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How to stop the carpetbaggers from further rape, pillage, and plundering the remaining South
Background: The current day crop of carpetbaggers who weasel their way onto town councils and school boards are the same ilk that came down south after the Civil War...(Ulysses Grant, Tecumseh ...
Southern Medley 03/12/2014 39 2 - -
Who is Lt. Gov Glenn McConnell ?
Background: First, I am a white male southerner and support the Democratic party. I don’t feel I have to change to the winning party of the civil war because I can’t stand to be on the losing ...
Southern Medley 01/22/2014 1 - - -
Republican Southern Strategy vs Judge Vic Rawl (a shot heard around the world)
SHOT HEARD ROUND THE WORLD Why do the southern Republican’s fear Vic Rawl (to the extent that they may take a chance of going to Federal prison for election ...
Southern Medley 06/16/2010 12 11 - 47
Requiem for the Republican Southern Strategy and Poetic Justice
Judge Vic Rawl winning as a write-in candidate in South Carolina's Senate race would be poetic justice and mark the end of the Republican Southern Strategy.
Southern Medley 06/12/2010 12 7 - 26
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