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What Liberals Want: The Virtuous Cycle
AlyoshaKaramazov recently suggested that we talk about what progressives are for , not just what we're against. Well, for one thing, we're for a healthy economy. And contrary to what the GOP has ...
Seitanist 10/26/2013 3 5 - -
Should 'entitlement' benefit cuts be a primary-able offense? (w/ poll)
Primary-ing a Democrat is definitely something we shouldn't consider without ample justification. It's full of risk, since incumbents have a tremendous advantage in name recognition, fund raising ...
Seitanist 03/25/2013 14 6 - -
Progressive Voter Guide web tool: Because low visibility races matter
Yesterday I began the process of preparing to vote for the fall election. Obviously, some decisions are very easy. But this year I also have to vote on whether to retain 3 state supreme court ...
Seitanist 09/30/2012 4 10 1 45
Weather extremes website
Weatherunderground has a new web page that lets you view extreme weather of various types (that you can select) in a specified timeframe: Weather extremes . This is very cool, as shows very ...
Seitanist 02/23/2012 4 23 2 124
That Vision Thing
During his presidential campaign running against Bill Clinton, H.W. Bush famously responded to a goal related question: “oh, the vision thing”. Quoting Wikipedia: “The oft-cited quote became ...
Seitanist 07/29/2011 2 - - 18
HCR: giving seniors a taste of today’s workplace
I believe that well-to-do professional retirees are being exposed to the realities of the modern American workplace as a result of the health care reform effort, and they don’t like what they ...
Seitanist 10/23/2010 64 19 1 59
Marketing away the GOP
The Bush administration is being widely denounced as a failure lately. But: - They weren’t, really: the “failure” itself was a conservative goal - Lots of Republicans are ...
Seitanist 01/04/2009 6 3 - 1
Atheist & complicit in evil?
Elfrijole’s “An Atheist’s Thoughts At Christmas” ( ) was excellent, and pretty much captures how I am (or ...
Seitanist 12/24/2008 57 11 2 29
“Independence Day” Saved America!
I haven’t seen any comments on Hollywood’s impact on the election, and perhaps it’s because it’s so obvious. But: bias and prejudice don’t disappear overnight. People ...
Seitanist 11/09/2008 25 1 - -
Saturday in Sonoma  (California, and I, celebrate our atonement)
Saturday, rented "estate" house in the wine country of Sonoma, the wedding. The two brides, plus numerous family members and friends. Lots of kids: of the siblings of the brides and their friends.
Seitanist 10/11/2008 6 25 - 159
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