Scientistocrat 08/28/2014 10 25 1 -
Urban Institute: Gun Assault Injuries Cost $670 Million, Majority Paid by Public
Self-defense this, constitutional rights that, the Urban Institute's most recent study on gun violence and its cost to society brings one of the most tangible and clearest pieces of evidence to the ...
Scientistocrat 08/28/2014 7 14 1 -
Fox Host: ISIS is Reflective of All Muslims and Needs to be Solved by a "Bullet to the Head"
As Media Matters reports , Fox News has almost impossibly reached new lows when it comes to coverage of the Muslim world. I'll keep the commentary low; the quote speaks for itself. Following a ...
Scientistocrat 08/22/2014 30 1 - -
Crazy Corner: Australian Politician Links Abortion to Breast Cancer
Todd Akin, step aside. While America may have its share of deluded politicians, we're obviously not alone. Currently in the crazy corner is Fred Nile of the "Democratic Christian Party" and his ...
Scientistocrat 08/21/2014 13 7 1 -
90 Year-Old Holocaust Survivor and Free Gaza Activist Arrested in Ferguson
While many have had their lives affected by the increased police presence in Ferguson and the riots surrounding the area, one certain person has a deeply poignant story. Following Governor Jay Nixon'
Scientistocrat 08/18/2014 39 84 - -
Police Officer Shoots 16 Year Old Daughter Who Was Sneaking Back Home
We Americans obviously reserve our rights to bear arms, because of the 2nd Amendment and its "clear doctrine" of the right to self-defense. Apparently, that extends to self-defense against your own ...
Scientistocrat 08/16/2014 51 48 1 -
Republican Senate Candidate Promises If Nominated to Secure American Borders...With Canada
Scott Brown is a former Senator of Massachusetts, winning the special election of 2010 to succeed Ted Kennedy only to lose in 2012 to Elizabeth Warren. He has since become a political commentator on ...
Scientistocrat 08/15/2014 31 5 - -
Snowden: NSA Respsonsible for 2012 Syria Internet Blackout
In a profile of Snowden published today and as reported by The Verge , the whistleblower sheds some new light on an incident that happened 2 years ago: An elite hacking unit in the National Security ...
Scientistocrat 08/13/2014 25 17 - -
Miami SWAT Raid Wrong House, One Boy Injured After He "Ran Into Officer's Weapon"
A few days ago, off a narcotics charge, SWAT officers raided a house on a narcotics charge . The bad? The house was later found to be the completely wrong address. The ugly? 3 children were inside ...
Scientistocrat 08/09/2014 66 155 3 -
Stanford Study: White Public Supports Harsher Police Laws If They Think More Blacks are Arrested
The current prison system is one that is mired in inequality, partially a product of a broken justice system. As Stanford University summates : Although African-Americans constitute only 12 percent ...
Scientistocrat 08/09/2014 25 31 3 -
Christian Radio Host Rick Wiles: Ebola Can Solve Our Atheism and Homosexuality
Out of all the coverage and commentary emerging from the 2014 Ebola crisis, perhaps one of the most intriguing and disturbing comes from Christian radio broadcaster on his program Trunews, Rick Wiles.
Scientistocrat 08/08/2014 40 17 - -
Dinesh D'Souza: Obama Invented Border Crisis
When he's not busy making movies that get 9% on Rotten Tomatoes or participating in election fraud , it seems that disgraced political commentator Dinesh D'Souza has found a new hobby of spouting ...
Scientistocrat 08/07/2014 35 11 - -
Nonpartisan Study: Sovereign Citizens Pose Bigger Threat To USA Than Islamic Extremists
Cliven Bundy, I'm calling you out. A study conducted by the nonpartisan agency the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism has found in a study reported to the US ...
Scientistocrat 08/05/2014 95 122 5 -
Whoops, Sandy Rios' Reasons for Impeaching Obama Happened Under the Bush Administration
For context, Sandy Rios is both a Fox News contributor and spokeswomen for the American Family Association (one that opposes pornography, abortion, same-sex marriage and has been characterized has a ...
Scientistocrat 08/04/2014 17 20 - -
NBER: US Economy Growth Overwhelmingly Better Since WWII When President is Democrat
A study conducted by Alan Blinder and Mark Watson of Princeton University and published by the National Bureau of Economic Research finds (not to our surprise) that the American economy performs ...
Scientistocrat 08/03/2014 9 30 1 -
House Republicans Refuse to Honor Pope Francis Because He is "Too Liberal"
I'll keep the commentary low, because the event speaks for itself. So much for the religious tradition the Republican party prides itself on and uses as the basis to deny so many rights. A recent ...
Scientistocrat 08/01/2014 219 247 4 -
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Male Justices Did Not "Understand the Ramifications [of Hobby Lobby]"
While we're all chuckling at Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's realization of the existence of Notorious R.B.G. or how Satanists, dealing an unexpected blow to conservatives, with their own unique take ...
Scientistocrat 07/31/2014 37 76 - -
UN Spokesman Driven to Tears Upon News of Israel Shelling Gaza School
In what has been Israel's sixth attack against a United Nations Relief and Works Agency and six attacks too many, another school in Gaza has been shelled in Israel's currently bloody and baseless ...
Scientistocrat 07/31/2014 19 28 - -
The Science of Conservatism: Study Finds Republicans "More Averse To Negativity" and Antagonistic
I'll try to leave the commentary low, but wow. A recent study published by the University of Nebraska looking at everything from self-reported psychological differences to behavior in the anterior ...
Scientistocrat 07/30/2014 18 28 2 -
An Unexpected (and Wonderful) Result of the GOP "Lawsuit": Democrats Raise a Cool $7.6 Million
While conservatives are busy denying that they ever wanted to deal with a lawsuit against President Obama in the first place and trying to put out yet another inextinguishable wildfire in their PR, ...
Scientistocrat 07/29/2014 13 18 1 -
The Right Relies on Stretching the Truth Yet Again To Feign Hillary "Criticizing Obama"
Conservatives, please, please, please, give Mrs. Clinton a break. On an interview with Fareed Zakaria, former Secretary-of-State Hillary Clinton was quoted saying : I am proud to be an American ...
Scientistocrat 07/28/2014 8 4 - -
In the Economy Debate, the Right Relies on Skewed Numbers and Faulty Analyses Yet Again
Here's several reasons why you don't buy the "US households are now worth 1/3 less under Obama" number that's been making rounds in the conservative media. 1) The biggest number that the media is ...
Scientistocrat 07/27/2014 3 6 - -
Neil deGrasse Tyson Ingeniously Breaks Down Why Republicans Don't Like Him
Last Friday, famed astrophysicist and follow-up host to Carl Sagan's documentary series Cosmos, Neil deGrasse Tyson, appeared on Bill Maher's Real Time and, in response to being shown a National ...
Scientistocrat 07/27/2014 169 293 7 -
Minimizing the Arguments Against Minimum Wage
Yet again, allegations and skewed logic by opponents of minimum wage fail to reach reality. The Associated Press breaks down a report by the Congressional Budget Office released to make this aptly ...
Scientistocrat 07/26/2014 6 6 - -
McGill Debunks Climate Change Denial and Explains Why We Can't Afford to Go Back
Skeptics of climate change claim again and again that in the absence of soaring temperature and whatever they deludedly think global warming constitutes, the theory is complete baloney. In yet ...
Scientistocrat 07/26/2014 10 17 1 -
No, the IRS Obamacare Mandate Will Not Take Away Our Liberties and Drive the Economy Into the Ground
Again and again, critics and detractors of our Obamacare fail to read the fine print. Our latest controversy deals with the Obama administration's recent announcement of its continued intent to ...
Scientistocrat 07/26/2014 9 6 - -
Ameliorating AIDS: Yet Another Nail in the Coffin for the Fight Against Prostitution
12 years ago, Zambia made highlights when it refused, in the wake of a food crisis affecting 2 million, to accept American-made genetically-modified (GM) crops. Regardless of your personal view on ...
Scientistocrat 07/25/2014 22 6 - -
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