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Step 0 against Ebola
I understand from reading the interweb that roughly 20%-30% of the U.S. general populace is walking around with low levels of Vitamin C and the situation is similar with Vitamin D. Vitamin C ...
Sharkmeister 10/18/2014 38 2 1 -
Ebola questions
A conspiracy site declared that Ebola detection devices are now being distributed to Army units. I have read that medium chain fatty acids (mcfas) in coconut oil have anti-viral benefits, ...
Sharkmeister 04/12/2014 32 2 - -
Great Alternet article about revenge porn
I don't often read an entire multi-page article, but this one was very good. It's the adventure of a woman whose daughter got hacked and wound up with her topless photo on a revenge porn site. ...
Sharkmeister 11/28/2013 9 13 1 -
Another win for Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen won game 9 of the 12 game World Chess Championship match against Vishwanathan Ananda, in the match now now taking place in Chennai, India. This is Magnus third win in this match and ...
Sharkmeister 11/21/2013 15 7 - -
Carlsen's 2nd win in World Chess Match
Magnus Carlsen won a 2nd victory in the World Chess Championship over Vishwanath Anand, finding a way to win in a drawish looking rook and pawn ending. It's looking like Anand is getting tired ...
Sharkmeister 11/16/2013 21 6 1 -
Carlsen leads in World Chess Match
Magnus Carlsen was able to provoke an error out of Vishwanatha Anand in a complex endgame to score the first win and take the lead in their 12-game World Chess Championship match. This was game 5,
Sharkmeister 11/15/2013 15 8 - -
Censored Reddit post
This is an echo of something that got deleted and reposted -- a warning worth listening to:
Sharkmeister 11/07/2013 18 19 2 -
Voted in Alexandia, VA
I'm not sure that I speak or write in a compelling way for the progressive cause, but the one thing I am sure I do right is vote. Today, with optimism about a democratic sweep, I voted for every ...
Sharkmeister 11/05/2013 10 5 - -
Interesting Link: About evolution 'Evolution will punish you if you're selfish and mean' -- Whew! It's a good thing I'm not evolving. "Two ...
Sharkmeister 08/01/2013 20 1 - -
Voted in Virginia Primary
Toss another vote into the Chopra and Herring gullets. I showed up a little after 10 AM and I think I saw one or maybe two other voters there. This will NOT be a high turnout event in Alexandria, ...
Sharkmeister 06/11/2013 23 5 - -
Virginia Primary
I believe that by Tuesday 11 June I must decide between Northam and Chopra for Lt. Governor; and Herring and Fairfax for Attorney General. I've been getting nice slick color whatnots in the mail ...
Sharkmeister 06/06/2013 8 2 - -
Voted in Alexandria, VA
I was not at all sure how to vote in the Alexandria City Council, but I found an article expressing the Sierra Club endorsement of Pepper, Smedberg, Fossum, Holihan, Lovain and Wilson and decided "...
Sharkmeister 06/12/2012 4 2 - 43
Wow!! A test we need to fail
An extraordinary little essay, way too good to ignore:
Sharkmeister 03/23/2012 4 2 - 98
NDAA signed with signing statement "The fact that I support this bill as a whole does not mean I agree with everything in it." "...
Sharkmeister 12/31/2011 27 4 - 135
I voted in Alexandria, Virginia
I went to vote this morning and was told that I had requested an absentee ballot. I said "No, no, no, no, no!" or something similar and managed to make it somehow understood that I had NOT ...
Sharkmeister 11/08/2011 4 1 - 48
You Elementary Particles Get off my Lawn!!
Oh those pesky neutrinos! I thought I could see right through them and that they were largely a harmless bunch that would just move through and move on... but now they are exceeding the cosmic ...
Sharkmeister 09/23/2011 26 6 - 119
The right to video-record police
Most of us have seen horror stories on various sites about what some police do to law abiding citizens who have the audacity to videotape them while they run rampant over our laws. Congressman Ed ...
Sharkmeister 07/17/2010 8 9 - 25
Profiling:  Old rich white males
I just got an e-mail from some kind of right-winger/conservative type with a multiple choice test. Amazingly, most of the answers are " d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40"
Sharkmeister 01/30/2010 61 8 1 96
I just bumped into this at and it was too good to ignore: I AM AN AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE SHITHEEL ...
Sharkmeister 08/08/2009 27 49 8 129
Broken:  Palin Accepted $25,000 in Gifts
Oh those dedicated reformers! They are at it again, sort of. The Washington Post has a story: It looks like ...
Sharkmeister 09/25/2008 49 25 - 24
Dear Senator McCain, please stop lying.
Another Reddit post that is of interest. "Dear Senator McCain, Here is Gov. Palin's list of earmark requests from February 2008. Will you please stop telling the American people that she never ...
Sharkmeister 09/12/2008 8 2 - -
Interesting items:  Scarborough murderer, Barr on TX ballot
I found two interesting items on the web today and want to call attention to them. 1) A Larry Flynt article declaring that Joe Scarborough is a murderer (wtf?!) 2) An article declaring that ...
Sharkmeister 08/27/2008 33 6 - 1
Funny:  Paris Hilton responds to McCain ad
I just saw this at ... and found it entertaining.
Sharkmeister 08/05/2008 730 334 12 60
Drilling: A wonderful Republican solution because it solves nothing
The party that is fully committed to lies and corruption is rallying around drilling as a solution to the high cost of fuels. Please reflect: of all the possibilities this was chosen as their ...
Sharkmeister 08/04/2008 16 2 - 32
Wow! McCain is just like Jesus!
An article at: is titled "State GOP chair: McCain 'kind of like Jesus' " I have to acknowledge that if McCain ...
Sharkmeister 05/19/2008 36 - - 2
Woof! Strong stuff about McCain
I had been suffering under the impression that McCain was a respectable war hero type. This article set me straight on the true nature of the songbird.
Sharkmeister 03/14/2008 7 2 - 2
Sharing an e-mail: What Republicans Need to Believe
This was in my inbox today from a friend and I wanted to share it. I like. (Yes, this is not really a diary... )
Sharkmeister 02/19/2008 6 8 - 1
Warning: Hillary will look very strong after Super Tues.
Inspecting the polls map at this excellent site: Shows Obama leading in only 5 of the 20+ Super Tuesday states. I hope Obama and the Dem electorate surprises me ...
Sharkmeister 02/02/2008 59 4 1 -
4 cables cut; false-flag attack at Super Bowl?
I just saw a link at labeled "Four undersea cables now cut. Looks good that the Super Bowl will be next false-flag attack" -- it sure got my attention as I have been a little worried ...
Sharkmeister 02/02/2008 82 3 - 17
Virginia Primary:  John Edwards or Ron Paul?
The story of my life, my favorites are in third and fourth place. Shortly after Super Tuesday renders my primary vote almost entirely meaningless, I will push it on further into oblivion by ...
Sharkmeister 01/22/2008 36 - - 2
That bill really is about blocking free wireless, right?
At the #1 item right now (~10:45 EST on Thursday 6 December) is "Insanity: House votes to criminalize the Internet, 409 to 2" -- about a bill which appears to be about fighting ...
Sharkmeister 12/06/2007 22 9 - 1
Ad Blocking
Is ad blocking illegal, immoral or fattening? What do YOU think?
Sharkmeister 10/01/2007 44 2 - 1
Help! I really like Ron Paul!
With our democratic congress completely unable to invoke a spine AND the recent declarations of leading Dem contenders that they can't promise leaving Iraq in their first term... well... uhm... uh, ...
Sharkmeister 09/27/2007 110 5 1 51
Concern: False-flag attack followed by martial law = King Cheney / George
'Executive Orders' now give Mr. Cheney / Bush the right to do pretty much anything they want, though they may have to find an excuse to declare martial law beforehand. Should we wait for the false-...
Sharkmeister 08/22/2007 57 6 2 2
Apples vs. Apples
I just read at RawStory that the NYTimes has a story comparing Imus to Coulter and asking why she doesn't get in trouble for similar behavior. I have to ask if the better comparison isn't Imus to ...
Sharkmeister 04/15/2007 11 1 - 1
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