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PA Voter Intimidation - Update 14 Months Later
I wrote my last diary almost 14 months ago, in November of 2012. It was election day. I wrote a diary about PA Voter Intimidation based on my experience at my polling place. I actually made the ...
Spot Cat 01/03/2014 7 28 - -
PA Voter Intimidation
This will probably be a very short diary, but I wanted to let people here know what's going on in PA. I went to vote early this morning, and this is what happened.
Spot Cat 11/06/2012 212 408 3 -
Gallup Poll Geographic Weighting
I’m sure that by now most people have seen today’s Gallup National Tracking Poll that shows Romney ahead of Obama 51-45. They had Romney up 50-46 yesterday. There were no cross-tabs to look at ...
Spot Cat 10/17/2012 15 6 - -
Coasting In On Fumes
I was in bed last night catching up on Facebook for the day, and for some reason there was a lot of political noise in the status updates. Most of them were anti-Obama. It's still somewhat amusing ...
Spot Cat 09/10/2012 4 24 - 125
Romneytaxes - More Speculation
I hate to beat this topic into the ground, but really, if Romney can't be open and honest with the American people regarding something that should be relatively simple, what can we trust him to be ...
Spot Cat 08/04/2012 16 2 - 151
Romney Caught Between A Felony And A Felony?
I suppose I am following Mitt Romney's Bain mess like everyone else who frequents the Kos. What struck me is that regardless of when Mitt actually left Bain is almost irrelevant at this point. I ...
Spot Cat 07/13/2012 39 19 - 249
New Ticketmaster Scam
Ok, so anyone who has ever purchased tickets to anything through Ticketmaster probably already knows this outfit is a scam from start to finish. The best seats are never available to the public, ...
Spot Cat 01/28/2012 13 9 - 213
Pat Toomey's Club For Growth
Ok, so I go onto First Read this afternoon and find this . While I was entertained by a ...
Spot Cat 07/28/2008 1 2 - 1
Beaver County, PA – Reagan Democrats?
This is a diary to follow up on a comment I made yesterday on this diary by ...
Spot Cat 06/26/2008 33 3 - -
"Swift Boat" book on Obama
I was flipping through my usual web pages at lunch and I came across this little gem on Yahoo. Apparently the writer (David ...
Spot Cat 06/23/2008 39 7 - 20
Florida & Michigan - Potential Compromise Math
Chuck Todd has a story today on First Read that says there is a potential compromise in the works. The details are below.
Spot Cat 05/29/2008 9 5 - 4
Obama's Tired Campaign?
I was just reading an article by Albert R. Hunt on I really hate to beat him over the head because the article was reasonably fair. That is a very diffuclt thing to find in the ...
Spot Cat 05/05/2008 16 4 - -
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