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2014 Might Not be the Banner Year Republicans are Expecting
There is a time every summer when the day is bright and hot, but there is a crystalline quality to the air that lets you know this is it, the end of summer has arrived and the fall is going to start.
Something the Dog Said 08/15/2013 133 159 3 -
The Fight for Full LGTB Equality Continues, Here are Some Memes To Use
The recent victories in marriage equality have been truly inspiring. It is great news that DOMA is dead and that with the addition of the Great State of California more than 30% of the population of ...
Something the Dog Said 06/28/2013 8 5 - -
Taking Action for Gun Safety - Please Join Me -Repost
Sorry for the re-post on this article, but I originally put it up on Friday when everyone was (very reasonably) looking and thinking about the end of the Boston Marathon Bombing case. So without ...
Something the Dog Said 04/22/2013 22 12 - -
Taking Action for Gun Safety - Please Join Me
I’ve been kind of a soft gun safety advocate, but that now has ended. The stunning cowardice and lack of respect for the will of the American People that was shown in the U.S. Senate this week ...
Something the Dog Said 04/19/2013 22 16 - -
The Question to Ask Gun Rights Advocates
I know feelings run high on the issue of new gun safety laws. It has been this way my entire life but it is coming to a peak as we try to address the problem of gun violence in our country. There ...
Something the Dog Said 04/04/2013 233 30 - -
Let's Show a Little Solidarity for Workers, No Shopping on Thanksgiving!
There is a Lyle Lovett song that has a verse which is on my mind this morning. It goes like this: “I understand too, too late There are things that you do and say that you can never take back ...
Something the Dog Said 11/19/2012 208 175 - -
What does Election 2012 Mean? The Rise of the Young Voter
It has now been almost a week since President Obama won re-election, the Democrats not only kept the Senate but increased their majority, in the House we did very well given that we had lost most ...
Something the Dog Said 11/12/2012 3 3 - -
After the Election? Massive Republican Cognitive Dissonance
So, all the usual caveats apply, don’t spend too much time posting and reading today and tomorrow, there is GOTV to be done. That said, I while I was dialing for voters this weekend, I got to ...
Something the Dog Said 11/05/2012 48 33 - -
Washington Post Editorial Board Give Mitt A Dope Slap
So, how bad are things looking for Mitt Romney at this point? Well we all know about the polls and the labor numbers and the good press that President Obama has garnered from his appropriate ...
Something the Dog Said 11/02/2012 25 39 - -
George Will Indulges His Inner Limbaugh
Okay, I have not been ‘round these parts for a while, and I know that heaping derision on George Will’s narrow shoulders is like adding both water and salt to the ocean, but after reading today��
Something the Dog Said 11/01/2012 49 33 - -
Sunday Bread - Chocolate Pastry Cake
Happy Sunday Bread Heads! This week we are going to make something a little more challenging, but don’t let that freak you out. There is nothing in this recipe that any of you can’t do. The ...
Something the Dog Said 06/24/2012 11 23 7 102
Sunday Bread - Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cheesecake!
Happy Sunday, Bread Heads! This week we’re going to fulfill a recipe request. I’d never thought about mixing the ambrosia that is cheesecake with peanut butter, but when a friend of my wife’
Something the Dog Said 06/10/2012 13 26 2 109
Sunday Bread - Strawberry Bread
Happy Sunday Bread Heads! So the summer is upon us and that means that all kinds of great fruits are available, or about to be available. Right now it is time for those luscious treats known as ...
Something the Dog Said 06/03/2012 17 20 3 137
Sunday Bread - Perfect Gingerbread Scones
Happy Sunday Bead Heads! This week I’m going to share a recipe that I just finished perfecting, namely Gingerbread Scones. I found a recipe from an old B&B cook book for what they called ...
Something the Dog Said 05/20/2012 32 33 7 137
The Return of Sunday Bread! - Blueberry Scones
Happy Sunday Bread Heads! Well after a longer than expected hiatus, Sunday Bread is once more out there in the world! I had been feeling burnt-out about the whole blogging thing in general and ...
Something the Dog Said 05/13/2012 63 69 13 241
The Political Jujitsu of the President's Support of Marriage Equality
It is a good thing that the president finally came around to what is the only correct position, ethically and constitutionally, on marriage equality. I was always frustrated by his (and his ...
Something the Dog Said 05/10/2012 21 22 - 210
Conservatives Line Up to Defend Writer Who Called for End to Black Studies
It is often instructive to look at just how things are defended by the Right. All of us know that there is a double standard for their partisans, the famous Its Okay If You Are a I understand how ...
Something the Dog Said 05/09/2012 21 11 - 130
Why Are You Here? For the Work or the Community?
I need to ask a question of everyone here, what is more important, the work or the community? I think it is a question that gets lost a lot but the banning of Slinkerwink has me thinking about it ...
Something the Dog Said 05/01/2012 82 32 - 420
Calling BS on the "Privatization is More Efficient" Meme
There is a meme out there that does not get nearly enough push back. It is the idea that the private sector is always going to be more efficient than the public one. This is the whole of the idea ...
Something the Dog Said 04/30/2012 194 227 12 1053
Author of Ex-Gay Study Apologizes, Finally
Okay, so it only took an entire decade, but finally the one person whose work gave even the patina of scientific reality to so-called “reparative therapy” or, ...
Something the Dog Said 04/26/2012 77 108 - 616
Campaign Playbook - Making Mitt Pay for Vagueness on Policy
With Mitt Romney becoming the presumptive Republican nominee it is time to turn our attention away from the Goat Rodeo that was the GOP nominating process and get down to the work of making sure ...
Something the Dog Said 04/18/2012 11 7 - 64
I could use some advice, I am thinking of giving this all up
So, when do you decide that the evidence has piled up high enough that a goal you have is just going to be unattainable or cost so much that it can never return the value of your investment? This ...
Something the Dog Said 03/13/2012 207 113 - 1625
Sunday Bread - Pogacsa (Hungarian Cheese Scones)
Happy Sunday Bread Heads! This week we are going to make my take on a classic Hungarian cheese scone called Pogacsa. It is great little snack but serves just as well for breakfast or lunch. ...
Something the Dog Said 03/11/2012 10 22 4 105
Mitt on Iran - A tighly coiled steaming pile of Op-Ed
(Caricature of Mitt, courtesy of DonkeyHotey, via Flikr) This morning started out with a steaming tightly coiled pile of Op-Ed from GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney in the Washington Post. ...
Something the Dog Said 03/06/2012 16 23 - 123
Republicans? Can We talk about Your Anger Problem?
Hey Republicans, can we have at bit of a talk? It’s been a while since we all sat down but I thought that this seemed an apropos time to have a heart to heart. You see, you all seem to be having ...
Something the Dog Said 03/05/2012 11 17 - 137
Sunday Bread - Rosemary Garlic Bread
Happy Sunday Bread Heads! This week we’re going to make one of my all around favorite breads, Rosemary Garlic Bread. It is made with both white and whole wheat flour and has a wonderful ...
Something the Dog Said 03/04/2012 14 27 4 193
Homophobe Million Moms take Aim at Archie Comics and Toys R Us
Some Mom’s are better than others, and I am completely willing to say that all of the so-called Million Moms are right there at the bottom of the barrel. I use the so-called advisedly, since ...
Something the Dog Said 03/01/2012 119 145 - 829
The Republican Maltese Falcon
Last night Rick Santorum became the latest Republican to fall in the pursuit of the Republican Maltese Falcon, the 2012 front runner status. He bet his chips on a long shot, going for a win in ...
Something the Dog Said 02/29/2012 23 22 - 140
Fetal Personhood Fight is Here To Stay, Time to Draw a Line
Back in 2008 when Colorado, with it’s very easy to meet ballot initiative requirements, had Amendment 48 on the ballot it was a shock but it was also incredibly easy to mock and poke holes in. It ...
Something the Dog Said 02/28/2012 91 123 2 528
Clarence Thomas as GOP White Knight? Bwahahahahaha
(Caricature courtesy of DonkeyHotey, via Flickr) What does the descent into panic look like? In movies it seems to involve a lot of widening of eyes, some interesting visuals as the background ...
Something the Dog Said 02/27/2012 53 21 - 294
Sunday Bread - Sticky Toffee Pudding
Happy Sunday Bread Heads! So this week I was reading a book by an English author, Peter Hamilton, and several times in the book his characters had a heaping bowl of Sticky Toffee Pudding. After ...
Something the Dog Said 02/26/2012 13 29 6 117
I am a Liberal and I am a Democrat
I am a Liberal, and I am a Democrat. I am a Liberal because I believe that there is a role for government in the lives of the people governed. How could it be otherwise? Without government we ...
Something the Dog Said 02/21/2012 15 22 - 136
Sunday Bread - Orange Cinnamon Rolls
Happy Sunday Bread Heads! Okay, so I got a new retail job and that means I've been exposed to everyone's viruses. As you might expect, I've come down with the Andromeda Strain or a close cousin. ...
Something the Dog Said 02/19/2012 15 29 4 120
Anyone Know Anything about Writing Biographies? I Could Use Some Advice
Hiya Kossacks! So here is the stone-skinny; I am thinking about writing a biography about my Dad. I think (ya'll are welcome to tell me I am wrong) that he had an interesting life story. He was ...
Something the Dog Said 02/18/2012 19 9 1 107
Republicans On Verge of 2008 Style Collapse, Says Democracy Corps Survey
Have you had the feeling that Republican Party is in disarray and is on the verge of having its support collapse like it did back in 2008? Well, congratulate yourself for being quite perspicacious! ...
Something the Dog Said 02/17/2012 200 310 5 2992
Ideals, Practicality and Operation Hilarity
I’ve always believed that ideals should be defended with idealism. But like all pithy sayings there is more to the question than just a truism. Ideals are just what they imply, the ideal, the ...
Something the Dog Said 02/16/2012 22 8 - 112
Why Rick Santorum will Never Be President, Women Voters
You have to hand it to the Republicans, they know how to throw a hell of a reality TV show when it comes to their nominating process! Even long running shows like Survivor don’t have as many ...
Something the Dog Said 02/15/2012 24 26 - 183
Budget Wars: The GOP Empire Strikes Back
During the last few months we’ve seen a sea change in what is considered a priority for the government. The Occupy Wall Street protests did an amazing job of changing the conversation away from ...
Something the Dog Said 02/14/2012 15 14 - 135
Why I Fight: For Dad's Memory
This is the eight anniversary of my father’s death. He died with his kids around him, and even though he had basically been in a coma for three day’s, I like to think that somewhere he knew we ...
Something the Dog Said 02/12/2012 14 24 1 133
Sunday Bread - Orange Pound Cake with Cranberries and Walnuts
Happy Sunday Bread Heads! This week was one of those weeks where I realize late on Saturday evening that I have not baked anything and I have a post due the next morning. It was cold as hell ...
Something the Dog Said 02/12/2012 35 52 11 268
Virgina To Enshrine Discrimination In Adoption with "Morals" Exception
The State of Virginia is on track to enshrine even more discrimination in its laws, all in the name of religious freedom. Yesterday the State Senate passed a measure that would allow all private ...
Something the Dog Said 02/10/2012 26 21 - 112
Google is a CPAC Sponsor, So much for Don't Be Evil
Something the Dog Said 02/09/2012 106 134 3 953
Bill O'Reilly gets one right (Sort of) on Ellen DeGeneres
It is always a shock when Bill O’Reilly is even close to being right on an issue, kind of a kin to walking up to a horse and have it ask you the time of day. Still when he is headed in the right ...
Something the Dog Said 02/08/2012 132 148 1 1366
FBI Warns of Sovereign Citizens Groups, Should we be Worried? Probably
Something the Dog Said 02/07/2012 170 197 2 1702
Sunday Bread - Bee-Sting Cake
Something the Dog Said 02/05/2012 25 42 5 244
The Komen Pink Hand Gun, Just Appalling
The backlash against the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Foundation has been huge and probably is not going to go away anytime soon. One of the reasons is that with their thinly veiled, politically ...
Something the Dog Said 02/03/2012 519 208 2 1820
Newt's Speech - Ambition without Discipline Showing In Spades
One term Governor and former vulture capitalist Mitt Romney won a convincing victory in Florida last night. It really should be the end of the road for the Republican nominating process, but we’ll ...
Something the Dog Said 02/01/2012 32 14 - 115
I just got my first Creepy/Spam Kos-Mail
Okay I don't know if this is going around or if it just me but I just got my very first "spam" Kos-mail. I am going to reproduce it in whole below so maybe if others will see it, and hopefully, ...
Something the Dog Said 01/31/2012 63 30 - 540
New Poll: Majority Says Payroll Tax Holiday has not Helped Them
Something the Dog Said 01/30/2012 17 14 - 157
Sunday Bread - Raisin Rye
Something the Dog Said 01/29/2012 14 20 4 97
Self Deporting Grannies, Testosterone Toddlers and Moon Bases; Its the Goat Rodeo Round Up!
Something the Dog Said 01/27/2012 35 24 - 191
Newt Needs the Roar of the Crowd, Another Character Flaw
Something the Dog Said 01/26/2012 34 19 - 150
GOP Goat Rodeo Round Up - Barrel Riding Night
Something the Dog Said 01/24/2012 14 9 - 79
60 and 100, Two Numbers Why Newt will not be the GOP Nominee
Something the Dog Said 01/23/2012 263 219 3 2308
Sunday Bread - Pepperoni Basil Bread
Something the Dog Said 01/22/2012 44 26 3 154
Goat Rodeo (GOP SC Debate) Round Up
Something the Dog Said 01/20/2012 30 30 - 180
I Really Want Newt to be the GOP Nominee
Something the Dog Said 01/18/2012 22 17 - 123
Abortions Causes Birth Defects, Says V.A. GOP Senate Candidate
Something the Dog Said 01/17/2012 15 27 2 140
Middle class is moving forward? I Call BS
Something the Dog Said 01/16/2012 91 118 - 582
Sunday Bread, Black Pepper Olive Bread
Something the Dog Said 01/15/2012 18 18 3 133
1% of Population Accounts for 21.8% of Health Care Spending, how do we find Balance?
Something the Dog Said 01/12/2012 59 21 - 214
Are Newt et al. Inoculating Romney for the General Election?
Something the Dog Said 01/11/2012 42 19 - 186
Overton Window on Mortgage Walk Away Moving, Banks Scared
Something the Dog Said 01/10/2012 412 527 17 3079
My 1001st Diary
Something the Dog Said 01/09/2012 40 37 - 197
Sunday Bread - Tabasco Herb Bread
Something the Dog Said 01/08/2012 11 19 1 104
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Can End Mandatory Arbitration
Something the Dog Said 01/06/2012 63 125 2 558
Wanted: Cooks and Bakers To Post in Sunday Bread and Other Food
Some of you may know that I do a Sunday Bread post every Sunday. Some of you may not, not everyone is around on the weekends. What almost no one will know is that there is a Sunday Breads and Other ...
Something the Dog Said 01/05/2012 57 26 - 197
UPDATED: War with Iran? Maybe So
Something the Dog Said 01/05/2012 125 24 1 286
Now Begins the Beatification and Mortification of Lil Ricky Santorum
Something the Dog Said 01/04/2012 22 20 - 195
Montana Supreme Court Says Citizens United Does Not Apply in State Elections!
Something the Dog Said 01/03/2012 62 113 4 757
No, Porter Stansberry, America did not end in 2011
Something the Dog Said 01/02/2012 13 16 - 174
Winning By Any Means Necessary
Malcolm X said it, though he probably meant it more in regards to the possibility of violence. By any means necessary. It has a real tough-guy ring that “all options are on the table” tends to ...
Something the Dog Said 12/27/2011 125 108 1 691
Sunday Bread - Croquembouche! (Creampuff Tower)
Note : This is a repost from last year but I got caught short with the whole holiday thing and didn't have time for a new recipe for ya'll. However if you missed this last year ...
Something the Dog Said 12/25/2011 29 25 3 161
Activists Act, and Kossacks we need your Activism in the Pepsi Challenge
Okay, so the title kind of says it all. If you want to be an Activist it requires action. And I have an action for you to take today. What we are trying to do is get one of the Pepsi Grants so ...
Something the Dog Said 12/22/2011 17 15 - 91
Ron Paul can't seem to take the Heat, Walks Away From CNN Interview
Something the Dog Said 12/22/2011 240 165 3 1522
Republicans in Disarray, Comeuppance a long time Coming
Something the Dog Said 12/21/2011 248 374 6 2535
Enough Politics, Time for Some Fun! What is the Story Behind your Handle?
I find myself burnt out on politics this morning. Yes the Republicans are showing that when you allow your caucus to become addicted to hostage taking you will eventually be held hostage yourself, ...
Something the Dog Said 12/20/2011 97 25 - 220
Ron Paul, The Mad Elf of the GOP, Takes the Lead in Iowa!
Something the Dog Said 12/19/2011 199 81 1 839
Sunday Bread - Almond Christmas Pudding, with Grand Marnier Butter
Something the Dog Said 12/18/2011 26 37 5 170
A Belated Thank You
You know it is never a good thing to realize you’ve failed in your own standards. But when you do, you had better get off you ass and fix it toot sweet. Which is why I need to say a big fat ...
Something the Dog Said 12/17/2011 39 31 - 165
GOP Goat Rodeo Round Up; Newt Catching Darts
After ...
Something the Dog Said 12/16/2011 28 17 - 116
Sen. Ron Wyden makes a Dip-S**t move by Teaming with Rep. Ryan on new Medicare Voucher Program
Something the Dog Said 12/15/2011 150 106 2 579
Will a Newt Nomination Break the GOP Establishment?
Something the Dog Said 12/14/2011 170 150 3 962
Why subscribe to Daily Kos? Come with me, I'll tell you
Something the Dog Said 12/13/2011 84 73 1 397
Michele Bachmann; The Triumph of Principle Over Fact
The Washington Post has been running a series about the remaining GOP Goat Rodeo competitors this week. They have covered Mitt Romney and Rick Perry but today’s article is ...
Something the Dog Said 12/13/2011 14 14 - 100
Is Iowa Irrelevant? If Not it Should Be
Something the Dog Said 12/12/2011 23 8 - 122
Sunday Bread - Lemon Cutout Cookies
Something the Dog Said 12/11/2011 24 42 9 161
Take Back the Capitol: The K Street Rally
Something the Dog Said 12/08/2011 5 28 1 94
On the Ground at Take Back the Capital
So, what is it like here on the ground at Take Back the Capital for the People? I am so glad you asked gentle reader! This morning before the attempt to meet the 99 worst Reps and Senators in their ...
Something the Dog Said 12/06/2011 10 32 1 102
Coward Scott Brown won't Meet Take Back the Capital Constituents
Something the Dog Said 12/06/2011 8 20 1 83
On the Ground at Take Back the Capital for the People 1
Something the Dog Said 12/05/2011 24 41 1 147
Trump Needs A Publicity Fix, Says He Might Still Run
Something the Dog Said 12/05/2011 19 9 - 97
Sunday Bread - Guinness Soft Pretzels
Okay so this is a re-post, it has been a really busy week for me and I thought that this is a recipe that people might have missed given that it was orignally posted a year and a half ago. The ...
Something the Dog Said 12/04/2011 28 27 7 181
Sunday Bread Candy Making - Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
Something the Dog Said 12/02/2011 19 21 3 120
Sunday Bread Candy Series - Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Fudge
Something the Dog Said 12/01/2011 20 23 3 115
Sunday Bread Candy Series - Orange Pralines
Something the Dog Said 11/30/2011 17 22 4 110
Important Privacy Case at the Supreme Court Today
Something the Dog Said 11/30/2011 9 21 - 121
Sunday Bread on Tuesday - Chocolate Covered Caramels
Something the Dog Said 11/29/2011 21 31 6 155
Sunday Bread on Monday- Perfect Peanut Brittle
Something the Dog Said 11/28/2011 30 25 7 181
Occupy Wall St: It is All About Fairness, and that is the Strength of It
Something the Dog Said 11/28/2011 18 24 1 92
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