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The Million Shoe March
The Million Shoe March The net is just full of comedy about the really big shoe this morning. Old one-liners that refer to ...
Studs McGonagle 12/15/2008 47 27 2 31
Ostrich In Chief
Ostrich In Chief Mitt Romney is assuming the mantle of Ostrich in Chief for his party. In one those "let them eat cake" moments ...
Studs McGonagle 11/19/2008 12 2 - -
Know the Enemy: Greedy Republican Billionaires
We are just beginning a struggle to re-shape our American identity. While we all admire President-Elect Obama for promoting a spirit of bipartisan cooperation, we must remain aware that Republicans ...
Studs McGonagle 11/10/2008 14 2 - -
Senate Races in 2010
Senate Races in 2010 Some Republicans may be sitting back breathing a sigh of relief now, thinking that they can still ...
Studs McGonagle 11/06/2008 59 4 - 8
The Election Line
The Election Line With one day left in the campaign, the national Pollster ...
Studs McGonagle 11/03/2008 3 - - -
What Would Reagan Do?
What Would Reagan Do? Just as I felt myself drifting off on the waves of a beautiful dream last night, with ...
Studs McGonagle 10/27/2008 11 1 - -
McCain Pwned
McCain Pwned When the McCain campaign began publicising allegations that one of their campaign workers had been robbed and mutilated ...
Studs McGonagle 10/24/2008 26 3 1 -
Humor:  Bachmann Admits Inner Rage
Bachmann Admits Inner Rage Michele Bachmann called a press conference this morning to apologize to all good Americans, ...
Studs McGonagle 10/22/2008 13 4 - 21
Columbus Endorses Obama
Columbus Endorses Obama The ghost of Christopher Columbus was channeled last night at a seance held near Boulder, Colorado.
Studs McGonagle 10/13/2008 4 1 - 2
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