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A Kossack field primatologist and his scat detecting dog in China
Back in 2006, I was a pretty active user here. I went to the first couple Netroots Nations, or as they were called back then, Yearly Kos. The night before Obama's election in 2008, I even had the #1 ...
Shlomo Boudreaux 08/30/2013 17 47 1 -
Hammer your Governor on Medicaid Expansion, Now
I haven't posted a diary in four years. I suppose that's because I haven't been this angry since George W. Bush was in office. Can someone, anyone, please explain to me why every Democratic public ...
Shlomo Boudreaux 07/15/2012 3 4 - 37
Karl Rove just told me I'm slandering America-Update
and it was awesome. This evening, Karl Rove gave an invited lecture at my university, Washington University in St. Louis. He ...
Shlomo Boudreaux 11/03/2008 405 909 13 37
One Jew thinking about appeasement
I don't care what Joe Lieberman thinks. Speaking as a Jew,
Shlomo Boudreaux 05/15/2008 74 31 1 34
Where Was the Global Warming Question Yearly Kos?
Please take this as constructive criticism, because I'm not trying to be a troll. So, I just walked out of the YK2 debate, which on the whole was wonderful. Many thanks to the hard work & ...
Shlomo Boudreaux 08/04/2007 40 11 1 -
Did Mark Warner Try to Buy Our Votes?
Shlomo Boudreaux 06/10/2006 93 7 2 16
We Democrats
Shlomo Boudreaux 05/15/2006 4 3 1 5
9 Pennacchio Editorials on One Day in Central PA
Shlomo Boudreaux 05/04/2006 47 7 - 4
Did Alan Sandals (PA-Sen) Flip-Flop to Get the NOW PAC Endorsement?
Shlomo Boudreaux 03/24/2006 19 3 - 29
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