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Posting History for Social Security Defenders

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So did that reallocation thing ever get worked out?
Remember back in January when the Republicans banned Social Security reallocation in their new rules legislation? Remember how that was going to cut the income of people on Social Security ...
Moody Loner 05/26/2015 35 6 - -
Bernie Sanders is for AMERICA
I’m fixing to deal with some grown up truth right now and I’d appreciate it if you’d hear me out. Bernie Sanders Bernie ...
StewartAcuff 05/23/2015 116 202 3 -
For a Brooklyn Woman with ALS, Social Security is Elusive
Hi, friends. There are, like, eight other posts that I’ve been drafting, but this is a way more pressing matter. It is a call to action and a call for help. I mentioned in my last post that I ...
lulufogarty 05/21/2015 11 17 - -
Why Social Security should dominate the 2016 election
Here's why Social Security needs to ...
Joan McCarter 05/11/2015 25 24 - -
A real debate on Social Security and Medicare might happen in 2016
Joan McCarter 05/08/2015 37 46 1 -
Updated: "Ready for Bernie Sanders 2016" $$$
How about this for some super-charged "grassroots" support? Already, one super-PAC pledging to promote Sanders' candidacy, " Ready for Bernie Sanders 2016 " [their Facebook Page] is ramping up its ...
jamess 05/08/2015 68 73 2 -
Great Expectations (or: are you middle class, and can you stay that way?)
America is going through great changes. We always have done so -- it is the nature of our nation, and the nature of the times. But this is a recent phenomenon. In ancient eras, it could be ...
OutOnALimb 05/07/2015 34 24 - -
Will this make you angry?
Economic Security for Seniors: Fact Sheet via @NCOAging Earlier this week, I wrote about Bernie Sanders, a few read it. I want you to know the pain happening now in the ...
Vet63 05/06/2015 21 27 - -
The Failure of Privatization
Sell Yosemite! Dump the Post Office, the prison system, education, Social Security!! Conservatives have been pushing this agenda for decades, insisting that private ownership would increase ...
T C Gibian 04/26/2015 11 32 1 -
New Anti-Warren Smear: She Hates Social Security!
Most publications geared towards Federal employees are pretty honest, straightforward, and trustworthy. Then there's "FedSmith". FedSmith seems to be run by and stuffed with writings from people ...
Phoenix Woman 04/21/2015 13 7 - -
Is Social Security a tired, old idea?
In between the [ Benghazi] attacks/ hearings and the [Clinton Foundation
john s mill 04/20/2015 66 15 1 -
Did Hillary Clinton just take Social Security cuts off the table?
Joan McCarter 04/20/2015 97 55 1 -
Chris Christie "Let's be honest" about Social Security
First of all beware of any politician who says "let's be honest" and especially beware of this politician who hasn't uttered an honest word in decades, if ever. The right wing approach to Social ...
arky70 04/18/2015 11 7 - -
Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley Steps Out
Senator Bernie Sanders is a friend of mine. After all he wrote the foreword to my second book, Playing Bigger Than You Are . I have the utmost respect for Elizabeth Warren. But I also have a lot ...
StewartAcuff 04/16/2015 331 298 3 -
A Living Wage When Working, a Poverty-Free Old Age When Retired
Disclaimer: This piece is a Huffington Post column from the co-directors of Social Security Works , republished with permission Capitalizing on today's date, the Fight for $15 (i.e., 4/15) Campaign ...
LCrawford 04/15/2015 7 11 - -
Tough guy Chris Christie wants to beat up on disabled, elderly when he's president
Joan McCarter 04/14/2015 99 71 - -
Christie Speech on Social Security Reveals his New Goal: Job at a Wall Street Firm
At least that's what the Bridge and Tunnel Assailant's [speech today about "Entitlements"
Bethesda 1971 04/14/2015 16 13 - -
Krugman argues to expand Social Security
in his Friday New York Times column, titled Where Government Excels . He begins by noting that some Dems are FINALLY talking about such an approach, then offers two general arguments in support of ...
teacherken 04/10/2015 90 165 3 -
Ted Cruz: Bush had it right, let's privatize Social Security
Joan McCarter 04/09/2015 170 71 - -
Elected Democrats catching up with the rest of us on Social Security
This is a ...
Joan McCarter 04/06/2015 47 85 1 -
The Time is NOW for Elizabeth Warren
Throughout our Nation's history, the right individuals were alive and thriving in their contribution to our society. Additionally, certain individuals have swung the pendulum in the opposite and ...
Ken Werner 03/30/2015 30 4 1 -
Countering the GOP “Sabotage America” Campaign
Countering the GOP “Sabotage America” Campaign By Susan C. Strong As everybody knows, our GOP-dominated Congress is deep into a full scale “sabotage America” campaign. Everything is ...
SusanCStrong 03/29/2015 7 2 - -
These Democrats Just Voted for a Weaselly Republican Budget Amendment on Social Security
During the budget "vote-a-rama" that began in the Senate last night, the Senate voted on two Social Security-related amendments: one good and one weaselly. I think you can guess which one passed and ...
Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees 03/25/2015 143 212 2 -
House Republican budget punishes federal workers
Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) introduces the latest GOP plan to ...
Joan McCarter 03/24/2015 52 45 - -
View from the left—changing the Social Security conversation
Sometimes, one small action can signal an important political shift on a topic. That happened this week with a brief but impactful utterance from Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland. "You don't ...
Kerry Eleveld 03/22/2015 40 55 - -
Would you like to See ...
Would you like to ... Restore our Manufacturing Leadership ? -- by making strong investments in research, development, and application of advanced manufacturing and clean energy technologies ...
jamess 03/20/2015 17 31 - -
MD-Sen: Social Security Fight Heats Up In Senate Race
As you may or may not know, the top two contenders in Democratic primary to succeed retiring U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski (D. MD) are Reps. Chris Van Hollen (D. MD) and Donna Edwards (D. ...
poopdogcomedy 03/19/2015 4 9 - -
A Wake Up Call on the Challenges Our Elderly Face
I have known for a long while now, that the elderly, especially those who live rural remote, have challenges of daily living, that the rest of us take for granted in our daily lives, that we feel we ...
prettymeadow 03/06/2015 41 41 - -
MD-Sen Candidate Chris Van Hollen Was a Simpson Bowles Supporter
With Senator Barbara Mikulski retiring, there will be a scramble among Maryland Democrats to run for her seat. The first to declare was Rep. Chris Van Hollen (MD-08). Maryland's 8th district used to ...
Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees 03/04/2015 43 26 - -
Top Comments: Antisocial Social Security, Part 2
Last April, I [ posted about] a pernicious rule change that allowed the Social Security Administration to ...
Tara the Antisocial Social Worker 02/25/2015 41 60 - -
The Republicans' Attack on SS Disability is A Hate Crime
They're at it again. Policians doing the bidding of their oligarch bosses rapidly shredding the disabled's last lifeline. The US Department of Justice defines a hate crime as "the violence of ...
issy 02/19/2015 15 5 - -
I'm just a taker so I don't count to Republicans
I have to admit it. Yes I am a taker. I was on food stamps for about 4 months. That single fact makes me a taker to all Republicans. It doesn't matter that I started working at 9 as a caddy to ...
funtony47 02/17/2015 20 14 - -
The Social Security Misinformation Crazy Train and Its GOP Conductors
When Congress talks about cuts to Social Security within the context of the budget it is complete malarkey and they use it to make us think that a reduction to Social Security benefits will ...
Boudicas Child 02/12/2015 7 11 - -
Social Security chief: Disability cut would be a 'death sentence'
Joan McCarter 02/11/2015 117 203 3 -
Open Letter to Everyone, Including Congress
Fibromyalgia is a pain disorder; not even a disease. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease which was identified as such in 1846. It is a disease of the central nervous system. It is a disabling disease. ...
tlcpro 02/10/2015 6 3 - -
Today is the Day the 1% Stop Contributing to Social Security
Today, February 10, marks the day when the top one percent of wage earners in America stop paying into Social Security. This is because, right now, only the first $118,500 of a wage earner’s ...
Doctor Jazz 02/10/2015 126 81 2 -
Sixth Circuit Rules Employee Cannot Claim Religious Exception To Providing Social Security Number
A federal district judge in Ohio, U.S. District Judge James Gwin, had ruled that a Christian fundamentalist cannot claim religious discrimination against a potential employer because he felt that ...
librarisingnsf 02/03/2015 27 15 - -
Persuasion through fear controls many
Persuasion through fear. That is how the Right controls many. Fear, hatred, bigotry and fallacies. They create a false premise then convince people it's true. All started with Reagan saying that ...
arky70 02/03/2015 5 3 - -
President Obama's budget extends Social Security marriage benefits to same-sex couples
Joan McCarter 02/02/2015 23 37 1 -
Obama's budget rejects House Republicans' Social Security hostage-taking
Joan McCarter 02/02/2015 66 45 - -
President Obama focuses budget on income inequality
President Obama released a $4 trillion budget proposal ...
Joan McCarter 02/02/2015 55 31 - -
Rick Smith Show LIVE 3-6pm! 1/30
Here's today program on the Rick Smith Show, where working people come to talk ! Donald Cohen , Executive Director at In The Public Interest joins Rick to talk about privatization schemes in light ...
The Rick Smith Show 01/30/2015 1 3 - -
Republicans bored with debt ceiling threat, move on to Social Security
Taking the debt ceiling hostage is sooo 2013. The Republicans had their fun with that game for a few years, taking the economy and pushing it to the brink of collapse, but you can't expect to play ...
DonatiDaily 01/25/2015 22 10 - -
Social Security Works! book launch
Yesterday, Social Security Works celebrated the launch of their new book by Nancy Altman and Eric Kingson at DC's Busboys and Poets. A full house was in attendance to hear the authors make the case ...
WeActRadio 01/22/2015 2 3 - -
McConnell to Boehner: You're on your own on Social Security cuts
Joan McCarter 01/20/2015 48 34 - -
Democrats have an opening for fighting GOP on Social Security
Joan McCarter 01/20/2015 40 56 1 -
KY-Sen: CREDO Action Goes After Rand Paul's (R) Attacks On Social Security Disability Benefits
Received this e-mail today from CREDO Action regarding Tea Party U.S. Senator and possible Presidential candidate, Rand Paul's (R. KY) attacks on Social Security disability benefits:
poopdogcomedy 01/20/2015 4 12 - -
Why Do I Always Worry When I Hear This
You know when one of "our" Senators has to say: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee's Social Security subcommittee, said that Democrats shouldn't be willing to ...
LaFeminista 01/19/2015 21 30 - -
Congress Heads for Trouble
From [ The Progressive Populist] In the first week of the 114th Congress, the new Republican overlords acted ...
jcullen 01/19/2015 6 9 - -
Disabled and Poor: Double Whammy
Many folks have posted some diaries about being poor, so I thought I'd ad my 2 cents. You see, I grew up dirt poor. Not being able to pay the bills, utilities shut off, nearly homeless, all that. ...
Homer177 01/18/2015 16 67 1 -
Preparing for Retirement, Part IV: Social Security
So far we've talked about the parts of retirement saving most under your control: the 401(k) and IRA. Now let's turn our attention to what, for most people, will be a major part of their retirement: ...
wmspringer 01/18/2015 94 82 16 -
GOP Congressman outlines goal of new Social Security rule: cutting disability benefits
Republican Rep. Tom Reed of New York If the House's new rule change on Social Security retirement and disability benefits ...
Kerry Eleveld 01/16/2015 76 59 1 -
Increasing Social Security Benefits, Fighting Inequality and Mocking Fox News
We had a great lineup of guests this week on The Zero Hour. Nancy Altman and Eric Kingson joined us for an extended discussion of their new book, Social Security Works!: Why Social Security Isn’t ...
TZHRJ 01/15/2015 2 2 - -
Sen. Rand Paul: 'Over half' the people on disability programs are just 'gaming the system'
Sen. Rand Paul, speaking to supporters about federal disability programs : The thing is that all of these programs, there's always someone who's deserving, but everybody in this room knows ...
Hunter 01/15/2015 167 64 1 -
Will the President Fight for Social Security & Medicare?
President Obama’s State of the Union address to Congress next Tuesday should provide some desperately-needed insight into just how far this administration will go to defend and strengthen America�
NCPSSM 01/15/2015 13 11 1 -
Republicans think their 80-year quest to end Social Security will finally succeed
They're still ...
Joan McCarter 01/14/2015 276 295 3 -
Senate Democrats ready to fight for Social Security
Joan McCarter 01/12/2015 34 51 - -
Do Social Security Payments Cover Benefits?
Recently I've seen increased reemergence of the story that Social Security benefits weren't sufficiently funded by contributions. Because I've been asked by several people (here blue zen) to repost ...
cborgia 01/12/2015 25 11 - -
Karli Wallace Thompson, Campaign Manager for Democracy for America sent me an email this morning. I thought it was worth sharing here. We knew the Republican majority in the House ...
vlboyd53 01/10/2015 30 15 - -
Trying to prove he could be president, Marco Rubio demonstrates how unqualified he is
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and would-be president has a new book out, since that's the thing that presidential candidates ...
Joan McCarter 01/09/2015 115 117 - -
How to Destroy the Republican Party--legally
This will be a short post: Allow the Republican Party to dismantle Social Security. It's important, of course, to make lots of noise decrying these attempts and making it clear that the ...
FIDOUGHERTY 01/08/2015 39 5 - -
A Vision for Expanding Our Social Security System
One of our favorite reoccurring guests on The Zero Hour is Nancy Altman, co-director of Social Security Works. During her most recent appearance, Nancy discussed the midterm elections, expanding ...
TZHRJ 01/08/2015 2 5 - -
Automatic Social Security Cuts
Yesterday I wrote about how the first few days of a new Congress do so much to set the tone for the next two years...and how Republicans plan to use mythical “Dynamic Scoring” to lie to us. Hard ...
John B Des Moines 01/08/2015 37 17 - -
Social Security Could Be Key to 2016 election
Fighting for social security is one way to appeal to older white male voters, a key demographic that Democrats perennially lose, often by very wide margins. One thing near and dear to the heart of ...
mikepridmore 01/07/2015 11 10 - -
Social Security Targeted on Day One of New Congress
Members of the new 114th Congress had barely taken their oaths of office today when they passed a proposal threatening millions of Americans who receive Social Security benefits. The Center on ...
NCPSSM 01/07/2015 4 9 - -
Republicans Move To Gut Social Security Benefits on Their First Day in Power
Dear Americans: this is what you got when you skipped out on voting last November: Republican opponents of Social Security have not wasted even a single day in their plan to dismantle Social ...
Dartagnan 01/07/2015 353 369 11 -
House Republicans attack Social Security on day one
Joan McCarter 01/07/2015 124 81 2 -
House Republicans Gleefully Bend Down to French Kiss the American Third Rail
Fellow Democrats, after an extremely demoralizing off-year election cycle for our Party, in a time where there have been so many issues and arguments that have divided the Party into bickering ...
LeftHandedMan 01/07/2015 138 361 5 -
New GOP Power Atacking SS Already
I just noticed that a short article in the LA times by Michael Hiltzic outlines the depravity of the new change: starve the disability program because, giving tax dollars to folks who need money is ...
onionjim 01/07/2015 7 6 - -
Congress Goes Home Leaving Social Security Administration Without a Director – Again
Let’s take quick stock of what this lame duck Congressional session has meant for middle-class Americans, especially seniors and their families: 1. Legislation that reversed 40 years of federal ...
NCPSSM 12/22/2014 2 9 - -
Shut Down the Poor and Homeless
I have done a lot of work with the Homeless Council here in Winston Salem. We have a serious homeless problem and between 25% to 28% of the homeless are veterans. We don't have enough shelters to ...
michelewln 12/12/2014 2 20 - -
The Social Security “Crisis” Created by Congress
While the well-financed Wall Street-backed campaign to convince Americans that Social Security is in crisis (even though the facts prove just the opposite) has sputtered over time, that hasn’t ...
NCPSSM 11/20/2014 11 17 - -
Reason why Seniors vote R is so obvious we miss it
Why Do they keep voting republican. When it comes to seniors, it's so obvious we miss it. Could it be that despite all the threats coming from the Republican side, overall the senior safety net ...
johnnyintexas 11/15/2014 79 8 - -
This Week in the War on Social Security Disability Benefits
Social Security Disability Benefits are the Benghazi/FastnFurious/Gruber of "Entitlements." Bashing recipients is even the cool, hip thing to do, as proven by NPR-Hipster-God-Horn-rimmed-Raconteur-...
Bethesda 1971 11/15/2014 19 36 1 -
Republicans & Social Security
Some of the important facts that the Republicans in the House and Senate will be considering when they study Social Security: 1. Billionaires do not need Social Security for themselves and their ...
BostonActuary 11/13/2014 8 9 - -
OR, IA & CO-Sen: Still Time To Make Calls To Help GOTV For Merkley (D), Braley (D) & Udall (D)
poopdogcomedy 11/04/2014 5 10 - -
Last chance Iowans: Stop Ernst from handing Wall St. your Social Security - Vote for Braley
Workers who earn a paycheck pay a much higher percentage of their income than the 1%ers. Bruce Bradley is dedicated to fixing that unfairness. Joni Ernst as every republican is guaranteed to do the ...
Eric Nelson 11/03/2014 12 16 1 -
GOTV: Rides to the polls in key States
GOTV: Rides to the polls in Battleground States. I don't have to tell anyone that we are down to it. I am personally very alarmed at the thought of a red senate, but if you need any more ...
ShoshannaD 11/03/2014 8 18 1 -
LA-Sen: Bill Cassidy (R) Says Poor People Can Just Retire Early If Social Security Age Rises
Oh really?
poopdogcomedy 10/29/2014 16 18 - -
KY-Sen: Alison Lundergan Grimes (D) Burns Mitch McConnell (R), "I don’t have to buy enthusiasm"
poopdogcomedy 10/28/2014 16 34 1 -
IA-Sen: Joni Ernst (R) Busted For Lying About Connection With Koch Brothers
Nice try: Republican U.S. Senate ...
poopdogcomedy 10/27/2014 18 61 2 -
Holder Extends Social Security & Other Federal Benefits to Same-Sex Married Couples in 6 New States
From the AP via LGBTQ Nation : WASHINGTON — The federal government is recognizing gay marriage in six more states and extending federal benefits to those couples, Attorney General Eric Holder ...
ericlewis0 10/25/2014 17 48 - -
AR & LA-Sen: DSCC Hits Cotton (R) & Cassidy (R) On Social Security & Medicare In New Ads
I like it: A pair of new TV ads attacks two Republican congressmen aspiring to oust Sens. Mark ...
poopdogcomedy 10/20/2014 5 11 - -
AK, AR & LA-Sen: The Fix Explains Why History Is On Begich (D), Pryor (D) & Landrieu's (D) Sides
The Fix has a good piece out today which sheds an optimistic light on red state Democrats like Senators Mark Begich (D. AK), Mark Pryor (D. AR) and Mary Landrieu's (D. LA) chances of winning re-...
poopdogcomedy 10/17/2014 13 17 1 -
Defend Social security? Why shouldn't we go on offense instead? (With poll)
Why do we have Social Security at all? To put it simply, because we must . When people reach the age at which they can no longer work, we must have a mechanism in place by which they can obtain the ...
Tim DeLaney 10/16/2014 44 33 1 -
LA-Sen: Landrieu (D) Launches Website Hitting Cassidy (R) On Wanting To Raise Social Security Age
poopdogcomedy 10/16/2014 5 9 - -
LA-Sen: Landrieu (D) To Cassidy (R), "Social Security Is Not An Entitlement, It's An Earned Benefit"
Ok, we all know Politico has become a huge joke in general but once in a while their ridiculous article can bring up some valid points. Like this one about Tea Party Rep. Bill Cassidy (R. LA): ...
poopdogcomedy 10/15/2014 23 27 2 -
Meet Larry Pressler, member of Fix the Debt
Larry Pressler, just another Beltway deficit peacock.
Joan McCarter 10/14/2014 34 47 - -
Lovely 'GOOOOD MORNING!!!!' article posted by the Richmond-Times Dispatch today: Let's Make People Work Longer, Says Brat AND Trammell Kindly, GFY, both of you.
GoGoGoEverton 10/11/2014 208 197 3 -
IA-Sen: DFA Goes All In To Help Bruce Braley (D) Defeat Joni Ernst (R)
Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America: ...
poopdogcomedy 10/09/2014 4 15 - -
Yes We Can Pay for Increasing Social Security Benefits
Some time ago, in the pages of USA Today, Duncan Black, better known to some as Atrios voiced the immediate need for increased Social Security benefits of 20% or more even if it means raising taxes ...
Letsgetitdone 10/08/2014 59 10 2 -
AK-Sen: DFA Goes All In To Help Mark Begich (D) Keep Up The Fight To Expand Social Security
Received this e-mail today from Democracy For America: In the battle to ...
poopdogcomedy 10/08/2014 4 8 - -
Social Security Media Stupidity #5,423: This Time Courtesy of Washington Post
I am sort of used to the foolishness spewed by the transcribers of press releases (formerly known as "journalists) when it comes to Social Security. "The sky is falling, the sky is falling" is ...
Tasini 10/06/2014 8 22 - -
Begich doubles down on expanding Social Security in tight race
Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK) is making a smart bet that running hard on Social ...
Joan McCarter 10/02/2014 40 56 - -
GOTV VIII: Michigan, Arkansas, Georgia and Alaska voter reg deadlines SOON
Welcome to the latest in the GOTV series. I know I don't have to tell anyone here that these are key battleground states for the Senate or how important it is to keep the Senate blue. But just in ...
ShoshannaD 10/02/2014 7 19 - -
Democrats refocus on protecting Social Security for 2014
Joan McCarter 09/22/2014 45 44 - -
IA-Sen: Bruce Braley (D) Calls Out Joni Ernst's (R) Missed Votes Hypocrisy In New Ad
Received this e-mail today from Rep. Bruce Braley's (D. IA) U.S. Senate campaign: We’re 46 days away from Election Day — and the attack ads are ...
poopdogcomedy 09/19/2014 2 7 - -
New polling suggests a vote on Social Security expansion could help Democrats hold the Senate
Follow Sen. Mark Begich's lead, ...
Joan McCarter 09/05/2014 97 120 4 -
AK-Sen: Alaskan Independence Party Candidate & Convicted Felon Drops Out Of Race, Backs Sullivan (R)
While the whole campaign ad debacle story between Senator Mark Begich (D. AK) and Dan Sullivan (R. AK) has been taking over the news, here's a story that I think deserves some attention: http://...
poopdogcomedy 09/05/2014 3 10 - -
GOTV VI: Sandra Fluke Motivates Millennials
Welcome to the newest diary in the GOTV series and thank you for stopping by. We are very fortunate to have the indomitable Sandra Fluke as our guest who has recorded a terrific video about the ...
ShoshannaD 09/05/2014 33 27 2 -
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