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Al Franken Schools Justice Dept on The Constitution!
The Senate Judiciary Committee today is having hearings regarding reauthorization of expiring provisions of the USA Patriot Act. Senator Franken was concerned with a provision about roving wiretaps ...
Seattlite 09/23/2009 366 549 6 93
Taxes and Leviticus 19:18 -It's not a religion rant!
I had a bit of a debate last evening with a friend of a friend on facebook. I did not know him, but he was responding to my friend just stating she “wants universal healthcare” His ...
Seattlite 08/31/2009 16 12 - 2
REVOKED! Executive Order 13233
Seems almost lost in the hub bub of all that is happening these past few days, but yesterday President Obama issued an order that eliminates one of George Bush and Alberto Gonzalez's first vile ...
Seattlite 01/22/2009 247 987 9 226
Video: George Bush 2000 = Sarah Palin 2008
I found this video online and was blown away with how this was edited together to demonstrate just how closely tied George W. Bush and Sarah Palin are. I was really taken about at how much alike ...
Seattlite 10/02/2008 2 5 - 3
McCain: Politics and the "C" word
When it comes to his health, John McCain asks voters to be gamblers. Over the last couple of weeks we have watched the implosion of John McCain's Vice Presidential choice, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.
Seattlite 09/30/2008 12 6 - -
The President Who Cried Wolf or How to Decipher What's Real
I am afraid that we are all facing the blowback from a President who has cried wolf once too many times. This fable attributed to Aesopand about a bored shepherd boy who entertained himself by ...
Seattlite 09/29/2008 9 7 - -
First They Suspend a Campaign, Then They Suspend an Election.
We need to flood the newspapers both large and small with letters calling McCains campaign suspension what it is. A Crock. It makes no sense and is nothing but a stunt to push the reset button on ...
Seattlite 09/24/2008 37 19 - 25
John McCain...Deal or No Deal?
According to the an article in the September 20th issue of The Anchorage Daily News, there is more to Troopergate than why Commissioner of Public Safety Walt Monegan was fired. An equally important ...
Seattlite 09/21/2008 15 12 1 8
Congrats Rachel Maddow!!
Last night Rachel Maddow bested Keith Olbermann's numbers, not only that, she beat long time CNN work horse Larry Kings show in the ratings. Folks, this is no small task and I think a huge congrats ...
Seattlite 09/18/2008 160 98 - 19
Lipstick Pettiness: Quit Talking About It & Take Action
I wrote letters to the editor today. Starting with the New York Times. If we really want to change the topic and challenge the conversation that the media is trying to have about petty, small, and ...
Seattlite 09/10/2008 5 3 - -
Sesame Street McCain: Overlooking real talent
Seattlite 09/01/2008 13 2 - 6
Keep Our Eyes On The Prize.
Seattlite 08/30/2008 2 2 - 11
McCains 1st Executive Decision: Palin Not Substantially Qualified
We must be clear and push the thought virus that this choice of a VP is John McCains first executive decision and that as a man who turns 72 years old today, he must step up to the plate and protect ...
Seattlite 08/29/2008 8 3 - 1
Hillary Delivered...Let's Thank Her! [Updated]
We have all been less than happy to help Hillary retire her debt. I am ready to step up to the plate and help because she was ready to step up to the plate.
Seattlite 08/26/2008 77 40 - 18
"She can never be President because she is black."
Those are words I'll never forget my father saying. One, because I had a hard time comprehending why that made any difference and two because I had never heard him say such a thing. It was 1972, I ...
Seattlite 06/03/2008 21 37 1 26
SD's, Your Role, Should You Decide To Accept It...
I have reached the absolute end. I was open to the idea of Mrs. Clinton having all the room in the world to make a graceful exit from the stage but after her comments today, I am finished. I ...
Seattlite 05/09/2008 11 4 - -
Hillary's Reality Threshold.
So many writers and bloggers seem absolutely surprised that Hillary is able to ignore the endless bad news, seemingly oblivious to the impossible math and the drum beat by many to call it a day. But ...
Seattlite 05/01/2008 25 12 1 -
Sour Milk, Bitter Butter and Stale Beer...
...this primary season is past it's expiration date. It's like an infinite loop with no escape. It's like listening to a little kid sing one line of a lame song over and over on a long hot road ...
Seattlite 04/22/2008 11 - - -
Hillarys Math is all About Long Division
According to TPM, in a private meeting on March 12th, Hillary Clinton gave a pep talk in ...
Seattlite 03/13/2008 30 12 - 1
Questions of Obamas Religion: Use the Power of Words!
Since they allude to JFK relatively often, I think Barack and is team may need to give a speech about his faith in much the same sort of way JFK addressed questions of his faith on Sept. 12, 1960.
Seattlite 02/26/2008 50 4 - 1
Obama: First Gen X President? Nope  
Is Barack Obama on the verge of becoming the first Generation X President or is he a member of the last of the Baby Boomers? Follow me over the fold and we'll take a look at the generational trends ...
Seattlite 02/22/2008 40 6 - 15
Campaign 2008: What Would Molly Ivins Do?
A little over a year ago we lost a wonderful and insightful friend in Molly Ivins. I have often wondered what her take on the current campaign would be and how she might in her own deft and charming ...
Seattlite 02/15/2008 31 21 4 16
Clinton Strategy: A lie told often enough eventually becomes the truth.
Ok, I have been waiting for this transcript to be posted and it came up this morning. Lisa Caputo, former press secretary to Hillary Clinton during Bill's first term in the White House, being ...
Seattlite 02/14/2008 29 27 4 13
Clinton Camp: If you say it enough, it will be true.
I keep hearing surrogates and followers creating this meme about disenfranchising all those poor Florida and Michigan voters and how even though Hillary signed the agreement she never meant it to, ...
Seattlite 02/13/2008 39 8 - 5
Clinton Campaign: Fire that shiny distraction over there!
Who here is tired of this David Shuster thing? It feels like 2004 and the Cheney daughter "they called her a lesbian" lost week. LOOK LOOK at the shiny object over there. Don't notice that my ...
Seattlite 02/12/2008 36 15 1 -
Hillary Clinton: Supreme Court Justice?
This is one amazing individual. She has considerable talents and though I personally prefer Barack Obama, that doesn't diminish her one iota as a highly qualified gifted person who can contribute ...
Seattlite 02/10/2008 123 9 - 60
Obama Rises Far Above McCain
According to John McCaslin (of the admittedly conservative website the height of the candidates plays a real and significant role in American politics and has for the better part of ...
Seattlite 02/08/2008 8 5 - 2
Lets Keep Our Eyes on the Prize
We all have preferences! And Wow, it is refreshing, exciting and honestly amazing to see many of our Progressive ideals as a part of the mainstream after so many years in the political desert.
Seattlite 02/07/2008 2 1 - 11
Dear Senator _________, LEAD OR ELSE!
I reached a tipping point today and I am certain that I am not the only good citizen to have reached that place. I have gone from unhappy to uneasy to upset to angry and finally to a place where I ...
Seattlite 07/03/2007 12 10 1 -
Best House in the World
I used this analogy when I was chatting with a client the other day and she said it was a good frame and that I should share it. I hope you agree By most accounts there are 194 ...
Seattlite 05/17/2007 5 5 2 -
Deja Vu all over again.
So I can't shake this feeling this morning, it's making me uncomforatble, angry, disturbed, depressed and alarmed. I woke to the "happy" talk of Diane Sawyer helping the powers at ABC/Disney beat ...
Seattlite 02/12/2007 5 3 - 4
Because the world needs to know our hearts.
It’s so simple, one has to wonder why the mainstream media can’t or won’t talk about it. One has to assume it is because they are so embedded with conventional wisdom and faith ...
Seattlite 01/17/2007 2 6 - -
Do you want to FIRE GLENN BECK?
Seattlite 11/16/2006 37 14 1 6
Judith Miller: Her middle name is duh.
Seattlite 11/13/2006 16 2 - -
Uhhh...we even got Mickey workin for us
Seattlite 09/11/2006 2 - - -
There I said it!
Seattlite 09/10/2006 15 13 - -
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