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I'm writing this while watching Sarah Palin accept the nod from John McCain.  I think she'll be tougher than many of us suspect.  But one of the questions I want her to answer early is "Do you support the Republican nominee for Senate in your state of Alaska, Ted Stevens?"  She is being sold as the 'Ethics Czar' and the 'Alaska Maverick', and I want to know, as someone who had an up close view of Ted Stevens, whether she supports the most corrupt Senator in the U.S., or Mark Begich, the true reformer?

I know this is a light diary, but I think the memes being sold will need good tests fast.  What do you think?


The Chicago Sun-Times reports on their web-site

Robert Novak has announced his immediate retirement following the diagnosis of a brain tumor, a prognosis the Sun-Times' political columnist describes as "dire."

Link here

As noted when news broke that he had a brain tumor, noone would wish this on anyone.  In the earlier news it was suggested that Novak was taking a leave of absence.  This is the first that I see here that he's retiring.

I searched for an earlier posting, will delete and/or update soon


Not a joke, but apparently true.

Novak issued a statement Monday saying the tumor was found Sunday after he had been rushed to Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital from Cape Cod, where he was visiting his daughter.

The Chicago Sun-Times columnist says he is suspending his journalistic work for an indefinite, "but God willing, not too lengthy period." His statement did not say if the tumor was malignant.

Updates as soon as possible.


This diary is a follow-on of my diary from Wednesday

In it, I made the case that it is time to change the story from delegates to GE issues, and to include issues that the 24-hr 'squawk-machine' is likely to feature in full 'spin-cycle mode'.  I also think that it is time to turn up the volume and point out the SCLMs double-standard when it comes to Republicans vs. Democrats and John McCain in particular.  My point, over the jump.


Is this an issue that cable-land yakkers can fill up a couple of cycles with?

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Many of us are talking here on dKos about how to change the way the Corporate Media (CM) reports on reality (or even if we should do our best to deconstruct it) and now that the primary race seems to be winding down, I thought we should start with an Action Item that all Dems can support.  Follow me over the jump, please.

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Peter Doocy, the 20 year-old son of Fox stooge, Steve Doocy, asked putative Republican nominee John McCain to "join him for a shot" after the live broadcast of Hardball, despite the fact that the drinking age in Pennsylvania is 21.  Chris Matthews and John McCain laughed heartily, but neither inquired as to Mr. Doocy's qualification to join in that shot.

More after the break


What other illegal things will Fox, McCain encourage?

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Wed Apr 23, 2008 at 12:11 PM PDT

Money, money, money...

by Send Rahm a Cheesecake

I've been trying to post a cogent diary about how this primary is really over because Hillary is really out of money and can't raise it fast enough from a deep enough group of small dollar supporters to last all the way through the rest of the primary's, but, my fellow Kossacks keep beating me to the meat of my arguments.

So, although it's borderline as to diary regs, I thought I'd post one obsevation that I haven't seen here, and one personal observation that probably can't be duplicated.

More below

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Tim Baldermann, the Republican nominee to replace Jerry Weller in IL-11 has dropped out of the race.

Debbie Halvorson, the Democratic nominee and popular State Senator had already put this R+1 district in play.  This development is sure to make the race a little tighter, as the RNCC and the local Rs are in a bit of turmoil.

Updates to follow


I originally posted this diary on Nov. 8th and it quickly sank in the flurry of afterglow diaries patting ourselves on the back for a job well done.  I've tried to determine whether any of the candidates that I supported still have a campaign debt to erase, but many of those candidate's websites are already down and the latest reporting period has yet to close.  I would at least like some feedback on whether or not the netroots think that we should create a donation page to help these heros out in a time of need.

Original diary after the jump...

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Enjoy the warm feeling of freedom washing over all of us today, for tomorrow the hard work of governing starts.  But, before the war profiteering investigations start, we have one unfinished housekeeping task left over from our joyous electoral release, and that is making sure that all of the 'non-winning' candidates (none of them were losers) have no campaign debt before the glorious winners take office.
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