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Iran, the Country Where You Increasingly Can’t Talk About Anything… Thanks to the Regime
Iran’s Regime has now banned the Tehran based Zanaan-e-Emrooz (Today’s Women) Newspaper after it published a special on unmarried couples, considered adulterers in the eyes of the radical ...
Sofiamo 05/04/2015 28 3 - -
Who is Akbar Amini? An Iranian Prisoner of Conscience, whose mother fainted just minutes after meeting with her son in prison. Early in the morning on February 14, 2011, the day of mass pro-...
Sofiamo 04/29/2015 3 7 1 -
115 Executed in Iran Since Iran Deal Announced
In that last two weeks, at least 115 people have been executed by hanging-- some were executed without former notice to families. And others were executed publicly for all to see.
Sofiamo 04/27/2015 34 3 - -
Why are we calling it a Saudi Led War, when it’s Actually Iran- Led?
In the never-ending Shia (Iran) and Sunni (Saudi Arabia) battle for Islamic dominance, since the Islamic Republic rose to control Iran over 30 years ago, the Iranian Regime has been bent on de-...
Sofiamo 04/20/2015 32 - - -
The One Line That Sums Up Why The Iran Deal is a Bad Deal
A Nuclear Deal with the devil means more than just nuclear rights for a devil—it means you've also legitimized the devil.
Sofiamo 04/08/2015 33 1 - -
Iran, Winning the World’s “Whac-a-Mole” Game
Strategies then didn't work—and neither will they with Iran today, a modern day embodiment of an arcade game we loved so much. What once brought us butterflies, now fills us with fear. Where ...
Sofiamo 03/25/2015 17 - - -
#KurdishLivesMatter- Execution Looms for Saman Naseem
Saman Naseem, a juvenile “offender” is currently awaiting his execution. If the Islamic Regime’s judicial system sticks to tradition, it will likely be a public hanging—to send a chilling,
Sofiamo 02/12/2015 4 3 - -
Why is Christianity Growing So Fast in Iran?
A recent article reported Christianity is growing by leaps and bounds in Iran, at around 20% each year, and that Christianity is growing faster in Iran than anywhere else. Is this Iran's new way ...
Sofiamo 02/05/2015 43 6 - -
Hamas-Iran Rapprochement Robs Iranians Wallets, and History
Rapprochement between Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas doesn't help anyone but the ...
Sofiamo 01/29/2015 9 1 - -
Islamic Regime in Iran Uses Charlie Hebdo for its International Propaganda Agenda
And while it makes a great headline that the Islamic Republic of Iran reached out to France on this terrible occasion, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s message of support was empty. Not only ...
Sofiamo 01/08/2015 14 2 - -
From Nazis in Syria to the Islamic Regime in Latin America
As I read Guy Walters'€™s article this week in The Daily Beast titled Hitler's Henchmen in Arabia , I couldn't help but see an Iranian parallel that I really didn'€™t want to see-- or feel.
Sofiamo 12/12/2014 10 2 - -
Jason Rezaian’s Arrest—A Glimpse into the Abyss of the Islamic Republic’s Fear-Mongering
Why is Iranian-American journalist for the Washington Post, Jason Rezaian still being held in prison in Iran (he was arrested July 22, 2014), without access to an attorney, and without access to ...
Sofiamo 12/10/2014 3 1 - -
Rouhani's Legacy... English Language Propaganda Tweets
So Iran's President Rouhani tweeted, to Iranians, in English, on Twitter, which is illegal in Iran… does anyone smell the fishiness here, or is that just me?
Sofiamo 12/01/2014 3 1 1 -
VIDEO: Time for Iran to keep its 126 UN Promises
"This video series, draws attention to Iran’s upcoming Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the UN Human Rights Council on October 31, 2104, confronting Iran’s human rights violations through ...
Sofiamo 10/23/2014 5 - - -
An Iranian-Colombian-America​ns 9/11 Reflections
We all remember where we were, and the confusion we felt when we understood what was happening when the second plane flew into the twin-towers. Many of us also shared in-common, our next thought. “
Sofiamo 09/10/2014 1 2 - -
International Labor Organization- Support Iran's Women in the Workforce
Either Iran needs to stop discriminating against women in the workforce, or it needs to be kicked out of the ILO for violating its treaties.
Sofiamo 09/04/2014 4 - - -
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