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The Column EVERY Registered Democrat Must Read
During the 2010 mid-term elections, 16 percent of registered Democrats voted, the lowest Democratic midterm turnout since before 1962. Republican turnout was 22 percent higher. The greatest ...
SteveYoung 03/21/2014 40 16 3 -
Celebrities Call for Political Integrity…Really
Richard Lewis and Friends Mock Political Deception with New Web Commercials Can comedian and actor Richard Lewis talk politicians into being honest? Probably not, but that’s not keeping a band of ...
SteveYoung 06/18/2012 1 1 - 26
The Evidence is in. Glenn Beck and Michael Scott...Same Person.
Why Don’t We Ever See Glenn Beck and Michael Scott in the Same Place?
SteveYoung 08/10/2010 3 6 - 63
Palin Satire Rationalization F-ing Laughable
"F—ing retarded." Presidential Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel scolding a liberal group at a private meeting at the White House. “Rahm’s slur ...
SteveYoung 02/10/2010 14 9 - 11
Words Have Consequences...Depending Who You Speak To At Fox News
Reprinted from my column in today's Phiadelphia ...
SteveYoung 06/16/2009 5 7 - 7
Bill O'Reilly Gets The Bleep Beat Out Of Him (Video Linked)
Last night Fox Contributor Ellis Henican tore BillO a new one. So fun.
SteveYoung 04/23/2009 18 15 - 19
Newspaper That Carries O'Reilly's Column Says No Spinster Way Off Base
Bill O'Reilly's weekly column appears on the LA Daily News opinion page. This past week the Oped Editor of that page wrote her own column opining that Bill's 24/7 claim that it's the liberal agenda ...
SteveYoung 04/20/2009 13 14 - 23
Is Our Next President A Sociopath?
Bill O'Reilly Thinks So...
SteveYoung 01/08/2009 23 5 - -
Moi VS Hannity - Tonite on Radio @ 5pmEST
We'll be dishing the Fairness Doctrine.
SteveYoung 11/19/2008 14 2 - 1
Why Pennsylvania, America and Veterans Need Patrick Murphy In Congress
Republicans who had been 100% behind the administration’s sending our young men and women into war, refused to give appropriate health services to our disabled veterans. Patrick Murphy has ...
SteveYoung 11/03/2008 3 - - 19
McCain Resorting To Scam Emails
In an attempt to cover last minute paid ads, the McCain/Palin campaign has resorted to emails sent from untrackable Nigerian URLs. One such email follows...
SteveYoung 10/31/2008 3 1 - -
The Attempted Assasination of Al Franken’s Characters
The National Republican Senatorial Committee put out a kitchen-sink type ad in Minnesota Monday, accusing someone of writing pornography, laughing at the disabled, humiliating minorities and ...
SteveYoung 10/30/2008 3 7 - 14
The Farce Is With Them
The mix of satire, spread to infinity via YouTube, has become liberals’ answer to right-wing talk radio. (Steve Young article that appeared Sunday in Philadelphia Inquirer oped page)
SteveYoung 10/27/2008 9 3 1 -
Say It Isn’t So, Joe! Wurzelbacher Not A Real $250K Plumber?
It's More Than A Lack Of Unsightly Ass ...
SteveYoung 10/16/2008 134 45 6 39
Politics Most Stupid Move Becomes The Most Booed: Palin Curse Hits Philly (Video Link Provided)
Philadelphia Flyers owner and major Republican donor, Ed Snider piped in the loudest music he could, but it couldn’t camouflage the Philly boos snowing down on Republican VP nominee, Sarah ...
SteveYoung 10/13/2008 13 13 1 1
The Stupidest Political (And Sports) Move in History
Palin To Drop Puck At Philadelphia Flyers ...
SteveYoung 10/11/2008 23 9 - -
Underestimate Palin At Your Own Peril
There is a danger ahead if Biden goes with his gut instead of what would be best.
SteveYoung 09/30/2008 70 9 - 21
Time For Barack To Take Off The Gloves
Obama's worked the streets. Hope he starts using what he's learned. And I learned that CAPS in a headline is a a REALLY, REALLY bad thing.
SteveYoung 09/29/2008 77 2 - 1
Right Wing Radio Talk Host War Explodes!
Mark Levin rips Bill O'Reilly A New One!
SteveYoung 09/26/2008 40 14 1 1
How Will The Right Spin Obama's Positive - and McCain's Negative - News?
Tide's turnin'...big time.
SteveYoung 09/24/2008 1 1 - -
O’Reilly Called Hurricane Ike Warnings “Hype”
Last week, prior to Hurricane Ike hitting the Texas coast, Bill O’Reilly told his Radio Factor listeners that the dire warnings of Ike’s potential damage and threats to life were “...
SteveYoung 09/18/2008 18 13 - -
Democrats Get Issues. Republicans Get Laid.
The genius Dems watched the dastardly bully, Chuck Gibson, pummel head cheerleader Sarah, sure that her nervousness and inability to come within a football field of a legitimate answer would damn ...
SteveYoung 09/15/2008 12 3 - 5
Whether mocking Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s or lying about...well, anything to make his point, Rush Limbaugh has never met a swamp bottom he couldn’t crawl under.
SteveYoung 09/12/2008 15 3 - -
I tellya, I searched and searched. Looked through all the pictures crowded with candidates for presidents. Even saw Bob Barr tucked in a corner/ But, for the life of me, I could not find that scappy,
SteveYoung 09/08/2008 9 1 - -
Hello, and welcome to the very first Y’Gotta Be Kiddin’ Award Ceremony.
SteveYoung 09/05/2008 - - - -
EXCLUSIVE! BILL O'REILLY - BARACK OBAMA INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT LEAKED has acquired transcripts from Thursday evening's interview.
SteveYoung 09/04/2008 1 1 - 1
Lieberman Derides McCain's War Time Service (Not A Satire)
This morning, I would think that every Viet Nam war vet, including John McCain, will be royally p-o’d with Joe ...
SteveYoung 09/03/2008 13 2 - -
SteveYoung 09/02/2008 16 14 - -
SteveYoung 08/31/2008 21 2 - -
Just ask Newt Gingrich...
SteveYoung 08/30/2008 35 14 1 -
SteveYoung 08/29/2008 5 10 1 -
Fox News Transcript: 8/28/2008 3:30PM ...
SteveYoung 08/28/2008 23 32 - 20
Dear Hillary Supporters Who Still Aren't On Board,
What Part of "Supreme Court Life-Time Term For Far Right Judges Who Will Take Back A Woman's Right To Choose" Do You Not Understand?
SteveYoung 08/27/2008 52 7 - -
O'Reilly Truthiness: Obama Forces Voters To Read Book Perverting The Truth About Obama
Boy, Obama must really hate himself.
SteveYoung 08/18/2008 - 1 - -
O’Reilly Race-Baiting Attacks On Obama Getting Ludacris
It's clear that. just as much as Michael Savage, no matter his protestations to the contrary, was demeaning Autistic kids, O’Reilly is gung-ho into scaring the Folks™ into believing that ...
SteveYoung 08/04/2008 2 3 - 3
McCain Claims Obama Playing Elderly, White, Republican Card
In what is the latest attack of on the divisive campaign being run by Barack Obama, John McCain is alleging that Obama has gone obscenely negative, by appearing in his commercials and speeches as a "...
SteveYoung 08/01/2008 6 6 - -
Senate Censure of McCain?
Satirist Steve Young, is asking for a senatorial condemnation of the Republican Presidential candidate for his latest TV commerical.
SteveYoung 07/31/2008 - 8 - -
Study Proves Bill O’Reilly A Health ...
SteveYoung 07/30/2008 6 5 - -
The Headline That Should Have Been...
McCain/Bush Condemns Obama For Not Visiting The Troops Injured Due To McCain/Bush ...
SteveYoung 07/28/2008 6 4 - -
Scott McClellan: White House Fed Fox News Talking Points
Right Wing Talk Show Hosts Who Were Invited To The White House For A Private Meeting With President Bush Just Prior to the 2006 Election Are Shocked!
SteveYoung 07/26/2008 5 16 - 30
Savage’s Inartful Radio Network Inartfully Excuses Savage’s Inartful Comments Inartfully
Michael Savage's company steps into the fray and stands behind their ...
SteveYoung 07/25/2008 7 5 1 1
O’Reilly Wants Proof That FoxNews Is Racist?: Read Your Own Columns, Bill
Yesterday on his Radio Factor, Bill O’Reilly tried as hard as he could to come up with something that proved the case those dang smear sites were making. That the Fox News channel is racist. ...
SteveYoung 07/24/2008 8 8 2 -
Hiding Behind Hyperbole and Other Literary Devices
Savage and his apologists on the attack...again!
SteveYoung 07/23/2008 2 6 - -
Glenn Beck Performs Miracle: Makes Larry King Look Credible
What is the difference between the following three events? 1. Parting of the Red Sea. 2. Walking on water. 3. Cerebral audiences longing for Larry King. Answer: Number three is a miracle.
SteveYoung 07/22/2008 9 4 - -
A Savage Betrayal Of Humanity: Michael Savage Says Autistic Kids Aren't Sick..."Just Brats"
One Parent Begs To Differ...
SteveYoung 07/18/2008 35 43 1 29
Satire To Sue New Yorker
The very last story ever to be posted on the New Yorker cover cartoon depiciting the Obamas moves into the legal ...
SteveYoung 07/16/2008 15 13 - 3
Someone Want To Explain To Me What's So Funny About Satire
New Yorker Cartoon Comical? Give Me A Break.
SteveYoung 07/15/2008 31 1 - 28
McCain Drops Entire Campaign Staff
(July 14, 2008 SYOP) In a startling move that he hopes might energize his stumbling campaign, John McCain announced that he will no longer use advisors.
SteveYoung 07/14/2008 13 2 - -
The Email Dick Cheney Doesn't Want You To See
From the pages of today's (Sunday's)Philadelphia Inquirer The Secret CDC Testimony Email.
SteveYoung 07/13/2008 11 2 - -
AMA Recognizes "Recession" As A Disease
In an expected move, the American Medical Association the American Economic Association have released a joint statement determining the Recession to be a brain disease that can be successfully ...
SteveYoung 07/11/2008 4 5 - -
N*TS: Mysterious Missing Letter Throws Media Into Wild Speculation
What Did Jackson Actually Want To Cut Off Of Obama?
SteveYoung 07/10/2008 38 9 - 3
Washington, D.C.( - In a break with tradition, and in an attempt to counter Barack Obama’s announcement to accept the Democratic presidential nomination at Denver’
SteveYoung 07/08/2008 20 8 - -
Limbaugh on O’Reilly: The Man Is Ted Baxter
Can this writer who has spent years revealing the absurdities and damage done to real debate get a better gift?
SteveYoung 07/07/2008 85 11 - 45
Allowed To Fight For Our Freedom, But Not To Participate In It
(SYOP 7/6/08) How appropriate that on July 4th week, Vets For Freedom, a supposed nonpartisan PAC that basically only supports Republican or Conservative candidates, is set to help John McCain ...
SteveYoung 07/06/2008 3 - - -
Thank You, Mr. Oil Speculator, For Saving My Baby's Life
If the energy company CEOs, oil speculators, and Saudi princes ever needed a great PR line, it’s now. And here ‘tis.
SteveYoung 07/04/2008 7 11 - -
Regular Updates In Case You're Thinking Of Voting In Another One In ...
SteveYoung 07/03/2008 2 2 - -
It's The Constitution, Stupid: What Makes Any Idiot Eligible To Be President
The Constitution is a wacky, kinda living, kinda not, document that explains just what we Americans can get away with. It also frames the conditions within which one can run for the position where ...
SteveYoung 07/02/2008 3 - - -
Newsweek: O’Reilly Is No Hannity
Especially in Philly.
SteveYoung 06/30/2008 9 3 - -
New Study of Talk Show Host Brains Calls For Compassion Not Scorn
"You Wouldn’t Ridicule Someone With Parkinson’s*, Then Why Mock Anyone With A Brain Disease," say's Nobel Prize nominee. Check Diseased Talk Show Brain Here: http://img295....
SteveYoung 06/25/2008 6 14 2 157
Rebooting Me: Personal Democracy Forum - Day #1
Einstein said that in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity. Would it be that the e=mc2 guy would have been in the midst of my week's converging opportunities, the only difficulty he'd ...
SteveYoung 06/24/2008 2 2 - -
An Open Letter To Poopyhead O'Reilly From Baby Alex
Hi, Bill, I'm Baby Alex., and... Wow. That is one humongous head. Sorry. Some adults get a little too close for comfort.
SteveYoung 06/20/2008 5 10 - -
O'Reilly Already Paid Homage To Russert
"Don't Give Me (Russert's) a Noble Guy. He's Not."
SteveYoung 06/16/2008 12 10 - -
O'Reilly Compares The Left To Tim McVeigh
Stop me if you've heard this before...
SteveYoung 06/10/2008 30 6 - -
Hillary Learned Nothing From Iraq
"Failing to prepare is preparation for failure." John Wooden, Legendary UCLA Basketball ...
SteveYoung 06/06/2008 10 1 - -
What Happened...To Bill O’Reilly?
THE SCOTT McCLELLAN INTERVIEW More fun than a barrel of Foxes!
SteveYoung 06/03/2008 37 37 5 16
Evening At The White House Press Secretary Improv
He'll be here all week, folks. Or as long as the fall out from Scott McClellan's book continues to provide material for Bush apologists explaining why McClellan may not be a liar, but he has broken ...
SteveYoung 06/02/2008 1 2 - -
O'Reilly Needs Your Help - Can't Seem To Find Hate-filled Right Wing Web-sites
On yesterday's Radio Factor, Bill O'Reilly was shocked to find out from a caller that there might be right wing zealots who send out those "Barack Obama is a scary Muslim" emails or that there were ...
SteveYoung 05/28/2008 4 5 - -
Hillary’s Concession Speech Will Be Her Best: For The Sake of Barack, It Better Be
Al Gore and John Kerry both gave great "stick a fork in me" speeches, but for the Democratic Party, and as we were all to find out, for the country, these November (or in Gore’s case, ...
SteveYoung 05/27/2008 12 4 - -
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