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What can a dress tell us about how people can't accept reality?
If you've been under a rock for the last day, day and a half, you may have missed the intense online discussion over a dress. It wasn't what Madonna was wearing when she fell at The Brits 2015. It ...
ShawnGBR 02/27/2015 173 72 - -
Bitcoin - it's like exchanging Turkish Lira, without the glamour. Or security.
One of my customers sent me a slip of paper for Christmas. Bitcoins. Well, not a whole Bitcoin; I was given ฿0.05. From the time I spent looking into it to the time I luckily cashed it in for a ...
ShawnGBR 02/11/2014 163 169 3 -
Why we have nothing to fear from the worst professor in history...
I'm guessing that, as this is a political forum, most of you have already seen this ad set in a fictional future Beijing.
ShawnGBR 03/24/2011 23 21 3 227
Right wing's murderous denial.
Political conversations at work are fun. So you can guess my surprise when Eric finished his telling of Jared Loughner and the numbers 6/18 with the lovable line "just another Leftist." Ah, ...
ShawnGBR 01/21/2011 7 19 1 339
Let's give Rand Paul exactly what he asked for.
OK, that got your attention. But seriously, give him what he wants. EXACTLY what he wants. Why? WHY?!? Because in this instance, the old expression holds true: be careful what you wish for. ...
ShawnGBR 11/03/2010 44 27 2 142
The [F]right[ened] Wing.
Ozzy Osborne once said "I was born f$%&ing scared". Hard to believe, I know. Ozzy. A man that has removed the heads from dead bats and live doves with his teeth, was banned from Texas for peeing on ...
ShawnGBR 08/27/2010 55 6 1 30
Well, so long world, been nice knowing you.
Before I begin: take a deep breath and relax, this is NOT A SUICIDE DIARY ENTRY. Life is definitely worth living. I'm even planning on going to London in 2012 to see some Olympic stuff. Greenwich ...
ShawnGBR 08/26/2010 84 18 - 63
This is why you should question every conservative word.
You've seen the [f]right[ened] wing's tactic. Hammer one statement or short snippet of video or talking point over and over again in the vainglorious hope that someday, MAYBE, it will stick. Even ...
ShawnGBR 08/24/2010 9 9 1 81
What REALLY happened at the oilcano site...
My time is short. I'll be brief. Everything you have been told is a lie. Apart from this. Or is this a lie? -No-. -Yes-. Wait. Definitely no. There's a conspiracy that goes ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP. ...
ShawnGBR 07/16/2010 29 14 - 604
Republicans don't know Duck about laws and freedom.
It's a new day in America. Barack 'The Duke' Obama defeated the Republican Napoleons at Waterloo, and The Law Of The Land stands. But not according to Republicans. Attorneys General in thirteen ...
ShawnGBR 03/24/2010 13 6 - 203
Healthcare, one day before the House vote.
We all know there's going to be a lot of crap from the Republicans and con.serv.ative li.bert.arians in the coming months and years regarding healthcare, whichever way the vote goes tomorrow (...
ShawnGBR 03/20/2010 1 - - 24
'Limbaughs' or 'hobos': who pays the higher rate of tax?
Before I begin: this isn't a joke. And I'm not talking about dollar for dollar... there's no way you'll pick a random homeless man that just happens to be a hobo on his days off from sealing multi-...
ShawnGBR 02/20/2010 36 17 - 29
Oh noes, we're doing too much.
Please. Help. Won't somebody stop us from Helping. Too. MUCH?!?
ShawnGBR 01/28/2010 16 7 - 8
SC-02: The Latest Lie: how Rob Miller donations are 'only to pay a debt' that grows and grows...
Those of you that read my occasional diaries know one thing: I usually spot trends way ahead of others (
ShawnGBR 09/12/2009 22 30 - 148
It's Republican Ignore bin Laden Day!
Hey, everyone! It's August 20th. And we know what that means...
ShawnGBR 08/20/2009 7 6 1 40
Continuing  vexed weasel's idea: Town Hall Fun.
Vexed Weasel has a great diary today. Here's a snippet of what he says . The media is little ...
ShawnGBR 08/15/2009 6 11 1 9
Medicare For All: but if people want 'no socialism'...
I say we give them an idea of what that could mean. Look: we've seen people turn up angry and ignorant as all Hell. Demanding that the government be kept out of their lives, but loving it when the ...
ShawnGBR 08/14/2009 7 1 - 4
Medicare For All.
A lot of people say they don't want government in healthcare. But they love their Medicare. Which is government in healthcare. So why not call what the majority of Americans want "...
ShawnGBR 08/06/2009 5 7 - 1
How Cash For Clunkers destroyed an old GOP talking point.
It was a staple of the conservative talking heads in the last decade. It wasn't the Democrats (Bill Clinton especially) that were responsible for the good economic times, they would say. It was the ...
ShawnGBR 07/26/2009 47 20 1 105
Concerning cloaking devices. And a TARDIS.
If you're not into science, or the realms of science fiction, this may not be the diary for you. But seeing as we have a new Star Trek film in cinemas, and the Doctor Who universe is set to release ...
ShawnGBR 05/14/2009 14 18 - 29
Prediction: Republicans will claim Obama's wins.
So far, NOT ONE REPUBLICAN has left themselves the slightest wiggle room to maneuver when Obama turns things around with the economy and the infrastructure of the country. They all, to a man and ...
ShawnGBR 03/05/2009 17 8 1 32
Obama is right: we invented the car.
Before I begin, here's a shocker. It wasn't Ford. If you're thinking the Model T, wrong. Obama said "the nation that invented the car cannot walk away from it", and the usual detractors are having ...
ShawnGBR 02/25/2009 69 37 4 95
Diagnosing the Right-Wing illness.
We've seen it before, either in real life or in entertainment. The deranged person thinks everyone else of living in a fantasy world of their own creation...
ShawnGBR 11/12/2008 16 11 1 9
Looking to 2010 / 60+ ...
The conservatives are on fire and are going down fast. On local radio this morning, in the space of fifteen calls, the Neocons had blamed the likes of Peggy Noonan and Christopher Buckley for their ...
ShawnGBR 11/06/2008 16 7 1 -
Time to show the world our 'O' Face!
The world is already thanking us for making a sane choice.
ShawnGBR 11/05/2008 3 4 - 1
Quick Brits predict Dem wins!!!
I love historical coincidences. How Austrian portrait painter Joseph Math�us Aigner tried to commit suicide three times and was ...
ShawnGBR 11/03/2008 9 10 - 37
Why McCain loses: his supporters don't know what he's FOR.
In these troubled times, people are looking for someone that can answer their questions. Or, at the very least, point them in the way of someone that can. (Think of it this way: if you had a flat ...
ShawnGBR 10/31/2008 9 3 - 1
Palin, Bachmann, and 'The Vicky Mendoza Diagonal'.
Things will be explained in more detail below the fold, but I have to summarize the diary. So here goes. There is a line between hotness and insane. For want of another metric to measure it, we're ...
ShawnGBR 10/24/2008 11 2 - 74
Fox's business idea of 'recession-proof' is a joke.
Let me take you back to the beginning of March last year, half a year before Fox Business Network gained the market share it truly deserved.
ShawnGBR 10/18/2008 5 1 - 6
Republican platform in 2000? Mortgages for all the poor city folk!
It's incredible how the [f]right[ened] wing will try and blame everyone else for the wrongs in the world. Take the housing crisis (translation: the world-wide financial crisis). The dittoheads are ...
ShawnGBR 10/10/2008 12 15 1 35
Wall Street cries out for Socialism!
This isn't snide. This isn't flamebait. Wall Street has, once again, spoken out. And it is calling for Government to control the means of production in its industry. They are actively embracing ...
ShawnGBR 09/29/2008 6 2 1 -
I have a business proposition for Wall Street.
These people on Wall Street are business people, so I assume they know what a business proposition is. They apparently have the resources. Just ONE of the firms involved (BlackRock, owned by ...
ShawnGBR 09/25/2008 6 - - -
♫ And they promised us the world, in Dubyaville... ♫
The Christians were an English band in the late 80s. They had a Top 40 song in the UK called Hooverville (They Promised Us The World)... Oh Hooverville, and they promised us the world, ...
ShawnGBR 09/23/2008 3 2 - -
Wall Street. You broke it? You bought it!
Obama plans to speak today on the economy. I dare say McBush is in Scranton, PA today to fling enough excrement around in the hope that something (ANYTHING!) sticks. Well, I've studied the situation.
ShawnGBR 09/22/2008 4 3 - -
There Are No Libertarians In Recessions.
Wikipedia begins one entry in this way: The statement, "There are no atheists in foxholes," is used to ...
ShawnGBR 09/17/2008 43 42 8 195
Reaganomics is dead. And Republicans killed it.
The bad news just doesn't get any better... The FTSE-100 index dropped below 5,000 for the first ...
ShawnGBR 09/16/2008 30 17 1 -
McCain fired Gramm. But how much actually CHANGED at Camp McCain?
♫ Well, tonight we're gonna party like it's 1929. ♫ So we ...
ShawnGBR 09/15/2008 8 3 - 3
This weeks' Non Issue: McCain doesn't use computers. he was a POW.
Oh, how I wish I were making this up... Assuredly McCain isn't comfortable talking about this -- and ...
ShawnGBR 09/14/2008 17 2 - -
Sarah Palin and The Sanjaya Effect.
"New thing! New shiny thing to attract my attention." Americans seem to be an interesting hybrid of magpies and goldfish. Short attention spans, always waiting for the new piece of sparkle ...
ShawnGBR 09/11/2008 22 9 - 9
Are they being DELIBERATELY stupid? No, something else entirely...
If you haven't seen Tropic Thunder: it's a great film, with one major caveat. They make too many 'retard' references. And by that, I'd say that one 'retard' reference would have been uncomfortable.
ShawnGBR 09/09/2008 10 1 - -
How many 'business partners' did Todd have? May be more important than you think, or not at all...
Framing the way something is said, says George Lakoff, is all about "using language to evoke ideas." Sarah Palin. Todd Palin. Business partner tries to seal his divorce papers. The attempt fails, ...
ShawnGBR 09/08/2008 11 5 - 13
Obama will use new facts in his speeches.
Good morning, fellow Kossacks. ShawnGBR here with another video diary entry. It started off when I received a call. Obama was touring a specialty glass factory in the area, and I was asked if I ...
ShawnGBR 09/07/2008 18 30 1 21
Put on our American hats? You mean THOSE things?
It started out with this statement ... As John has been saying for ...
ShawnGBR 09/03/2008 12 1 - 1
Joe Biden comes back to see Scranton.
He's known as Pennsylvania's Third Senator. Joe Biden, from the Green Ridge area of Scranton, makes a ...
ShawnGBR 09/01/2008 5 20 - -
Easy to shoot down the Palin spin!
It's good to see that people are shooting down any lie about Obama, and any glossing of Palin, as soon as it tries to leave the ground. So let's look at Palin. What DO we know? Not a lot. In fact, ...
ShawnGBR 08/31/2008 6 - - 4
Speech Party in Scranton.
I made a little video of what I did last night!
ShawnGBR 08/29/2008 6 1 - 2
Joe Biden was right about Bin Laden. In 1998!!
In this diary, I will take us back a decade (almost to the week, in fact). To show just how good Joe Biden is with foreign issues. Perhaps the biggest foreign issue of our time. A Saudi millionaire ...
ShawnGBR 08/26/2008 7 16 - 2
The GOP expect a 15-point bounce? Don't make me laugh.
Or, to put it another way to the Republican strategists: this is as transparent as polished glass. You don't expect any such thing.
ShawnGBR 08/25/2008 26 7 - 17
Pushing the message with art!
Just wanted to share some artwork with you. Animated and static. And hope some of you will share some artwork of your own, or some you have found, related to this election or to online discussions. ...
ShawnGBR 08/22/2008 8 6 - 2
Kevin James Award: John Rich (obviously never listened to Johnny Cash). And Toby Keith's a Dem?!
It looks like the McCain supporters will say anything to get a vote :
ShawnGBR 08/20/2008 11 2 - 5
McCain gave away that he knew what questions were coming!
Whether you're a parent, or a CIA interrogator , it's not that hard to notice ...
ShawnGBR 08/18/2008 37 3 - 3
NRLC erases press release that McCain favored abortion.
I've recently come across this fact because of an online discussion going on elsewhere. First the history. When previously running for President, John McCain twice stated on the record that ...
ShawnGBR 08/07/2008 11 14 - 43
People really cannot tell terrorist from conservative.
Nothing like an incendiary blanket statement to attract attention. The problem is: it's absolutely true. My diary yesterday was a piece of fun. A link to an online quiz called "Is that a Terrorist ...
ShawnGBR 08/05/2008 26 4 - -
Is that a Terrorist or a Conservative speaking? (Quiz)
An interesting topic on Fark (it's not news = it's Fark) came up in a thread named " Interviews with three professional pick-up ...
ShawnGBR 08/04/2008 5 4 - -
Welcome to the GOP press briefing.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. We have a lot to get through, so I thought I would start by passing out some material for you all to browse. Take one, and pass it to the back, please. No, George,
ShawnGBR 07/31/2008 2 5 1 2
It seems to be the only motivation for some... to shame them. In the UK (specifically the counties of Avon and Somerset), the police have started putting hoax or imbecilic '999' calls (that's the British equivalent of '911' calls) onto ...
ShawnGBR 07/30/2008 4 1 - 2
A song for today.
You've got to be taught to hate and fear You've got to be taught from year to year It's got to be drummed in your dear little ear You've got to be carefully taught You've got to be taught to be ...
ShawnGBR 07/29/2008 - 1 - 2
It's almost Republican "Ignore bin Laden" Day!!
At 1730 hours Zulu (1.30pm EDT) on August 20 , 1998, acting on what Madeline Albright called " some excellent ...
ShawnGBR 07/28/2008 5 5 - 2
Inventing 'the surge'. And trying to weasel out of it...
Yesterday, standing in front of a cheese display in a supermarket in Bethlehem, Pa., John McCain had a lot to say about the surge .
ShawnGBR 07/24/2008 4 2 - 6
In Republican's minds, Obama not yet in Iraq.
The story is already done. Senator Obama arrived in Baghdad on Sunday, met with Petraeus and Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, in Baghdad on Monday, ...
ShawnGBR 07/23/2008 9 3 - 7
Send Karl Rove to jail.
If you only visit one other website today, make it this one. Send Karl Rove To Jail. The law is crystal clear on this issue. The detail of the law broken, below the ...
ShawnGBR 07/22/2008 13 9 - -
McCain: Obama edits website, omits to admit to same
Seeing as it's Friday, time for some of that science shenanigans. Earlier in the week, the McCain campaign announced that it ...
ShawnGBR 07/18/2008 6 2 - -
Republican in your life now a 'Libertarian'?
It's becoming increasingly clear that being called a Republican is more than some people can take. Even for the registered Republicans. So now many of Bush's former vocal cheerleaders have decided ...
ShawnGBR 07/17/2008 102 9 - 42
Talk Is Not Appeasement: Dirty Harry version
This is something I touched upon in a previous diary entry, but I thought I would wrap it up for the world by putting a commentary to the film clip (4'24", contains some strong language and violence).
ShawnGBR 07/16/2008 11 2 - 12
McCain's FISA vote: our King's Gambit.
Yes, you read that right. I said McCain's FISA vote. The news, and the blogosphere, has been concentrating on today's FISA vote. And a lot of that talk has been about Obama and the ...
ShawnGBR 07/09/2008 20 4 - 5
Repeating the request: recommend StormBear.
I saw this diary entry , which simply asks others to recommend a diary entry by felow Kossack "StormBear".
ShawnGBR 07/07/2008 16 3 - -
Concern Trolls. How to spot & deal with them.
As the weeks have turned into months, and the election draws ever nearer, it has become all-too-apparent what strategy the Republicans will be using this election cycle. They can't run on ...
ShawnGBR 07/06/2008 75 29 - 42
Happy Canada Day, everyone.
Seeing as I just got back from Niagara Falls, Ontario, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to wish our neighbours with the 'u' a Happy Canada Day.
ShawnGBR 07/01/2008 12 10 1 -
It's not terrorism if you're not Muslim?
This diary entry begins with one question. Before you read on, or Google for the answer, I want you to answer this question honestly. Does the name Joel Hinrichs mean anything to you? Either you ...
ShawnGBR 06/20/2008 39 7 - -
Major evolution observed in a lab.
If you have any nervous creationist types in the vicinity, you might want to make a scene so they see this on your computer screen.
ShawnGBR 06/11/2008 707 695 80 1528
If Obama's selling cars in TX, the GOP is done!
This has been doing the rounds in some non-political threads over the last week. I thought it would be a good time to show it to a wider audience because it means one thing...
ShawnGBR 06/10/2008 35 35 - 21
Today's Kevin James Award: Fox's E.D. Hill
Fist-bumps. You know the fist-bump of which I speak. Well, thanks to -the people- sub-human ...
ShawnGBR 06/09/2008 59 39 1 44
The lie of wisdom, decency & common sense.
There's something that John McCain said in his chromakey speech (and please, someone put some sports bloopers behind him on the green-screen, because no sports out-takes can be as painful as that ...
ShawnGBR 06/06/2008 3 3 - 6
Larry Johnson: the GOP is missing Rove!
This diary is to serve as a time-line of the attempts by Larry C. Johnson, former intelligence officer of the CIA and vocal Hillary Clinton supporter, to take his own personal train and derail it as ...
ShawnGBR 06/05/2008 81 28 4 40
Desperate crap-flinging in 5... 4... 3...
Yep. It has already started. Obama's an elitist, waaaah. Of course, it's always funny when the smear ...
ShawnGBR 06/04/2008 6 5 - 8
Is your kitty killing sea otters?
Hi, I'm Alice. ShawnGBR's cat. Meow, Kossacks. I'm proud to say that I am not an otter killer. But many cats ...
ShawnGBR 05/31/2008 33 31 - 15
Would Murdoch become Turkish, endorse Obama?
I know, it almost sounds like a troll diary (but do check my other entries to see that I'm no troll). But there are two very real questions I'm asking here: Would Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, ...
ShawnGBR 05/29/2008 39 - 1 9
You are subjects in a psychology experiment.
Good afternoon, fellow Americans. Just to let you know that you are currently part of an ongoing psychology experiment, being undertaken by the Hillary Clinton campaign. -Do not- be alarmed. We ...
ShawnGBR 05/27/2008 15 8 1 2
Right wing myth busted #1: 'small government'
I've decided to start an occasional talking point of the [f]right wing (be they be self-proclaimed Libertarian, Conservative, or Republican), and completely tear it apart using something I like to ...
ShawnGBR 05/25/2008 14 2 - 5
Some people just ain't for courtin'...
I was thinking, last night, about just how stupid some political 'experts' are on TV. Take, for example, the nugget that Obama should have courted the voters in places like rural West Virginia more.
ShawnGBR 05/23/2008 3 2 1 4
I am happy and nobody cares.
One of the advantages of being from another country is when something huge happens and yet people go on about their daily lives as normal. Probably because the 'whatever it is' means nothing to them ...
ShawnGBR 05/22/2008 20 6 - 3
Hillary: "Kentucky win means I win Blockbusters."
Behind in the delegate count and popular vote, and with no chance of achieving a winning number of States and territories, Hillary Clinton declared that a win in Kentucky tomorrow would mean she ...
ShawnGBR 05/19/2008 51 8 1 8
'Appeasement' - just a Fright-wing misdirect...
It's funny, really. I make diary entries that get no love all the time. And then yesterday I left a comment on a diary and it got -over- -70- almost 80 Recommendeds. I think it was the video I used ...
ShawnGBR 05/17/2008 24 20 2 157
Promises, promises (2000 edition).
In keeping with a theme I use frequently ( "this is the information age" ), I thought it would be fun to search for the 2000 election promises of Bush and Cheney, and see how ...
ShawnGBR 05/16/2008 1 1 - -
Bush and golf: the opinion from the UK.
I think this video says it all.
ShawnGBR 05/15/2008 6 4 1 10
OK, Dems. It's go time. Let's come together.
Unless he gets hit by one of the two press buses that accompany him, Barack Obama will be the nominee on stage in Denver, and support from people just like John Edwards means we're looking at the ...
ShawnGBR 05/14/2008 7 3 - -
Did anyone post video from Countdown yet?
The bit where Mount St. Billo erupted. Anyone post that? OK, to play us out, here's Sting. With his new song. F*** It, We'll Do It (Live) You all have a great morning! Video below the fold... (......
ShawnGBR 05/13/2008 16 4 1 -
Right Wing shows 57 States of desperation.
It's nice to see how the [f]right wing have decided to pool their collective opinion on the following video.
ShawnGBR 05/10/2008 25 12 2 32
Olbermann: "if you have an urge to buy a fleece"
Man, I wish I had my little camera thing plugged into the cable box during Obama's speech in Indiana. Now: I was at the Scranton rally on Sunday evening. The instructions were clear: no hand-...
ShawnGBR 04/22/2008 29 3 1 4
I made Barack Obama smile.
Here is Barack Obama, Riverside Sports Complex, Scranton, PA. And that's my ugly mug on the right. Video ...
ShawnGBR 04/21/2008 7 14 1 2
ABCNews website: no more the 4th Estate
Before I explain why, here's the history behind the phrase "the fourth estate"... The term Fourth Estate refers to the press, ...
ShawnGBR 04/14/2008 14 15 - -
Hillary Clinton thinks Scranton is 'small town PA'
It was a busy day for me today. Watching Manchester United beat Arsenal on FSC (see posts passim regarding the old country and being a dual national), the weekly shopping, taking the dog out for a ...
ShawnGBR 04/13/2008 20 7 1 4
Who said McCain "is not a pro-life candidate"?
Looking at a recent page on the National Right To Life Committee (NRLC) website, they are "grateful for the strong pro-life ...
ShawnGBR 04/09/2008 6 4 - 8
52 girls taken from religious compound.
From MSNBC : ELDORADO, Texas - Child welfare officials following up on an abuse complaint took custody of 18 girls who lived at a ...
ShawnGBR 04/05/2008 57 10 - 11
NorthEast PA. Eye of the storm. Almost.
Seeing Barack Obama for the first time is, you would think, something you would never forget. So I have the unenviable position tonight in being able to say: I don't know if I saw Barack Obama today.
ShawnGBR 04/01/2008 3 1 - 1
How you would know if a sniper fired at you.
And seeing as this is the 21st Century, people, here is the video. But you didn't think I was just going to start with the sniper shot and end it there, did you?
ShawnGBR 03/27/2008 33 8 3 1
Campaign material for free.
DIY: Do It Yourself. I enjoy making my own political signs, and I even have some stuff for sale on Cafepress . Well, last night I had a brainwave. I ...
ShawnGBR 03/21/2008 1 1 - -
Obama: Because of Ashley Baia...
Everyone has something to say about Obama's speech today in Philadelphia. Here's what I think.
ShawnGBR 03/18/2008 8 17 - 21
O'Bama gets Scranton Irish on St. Paddy's Day.
Hillary may have been here for Saturday's parade. But on the day that matters to those with even a little Irish heritage (hello, County Sligo), Barack Obama was the one that came to Scranton on ...
ShawnGBR 03/17/2008 45 34 - 26
Polar bear at the Parade (by request).
People asked for it. So here it is. A polar bear at the St.Paddy's Day parade.
ShawnGBR 03/16/2008 8 5 - -
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