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Oregon sheriff tells VP Biden he won't enforce new gun laws
A copy of an article today posted here on a local FOX 12 station. A cut-n-past below the squiggle. Concerning that an elected law official in Linn County would publish that he will refuse to ...
Shopper47 01/16/2013 75 11 - -
Republican reflection over the past 30 days from Yahoo! news
Just a quick note to point folks to a Yahoo news item has an interesting view of the last 30 days of Republican reflection on what they might want to change going forward...
Shopper47 12/06/2012 2 1 - -
Does the House of Represenatives truly represent the make-up of the USA?
An interesting story in Michigan regarding the House of Representatives. It appears that Michigan, a state that voted 54% to 45% in favor of Obama, and a state that had a very similar percentage of ...
Shopper47 11/19/2012 37 11 1 -
15 cents for a pizza? 50 cents for a sub? Bring it on! Consumer boycotts send a powerful message.
One of the shameful results of the election has been the response from certain CEO’s on how they are going to either fire or reduce the hours of employees to prevent having to pay for basic ...
Shopper47 11/17/2012 107 185 1 -
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