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What do you take in your hiking day pack?
A few weeks ago I was hiking on a high peak very close to a large metro area. The peak sees a lot of foot traffic being as it is the highest summit in a very popular National Park. The trail is a ...
ban nock 08/04/2013 62 32 1 -
A week at Scout Camp
Javi joined the troop in February of 2012. We were gearing up for his first summer camp last year, but I got sick 3 weeks before the troop was ready to go and we had to back out. (See "Monday Night ...
TriSec 07/25/2013 4 5 - -
Gay Scouts! Run!
News from the Plains. All this Red can make you Blue Gay scouts! Run! by Barry Friedman If you’re keeping score at home (and if you’re not, you should start), area churches in Tulsa, Oklahoma ...
vuzvilla 06/14/2013 5 9 - -
Catholic priest to pull Boy Scout troop from church because of the gays.
In the state of Washington, a Catholic priest is pulling the church's support for a boy scout troop because the scouts are now accepting gay young people into their ranks. And it gets worse: Fr. ...
varii 06/02/2013 35 21 - -
Don't let the door hit you in the ass
I actually have mixed feelings about this. Clearly, these boys need the benefits of the program, and I'd gladly welcome them in without their parents if I thought it could help. Alas, as the ...
TriSec 06/01/2013 13 13 - -
BSA change comes from the inside
From my friend, Dr. Holmes at Crew 56, Cambridge (MA) Change in Boy Scouts coming from the inside GRAPEVINE, Texas — The Boy Scouts of America’s lifting the ban on openly gay youth Thursday ...
TriSec 05/24/2013 3 3 - -
I oppose the BSA's policy change
This may shock you. I have decided to oppose the BSA's proposed changes regarding our national membership policy. I have to applaud the BSA's shrewd move in utilizing the Friday News Dump to the ...
TriSec 04/27/2013 26 36 - -
Mormons say "gay scouts are OK".
But adults are still icky, of course. Mormon Church OK with ending ban. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has given tacit approval to the Boy Scouts’ proposal to allow gay youth to ...
TriSec 04/26/2013 15 5 - -
BSA coalition offers alternate proposal
This comes from The Inclusive Scouting Network All adult applicants must possess the moral, educational, and emotional qualities that the Boy Scouts of America deems necessary to afford positive ...
TriSec 04/22/2013 4 2 - -
Boy Scouts announce policy change, gay scouts OK but no gay leaders
It's being reported today that the Boy Scouts of America is going to hold a vote to change their discriminatory policy to now allow gay scouts. However, they will maintain that gay adults will not ...
EagleOfFreedom 04/19/2013 14 11 - -
California Moving To Change Boy Scouts Tax-Exempt Status
The tax-exempt status for Boy Scouts of America in California may be changed. Under a bill sponsored by Ricardo Lara, California Democratic State Senator from Long Beach, the nonprofit tax breaks ...
IB JOHN 04/11/2013 16 11 - -
A letter to my Scout Executive
Hi Chuck. Just wanted to drop you a brief note on this today. I know our Council already supports overturning the ban, and that we already have a non-discrimination policy in place. I am a member ...
TriSec 04/04/2013 2 2 - -
Liberal religions back overturning BSA gay ban
Hello, everyone. I'm a member of Scouting for Equality (and you should be, too), and this lovely missive came across in my email this morning. My pack is currently chartered by a UU church, so ...
TriSec 04/01/2013 28 43 - -
An Alternate Scout Oath
Hi everyone. This won’t take long. For the sake of the Non-Scouters among us, let me give you the definition of the Scout Oath, as interpreted by the Boy Scouts of America. I’ve included the ...
TriSec 03/29/2013 3 4 - -
No Merit Badge for Courage for Boy Scout Executives
by WALTER BRASCH Sometime in May, the Boy Scouts of America will decide whether they will allow gays to be members, volunteer leaders, or be employed on the professional staff. The decision ...
brasch 03/29/2013 1 4 1 -
Gilwell Troop 1
So, I've just started the group "Scouts and Scouters", so let me ask the obvious question.... "Are there any Beavers here?" I used to be a Bear, and a good old bear, too.
TriSec 03/26/2013 5 2 - -
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