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One year: The families of Chibok still hope to bring their girls home
This is an anniversary no one, no one would want. It has been a year since the girls in Chibok, Nigeria were kidnapped by Boko Haram. As we know a brave and fortunate small group of them escaped ...
ShoshannaD 04/14/2015 7 10 - -
Heavenly Chronicles, Part I
The Heavenly Chronicles "So, I was skyping (along with millions of others) the other day with the deity. She likes to stay in touch, update her status, let us know what's trending, you know. Oh, ...
ShoshannaD 12/20/2014 10 6 - -
GOTV: Rides to the polls in key States
GOTV: Rides to the polls in Battleground States. I don't have to tell anyone that we are down to it. I am personally very alarmed at the thought of a red senate, but if you need any more ...
ShoshannaD 10/30/2014 8 18 1 -
H$ll No You Don't own me! Gotv and key voter reg deadlines
Well, hard to believe we have still have to fight this battle. But we are down to the wire...time to suit up. And Thank You Ms. Gore! . Below the fold, key voter registration deadlines. Please ...
ShoshannaD 10/21/2014 10 11 - -
GOTV VIII: Michigan, Arkansas, Georgia and Alaska voter reg deadlines SOON
Welcome to the latest in the GOTV series. I know I don't have to tell anyone here that these are key battleground states for the Senate or how important it is to keep the Senate blue. But just in ...
ShoshannaD 09/29/2014 7 19 - -
GOTV VI: Sandra Fluke Motivates Millennials
Welcome to the newest diary in the GOTV series and thank you for stopping by. We are very fortunate to have the indomitable Sandra Fluke as our guest who has recorded a terrific video about the ...
ShoshannaD 09/04/2014 33 27 2 -
GOTV V: Raul Grijalva gives voice to Hispanic Voters
(Con tradduction en espanol) Well, first of all thank you for stopping by. And again many thanks and appreciation for our previous contributors: Eclectablog, Denise Velez-Oliver, Noise of Rain, ...
ShoshannaD 07/26/2014 19 19 1 -
GOTV IV: Summer Fun, Outdoor Voting Reg Drives
Yellow Cart Picture from Noise of Rain. New voters in the making. Republished June 28, 2014 in GOT1V, originally from NoiseofRain' and Badscience innovative voter registration drive in 2011. ...
ShoshannaD 06/28/2014 37 27 1 -
Still Rising: Registering and Supporting African American Voters
Welcome to the third in the GOTV series. I began this out of my concern about Democratic turnout in the fall. Unfortunately, we are notorious for low turnout in non-presidential years. And, of ...
ShoshannaD 06/18/2014 44 70 5 -
GOTV II: High Schoolers rock the vote
Chicago Democracy week, which was a coordinated effort to register 17 year olds, was a smashing success. Many groups participated including the League of Women Voters. And in addition to ...
ShoshannaD 05/14/2014 6 12 - -
Deadline Monday to vote for Triciawyse and Horace Boothroyd, III for Netroots Nation Scholarships
If you haven't voted already, please consider voting for Horace Boothroyd, III, who is a stellar contributor to the Kos. Paul Wagner, known as ZenBassoon is also on the list so he would appreciate ...
ShoshannaD 05/10/2014 14 16 - -
GOTV: Eclectablog tells us how it's done
As we all know, turnout is crucial this fall. We cannot afford another 2010 and we absolutely cannot afford to have the Senate dominated by Republicans. So, this is the first diary in a series to ...
ShoshannaD 04/23/2014 48 113 11 -
Join Lizz Winstead and friends in a telethon to support Texas Women
On Monday, the 18th from 7 to 10 PM EST. She will be joined, among others, by Sarah Silverman, John Fugelsang, ManaboutTown and many others to raise funds for the Lilith Fund For Reproductive Equity,
ShoshannaD 11/17/2013 9 29 2 -
I am fasting today
In support of the Pelican Bay hunger strikers. I believe that extended solitary confinement is cruel and unusual punishment and this is what I choose to do to help end that. I called the Governor'...
ShoshannaD 07/31/2013 6 11 - -
Earth Hour Tonight. 8:30 local time
As noted in the title, it will take place at 8:30 PM tonight your local time. More information at this link: And yes, turning the lights off for an hour is a very small ...
ShoshannaD 03/23/2013 17 13 - -
Earth Hour this weekend, March 23rd.
It will take place at 8:30 PM Saturday your local time. More information at this link: And yes, turning the lights off for an hour is a very small thing. But Earth Hour ...
ShoshannaD 03/20/2013 1 6 - -
Earth Hour March 23rd
I am inspired and thankful for all the activists, blogger and supporters of the Climate change rally this past weekend. Earth hour is something pretty much everyone can easily participate in. To ...
ShoshannaD 02/21/2013 8 3 - -
Nationwide Rallies against the Keystone
I want to thank and applaud all the dedicated and concerned bloggers and activists who are standing up against the Keystone. I am sure the event in DC will be very inspiring. But, of course, not ...
ShoshannaD 02/14/2013 8 10 - -
Michigan Charter School Forms a Union
Well this is really good news. Please pass it along to any Michiganders. "Educators and parents at Cesar Chavez Academy, a Southwest Detroit charter school, are organizing to improve their school ...
ShoshannaD 12/18/2012 5 18 1 -
Save Michigan Public Schools, Help deliver petitions tomorrow
Sign-on started a petition opposing the bills that could turn Michigan Public Schools over to private profiteers. As of yesterday, almost 13,000 signatures had been gathered. Tomorrow, December 4th,
ShoshannaD 12/03/2012 7 10 1 -
Help stop RTW in Michigan
Like many people, I was shocked that Michigan failed to pass the protect our jobs initiative. And, now, of course there is considerable concern in the State about the possibility of rtw legislation ...
ShoshannaD 11/26/2012 4 11 - -
Teatopia, or Life after Secession
I actually wrote this a couple of years ago. Kind of figured it might be appropriate given all the "we're leaving, really we are, any minute now" talk. WELCOME TO TEATOPIA/c Wecome to our ...
ShoshannaD 11/16/2012 4 6 - -
Walmart Black Friday Boycott Supporters
Please list below in the comments any links to actions people can take in their area to support the Black Friday Walmart strike. There is already one for Chicago, which I have posted below. I ...
ShoshannaD 11/14/2012 11 7 - -
GOTV links: Down to the wire.
It's crunch time. I don't have to tell anyone what is at stake here. Below are the GOTV links. I also want to make a couple of important notes. If you want to call on behalf of the President, ...
ShoshannaD 11/05/2012 6 8 - -
GOTV Links...Let's do this.
It's crunch time. I don't have to tell anyone what is at stake here. Below are the GOTV links. I want to make a couple of important notes. If you want to call on behalf of the President, if you ...
ShoshannaD 11/05/2012 2 5 - -
Misleading robo-calls in Michigan re Prop 2
This isn't really a diary so much as a heads up about Prop 2 in Michigan. From the Ann Arbor Education Association. Please pass this information along to any Michiganders. "We’re getting ...
ShoshannaD 10/30/2012 6 4 - -
Help GOTV to OH and VA
Hi all, ran across these two opportunities to help GOTV. One is info from the Cincinnati area where they could use help. The other is a road trip from NY to help VA. Please pass these along in any ...
ShoshannaD 10/28/2012 8 11 - -
Repeal the EM law in Michigan
Hi, I know I am preaching to the choir here on the Kos, but I want to encourage volunteers, donations and maybe some additional letters to the editor. Below is a copy of a letter I sent to a number ...
ShoshannaD 10/23/2012 3 10 - -
Update on Malala in Pakistan
Hi, well, this isn't a diary as much as a reprint from the site. And I have to be off and about, so I won't be minding the diary. But I wanted to share this, hopefully, wonderful ...
ShoshannaD 10/14/2012 13 25 - -
Day 805 of a Romney Presidency
I can hardly get up. Ugh, I hate being this sick. Wish I could see a doctor, but the nearest emergency room is maybe 50-60 miles away. All the ones that were closer had to shut down. Anyway, ...
ShoshannaD 10/10/2012 12 6 - 96
Help call out the Vote for Rob Zerban
Thank you so much for listing this in the Election Diary Rescue, but Bold Progressives (which already had the call out the vote for Rob Zerban) is now focusing on two other, no doubt very worthy, ...
ShoshannaD 10/09/2012 5 10 - 37
Suddenly Homeless Charley Needs Our Help Again
Fellow Kossack Charley James needs our help again. If we don't pitch in one more time, then the man who is giving us the moving and eye-opening Suddenly Homeless diaries will be out on the street ...
ShoshannaD 09/09/2012 25 30 1 212
Suddenly Homeless Charley Needs Our Help Again
Suddenly Homeless Charley Needs Our Help Again Fellow Kossack Charley James needs our help again. If we don't pitch in one more time, then the man who is giving us the moving and eye-opening ...
ShoshannaD 09/08/2012 101 114 1 582
PLEASE help Marabout40 keep her home
She has been in the brink of homelessness for a while. Her story is a heartbreaker--cancer, job loss, home loss. Thankfully a Kossack has stepped up and given her a substantial break on a room. But ...
ShoshannaD 08/07/2012 2 38 - 167
Marabout40 Needs a home In NY
If you can help in any way or you know someone who can, please contact her. More details at the link that Indyguy has so helpfully provided in the comments. Don't know why the original link I ...
ShoshannaD 07/28/2012 6 10 - 143
HELP Suddenly Homeless Charley get a home
He had his underwear stolen. In a public restroom. He had his laundry with him because he didn't have a safe place to leave it. He broke down sobbing. Then he pulled himself together and kept on ...
ShoshannaD 06/23/2012 178 129 5 978
Recall Rick Snyder: Livestream now from Michigan
Recall kick-off rally in Lansing livestreaming now...Sarah Lawrence is on Fire!...
ShoshannaD 05/05/2012 5 11 1 102
Help the Daily Kos team feed the hungry
I was very pleased to join the Daily Kos team at Free Rice a while ago. This is run by the World Food Programme of the United Nations. For every right answer you donate 10 grains of rice so that ...
ShoshannaD 05/02/2012 10 13 - 160
The petitions to repeal the EM law in Michigan were deemed invalid. More at I am truly stunned...
ShoshannaD 04/26/2012 3 5 - 99
I have a pair
of ovaries... They're kind of old and rusty. Haven't seen much action for a while. But they are tough old broads. And we, my lady parts and I, have had enough. National rallies to support womens'
ShoshannaD 04/16/2012 7 13 - 72
Earth Hour Tonight
8:30 to 9:30 local time. For more information, please go to And pass it along/best/...
ShoshannaD 03/31/2012 7 9 - 68
PLEASE Visit and Rec Fineena's Diary
'What a Long Strange Trip it's been for the past 4 years" and donate what and if you can. Her paypal account is Many thanks/...
ShoshannaD 03/24/2012 6 11 - 118
Please visit and Rec: For Want of $50.00 a Kossack will stay homeless
By Aji: "UPDATE W/CONTACT: For Want of $50.00 a Kossack will stay homeless." Looks like the immediate need is taken care of, but we want to built a cushion for her. And per Horace, she will need ...
ShoshannaD 03/01/2012 10 18 - 115
Please Rec "Help Kossack WhatGodMade"
by Dr. Erich Bloodaxe, RN and donate what you can..You will understand as soon as you read it. Many thanks/...
ShoshannaD 02/16/2012 4 5 - 97
Can you front page the push against the Pipeline?
The net is exploding with petitions about this, including a very good video by Robert Redford. And, in the larger picture, what else is more important? Bill McKibben has a good diary up about this ...
ShoshannaD 02/13/2012 4 9 - 35
Please rec Massman's diary
You will understand as soon as you see it. Many of us are quite concerned and want to keep this on the rec list. Thank you/...
ShoshannaD 01/16/2012 31 22 - 358
Dust to Dust
Dust to Dust.... I know we all know this quotation. I also know that so many of us are concerned and active in protecting the environment. But it has occurred to me that perhaps people need to be ...
ShoshannaD 12/16/2011 7 3 - 35
New Diary by JMLS QKW Occupy Oakland & General Strike CheckIn -- Please Rec -- and Unrec Shoshannad
He's now taking over staying in touch with the Kossacks on the ground. Many ...
ShoshannaD 11/02/2011 1 3 - 63
-- Hi-- As many know, we are doing this to support the Kossacks on the ground in Oakland. Anyone who needs some help, please look at the info below -- You can also can message me and I will be ...
ShoshannaD 11/02/2011 63 102 - 521
Teatopia Travel Bureau
I actually think that the Tea Party is on the wane, but....for those who may be left...perhaps a small reality check....
ShoshannaD 08/04/2011 1 1 - 37
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