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Midwestern US Citizens: Grow some MILKWEED!
The Monarch butterfly population is down at least 85% in the last 20 years. An area about the size of Texas which used to support their SOLE food plant, in fields, fence rows, marginal land areas, ...
SemperEducandis 02/08/2015 132 185 5 -
Garden Pests - Including Squash Beetles and Vine Borers
And Squirrels even get a mention.... I was going to just make a comment on one of the comments to yesterday's diary entry, but it got so long I figured I should be better served to make it a diary ...
SemperEducandis 07/30/2014 45 40 8 -
Paying the Price for a Big Garden ....
And not minding a bit. Loving it, actually! That price is partly monetary, partly "sweat equity." The money is for the propane, the slightly-higher power bills from running the stove to process ...
SemperEducandis 07/29/2014 92 158 15 -
Back to the land, semi-urban style.
Update on the garden. Some successes, a couple of failures. Firstly, one of the items I have to put in the "failure" category, since nothing is as it ought tn be. One of my co-gardeners didn't ...
SemperEducandis 07/06/2014 8 9 - -
Just finished tilling the last half-acre.
EVERYONE should try to garden SOMETHING, even if it's just a couple of tomatoes in pots on the verandah. Some of us get to take it just a =bit= further than just a bit of a garden. A bit more than ...
SemperEducandis 06/12/2014 44 55 1 -
Sen. Mark Kirk, screed with an ACA "Horror Story"
I am quoting an email in it's entirety. Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois (Actually, he's from the Chicago Imperium, and we from the other end of the state don't consider that entire chunk of territory ...
SemperEducandis 03/30/2014 31 28 - -
Why do the religious demand to be taken seriously?
On another discussion forum which I haunt, we were going over the current silly-season SCOTUS case regarding the Hobby Lobby religious zealots' attempt to get their religion stuck firmly into LAW. ...
SemperEducandis 03/26/2014 24 15 3 -
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