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BREAKING: Kaptur to vote "Yea"!
Ohio Dem Marcy Kaptur just announced a yes vote on health ...
Splattercast 03/21/2010 33 18 - 34
Did Rush Limbaugh inadvertently support David Duke for the Supreme Court today?
This past week, Rush Limbaugh not only called Sonia Sotomayor a racist, but impugned the entire Democratic party for supporting her and for nominating her in the first place. On top of that he said ...
Splattercast 06/03/2009 13 2 - 20
The Kerry/Bush 2004 polls
Everyone is obsessing over the latest poll numbers. Who is right? Who is wrong? Should we put more weight into the Gallup poll or the CBS/NYT poll? It's an interesting question and it's worth ...
Splattercast 10/30/2008 14 4 - -
McCain campaign: Virginia is "Lost"
Is the McCain campaign giving up on Virginia? Here's an interesting piece of news buried in Mike Allen's ...
Splattercast 10/28/2008 63 25 1 19
I have an idea for a great web video. It's called Porky Palin.
Splattercast 09/11/2008 18 1 - 3
Obama Supporters: To borrow a phrase from George Bush, "Stay the Course"
I work for a major polling company that shall remain nameless (let's just say, they get a lot of flak from people around here). It seems that there are a lot of overly concerned voters in the blog ...
Splattercast 09/10/2008 14 9 - 4
UPDATED: Obama at 50%, Gallup
The Gallup daily tracking poll is going to be out in a few minutes, but I found this article on their site most interesting...
Splattercast 09/02/2008 31 16 - -
John McCain links George Bush to Terrorism
Over at Talking Points Memo there is an article detailing the McCain campaign's newest tactic:
Splattercast 04/25/2008 10 3 1 2
I know you're angry, but calm down Obama Supporters
You're all steamed. You all want to grab your pitchforks and torches and storm down to ABC headquarters and raise hell. Phone numbers have already been provided on the main page to call and voice ...
Splattercast 04/16/2008 40 15 1 27
Obama/Gore...the perfect ticket?
Warning! Extreme rampant speculation ahead! Proceed with caution! So some democrats are all abuzz with the idea of an Obama/Gore ticket. Common sense dictates that Gore wouldn't want to be vice ...
Splattercast 04/02/2008 63 9 1 14
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