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Stories of Outrage from a YoopMSW, Part 2
/[A good friend of mine -- a University of Michigan-trained Social Worker up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (hence the "YOOP"MSW with "UM" implied in the middle) and a really engaging Latina writer --
Seneca Doane 12/18/2014 1 5 - -
Stories of Outrage from a YoopMSW, Part 1
/[A good friend of mine -- a University of Michigan-trained Social Worker up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (hence the "YOOP"MSW with "UM" implied in the middle) and a really engaging Latina writer --
Seneca Doane 12/17/2014 2 5 - -
I Racked Up $2000 Campaign Debt Fighting Fracking; Can You Help Me Retire It?
I've put off publishing this for what I expect to be a slow day on Daily Kos, because I don't like having to write it at all and, if and when it does its job, I'm happy for it to recede into ...
Seneca Doane 11/27/2014 15 67 3 -
Send One Democrat to the #Benghazi Committee. Someone FUNNY!
No, no, NO -- Democrats should not /entirely/ boycott the #Benghazi hearings. They should send one Democratic representative -- exactly one, whoever is the funniest and most sardonic in their ...
Seneca Doane 05/09/2014 24 15 - -
[Republished from 2011:] The Supreme Court Uploads Rootkit Malware
\ [I don't have time today to revise this post from June 2011, and I'm sure that others are doing a fine job of covering today's awful Supreme Court decision in /McCutcheon v. Federal Election ...
Seneca Doane 04/02/2014 1 8 1 -
I'm About to Pay My Filing Fee with My Rent Money
Thanks primarily to the generosity of people from this website, I will be able to pay my filing fee this morning. In return for your generosity, I can offer you -- well, at this point, only an ...
Seneca Doane 03/07/2014 34 108 2 -
I'm Running Against the DA Who Blew the Kelly Thomas Murder Trial
I'm running for District Attorney in Orange County, California, against Tony Rackauckas. (UPDATE: As some have wisely suggested, I should introduce myself to people who don't know me: in real life,
Seneca Doane 03/06/2014 66 216 3 -
Feds Should Prosecute Christie's Bridge Traffic Saboteurs for Terrorism
Get your terms right. Intentionally snarling the traffic on the George Washington Bridge last September was not a mere act of retribution, political payback, coercion, or whatever else people have ...
Seneca Doane 01/15/2014 49 17 - -
You really think that that looks like a gorilla nose?
If you really think that [ in this cartoon] artist Ted Rall [
Seneca Doane 11/28/2013 892 170 5 -
Pay Back the $24 Billion You Wasted, Sen. Cruz!
Already [ doing not too badly on Facebook]: come join in the fun and share! (I'd say more, but what else need be said?) If you know of links ...
Seneca Doane 10/18/2013 37 77 1 -
Drop Paint on Syria
Drop paint on Syria. Or glue. Or drop truckloads of cicadas, or barrelfuls of fish emulsion, or rotten eggs, prepared as low-impact omelettes. Nothing that would kill anyone. Drop chickenshit, ...
Seneca Doane 08/31/2013 59 22 - -
Ta-Nehisi is Wrong: It Wasn't the Law, but the <s>Jury Instructions</s> Prosecutor
[ Reposted with edits from The Orange Juice Blog] *SEE UPDATE AT BOTTOM OF INTRODUCTION,
Seneca Doane 07/15/2013 84 39 3 -
If the rules I've seen are right, you can end a filibuster if the speaker has been warned three times about BEING GERMANE! She's only been ruled twice on being germane; the middle warning was on ...
Seneca Doane 06/25/2013 10 20 - -
Game of Thrones Finale (& All of Season 3) Open Thread
If Mark Sumner comes forward with a front page story on G&T, we can abandon this ship -- but for now I'm tired of waiting. Got something to say about the episode or the season? Send your crows here.
Seneca Doane 06/11/2013 46 6 - -
Opposing Medicaid Expansion is the New 'Bus Ticket Out of Town'
Paul Krugman, as occasionally happens, is wrong. States are not opposing Medicaid expansion, as he has repeatedly claimed , out of spite. It is not at all the case, as it must be for this "...
Seneca Doane 06/09/2013 42 20 1 -
The Long Slow Stain of Mimicry
Why do you hover your cursor over a diary's title, seeking clues as to whether it is worth your while to open and read? An evocative title, even if unclear, may draw you in. Human beings seek ...
Seneca Doane 05/13/2013 57 15 - -
They Tried to Make Me Go to Retail, I Said "NO, NO, NO!"
If you, like me, worked retail decades ago, you wouldn't recognize it now. We were never treated well, but at least we weren't treated like they are now -- "on call" like medical residents, but ...
Seneca Doane 04/16/2013 123 276 2 -
Hell No! I Can't Sell This $hit to Voters!
As one of four Vice Chairs of a county Democratic Party serving over 3 million residents, I suppose that it will fall upon people like me to sell the $hit that President Obama has proposed to over ...
Seneca Doane 04/12/2013 160 203 1 -
Anne Lamott Never Asked My Opinion About Her Love Life, But Then Again This Post Isn’t for Her
1. The Online Dating Scene I Once Knew The saddest story that I have read this year was a mostly breezy tale by Anne Lamott in Salon entitled " My year on ," which since its publication a ...
Seneca Doane 04/07/2013 41 20 1 -
Real Social Security Reform: Yummy, Yummy Donuts
I was going to write about the effect of Social Security "reform" on my generation -- the late Baby Boomers with little in common of our far more numerous forebears, which I learned here years ago ...
Seneca Doane 03/28/2013 19 24 - -
A Great Choice of a New Pope! (Benedict Must be Spinning in His Non-Grave)
Initially posted in shorter form at [ Orange Juice Blog]. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope ...
Seneca Doane 03/13/2013 556 197 2 -
Twelve Thoughts about That “We Saw Your Boobs” Song from the Oscars
Also posted at Orange Juice Blog. Okay -- I didn't see a diary specifically about this in my search, so here goes. Last night at the Oscars, Seth MacFarlane stirred up a hornet’s nest when he ...
Seneca Doane 02/25/2013 115 19 - -
Is This Guy Right About China?
I just read [ what appeared to be a very well-crafted diary], published here about 7-1/2 hours ago as I type this, ...
Seneca Doane 02/12/2013 9 4 - -
Administrators and Admonishtrators
I don't do meta like I used to -- and for those of you who have been here less than three years or so that was A WHOLE LOT -- and I missed most of the current uproar in real time. I'm sad about it, ...
Seneca Doane 01/28/2013 43 10 - -
Could you chip in $3 for a birthday present for Chris Bowers?
I'm not nearly one of the people in the DKos community who is closest to Chris Bowers, but I /do/ like Chris and his great work, so if someone came up to me and said "hey, it's Chris's birthday -- ...
Seneca Doane 01/23/2013 4 9 - -
If You Don't Want to Call Me 'Pro-Choice,' Call Me 'Pro-Real-Life'
Planned Parenthood has announced its plan to discard the term "pro-choice." I don't think that it's especially controversial that the anti-abortion side of the argument has had the better of the ...
Seneca Doane 01/16/2013 8 10 - -
OK, *NOW* the Platinum Coin Won't Work, Thanks to Idiots, Cowards, or Knaves
The viability of the Platinum coin option depending on the Treasury Department deciding that it was a legitimate statutory interpretation. A Treasury spokesperson has announced that [http://www....
Seneca Doane 01/13/2013 99 32 1 -
Here's Who Should Do Obama's Inauguration Benediction Now
Her name is Sarah Halverson. Reverend Sarah Halverson. She's the pastor of the Fairview Community Church in Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA. Her church is just under a half hour's drive from Rick ...
Seneca Doane 01/11/2013 19 7 - -
That Platinum Coin Idea Was Incubated on Daily Kos
The "platinum coin" idea now being seriously considered as a surrealistic alternative to the choice of default or surrender to the GOP crazies, in the event that Congressional Republicans block an ...
Seneca Doane 01/07/2013 242 61 - -
I Have Some Bad News: We May Have to Elect Peter King as Speaker
I do not look forward to Peter King becoming Speaker of the House, but I do really look forward to John Boehner not being Speaker of the House and neither Eric Cantor nor Paul Ryan replacing him. We'
Seneca Doane 01/02/2013 56 16 - -
Willie Brown Style: Could Dems Elect a Civic-Minded, Ambitious, Less-Extreme Republican as Speaker?
Washington's problem is not the fiscal cliff, it's the legislative knot. Speaker Boehner cannot -- simply /cannot/ get his House members in line and that's unlikely to change over the next two years.
Seneca Doane 12/30/2012 53 14 1 -
Blame it on Games (With Apologies to Elvis Costello)
A song sung by Wayne LaPierre to the tune of "Blame it on Cain", the original being in the video:
Seneca Doane 12/21/2012 9 5 - -
Happy 14th B'ak'tun! Tell Us Your New B'ak'tun Resolutions!
As you may have heard, at 3:12 a.m. PT or 6:12 a.m. ET (i.e., Friday December 21 at 11.12 a.m. GMT) is the moment of the winter solstice. The autumn of 2012 ends, the existence of the world ...
Seneca Doane 12/20/2012 26 26 - -
"Parasites and Terrorists" for Public Consumption
"Here are your parasites and terrorists ..." is a cry from the heart, righteous and profane, juxtaposing how teachers have been portrayed in recent years with the reality of what teachers actually ...
Seneca Doane 12/15/2012 8 9 - -
Don't Ask People to Pray; Ask Them to Commit to Self-Sacrifice
Within the past couple of hours, the Governor of Connecticut finally held his press conference -- and he sounded like a decent and grieving man -- and what he said was that the most important thing ...
Seneca Doane 12/14/2012 22 15 - -
The Best of Daily Kos
The inclusion of the original "errinf" GBCW diary in a comment today gave me a grin, because I noted that it had the "Best of Daily Kos" tag. I think that I snuck four diaries into the tag "Best of ...
Seneca Doane 12/08/2012 36 25 5 -
Romney was TECHNICALLY Right -- but So What? Neener-Neener!
Markos tells us now that "Please proceed, Governor" was his favorite moment of 2012. Well, OK. Not my pick, but I understand it. Now with the election over, though, I feel free to write what I ...
Seneca Doane 11/30/2012 129 15 - -
Debates Didn't Matter ≠ Debates Don't Matter
Imagine a prizefight. Imagine that it is -- unusually -- a five-rounder. A minute into Round One, the fighter in the red trunks lays a crushing right cross into the face of the fighter with the ...
Seneca Doane 11/11/2012 20 7 - -
The Most Annoying Thing Markos Did in 2012
I put most of this [ as a comment elsewhere], but I'm so pissed off about our chest-thumping leader that I'm going to make it its own diary as well. ...
Seneca Doane 11/09/2012 73 20 - -
A Portrait of Michelle Obama
I'm timing this to appear just after the morning rush on the West Coast and before the lunchtime rush on the East Coast, when people might have just a slight moment to relax a bit. My wife is, ...
Seneca Doane 11/06/2012 11 23 - -
Recommend This Other Diary or I WILL DO SOMETHING FOUL!
Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO -- *without the support of which MUCH OF THE GOOD THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN POLITICS IN THIS COUNTRY WOULD NOT HAPPEN* -- [
Seneca Doane 11/05/2012 24 26 - -
Candidate Suspected of Domestic Violence Falsely Accuses Opponent of Hit Piece on Domestic Violence
Be warned -- the worst attacks on political opponents often arrive in your mailbox just before Election Day. You can't believe everything you read, especially when an opponent has no time to respond.
Seneca Doane 11/02/2012 4 4 - -
This Shall Be a Sign
(I picked the wrong day, I'm afraid, to plan to roll out my 24-hour fundraiser at noon -- but now I guess I'm stuck with it!) Below the gnocchi (subject to a few final revisions with my printer, ...
Seneca Doane 10/29/2012 6 12 - -
AlphaGeek's Classic DKos Disaster Preparedness Diary (edited)
In March 2011, right after the tsunami wrecked Fukushima, I collected the four parts of AlphaGeek's classic diary series on Disaster Preparedness and put them into one diary (something not possible ...
Seneca Doane 10/29/2012 15 27 12 -
Teaching Disbelief: Recalling "We Create Our Own Reality"
Some of you are relatively new here. You have have heard the phrase "reality-based community," and accepted it for its facial validity, without knowing where it comes from. This diary is primarily,
Seneca Doane 10/28/2012 25 31 3 -
“Get the transcript!” Fun for fact-checking Obama, Romney & Ryan
/(Posted for a friend, an infrequent diarist who's having trouble getting this one loaded, with some editing and addition because that's just how I roll.)/ “Get the transcript!” is a great all-...
Seneca Doane 10/21/2012 9 11 - -
My Benghazi Debate with Our Local 'Smart Conservative'
As many of you know, I help manage a local blog, Orange County CA's [ Orange Juice Blog], that is extremely unusual in that it truly does span political perspectives. ...
Seneca Doane 10/17/2012 14 20 - -
Do Low-Information Voters Even GET the Etch-a-Sketch Reference?
While I, like the vast majority of you, thought that Mitt Romney was lying through his pearly teeth in the first debate, I was less confident that the American-viewing public in general would ...
Seneca Doane 10/13/2012 18 8 - -
Punish CNN for Bogus Poll: Remove Candy Crowley as a Moderator
UPDATE UP HERE: I need to clarify something that's created controversy below. I recognize that they clearly did interview some people (and in the case of region, perhaps a decent amount of them) ...
Seneca Doane 10/04/2012 281 291 5 2947
Obama Just Beat YOU at 11th-Dimensional Chess!
" $#!T!!! Now WE'RE going to HAVE to help him win! If you have had that reaction at all tonight, then take a moment and smile at yourself: to use a by-now-disfavored expression, Barack Obama just ...
Seneca Doane 10/03/2012 19 33 - 326
Filibusted? Voters Vomiting Up Gridlock; Obama Can Leverage into Legislative Landslide!
As noted in today's [ Abbreviated Pundit Round-Up], a most amazing ...
Seneca Doane 10/03/2012 138 290 4 2204
Scalia -- ScaliaScaliaScalia Sca-LI-A!
" During Monday night's Senate debate here , incumbent Republican Scott Brown was asked by NBC's David Gregory to name his model Supreme Court justice. "Let me see here, that's a great question. I ...
Seneca Doane 10/02/2012 27 41 1 312
Damned If You Do: Religious Extortion as Political Strategy
I hate to mix politics and religion, but -- well, someone is mixing politics and religion.   From Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois  comes a column entitled "Think and pray ...
Seneca Doane 09/27/2012 10 15 - 85
National Voter Registration Day Graphic
Spread this around to your friends. No one wants a rude surprise on Election Day! Are you really registered to vote? It can't hurt to check first. (Designed for sharing on social media.) Update:
Seneca Doane 09/25/2012 2 3 - 40
#RetroactiveRebate for Romney's 2011 Tax Return?
Mitt Romney may be the slipperiest worm I've ever seen in politics. He's also one of the most transparent. People have widely noted that, by not taking all of the deductions to which he was ...
Seneca Doane 09/22/2012 11 7 - 70
Movie on GMOS, "Genetic Roulette," Streaming for Free from Sept. 15-22
For those interested in California's anti-GMO Prop 37, which would require labeling in the U.S. (as is done in Europe and elsewhere), a relevant movie made by [ ...
Seneca Doane 09/15/2012 23 9 - 52
How My Campaign Publishes a Political Smackdown on $50 a Day
My campaign for California's State Senate District 29 is now out in force -- money concerns have led me to play possum until now -- except for signs and literature. I'm trying to decide how much of ...
Seneca Doane 09/14/2012 8 21 - 91
BREAKING: Romney Releases His Tax Returns!
Just kidding. But I wouldn't rule it out today!
Seneca Doane 09/12/2012 49 8 - 352
It's 3 a.m. Who do you want taking the call?
Keeping with the foreign policy theme of the day and inspired by [
Seneca Doane 09/11/2012 20 18 - 99
(Californians especially): My ad in 'the Nooner'!
Scott Lay's "The Nooner" at is one of the best free resources -- both for its own analysis and reporting and as a content aggregator -- for those following California politics. ...
Seneca Doane 09/10/2012 4 17 - 65
My Candidate Questionnaire Answers. (How'd I do?)
I'm a longtime Koster and, as those of you who have read my sig line know, a candidate for California State Senate District 29. I received a Voter's Guide questionnaire recently from our local ...
Seneca Doane 09/10/2012 24 14 - 72
Tell Me More Lies, Kosters: is Live!
I did not want to do this . I told you that I didn't want to do it. I don't have time to manage the definitive site collecting lies from Mitt Romney, Ann Romney, Paul Ryan, and their campaign ...
Seneca Doane 09/02/2012 13 17 - 143
Are you SURE that you don't want to own the "" URL at cost?
Half a month ago, I put up [ this diary] inviting someone to take over a URL that I had just purchased and ...
Seneca Doane 08/30/2012 9 6 - 132
Republicans Hope That Hurricane Isaac Heads to New Orleans
I'm using Republican standards of fairness with this headline, but -- well, it's literally true. They don't want the storm to veer north. They want it to head west -- where it would hit and ...
Seneca Doane 08/26/2012 22 15 1 256
IMF & Iceland: If this isn't true, I want to know, because if it IS true I want to bathe in it!
I've known that Iceland's "anti-austerity" program of the past few years, where they made bondholders rather than taxpayers take the fall for the errors of the banks, is widely considered to be an ...
Seneca Doane 08/23/2012 147 521 25 2590
I Don't Always Create Facebook Pages, but When I Do It's Because of Idiots Like Todd Akin
When I read [ about Todd Akin's ignorant comments] about how "legitimate rape" doesn't lead to pregnancy, I went ballistic. ...
Seneca Doane 08/19/2012 37 22 - 203
♦ I'm a Democratic Occupy Candidate; Here's My Final Ballot Statement (4 of 4, + ActBlue Fixed!)
This is the last of the four times -- morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend I'll have posted this. I truly do apologize for perhaps being obnoxious by doing so in order to have a decent shot at ...
Seneca Doane 08/19/2012 8 33 - 118
♦ I'm a Democratic Occupy Candidate; Here's My Final Ballot Statement (#3/4) & ActBLUE is FIXED!
I'm posting this four times -- morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend. I truly do apologize for perhaps being obnoxious by doing so. In my defense, this is important to my campaign -- and I hope ...
Seneca Doane 08/17/2012 9 25 - 92
♦ I'm a Democratic Occupy Candidate; Here's My Final Ballot Statement (#2/4)
I'm posting this four times -- morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend. I truly do apologize for perhaps being obnoxious by doing so. In my defense, this is important to my campaign -- and I hope ...
Seneca Doane 08/16/2012 32 75 2 215
♦ I'm a Democratic Occupy Candidate. Here's My Ballot Statement (#1 of 4)
I'm posting this four times -- morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend. I truly do apologize for perhaps being obnoxious by doing so. In my defense, this is important to my campaign -- and I hope ...
Seneca Doane 08/16/2012 18 14 - 74
My New Website Really Sucks -- Can You Help?
I paid for this new URL -- -- in the hours after it was confirmed that Paul Ryan would be Romney's choice for Vice-Presidential nominee. Looking at the website as it stands, ...
Seneca Doane 08/12/2012 19 16 - 204
Romney Announces $170B Profit on His InTrade Veepstakes Bets
NORFOLK, VA -- Mitt Romney this morning chortled in front of a startled crowd as he announced that, using a complicated network of front organizations, he has over the past half-year been secretly ...
Seneca Doane 08/11/2012 8 16 - 114
Seneca Doane's 1000th Diary
I'm putting aside my campaign for a couple of hours, putting aside the politics of the day, putting aside work and family obligations. I'm posting this on a Friday night in the hope that that ...
Seneca Doane 08/10/2012 26 35 - 136
♦ Here's my ballot statement. I need $ to print it.
To me, one of the major benefits of running for State Senate is the ability to put a 250-word ballot statement before the eyes of the 463,000-odd voters in my district. A substantial number of them ...
Seneca Doane 08/06/2012 58 73 1 345
Here's EXACTLY how to Thank Harry Reid!
If only there were some way to thank Harry Reid adequately his standing up to Republicans! Something that would be easily and publicly measured, something that would keep him in the Senate Majority ...
Seneca Doane 08/06/2012 9 31 1 167
How to Keep Republicans from Stealing This Election
(Original non-sexy title: "This is How Voter ID Laws Ought to Work") This should be the federal law regarding voter ID: (1) Pollworkers should have access to computerized voter registration files.
Seneca Doane 08/04/2012 79 171 6 1053
♦ PLEASE Critique My Draft Campaign Postcard (+ Here's My Strategy!)
Hello, my DKos friends! I haven't written here about my campaign recently, partly because I'm too busy dealing with work, with the violent situation in Anaheim (within my district!), with various ...
Seneca Doane 08/02/2012 79 23 - 161
Mitt Romney, Postpone or Cancel Monday's Orange County Fundraiser
To:        Mitt Romney, Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee From:   Occupy Orange County Re:         Please cancel your fundraiser set for Monday morning in Orange County Governor ...
Seneca Doane 07/21/2012 14 9 - 117
Would Romney Release Fake Tax Returns?
This isn't a conspiracy theory. It's a prediction -- well, a /semi/-prediction, because it would be brazen and unbelievable if it happened. And I write in large part to ask others how we would /...
Seneca Doane 07/18/2012 47 14 - 192
How Long Will This Jobs Recession Last?
As a stats and graphics geek, I love, love, love seeing the [ great Calculated Risk chart showing how this recession ...
Seneca Doane 07/06/2012 25 20 - 130
SCOTUS's Poison Gift to the GOP on Medicaid
While we're all celebrating the upholding of PPACA (on, ahem, Taxation Power rather than Commerce + Necessary and Proper Clause grounds) let's not lose sight of the part of the law where the Court /...
Seneca Doane 06/28/2012 194 383 6 2543
Did Michelle Obama Turn Back the Odometer When Selling an Expensive Car?
Holy moly! That's a provocative, attention-getting headline , isn't it? Seriously: did Michelle Obama pay someone to turn back the odometer of a 2009 $125,000 Bentley Continental Flying Spur so ...
Seneca Doane 06/22/2012 203 295 4 2947
The left/middle/??? anti-Obama laundry list
A friend of mine from Occupy, who recently got 3.7% as the third party candidate in CA-39, where I was supporting the Democrat, has flown to Utah for a few months where she is now running Rocky ...
Seneca Doane 06/21/2012 189 17 3 372
Does Lisa Brown take requests?
Does Lisa Brown take requests for words to mention in her next speech in the Michigan legislature? If so I have one: "Clitoris." She'll get away with it, too! Republican legislators have no idea ...
Seneca Doane 06/15/2012 20 20 - 130
If I Had a Smile Like Barack Obama's
If I had a smile like Barack Obama's, when I gave speeches I would smile all of the time. Even with a speech like the one he gave today, for Flag Day, where he gave a professorial and serious ...
Seneca Doane 06/14/2012 31 56 1 318
I Might Have Orly Taitz As My Co-Counsel
I'm not saying that it's going to happen, but I might conceivably have Orly Taitz as my Co-Counsel in a case. Seriously. And it's a case I'd be happy to take. I think that this /probably/ ...
Seneca Doane 06/08/2012 60 57 - 567
CA-39: Royce spends $2M on preseason game for Potemkin victory
Election results can be deceiving — none more so than the result in CA-39. Corrupt House Financial Services Committee Chair Ed Royce walloped challenger Jay Chen last night by 25,000 votes, 65.7% ...
Seneca Doane 06/06/2012 9 18 - 114
The Usefulness of Fake Rumors of Fraud
A fake report of fraud on Election Day is an excuse to get people to cheat, "to keep things fair." Markos's [ recent ...
Seneca Doane 06/05/2012 21 24 - 251
♦ CA-SD-29: Vote for ME today
As several of you already know, I am running for California State Senate, under the reasonably attractive name of "Greg Diamond" and the ballot designation "Workers' Rights Attorney." My opponent ...
Seneca Doane 06/05/2012 48 111 - 322
"Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Middle class has got to go!"
Occupy Orange County and an ad hoc group of activists from Move On to Code Pink to Who Knows will be greeting Mitt Romney Friday evening as he shows up in Newport Beach's ritzy Balboa Bay Club to ...
Seneca Doane 05/31/2012 17 28 - 121
♦ California/OC -- How to Fill Out Your Ballot!
People around my area have been asking me, as a candidate for California State Senate, how I am filling out my ballot. So one of my daughters made a video, taken as I filled out my ballot, while I ...
Seneca Doane 05/30/2012 34 16 1 118
Is there room on Memorial Day?
/(Cross-posted from/ Orange Juice Blog . /Not intended as a campaign diary, but I can't escape my being a candidate, so it is what it is.)/ Is there room on Memorial Day to remember the nation's ...
Seneca Doane 05/28/2012 8 11 - 73
CA-SEN: Dianne Feinstein's Democratic Opponents
I believe in protest voting, at least in the primary. It's a small way of letting the world know that there are people who, even if they will fall into line in the fall, do want something better. ...
Seneca Doane 05/24/2012 43 25 - 266
♦ I am Apparently on Ed Royce’s List of Jews
As a candidate for state office, I should probably stay far, far away from anything relating to the Middle East -- but this time I can't. Our local Congressman (new to most of his new district), Ed ...
Seneca Doane 05/22/2012 13 50 - 351
To Cory Booker, "private equity" is like "Christianity"
Pardon the inflammatory title, but it's literally true (so long as I include the quotes) and I need to draw people in to understand a point. My colleague and compatriot TomP gives [http://www....
Seneca Doane 05/21/2012 38 22 - 157
♦ My campaign strategy (and a video)
Some people have asked me for more background information about my campaign for the California State Senate District 29 seat, for which I'm running against Republican Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff.
Seneca Doane 05/20/2012 14 27 1 72
♦ To any idiots who think that Trayvon's THC matters
I gave a phone interview yesterday to a local paper as [ part of my campaign for California State Senate] -- ...
Seneca Doane 05/18/2012 180 209 - 1072
♦ My wealthy opponent's awful donors ─ and donees
My opponent for [ California's 29th District State Senate Race], Minority Leader Bob Huff, has raised a lot ...
Seneca Doane 05/16/2012 31 60 1 218
A Civil Libertarian View of the Kelly Thomas Beating Video
Cross-posted from [ my story in Orange Juice blog]. This story presumes some background knowledge of the ...
Seneca Doane 05/14/2012 9 20 - 180
Casting a Paul over the GOP Convention
Out here in Orange County, CA -- I'm specifying the state today out of deference to Orange County, NC, which voted /against/ Amendment 1 -- I'm surrounded by Ron Paul supporters, both within and ...
Seneca Doane 05/10/2012 53 19 - 153
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