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Restore relations with Cuba, end the embargo now!
I'm a long time left-liberal-progressive with a Mexican-American father and ever since I visited the Republic of Cuba in 1991 as a tourist on the sly through the Bahamas I have dreamed of the day ...
Shinpath 11/14/2012 23 19 1 -
A reward for Latino support?
Everywhere in the post-election analysis, the support of Latino voters, especially first-time new voters, was seen to be crucial in the victory, helping Democrats win in Western states like New ...
Shinpath 11/07/2012 3 1 - -
Egypt might forget Obama thanks to US soccer
Sport is politics, whether we like it or not, and some of the goodwill generated by President Barack Obama's recent visit to and speech in Cairo Egypt will now be muted as a revived US Men's ...
Shinpath 06/22/2009 11 4 - 39
Recipe for a Cuban cocktail - a fresh Obama mojito
If Obama is swinging for HRs - Here's a Cuban triple.
Shinpath 01/24/2009 12 2 - 5
Dubya Alpha & Omega-Watch HBO's RECOUNT again!
If you have a brief moment to take a breather between calling, persuading and GOTV, rent it or get it and watch the HBO film RECOUNT, the true story of the Florida 2000 debacle where hanging chads ...
Shinpath 10/29/2008 6 - - 25
Socialist, schmocialist...
The reason why the right and the press have jumped on this 'Obama is a crypto-socialist' meme is that without an actual American socialist left (destroyed in the 40s by both Stalin and McCarthy) ...
Shinpath 10/24/2008 14 3 - 2
16 votes from Shanghai
I volunteered to pick up the completed absentee ballots from the teachers at my school and ferry them to the US Consulate in Shanghai for free first class postage delivery to their respective ...
Shinpath 10/14/2008 18 12 - 8
Message to the Right on Fox News comments
I went to the Fox News website story announcing Obama's commanding poll lead, read the right wingnuts fuming comments, then registered and left them this message, which may work by calming them down.
Shinpath 10/10/2008 7 16 2 1
Today Obama said the word I was looking for regarding Bill Ayers - Rehabilitated.
Shinpath 10/09/2008 8 6 1 2
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