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Blowout Jobs Report: +204k
The BLS released the employment situation summary for October today and it was a blowout report all around. The headline number showed (seasonally adjusted) job creation of 204k (with 212k private ...
SilverOz 11/08/2013 2 6 - -
Another Good Jobs Report: The Obama Economy is Doing Well
The BLS just released the jobs report for June 2013 and it beat expectations and included significant upward revisions to prior months. The Establishment Survey showed a total increase of 195,000 ...
SilverOz 07/05/2013 110 9 - -
Jobs Report: Stick a Fork in the Doomers, they are Done.
Today's job report (BLS) should stick a fork in all the doomer hyperbole that seems to have a death grip over logic here recently. The report (and especially the revisions) show an economy that is ...
SilverOz 05/03/2013 62 10 - -
+151,000 Jobs in October:  Unemployment Rate at 9.6%
The BLS released the October Employment Situation today and it showed a gain of 151,000 jobs (with 159,000 being private sector gains). ...
SilverOz 11/05/2010 74 22 - 54
60,000 Non-Census Jobs Gained; Unemployment at 9.6%
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) today released the Employment Situation Report for August 2010. This report showed a loss of (54,000) in the Establishment ...
SilverOz 09/03/2010 112 34 - 27
Non-Census Employment Up by 12,000 Jobs in July
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) today released the Employment Situation Report for July 2010. This report showed a loss of 131,000 in the Establishment Survey (
SilverOz 08/06/2010 147 50 1 40
The Employment Situation and a Look to the Second Half
The Employment Situation Report was just released and it showed a loss of 125,000 in the Establishment Survey and a 301,000 loss in the Household Survey. The Household Survey also showed that the U-...
SilverOz 07/02/2010 26 19 - 33
A Horrible Jobs Report (only 20,000 non-census jobs)
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released today the May 2010 Employment Situation Report and it showed (even sans census) a horrible report for the month. The ...
SilverOz 06/04/2010 179 61 - 70
BLowout Jobs Report:  +290,000 Jobs in April
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the April Employment Situation Report today, which showed ...
SilverOz 05/07/2010 42 23 - 31
GDP Up Again; Job Growth Will Continue to Strengthen
The Bureau of Economic Analysis released Q1 2010 GDP today and it showed another ...
SilverOz 04/30/2010 110 49 - 56
NBER Says Recession Not Over (or do they)?
The National Bureau of Economic Research has announced that it The committee announced Monday that it ...
SilverOz 04/12/2010 8 4 - 44
A Real Economic Recovery vs Today
I am going to examine (graphically) the recovery follow the early 80's recession(s). Specifically, I am going to look at the recovery following the very deep 7/81-11/82 recession that saw ...
SilverOz 03/28/2010 14 18 - 181
What a Real Recovery Looks Like: and Why We Likely Won't Have One
I am going to examine (graphically) the recovery follow the early 80's recession(s). Specifically, I am going to look at the recovery following the very deep 7/81-11/82 recession that saw ...
SilverOz 03/26/2010 6 9 - 16
UPDATED: February Jobs Report:  Is a Double-Dip Coming?
The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the Employment Situation Summary for February this morning, which showed a loss of 36,000 jobs in the Establishment Survey ...
SilverOz 03/05/2010 190 20 - 49
Hedge Funds Conspiring to Take Down the Economy?
Bloomberg had an interesting article up today regarding an "idea" meeting of some of the biggest hedge funds in ...
SilverOz 03/02/2010 36 43 1 37
Free Trade Is Not A Job Killer
A recent debate elsewhere interested me enough to do some research on the effects trade has on goods producing employment in the US. Now, I want to state upfront that this is a look at the ...
SilverOz 02/26/2010 90 7 - 78
Where Will the Jobs Come From?
Now that it appears as though economic armageddon is behind us and we are flirting with a recovery (at least in terms of GDP and leading indicators at this point), the next question isn't when will ...
SilverOz 02/09/2010 94 25 - 32
Breaking:  BLS to Report 2 million+ Jobs Lost Last Month!
Tomorrow, the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ) is going to publish its employment situation report for January and it will show job losses exceeding 2 million (and ...
SilverOz 02/04/2010 105 27 - 28
Breaking: Sanity Prevails - Bernanke Will Get 2nd Term
The Senate just voted for cloture on Ben Bernanke's confirmation for his second term as Federal Reserve Chairman. The vote was 77-23 . This vote is good news for the country as it shows that ...
SilverOz 01/28/2010 99 12 - 19
Is Bernanke Done?
It appears that in light of the Brown election, the Senate may no longer have the votes needed (likely 60) to reconfirm Ben Bernake as Federal Reserve ...
SilverOz 01/22/2010 76 4 - 80
Not Massachusetts or Haiti, An Economy Thread
Seeing as the Rec list and recent diary list is full of nothing but Senate-MA election and Haiti recovery diaries, I thought I would recap the week in the economy and provide a pseudo open thread ...
SilverOz 01/15/2010 17 7 - 13
Ezra Klein is an Idiot, or Why Medical Costs and Wages Don't Mix
Having read many of the recommended diaries here regarding the Excise Tax on health care plans, I realized that the one thing it seemed was missing from any of these diaries was an actual economic ...
SilverOz 01/12/2010 42 14 - 93
What We Do Know About the Economy
It appears that once again when the statistics don't show doom and gloom in the economy, we get to hear from the doomers about how the statistics must be wrong and corrupted. Of course, that is ...
SilverOz 01/11/2010 33 24 1 19
Is Labor Force Shrinkage Really Bad?
Much has been made about last months .3% drop in the Labor Participation rate and the 843,000 additional people added to those "not in the labor force". The assumption is that this is bad for our ...
SilverOz 01/09/2010 59 5 - 13
Breaking:  85,000 Jobs Lost in December, Unemployment at 10%
The BLS just released the December Employment Situation Report, which showed a much greater than expected loss of 85,000 jobs. The unemployment rate remained ...
SilverOz 01/08/2010 264 58 - 32
A Great Conspiracy: The Plunge Protection Team
Recently, a very poorly researched MarketWatch article which includes the great quote:
SilverOz 01/07/2010 64 5 - 10
Revisionist History and the Housing Bubble
Crossposted at Bonddad Blog Following Ben Bernanke's speech discussing the role that a lack of regulation played in the creation of the housing bubble ...
SilverOz 01/04/2010 38 11 - 23
My Economic Predictions for 2010
I decided to go out on a limb and place my economic predictions for the last year of the first decade of the 21st century for all to see and ridicule later in the year (and probably now too). I am ...
SilverOz 12/31/2009 33 5 - 26
The Economic Recovery Continues
The retail sales report was released today and it showed not only a strong (and much better than expected) month over month gain, ...
SilverOz 12/11/2009 51 11 - 89
Alan Grayson has No Clue on The Federal Reserve
In a response to a comment I made in another diary discussing the Federal Reserve, the diarist responded with a video of Representative Grayson (D-FL) question Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Barnanke ...
SilverOz 12/07/2009 137 18 1 83
Breaking: We Almost had Job Creation Last Month, Unemployment Down to 10%.
The BLS released its Employment Situation report today and the results came in with an adjusted loss of 11,000 and an unadjusted gain of 80,000. The widely ...
SilverOz 12/04/2009 493 188 3 164
The Bernanke Confirmation Hearing Thread
Ben Bernanke's confirmation hearing has begun. Blog here about what your hear.
SilverOz 12/03/2009 59 11 - 47
Support President Obama by Supporting Ben Bernanke
Recently there have been a spate of diaries here (some spouting conspiracy theories) calling for the Senate to not reconfirm Ben Bernanke as Fed Chair ...
SilverOz 12/01/2009 153 11 - 119
Alan Grayson's Right, The Federal Reserve is Ruining the Country
Alan Grayson among others have been spot on recently with calls to open up the books of the Federal Reserve and show exactly what they are doing/have done with various asset swaps and bank ...
SilverOz 11/24/2009 69 14 - 158
I Thought Conspiracy Theory Diaries Were Banned: The Federal Reserve is Not Working Against Us.
A diary currently on the rec list is an embarrassment to this site for its description of the federal reserve system and links to conspiratorial sites that are essentially describing the Fed as ...
SilverOz 11/20/2009 158 41 - 126
Obama's Sudden Concern for our National Debt
The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article out today discussing utilizing unused TARP funds to pay down the deficit and ...
SilverOz 11/12/2009 35 11 - 102
You Can't Cherry Pick the Jobs Data Floyd Norris
An absolutely ignorant piece on the October jobs report was published yesterday by Floyd Norris where he ...
SilverOz 11/10/2009 17 5 - 115
Did the Economy Actually Add Jobs Last Month?
I am cross-posting my diary from Bonddad Blog here as a sort of ...
SilverOz 11/09/2009 27 11 - 79
Were Jobs Actually Added Last Month?
I am cross-posting my diary from Bonddad Blog here as a sort of ...
SilverOz 11/07/2009 6 6 - 81
Unemployment Rate cracks 10%
The unemployment rate hit 10.2% today. The report overall appears to be a bad one, bu the numbers are actually a little deceiving, as ...
SilverOz 11/06/2009 96 16 - 39
GDP is up 3.5%, The Recession is Over
GDP grew by 3.5% in the third quarter of 2009, beating the general consensus estimate of 3% and essentially putting an end to the recession (although that won't come officially from NBER for a while,
SilverOz 10/29/2009 121 13 - 26
Free Trade Isn't to Blame for Job Losses; Technology Is.
Or, Were the Luddites Just Too Early? There seems to be more and more talk about our decline in manufacturing prominence and its relation to outsourcing/off-shoring, but these arguments always ...
SilverOz 10/14/2009 127 12 1 97
An Abysmal Jobs Report
Today's employment situation report was abysmal by almost any standards. Yes, we are definitely off the worst levels of the recession and have avoided a collapse into economic chaos, but this ...
SilverOz 10/02/2009 62 17 - 37
When Will We See Job Growth?
The one thing we seem to argue a lot about here is the state of the economy and whether a recovery is forthcoming. I am firmly in the camp that the technical recession is in fact over and think we ...
SilverOz 09/15/2009 18 5 - 10
Breaking: Today's Unemployment Report and a Primer
Today's report has been released. And this was a relatively bad report, as the unemployment rate ticked up to 9.7% and more importantly, ...
SilverOz 09/04/2009 29 16 - 18
An Unemployment Primer Before Tomorrow's Report
I thought I would provide a bit of a primer on the economic data that will be released tomorrow for non-farm payrolls and the unemployment rate in an attempt to reduce the confusion many on this ...
SilverOz 09/03/2009 14 16 - 209
Cash for Clunkers Failed, but Ended the Recession
We now have the seasonally adjusted annual rate of auto sales (saar) for August and it shows that cash for clunkers (c4c) was likely a big failure. This failure, however, won't prevent it from ...
SilverOz 09/01/2009 249 5 - 40
Bernanke to be Reappointed, and Here's Why
Today, President Obama will announce that he will reappoint current Federal Reserve Chairman to a second four year term.
SilverOz 08/25/2009 47 12 - 37
Economic Recovery or Double Dip: Data to Watch
Unfortunately the community here lost one of it's great (and preeminent) economic writers (hopefully just temporarily) over the economic debate between recovery and further collapse. In light of ...
SilverOz 08/24/2009 22 22 2 221
The Recession is Over, Long Live the Recession
It appears quite likely that we are going to get a positive print on the Q3 GDP number along with a very likely call that the recession ended sometime this summer (although the NBER, who calls ...
SilverOz 08/21/2009 38 6 - 17
The unemployment data was still bad
The BLS report came out today with a surprising .1% drop in the unemployment rate to 9.4% (U-6 is at 16.3%), which many here and ...
SilverOz 08/07/2009 119 13 - 29
The Real Recession Isn’t Close to Over
This is a response to a recent recommended diary that is implies that the recession is coming to a close. While it may be true that the NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) may in fact call ...
SilverOz 07/09/2009 61 16 - 18
Did Someone Spray the "Greenshoots" with Roundup?
Sadly, I will not be filling this diary up with depressing graphs (I haven’t figured how to do that yet), but I will attempt to depress you nonetheless. You see, it appears that all of the ...
SilverOz 07/06/2009 82 20 - 46
Official unemployment at 9.5%, real unemployment at 16.5%
Well, it's that time of the month again and the BLS has released the employment report for June 2009. Link to BLS ...
SilverOz 07/02/2009 79 28 - 8
Supreme Court Stays Chrysler Sale
This will be relatively brief, as the news is just now breaking, but Ruth Bader Ginsburg has put a stay on the Chrysler bankruptcy sale pending further order.
SilverOz 06/08/2009 143 26 - 35
Finally some good unemployment news
The BLS just issued it's report for April 2009 and the news isn't that bad. The number of jobs lost was a less than expected 539,000, but the rate (U-3) did rise to the expected 8.9%. The good ...
SilverOz 05/08/2009 51 8 - 1
Unemployment hits 15.6%
Once again U-6 jumped by a much larger amount than U-3 this month signifying that the unemployment situation is going to persist well into any future recovery and that despite what some of the ...
SilverOz 04/03/2009 12 11 - -
The Death of the Dollar
Sometime in the next couple of years we are going to see the virtual death of the dollar and its death is going to be perpetuated by the very recovery the administration is now engineering.
SilverOz 03/31/2009 114 5 - 52
Is Obama Gambling with the FDIC
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) was an FDR/New Deal designed entity to provide stability to the banking system by protecting people's deposits in an effort to insure confidence and ...
SilverOz 03/25/2009 39 9 - -
Who Cares About $165 Million in AIG Bonuses
This story is nothing more than a very convenient false outrage that happened to come out almost at the same time as the real news story about who the $170 BILLION in AIG bailouts went to. Think ...
SilverOz 03/20/2009 39 - - -
Unemployment hits 14.8%
The news is even worse than I had expected, as U-6 jumped almost a full point today. Link to ...
SilverOz 03/06/2009 27 21 3 8
Big Flaws in Obama's Housing Plan
There are two really big flaws with Obama's housing plan, one that may very well cause its failure and the other is going to really upset the majority of Americans when stories start to get out.
SilverOz 03/05/2009 170 5 1 17
The Real Problem with Obama's Budget
We have heard throughout the media (and especially from every right wing pundit) about Obama's down payment on some form of national health care, his carbon cap and trade plan, and the general size ...
SilverOz 03/02/2009 23 2 - 2
Goodbye UAW
GM and Chrysler just came out with their new estimates of bailout need in order to avoid failure and they are quite staggering in light of the testimony given back in December. Chrysler is asking ...
SilverOz 02/17/2009 109 8 - 18
Unemployment almost 14%
The unemployment report is out today and the numbers are still pretty grim. U-3 (the commonly reported measure by the media) is up to 7.6% and U-6 (the more accurate measure) is up to 13.9%.
SilverOz 02/06/2009 64 24 - 12
Why Obama's Stimulus Won't Work
I have been arguing with several people here about Obama's stimulus package for a few days and wanted to clarify my points into a diary. I not believe that the stimulus package as currently ...
SilverOz 01/21/2009 164 7 - 16
Unemployment Jumps to 13.5%
Scary title huh? The "official" unemployment rate has risen to 7.2% on a reported loss of another 524,000 jobs in December (remember, this is done through a survey). However, the much more ...
SilverOz 01/09/2009 307 362 8 224
Foreclosures Aren't the Problem: A Real Housing Fix
Many people both here and in the traditional media like to point to foreclosures as the root of the housing crisis and fixate on bailing out those at risk of foreclosure. I believe this is the ...
SilverOz 12/08/2008 143 14 2 25
US Lost 533,000 jobs in November. Most since 1974
I think the title says it all. This recession is really picking up steam and we are likely to see an abysmal January after what is likely to be a terrible holiday shopping season.
SilverOz 12/05/2008 11 8 - 7
The Obama Market Crash
Well, it looks like the stock market has voiced its opinion on Obama's win (/snark). In related news, the continuing decline of the stock market is actually a good thing for Obama, as I will ...
SilverOz 11/06/2008 43 11 1 16
This Was No Mandate
Yesterday we saw history with Barack Obama becoming the first African-American elected to the White House and with a strong electoral and popular vote victory, but we did not see the mandate that ...
SilverOz 11/05/2008 81 1 - 1
Why we can't trust exit polls on election day
As we know from the past couple of elections exit polling is hardly an exact science, but I believe that this year it may be completely worthless for several reasons that I will explain below.
SilverOz 10/23/2008 11 4 1 -
Thanks For Our Subprime Mess Lyndon Johnson
I simply have to get this off of my chest. I am so sick of hearing various pundits on both sides of the aisle trying to explain the current credit crisis and its origins, as they consistently get ...
SilverOz 10/07/2008 51 - 1 -
Obama's Best Advertising to Date: Your 401(k) Quarterly Statement
Very soon, many Americans will be receiving a wonderful advertisement for Barack Obama that cost the campaign not one nickel, the quarterly 401(k) statement. This may in fact completely seal the ...
SilverOz 10/06/2008 10 5 - -
Unemployment Rate hits 11%
The unemployment rate has reached 11%, as measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here is the link you need to scroll down a little ...
SilverOz 10/03/2008 42 22 1 11
How Hank Paulson Gave Obama the Presidency
Look, we all know that Barack is a great candidate and that he had a very good shot at winning the election all by himself, but the reality of the situation is that Hank Paulson and his "end is nigh"
SilverOz 10/02/2008 8 1 - -
Why Mortgage Cramdowns are Not the Answer
Many people here (and many of our Representatives) have suggested that mortgages cramdowns (the policy of adjusting the terms/principal of a mortgage in or in fear of default) would be a good idea ...
SilverOz 09/30/2008 20 3 - -
The Solution the Markets Want
Listening to CNBC in the car, I heard an interesting idea as to what the markets (not the banks necessarily) want to solve the current financial crisis and it appears that it would probably be a ...
SilverOz 09/26/2008 11 4 - -
Why the Government Needs to Get Equity Stakes in Companies it Bailsout
One of the proposals being floated around with this bailout package is the idea that the government get warrants (essentially stock options) from any company that benefits directly from the proposed ...
SilverOz 09/24/2008 3 2 - -
Simple Solution to the Bailout
This is going to be a fairly short diary, but I wanted to float a simple solution to the bailout angst that everyone here seems to have. I personally think the bailout is quite necessary to prevent ...
SilverOz 09/22/2008 4 1 - -
Why the Bailout as Proposed is Correct
Many here have been chiding or worse the leaked proposal for the financial bailout targeting either the absolute authority the statute appears to give Secretary Paulson or the dollar amount made ...
SilverOz 09/20/2008 178 9 1 15
The Palin Speech; the Ultimate Trap
No, this isn't some Rove is a political genius conspiracy diary, but one more to a potential trap that has been laid by our gluttonous media and ourselves.
SilverOz 09/03/2008 88 4 - -
Did Obama Give A Speech Yesterday; or How McCain Won
While we will all be critical of McCain's VP pick (we are here for a reason afterall), we must admit that McCain has won this round with the timing/surprise of the pick, as watching the various news ...
SilverOz 08/29/2008 44 2 - -
GDP up 3.3%, No Recession to see here, move along
Well, the 2nd quarter revised GDP is out today and the economy grew at a rate of 3.3%, boosted by exports being up 13.2% (imports were down 7.2%). Now, for all the conspiracy theorists out there, I ...
SilverOz 08/28/2008 36 10 - -
The VP Announcement and Diaries
I will make this relatively short, but since I haven't seen anything on Kos in regards to diary policy on the VP announcement, I thought I would offer my own two cents. Please do not post a diary ...
SilverOz 08/22/2008 58 2 - -
Unemployment hits 5.7% and a Primer
The unemployment rate today hit 5.7%, the highest in 4 years. This once again shows how the economy is weakening and probably in recession, but not a ...
SilverOz 08/01/2008 7 6 - -
Terror Attack on Ghawar: Oil up Limit on Nymex
Oh wait, there was no attack or any other supply disruption, just some absolutely stunning speculation. For anyone that has been sticking to the idea that the current runup in oil prices is a supply/
SilverOz 06/06/2008 38 4 - -
How Obama Broke the Primary System
First off, congratulations to Barack Obama on finally wrapping up our nomination. Now, it is my belief that in winning, Barack broke our primary system wide open, which will require a fix before ...
SilverOz 06/04/2008 32 5 - 9
The speculative Oil Bubble
I have been advocating for a while now that the vast majority of the runup in oil prices we have seen is nothing more than the result of rampant speculation in the commodities markets and not a ...
SilverOz 05/28/2008 104 10 - 16
Why Obama Will Lose in November
First let me clarify the title by saying that this is not a Clinton would do better diary (she has as much chance of winning now as Kucinich), nor is this concern trolling, as I see this election as ...
SilverOz 05/07/2008 158 1 - 19
What Obama's Tax Returns Show Us
We all know that the Obama's tax returns were made public recently and what they show us is quite telling. Now, I am not going to get into any pro or anti candidate crap here, but just examine the ...
SilverOz 03/25/2008 67 5 - 5
Obama's Pastor and a Big ? has this story as their top news item right now on the web. So far, I haven't seen it on any other site yet, but if ...
SilverOz 03/13/2008 309 20 - 19
Do we really have inflation or is it just speculation
Something that has been bothering me for a long time is the idea that all of a sudden we have run short of a number of commodities (like all of them, but specifically oil, metals, etc.) and thus ...
SilverOz 03/06/2008 33 5 - 13
Rezko and Hillary: The Clemens' Analogy
I am not sure that anyone has brought this up before, but I believe that one of the reasons Hillary is not going to go anywhere after tonight is the newly begun Rezko trial and its potential to ...
SilverOz 03/04/2008 109 1 - -
Why the Republicans have the Primaries Right
After having spent way too many hours watching and reading about the primaries from various sources, I have come to the conclusion that the Republicans have the system right (or at least much better ...
SilverOz 02/07/2008 52 1 - -
Hillary calls out Caucuses
Finally, one of our candidates had the guts to call out the incredibly disenfranchising caucus process that makes a mockery of our party's fight for the enfranchising of voters and the increase of ...
SilverOz 01/11/2008 78 4 - 14
Why John Edwards has no integrity on voting rights
This is more of a rant than anything else (and something I am typically loathe to do). I have absolutely had it with the Iowa caucus's and their systematic disenfranchisement of potential (and even ...
SilverOz 01/03/2008 10 2 - 12
My Economic Predictions for 2008
As many of you know I am usually the contrarian (read optimist) poster in many of the economic diaries on Dailykos, so I thought I would put my 2008 predictions in one nice concise diary. To ...
SilverOz 01/02/2008 23 7 - 9
Mitchell Report List is Out
Link to List. Here is the list. It looks like Pujols, Clemens, The Boones (not surprising), Garciaparra, Sheffield, Pudge, Tejada, and ...
SilverOz 12/13/2007 111 12 1 1
The AMT, You, and the 2008 Election
As many of you know, the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) has not been patched yet this year (for 2007 taxes) and thus approximately 20 million more American tax payers will be hit with this stealth ...
SilverOz 11/28/2007 26 5 - -
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