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Posting History for Scott Kleeb for Senate

Title Author Published Comments Recommends Hotlisted Views
On the Road With Scott Kleeb: The Grand Finale
Scott Kleeb for Senate 07/15/2008 12 28 - 30
Back on the Trail With Scott Kleeb
Scott Kleeb for Senate 07/13/2008 8 32 - 41
On the Road Again with Scott Kleeb
Scott Kleeb for Senate 07/12/2008 6 28 - 44
On the Road With Scott Kleeb: Day One
My name is Kevin Bieging, but the rest of the Kleeb Crew calls me “cheese.” I like to think that's because I'm originally from Wisconsin, but I'm sure that there's more to the story.
Scott Kleeb for Senate 07/11/2008 4 16 - 45
Pardon our reach
Our primary opponent has been ...
Scott Kleeb for Senate 05/02/2008 9 44 - 25
There is no debate
Voters in Nebraska got to examine two Democratic candidates for Senate on Saturday. When Scott Kleeb took to the stage in Lincoln, they saw why the Omaha World Herald called him “
Scott Kleeb for Senate 04/29/2008 127 303 4 32
Phone Calls for Kleeb
You've buzzed for Barack. You’ve talked for Tester. And you’ve worked the lines for Webb. Now it’s time to voice your support for Scott Kleeb, Nebraska’s brand of change.
Scott Kleeb for Senate 04/22/2008 13 51 2 18
We fell short...
Late last week, Scott asked everyone to help us raise $50,000 in 5 days. That’s an ambitious goal for any ...
Scott Kleeb for Senate 04/16/2008 10 32 1 21
Drawn and (First) Quartered -- UPDATE 1
Yesterday, mcjoan was kind enough to front-page our first quarter fundraising results. ...
Scott Kleeb for Senate 04/15/2008 43 134 6 31
Scott Kleeb's Opponent Makes His Move
Scott Kleeb for Senate 04/10/2008 22 43 2 43
NE- SEN: Scott's On Fire - With Pics
Hello, everyone. This is Jeff Jacobs, Campaign Manager ...
Scott Kleeb for Senate 03/31/2008 54 38 - 23
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