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So - Was Obama a Trojan Horse?
Think about it. He compromises over and over again on bills and actions which might inconvenience the Rich . . . He compromises on the ACA, making it more friendly to the insurance industry . . . ...
SmallTownHick 05/16/2015 97 7 - -
Re: So What if they're Gay
So, let's try again. Dear Evangelicals who believe that God hates gays and wants you to discriminate against them. You're wrong. God said so. Jesus, your savior, said in your own holy book NOT TO ...
SmallTownHick 04/24/2015 5 4 - -
So What if they're Gay?
The Bible states very clearly, in several places, that it is not our place to judge. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Remove the log from your own eye, that you may better see the ...
SmallTownHick 04/24/2015 18 2 - -
The TPP could overturn Wingnut laws, too.
Like all those anti-abortion laws. Let's take an international pharmaceuticals conglomerate. One division makes gynecological supplies, including birth control, morning after pills, and ...
SmallTownHick 03/29/2015 10 - - -
Unasked Questions about the future in America
1) What will NASA do when Cape Canaveral goes underwater? 2) Would telling the Right that the TPP will bring about the One World Order have any effect? 3) Which will cause the next Civil War - the ...
SmallTownHick 03/27/2015 1 2 - -
Phrases I hope will catch on in the New Year
1) A libertarian raised by a civilization can be John Galt. A libertarian raised without a civilization is Tarzan. 2) How often do pro-lifers contribute to cancer research? 3) How do they expect ...
SmallTownHick 02/23/2015 7 3 - -
What is a Real Man?
Simple. A Real Man is a Capable man. There has been a lot of crap in the media over the last decade or two about the emasculation of the male gender, how you have to go on special retreats and ...
SmallTownHick 12/16/2014 19 2 - -
Batman, Superman, and American Society.
When you think superheroes, you think of them. All the others are johnny-come-latelys or virtual unknowns. They've been around since the 40s, been off-and-on partners for at least half of that, And ...
SmallTownHick 11/27/2014 103 57 2 -
Right Wing Facebook Posts - Wed NOV 26, 2014
Man Murdered in Ferguson, Likely a Grand Jury Witness Ferguson authorities are perplexed by the strange murder of DeAndre Joshua, whose body was found on Tuesday morning near where Michael Brown�
SmallTownHick 11/27/2014 3 2 - -
To Hell With The Vote. Get Out The NEWS!
Progressives are going to get absolutely nowhere until they take control of the message. And only by reforming network TV can they do that. The Internet may be the coming wave when it comes to news, ...
SmallTownHick 11/20/2014 2 16 2 -
12 Ugly Truths that everyone needs to read
1) Nobody gives a shit about the Democrats. The Republicans are running things, and everybody knows it. Why elect a Democrat who will simply compromise and let the Right have what they want? Why ...
SmallTownHick 11/05/2014 10 12 2 -
Memo to Koch and Congress - The Future will be bad for the Aged - meaning YOU!
Scientists around the world now agree that calamity is coming. Whether it was caused by car emissions, cow farts, or the Wrath of God, climate change has been proven. Catastrophe is no longer a ...
SmallTownHick 09/01/2014 4 2 - -
Palin and King do not exist
. . . and neither does "the Bible". See below.
SmallTownHick 08/29/2014 5 11 - -
Ferguson and precedent
A little late, but I caught a glimpse of CNN while I was working and I've been all night waiting to type this. A CNN talking head (I don't know which one, and, really, who cares) stated that naming ...
SmallTownHick 08/14/2014 6 5 1 -
Could an expert on America please answer a few questions?
Many actions being taken today can be very confusing to non-Americans and the sane. We were wondering if some educated personage could help explain a few things for us.
SmallTownHick 03/21/2014 109 175 3 -
20 points to Post Everywhere
These are the 20 things that should be posted on every political blog in the country. In the comments, if nowhere else. 1) A rich kid goes into the adult world with a fully paid for education, a ...
SmallTownHick 02/06/2014 6 8 1 -
What comes after the Aftermath in Washington?
It’s sometimes difficult to see the forest for the trees, especially if the trees are on fire. It’s hard to look past the shutdown and debt ceiling fight and think about what’s coming. But we ...
SmallTownHick 10/08/2013 5 4 - -
The Republican Base as Abuser.
I just completed a course on combatting child/spouse/elder abuse, and a part of that was a list of attributes and ways to spot abusive men. Look at these and tell me what you think.
SmallTownHick 07/04/2013 11 18 - -
Are YOU a Retro-Criminal?
I know what you think, Americans – you have nothing to fear from NSA spying because you haven’t done anything wrong. But that’s according to CURRENT laws. What happens if what you do today ...
SmallTownHick 06/15/2013 11 6 1 -
Canadian = evil
Apparently, you're either American, or you're nothing. That is the message of the Faith Fellowship Christian School of Watertown, NY. These "christian" souls have been pointing out to a student with ...
SmallTownHick 06/13/2013 22 25 1 -
Who knows anything about RockTenn?
A friend of mine is receiving unfair treatment from the company - very familiar unfair treatment. Rock-Tenn recently acquired Smurfit, making it the number two cardboard container corporation in ...
SmallTownHick 04/14/2013 3 - - -
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