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Florida cops show out in force to support autistic boy
I've never been either pro or con police politically, but I do teach special education. This story was on a Facebook page I like to visit. Heartwarming moment dozens of cops and firefighters ...
Sprinkles 02/24/2015 6 19 - -
Bridgeport, CT cop cleared after giving a vicious beating
Originally diaried by Horace Boothroyd III (I want a name like that), the Youtube video of a Bridgeport, CT police officer kicking and stomping a suspect was viewed by thousands. Well, guess what?
Sprinkles 01/14/2015 9 10 - -
Sandy Hook families sue gun manufacturers
And here I thought they'd sue the school district for negligence, but that was not to be. Instead...... A law firm representing the families of ten of the 26 people killed and a teacher injured at ...
Sprinkles 12/15/2014 48 19 - -
Adam Lanza - new report cites years of professional blunders
Adam Lanza, the young man responsible for the Sandy Hook school shooting didn't receive any documented psychological assistance since 2006. The Connecticut Post has the link to the new report by ...
Sprinkles 11/22/2014 56 69 - -
Possible Ebola in New Haven
The test results aren't back yet, so there's no reason to go into an extended diary. From local channel WFSB~
Sprinkles 10/16/2014 69 3 - -
Gold Coast CT Republican arrested for assault
Who would have thought this would happen to a perfectly coiffed, pearl wearing Fairfield, CT politician? State Rep. Brenda Kupchick (Gold Coast Republican) was arrested after assaulting her sister ...
Sprinkles 08/20/2013 8 12 - -
Stores track you the second you walk in
Stores and national chains are tracking your cell to see what you look at, how long you look at it, when you come in, and even what sex you are. The other day I was Googling a some shoes and ...
Sprinkles 07/15/2013 35 11 - -
Bridgeport's Superintendent Paul Vallas gets the boot
Local Connecticut blogger, Jon Pelto has been all over the the deficits of Bridgeport 'superstar' school superintendent Paul Vallas, so he sure deserves to be the first to post this Despite the ...
Sprinkles 06/29/2013 12 5 - -
CT union slams Bridgeport superintendent Paul Vallas for ignoring the law
The Connecticut Education Association has devoted it's front page to the latest mis-adventure of Bridgeport School Superintent (a.k.a. "I'm a Michael Jordan All-Star") Paul Vallas. CEA Complaint ...
Sprinkles 05/23/2013 4 3 - -
School turnaround genius Paul Vallas leaves a trail of destruction in Bridgeport
After taking a job as Bridgeport, CT's school superintendent, a job he wasn't qualified to hold , greasing the Chairman of Bridgeport's Board of Education's palm with a $1,000,000 ...
Sprinkles 05/16/2013 12 63 - -
Full page Tampa Bay Times editorial has pics of Newtown victims and pols who voted against checks
I'm a CT teacher visiting Florida, and I wanted to share today's editorial in the Tampa Bay Times. One of my school district teachers lost her daughter in the Newtown shootings. It shows all the ...
Sprinkles 04/19/2013 39 154 2 -
'Rogue' diaries used to bully Newtown heroes
How low can the human race go? Victoria Soto's mother is pleading for the many 'rogue' creators of Facebook pages which have cropped up who are either gathering 'donations' or getting their 10 ...
Sprinkles 02/24/2013 4 9 - -
Gun lobby group right in Newtown, and how to help
I teach in Connecticut, and bogged down with sadness and no energy to do anything else but Google about the shooting, I found this article in The New Republic (believe it) which details some ...
Sprinkles 12/15/2012 9 5 - -
Teachers rally in Hartford, CT against Gov. Malloy
At a rally on Tuesday in Hartford, CT organized by the Connecticut Education Association (CEA) over 1,000 teachers showed support for legislative leaders challenging Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's ...
Sprinkles 04/25/2012 5 5 - 35
$25,000 offered to first who whistleblows on election influencing CEO
First saw this mentioned in the LA Times Group offers $25,000 reward for exposing secret corporate giving A Coalition of Public Interest, Consumer, Labor, and Progressive Groups Announce Major ...
Sprinkles 03/12/2012 13 24 - 154
freep this CT poll on tenure NOW
The Poll The Million Dollar Question ~ Malloy's new plan would provide tenure to teachers after two-and-a-half years only if they earn exemplary grades on two teacher evaluations, based largely on ...
Sprinkles 02/17/2012 9 3 - 85
Missouri Repub using my CT city in attack ad against McCaskill
Doesn't this Missouri Republican who wants Claire McCaskill's seat have something better ...
Sprinkles 12/13/2011 3 4 - 59
Kansas City bishop indicted
It's about time ~ Bishop Robert Finn on Friday became the highest-ranking Catholic ...
Sprinkles 10/15/2011 8 17 - 83
Billionaire attempts takeover of Bridgeport, CT Ed Board
Thanks to the excellent reporting of Linda Conner Lambeck of the CT Post, this was ...
Sprinkles 08/04/2011 7 17 - 143
Reid & McConnell want to create a new Congress
A tea partier's dream come true? WASHINGTON -- Debt ceiling negotiators think they've ...
Sprinkles 07/24/2011 21 6 - 141
Paul Ryan orders 2 $350 bottles of wine at a bistro
I know, I know, this really isn't diary worthy - so take it for what it's worth. Anyway, at TPM, one of Josh's readers was out for a birthday dinner in Washington, and spots ...
Sprinkles 07/08/2011 44 29 1 287
Weiner's Twitter friends were invented
Although helped along by his own issues , there was a coordinated group of unknown (?) and ...
Sprinkles 06/19/2011 85 31 3 497
Republicans responsible for whistleblower 'secret hold'
The Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (Bill S.372) flew through the Senate with ...
Sprinkles 04/02/2011 42 111 - 717
CNN ambushed my public school today
The term "ambush journalism" describes their visit. I warned my co's - I mentioned 'political agenda'; I told them that I Googled CNN's main educational researcher,
Sprinkles 03/25/2011 122 175 4 1611
CT collective bargaining rights in danger
This email is being read now by Connecticut teachers ~
Sprinkles 03/15/2011 4 9 1 69
The 1934 Milwaukee Electric Co. strike
My grandfather, Lewis C. French of the Milwaukee Journal wrote about the ...
Sprinkles 03/05/2011 3 7 - 97
Do you think your child might need special education? Forget about it!
Under a new [ mandate], states now use a [ 3 level tier system] to ...
Sprinkles 03/04/2011 3 8 - 75
Walker's bill creates hand-picked loyalists
Via Uppity Wisconsion -another reason to dislike Walker: It's gotten no attention because of the bigger issues involved, but Gov. Scott Walker's so-...
Sprinkles 02/24/2011 1 4 - 30
After saving lives, trucker fired
What is this all about?? A trucking company has fired the tractor-trailer driver ...
Sprinkles 01/13/2011 10 11 - 66
National school standards - administration buys into a right wing lie
Did your state FAIL???? Probably - it has a 76% probability. This from the NYTimes:
Sprinkles 07/21/2010 91 9 - 37
Teacher's union didn't invite Obama to convention
It wasn't lost in the mail: The National Education Association's convention began Saturday. No one from the ...
Sprinkles 07/08/2010 259 30 - 63
U.S. spends $1 billion a year on each Al-Qaeda in Afganistan
The U.S. has committed nearly 100,000 troops to the mission in Afghanistan. Think Progress did some thinking , and Empty ...
Sprinkles 06/27/2010 14 13 - 56
BP Gulf Response Plan - cut and pasted
It looks like our -crystal meth snorting-, -porn viewing- distracted and overworked Minerals Management Service employees let this slippery devil slip past them. According ...
Sprinkles 06/05/2010 11 20 - 133
Jim Himes knows how to appreciate teachers
This is why I'm a Democrat: 1. I thought those 20 summers as nature counselor I spent slogging in swamps, dripping through woods, organizing worm races and netting that same trout counted toward my ...
Sprinkles 06/04/2010 1 3 - 24
Floridians pissed at AG who wants to sue over health bill
It's cold and rainy here in CT today, and I checked out the Tampa Bay Tribune just to get some sunny news from a warmer climate. This front page story made my day - especially the comment section. ...
Sprinkles 03/23/2010 51 45 - 34
40,000 Stop and Shop workers preparing for possible strike
Involved are 40,000 employees, five unions, two federal mediators, as well as the number one bargaining representative in the country and 40 union ...
Sprinkles 02/27/2010 14 31 - 112
2nd update - Obama cracks down on companies who misclassify employees
A few years ago my son was hired for his first job out of college to work in the IT department of a large Boston company. "Mom, there's a pool table in the lobby! They throw us paintball ...
Sprinkles 02/18/2010 394 422 10 110
Lieberman may endorse Ned Lamont (I'm not kidding)
Was just checking out Facebook, and found a link to the upcoming Face the ...
Sprinkles 01/24/2010 19 8 - 15
A letter to Adam Green, from a Connecticut for Lieberman Party founder
Adam Green Progressive Change Campaign Committee Dear Mr. Green, The purpose of this letter is to introduce myself. I was the first Secretary for the Connecticut for Lieberman Party, who, ...
Sprinkles 12/10/2009 8 6 - 18
Progressive CT Dems DO NOT support new CFL ad!
I just did a post over Adam Green's diary , but this deserves a diary. I am one of the ...
Sprinkles 12/07/2009 18 16 - 25
Forget about your living will or last wishes
Does a state’s criminal statute governing “assisting a suicide” reach the conduct of a physician providing aid in dying to a terminally-ill, mentally competent adult?
Sprinkles 11/29/2009 8 10 - 19
Hundreds attend vigil outside Lieberman's home
Sprinkles 11/16/2009 40 53 1 156
Greenwich OB-GYN accused of using own sperm to inseminate
Does this guy remind you of anyone in your immediate family?
Sprinkles 11/12/2009 13 5 1 246
Freep this poll
Even though I hate to send traffic over to our ethically troubled Courant (which)
Sprinkles 09/24/2009 8 8 - 10
The Connecticut for Lieberman Party may be lost
The Connecticut for Lieberman Party, originally founded by John Orman has a new Chairman ~ John Mertens of Trinity College. Dr. Mertens has decided to use the Connecticut for Lieberman Party to ...
Sprinkles 09/09/2009 5 7 - 4
Ask Senator Lieberman!
Sprinkles 08/30/2009 27 6 1 4
Jim Himes and the teabaggers
Arriving at Porricelli's Market in Trumbull, CT in an attempt to ask Congressman Jim Himes about the health care issue and 'The Pledge',
Sprinkles 08/03/2009 1 1 - 12
John Orman, Ex-Chair of Connecticut for Lieberman, has died John Orman was fighting the good fight against Lieberman long before most of us, going back to 2000. Here are a couple of articles from way back then:
Sprinkles 07/07/2009 48 262 2 524
Lieberman believes Guantanamo is 'humane'
[ Greg Sargent in The Plum Line]: “Though I understand the President had a ...
Sprinkles 06/14/2009 11 3 - 4
Lieberman to pay small fine for street money violation
My Left Nutmeg , Connecticut's Democratic blog has been following the story, and the outcome? You probably don't know, because the media hasn't mentioned a ...
Sprinkles 05/03/2009 12 25 1 19
 Dr. Carl Camras, creator of key glaucoma-fighting drug
just passed away yesterday.
Sprinkles 04/16/2009 5 6 1 20
Activists (and media) surround AIG mansions
Sprinkles 03/22/2009 14 25 - 23
Lieberman says his new connectedness is 'kumbayama'
Yes, Lieberman is still a ...
Sprinkles 03/20/2009 14 2 - -
Are White House-RNC e-mails stored in Tennessee?
In April, 2007 The Chattanooga Times Free Press wrote this: During the 2005-06 election cycle the ...
Sprinkles 03/02/2009 12 5 1 3
Gov. Rell wants to dismantle successful education
Connecticut teachers and students are in big trouble if House Bill (HB) 6388 passes. From a letter today from John Yrchik, CEA Executive Director: An Act Providing Mandate Relief to Municipalities,
Sprinkles 02/27/2009 17 19 1 31
The new Connecticut for Lieberman Party Rules
The Connecticut for Lieberman continues on it's path - far, far, far from where Senator Lieberman's tentacles can obstruct it.
Sprinkles 02/26/2009 16 17 - 17
Joe-mentum! Lieberman gets more boos than Cheney
Saw this first over at Firedoglake: And speaking of ripe targets, even as Bush was booed and ...
Sprinkles 01/21/2009 44 40 1 21
COBRA absorbs 94% of benefits
When my son lost his job, the advise I gave him was to use an handrail when going down stairs, and to drive a little more slowly. We prayed that his asthma wouldn't return. Who could afford COBRA ...
Sprinkles 01/10/2009 37 29 1 16
White House ignited housing crisis (via NY Times) Update: White House responds
Sprinkles 12/21/2008 186 290 12 55
Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund - an illegal scam?
Hartford Courant Reading the heart-tearing stories on the Law Enforcement Legal Defense website, you feel ...
Sprinkles 11/23/2008 18 8 - 78
The Connecticut for Lieberman Party on Fox News
Sprinkles 11/13/2008 34 20 - 25
Play Esquire Magazine's "The 10 Worst Members of Congress"
Can you get 10/10? Play the game! Check your skill! AND (drum roll, please) THE WORST AMERICAN SENATOR IS......................... 1) __________ This one is too easy. Inherent in ...
Sprinkles 10/20/2008 35 3 - 10
The Bridgeport, CT Diocese tells us how to vote
Sprinkles 10/18/2008 41 18 - 23
John McCain owns 13 (thirteen) cars
New York Daily News reports that Newsweek uncovered this gem. The guy owns ...
Sprinkles 09/22/2008 23 6 - 11
So now Palin's an expert on the Jewish/Iran issue?
Looks like our Senator Lieberman has been off the job (once again), giving Sarah international tutoring from the Lieberman perspective. I get this email today from JStreet Dear J ...
Sprinkles 09/17/2008 47 12 - 9
McCain to do away with employer based health insurance
Via Bob Herbert , who discusses study that will be published Tuesday in the web site of the policy ...
Sprinkles 09/16/2008 24 22 3 10
Palin - Alaska pipeline is God's will
Sprinkles 09/03/2008 16 6 1 13
Did the McCain campaign send powered letters to itself?
When I first heard this story it sent me reminiscing about the bad old days of the Bush/Kerry ...
Sprinkles 08/22/2008 27 12 - -
Cindy McCain left half-sibling in the dust
According to NPR, there is a half sister that doesn't exist, according to Cindy. Documents show Kathleen ...
Sprinkles 08/18/2008 530 482 5 49
Shays seat at risk and faces 'formidable foe' in Himes
Sprinkles 08/14/2008 7 11 - 1
Jim Himes headquarters on primary day
Just a quick glimpse of dedicated people working hard for the Himes campaign in Connecticut ~
Sprinkles 08/12/2008 9 12 - 4
Disabled vets group tells Cheney to get lost
via the New York Daily News Cheney was supposed to speak to the Disabled ...
Sprinkles 07/28/2008 26 41 1 92
Greenwich Times columnist fired for progressive viewpoint
via MyLeftNutmeg Sara Littman, columnist for both the Times and the Stamford Advocate,
Sprinkles 07/26/2008 2 8 - -
Lieberman to speak at the Hagee convention again
[ This front page Connecticut Post story by Peter Urban] greeted my day: Lieberman Looks Past ...
Sprinkles 07/20/2008 27 10 - 9
Does McCain run for the money, or the votes?
McCain's flip-flopping has become so consistent it's impossible to figure out any central message. There might be a reason for this -
Sprinkles 07/18/2008 1 - - -
Lieberman; "I don't care to belong to any club that would accept me"
Sprinkles 07/14/2008 35 10 1 2
NY Times - Obama is not 'change'
via their lead editorial this morning: NY Times - Obama is new and not improved They compare the good old Obama with ...
Sprinkles 07/04/2008 54 3 - 33
The Connecticut Post has had it with Lieberman
Stop! Just stop, Joe! You're embarrassing us!
Sprinkles 07/02/2008 16 19 - 27
Lieberman must go! Sign the petition
Robert Greenwald and his Brave New Films have started an online petition to have Joe Lieberman stripped of his chairmanship of Homeland Security. So far 20,325 have signed to remove this blight. ...
Sprinkles 06/25/2008 20 11 - 85
Jim Himes (CT): Mission Not Accomplished
Sprinkles 05/03/2008 2 6 - 8
Freep this poll for the song birds of CT!!!!
Lieberman's home state -
Sprinkles 04/29/2008 10 9 - 2
Connecticut for Lieberman Party finds a new direction
The CFL Party was started by Sen. Lieberman after he lost the Democratic primary to Ned Lamont. The Senator neglected to join his party, ...
Sprinkles 04/19/2008 14 10 1 5
Lieberman declares self to be "unnatural"
The Senator visits Fairfield University, and embarrasses Connecticut again. WTF?$@!?? ...
Sprinkles 03/15/2008 5 11 - 4
The Connecticut for Lieberman Party has new blood
John Mertens has agreed to become the new chair of the Connecticut for Lieberman Party. John Mertens shown here accepting the Chairpersonship from John Orman.
Sprinkles 03/12/2008 20 28 1 35
Notice of statewide Connecticut for Lieberman Party meeting
The Connecticut for Lieberman Party is holding a statewide party meeting to nominate candidates for office on March 6, 2008 at 6:30 PM at 243 Zion Street in Hartford, Connecticut.
Sprinkles 03/01/2008 63 62 4 165
The Connecticut for Lieberman Party endorses Chris Dodd
Thanks to Governor Jodi Rell, minor parties can now cross endorse candidates. The CFL Party is proud to announce that ...
Sprinkles 10/28/2007 45 37 - 100
Joe Lieberman registers as a Democrat in Stamford
Here is the response from the Connecticut for Lieberman Party Chair, John Orman: Lieberman Lies to Secretary of State and Citizens ...
Sprinkles 09/15/2007 211 328 2 53
Ask CT's Susan Byesiewicz tonight about Joe's petition
Secretary of State, Susan Bysiewicz will be live blogging tonight at from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. We will be ...
Sprinkles 08/01/2007 10 16 - 5
Draft Joe Lieberman has a website was uncovered by the great detective work of tparty at Myleftnutmeg....
Sprinkles 07/27/2007 74 16 - 16
CT SoS Susan Bysiewicz - "Joe's petition fine with me"
So it looks like filing a false petition and misleading the voters that you will join your own party are ...
Sprinkles 07/14/2007 7 7 - 18
The CFL Chair has a question on our 1 year anniversary
John Orman, Elected Chair of the CFL Party wants to know what happens when a candidate doesn't join the party he is elected under.
Sprinkles 07/10/2007 14 27 1 157
Senator Lieberman has a very bad day
First, Joe had to step over a prostrate protester in his office to get to work: "Would someone please, please give me some water?" whimpered the fainting Code Pink demonstrator. "Get that ...
Sprinkles 06/29/2007 18 5 - -
CFL Chair calls for Lieberman's resignation
From the Connecticut Post: John Orman, Chair of the Connecticut for Lieberman Party wants Senator Lieberman to resign after his Iran ...
Sprinkles 06/13/2007 167 222 3 44
NY Times expos'e on Hillary
in the magazine section tomorrow, by none other ...
Sprinkles 06/02/2007 139 15 - 12
Joe Lieberman's education priorities
Cross posted at This week our 'priority' school received a second visit from a representative ...
Sprinkles 05/19/2007 3 7 - 5
The CT for Lieberman Party needs help
It takes a village I'm the Secretary for the Connecticut for Lieberman Party. Our president is Prof. John Orman. Our history is ...
Sprinkles 04/30/2007 17 28 1 20
Joe Lieberman and Chris Dodd support Imus
If it's morally acceptable to call a team of young women, "Nappy Headed Ho's, than calling Sen. Lieberman a 'fuckwit' would also be acceptable. The Hartford Courant keeps ...
Sprinkles 04/12/2007 42 6 - 9
Wilton High School's free speech stomped on
Where were our local reporters on this?
Sprinkles 03/24/2007 23 22 3 13
Joe back on CT Dem list, Stuart Korchin changes CFL Wikipedia entry
Why can't we be friends, Mr. Korchin? You must ...
Sprinkles 03/22/2007 4 6 - 3
Say what? Does Talkingpointsmemo have a Coulter ad?
I know saw it. It was definitely there. It was on Josh's front page, and when I clicked on the link it went to another link that offered to send me her latest e-mail.
Sprinkles 03/17/2007 37 6 3 -
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