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Charlotte Pastor Pens Letter To NC Governor Pat McCrory, Wondering Where ‘Mayor Pat’ Has Gone
From my Blue Dawg Blog : If you’ve not been following the unfolding rift in North Carolina, it’s worth watching; that state could be the next “Wisconsin,” with a newly-...
SouthernDemRon 06/12/2013 5 23 - -
Republicans Prematurely Taking Glee in Scandals That Aren’t Sticking To Obama
Whether it’s Benghazi! or the I.R.S. v. “tea party” scrum or the Associated Press/Justice Department phone record grab, conservatives have been – bless their hearts – doing their dead-...
SouthernDemRon 05/14/2013 29 21 - -
SC Regressives Mess Up and Elect Sanford; and That MIGHT Be The Better Route For Dems
The results are still coming in, but with enough precincts accounted for, the Associated Press has called the South Carolina 1st ...
SouthernDemRon 05/07/2013 22 9 2 -
Why Is ‘Tebow Nation’ So Bitter About Jason Collins’ Revelation?
Not once, but twice, yesterday, I spotted memes questioning President Barack Obama’s taking the time to reach out to Jason Collins – the first openly-gay major sport male athlete in the U.S. ...
SouthernDemRon 05/01/2013 274 192 2 -
What Happened When a Commited Same-Sex Couple Visited a Bigoted Church
Last week, someone who hardly ever shows up on my Facebook newsfeed actually DID, and it was Mark McKeel’s photo that caught my eye. Not more than a mile from my own home, along Highway 707 in ...
SouthernDemRon 04/29/2013 147 210 1 -
Local Media Bias Gives "You Didn't Built That" distortion new life
In Savannah, Georgia, a local lumber company owner has taken to distorting President Obama's now-infamous "you didn't build that" speech with a sign in front of his business. That, in and of itself,
SouthernDemRon 08/20/2012 4 1 - 62
Chasing off illegals is harming Georgia farmers
Doing the more sensible thing - like passing the DREAM Act - is something we just can't convince our elected officials in Washington DC to do; for the GOP, it doesn't resonate with their base as ...
SouthernDemRon 10/04/2011 11 8 - 109
Local SC Tea Party leader busted selling fake 'Rosetta Stone'
a Myrtle Beach (SC) area Tea Party leader was busted, recently, along with his 23-year old son, for peddling counterfeit language learning software after a Loris, SC man complained to authorities. ...
SouthernDemRon 07/27/2011 7 6 - 177
GOP'ers attempt to stifle dissent at Town Halls by answering only pre-screened questions
Republican Fort Lauderdale, Florida Congresman Allen West held his first ...
SouthernDemRon 04/27/2011 11 12 - 180
SC Gov. Haley already raking in special interest "donations" for re-election
It's pretty clear that South Carolina's newly-inaugurated Governor Nikki Haley is reading from the G.W.Bush/Karl Rove/Dick Cheney playbook. You know, the part that reads something like "rake in ...
SouthernDemRon 01/22/2011 2 4 - 55
REAL Dems need to re-take our party
Hoorah; we won the House and Senate and the White House. What good is that when those we elect (or re-elect, Connecticut) don't serve the way their constituents were told they would?
SouthernDemRon 12/15/2009 10 1 - 8
Colmes leaves 'Hannity & Colmes'...thank GOD
Alan Colmes, while remaining with Fox News as a recurring guest and liberal commentator, has informed Fox News that he's leaving his post at 'Hannity & Colmes." This is NOT bad news, folks... ...
SouthernDemRon 11/24/2008 105 15 - 32
Drown out the right-wing bias with me!!!
I've had enough; I'm hereby calling on backup! As an Augusta, Georgia native, I've just "allowed" the Augusta Chronicle to be the right-wing-leaning ...
SouthernDemRon 10/20/2008 1 4 - -
Cheney tosses first pitch to chorus of BOOOOOOOS
SouthernDemRon 04/11/2006 304 204 2 233
Finally, Editorial Page Tells Gov. Blanco's TRUE story...
SouthernDemRon 02/22/2006 2 13 - -
When Will La. Dems Start Supporting Blanco?
SouthernDemRon 02/13/2006 38 5 - -
Scarborough calls Blanco an "idiot?"
SouthernDemRon 02/05/2006 8 7 - -
Don't Defend Nagin, Folks...
SouthernDemRon 09/15/2005 18 3 - -
Louisiana Dems Need to POUNCE on Moon Griffon
SouthernDemRon 09/06/2005 3 1 1 -
White House Tries to Shift Blame to Louisiana Governor
SouthernDemRon 09/05/2005 29 10 2 -
Why Are We Not Sounding the 'Orwellian' Alarm?
SouthernDemRon 01/18/2005 3 5 - -
Ending Voter Apathy Starts with an End to Misinforming Voters
SouthernDemRon 01/10/2005 4 5 - -
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