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On My Birthday (Veteran’s Day), I Miss My Dad.
When I was born on November 11, 1951, my father was flying an F-80 “Shooting Star,” the first jet fighter used by the US Army Air Force. He was just 23 years old, flying his 88th of 100 missions,
SmartRat 11/11/2012 7 14 - -
Ann Romney: Stop It! This is Hard!
Just heard a quote on Lawrence O'Donnell with an interview of Anne Romney by an Iowa radio station. Honestly, her tone of voice is so commanding, so sharp, so arrogant, I was shocked. I mean I was ...
SmartRat 09/20/2012 315 301 4 3165
Fax Your Senator or Rep Every Single Damn Day Until This Ends... for Free
If you're as mad as hell and looking for a way to get your voice heard by your congresscritter or Senator, I suggest faxing them. Email is fine - but I have the feeling there may be more than a few ...
SmartRat 07/26/2011 13 11 1 92
Perspectives of a Floating Expat
I'm an American, married to a Norwegian, living on a boat in Mexico. We left Florida in 2007 to cruise our way home to Seattle, and have made it as far as the Pacific coast of southern Mexico, ...
SmartRat 03/31/2011 55 49 5 293
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