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Posting History for Senator Andrew Rice

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OK-Sen: Road pix
I've been a part of this community since before I ran for any public office, and throughout all my campaigns, you have all been so supportive. I realized it's been a while since I've checked in ...
Senator Andrew Rice 11/03/2008 17 27 - 20
Al-Qaeda's strength is Bush/Inhofe failure (OK-Sen)
Every politician has a story about why he or she was called into public service. My story is one that is intertwined with the trajectory of our country over the past seven years, and unfortunately ...
Senator Andrew Rice 08/13/2008 23 32 - 22
OK-Sen: Watch Party LIVEBLOG
Karina Henderson, live from the Andrew Rice watch party... 7:49 [Central] - Found a wireless connection and we're live from Cafe do Brasil in Oklahoma City! We have a great crowd building, waiting ...
Senator Andrew Rice 07/29/2008 26 17 1 32
My Brother Was Killed with Republicans and Democrats
My older brother David Rice was a Democrat. He was killed on the 104th floor of the South Tower in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11th, 2001.
Senator Andrew Rice 07/17/2008 258 839 18 146
[OK-Sen] Our Challenge
There’s a reason they call candidates like me “challengers.” It’s a challenge to knock off an incumbent as entrenched as Jim Inhofe. It’s a challenge to be a ...
Senator Andrew Rice 06/30/2008 29 42 - 21
[OK-Sen] My response to Sen. Inhofe
A few weeks ago, the DC reporters from the Oklahoman – our state's largest newspaper – interviewed my opponent , Sen. Jim Inhofe, ...
Senator Andrew Rice 06/05/2008 54 51 1 32
On the air
I've been campaigning for U.S. Senate since last summer, but in many ways, it's still early in the race. I'm proud of the signs of success we've been seeing in this race: I've raised over $1 million,
Senator Andrew Rice 05/15/2008 27 29 2 33
Hey, are you profiting? [LIVEBLOG: OK-SEN]
Record gas prices and record oil-company profits don't seem like a good mix to me. The far-reaching consequences of short-sighted policymakers, like my opponent, Jim Inhofe, are becoming all too ...
Senator Andrew Rice 04/30/2008 78 46 1 119
OK-SEN: LiveBlogging with Andrew Rice
Senator Andrew Rice 12/13/2007 57 33 - 13
OK-Sen: Inhofe Obstacle to Change; Help Me Defeat Him
On Friday, Sen. Jim Inhofe used more than two ...
Senator Andrew Rice 10/30/2007 22 41 1 25
OK-Sen: [Live Blog] Help me beat Inhofe!
I'm running for U.S. Senate not just to send Jim Inhofe into retirement. I felt the call to public service several years ago while working with 9/11 victims' families groups. (More below)
Senator Andrew Rice 09/27/2007 61 67 - 10
OK-SEN: I'm Andrew Rice and my website is up!
Dear Kossacks, My campaign website is now up. I look forward to it becoming an important, participatory tool that you can use to communicate with me and ...
Senator Andrew Rice 08/29/2007 123 163 - 16
OK-SEN:(LIVE BLOG) Help Me Send Jim Inhofe back to Tulsa
Hello Kossacks, It’s a special honor to join my friends on DailyKos this afternoon, just hours after the official launch of my temporary U.S. ...
Senator Andrew Rice 08/08/2007 148 162 2 30
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