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Operation Disrespectful Nod
The misogynistic, right wing reactionary bigots of #GamerGate are still at it. And this time, they've taken a page from our progressive playbook. The Washington Post reports that the lynch mob has ...
SethRightmer 10/28/2014 91 52 4 -
White Male Oppression
I'd like to take a moment to look at the concept of oppression, and specifically white male oppression. In my view, all oppression is a disease or a parasite. It may appear to benefit its host, but ...
SethRightmer 10/03/2014 73 72 4 -
Home Sous Vide
Saturday, I went to put the leftover roast chicken bones into the stock bone bag in the freezer and found it full. Time to make stock! Pulling out one of the bones, a bit of seven bone chuck, I ...
SethRightmer 05/19/2014 29 18 5 -
What would you like from a Dem landslide?
I know we aren't supposed to count chickens before they are hatched but I have not felt this giddily optimistic about an election in a while, and from everything I'm sensing, I'm not alone. So I ...
SethRightmer 09/04/2012 20 - - 161
George Zimmerman, Minority
Robert Zimmerman, George's father, released his response to the Orlando Sentinel: “George is a Spanish-speaking minority with many black family members and friends. He would be the last to ...
SethRightmer 03/21/2012 55 1 - 284
Double Down Outside the Bus
At the end of the day, we all use cliches. We can try to think outside the box, but when you go off the beaten path, you could get thrown under a bus. So I say, double down on our use of tired ...
SethRightmer 03/12/2012 9 2 - 38
The Scariest thing in the World
Do you know what scares politicians, captains of industry and other authoritarians the most? It is not some rival usurping their power. No, the thing that scares them the most is people sitting down ...
SethRightmer 10/18/2011 7 4 - 76
Yes, you are a racist. But that's okay!
Allow my friends from Avenue Q to break it down for you:
SethRightmer 09/12/2011 23 2 - 306
Interrupting Oppression: Give Them a Way Out
Or, The Art of the Graceful Exit. Poking around this website and reading comments, I have seen any number of people make comments or even diaries that are offensive or derogatory to some group of ...
SethRightmer 08/23/2011 7 5 - 73
Why I'll be voting for Obama
I'm damn far left. I feel that Obama has been letting us lefties down. But I'll be voting for him. Why is that? Is it because the alternatives are worse? While that's true, it isn't really the reason.
SethRightmer 08/21/2011 30 16 1 161
Small Scale Socialism
Many people equate socialism with big government, but it is actually something you can do locally, with other like minded individuals. Credit unions, cooperatives, communes and co-housing groups ...
SethRightmer 08/19/2011 39 38 1 283
Am I still a radical?
I linked to the Wikipedia page on Saul Alinsky in a comment earlier, and it got me thinking. I first read Alinsky's Rules for Radicals in 1993 or '94, I think. I was a radical at the time, ...
SethRightmer 08/17/2011 14 6 - 60
Keeping thieves out of the marketplace
Whenever I hear about "deregulation" I marvel at that brilliant piece of propaganda. Deregulation. What a brilliant piece of doublespeak. Because many people feel that regulations are arbitrary, ...
SethRightmer 08/16/2011 50 24 2 180
Have you ever had a cold, Mr. President?
Not a flu. Those are nasty. Just a head cold, and you feel under the weather but you don't know whether to go to work or stay home? So you stay home but end up feeling so guilty you do household ...
SethRightmer 08/15/2011 17 7 - 96
Selling the brand
Okay, so I'm a newbie here and I don't work in marketing so take these ideas with a grain of salt. But as a newcomer to posting at DailyKos, I have an outsider's perspective and not a lot invested ...
SethRightmer 08/09/2011 8 5 - 57
Why I'm a Socialist
I am an unabashed socialist. Here is what I mean by a socialist, and why I think everyone should support the political philosophy of socialism, not out of any feelings of social justice you may or ...
SethRightmer 08/08/2011 184 115 12 708
Authoritarianism and Bullying
What is authoritarianism? It is the belief that humans are basically bad, and they need to be domesticated or tamed in order to be good. To be tamed, an animal needs to have its spirit broken. The ...
SethRightmer 08/05/2011 35 6 - 87
We need to get serious about these right wing trolls
Just talking about them isn't enough. Here are some of ideas for dealing with them, that historically have worked very well.
SethRightmer 08/04/2011 136 12 1 433
More and better democrats
If we can not even discuss what makes a democrat like the president better or worse without lobbing vicious personal attacks in all directions, we have no hope of ever electing better democrats. And ...
SethRightmer 07/26/2011 32 5 - 74
Hello, Cruel World. Reading the spate of "Goodbye, Cruel World" diaries we've seen here of late has inspired me to come out of the lurking cupboard with this, my first diary on Daily Kos. First, ...
SethRightmer 06/30/2011 8 7 - 90
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