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An Apology to Transgendered Persons
In a diary a few days ago "We Must Fight for LGBTQ Rights AND Religious Liberty," I did not proofread a comment I made. I meant to call laws that force transgendered persons to use the bathrooms of ...
SouthernLeveller 04/08/2015 15 9 1 -
Candidates for a Liberal POTUS Dream Cabinet: Secretary of State
Proposition: To move the USA in a more progressive direction will take not only "more and better" Democrats elected to every level of government, not only independent social movements harnassing ...
SouthernLeveller 04/06/2015 6 2 - -
We Can and MUST Fight for LGBTQ folk AND Religious Liberty
When IN passed its warped version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which, unlike the federal RFRA and most state level RFRAs, was designed to target LGBTQ people (vulnerable because IN, like ...
SouthernLeveller 04/05/2015 53 5 - -
The Strange Career of RFRA
Today, in his ridiculous interview with George Stephanopoulos, Gov. Pence (R-Teabag) of Indiana tried to claim that the new IN "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" was not about discrimination ...
SouthernLeveller 03/29/2015 15 22 1 -
Too Many DKos Folks are Overconfident
Okay, I've been around long enough to know that this brief diary is likely to get me labelled a "concern troll." But I can't help it. I think far too many here are underestimating the GOP clown car.
SouthernLeveller 03/23/2015 462 193 1 -
Adventures in Green Homeownership
My family has always tried to be eco-friendly. When we were renters, there was only so much we could do. We could put a brick in the toilets, but not replace them with low-flow toilets. Thanks to ...
SouthernLeveller 03/19/2015 20 25 - -
On Raising Anti-Racist Children in a Racist Society
I fully support the expulsion of the ringleaders of Sigma Alpha Epsilon "bus of bigotry" at Oklahoma University. I do not agree with those who say that this is too harsh a punishment. However, some ...
SouthernLeveller 03/11/2015 37 82 - -
In Praise of Connected Social Critics
In Plato's Republic , Socrates tells the famous Allegory of the Cave in which enlightenment/knowledge of the truth is found by removal from society--leaving the cave. This begins a tradition in ...
SouthernLeveller 12/01/2013 30 21 2 -
My Liberal Principles
I've been trying to find a better way to tell friends, relatives, strangers, etc. why I am a liberal (U.S. definition). I thought it would be better if I could boil things down to a few clearly ...
SouthernLeveller 11/18/2013 34 46 5 -
Kristallnacht at 75: A Warning for Our Day?
Today is the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht or "Night of Broken Glass." Throughout Germany in the early, pre-WWII, days of the Nazi era, on this night, Brownshirt thugs attacked Jews and ...
SouthernLeveller 11/09/2013 6 13 - -
Revolutionary Patience: Necessary Virtue for Our Time
In the 1980s, the German feminist liberation theologian, Dorothee Soelle, coined the term "revolutionary patience" to describe an attitude, a mindset, a complex virtue that I think is necessary for ...
SouthernLeveller 11/04/2013 58 41 1 -
Breaking: Marriage Equality Advances in HI
Really brief. Not a proper diary. According to The Huffington Post marriage equality has passed out of state senate committee after 10 hours of debate. From here it goes to the full senate. Gov. ...
SouthernLeveller 10/29/2013 15 11 - -
Kentucky as a Purple State
I moved here in 1986 and made this my adopted state. I often read, including here at Daily Kos, that Kentucky is a "Red" (or Republican-dominated) state. "Wow. Isn't it amazing that Alison ...
SouthernLeveller 10/26/2013 207 283 8 -
Why I Am a Democrat
Hi, Everyone: I have lurked on this site since 2004, but I deliberately did not create an account because I already published a (now defunct) political blog (Kentucky Fried Politics) and a blog, ...
SouthernLeveller 10/24/2013 36 56 2 -
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