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Nice little PPP interview
(If this was posted previously - my apologies in advance.) The Raleigh News and Observer had a nice little interview with Tom Jensen of PPP about PPP's polling success in Presidential election. ...
SuperGNC 11/15/2012 3 3 - -
Can't we see Romney's secret plan now?
OK - it is a bit of snark but: Now that Romney has lost and the election is over, surely he is free to share his plan to cut taxes by $5 trillion, add $2 trillion to the military spending, and save ...
SuperGNC 11/11/2012 20 18 - -
Dr. Lou Nails It
No - not ESPN's Dr. Lou (Holtz) - the aged Notre Dame shill (apologies in advance Irish fans) - but Dr. Lou Guenin. I've had the good fortune to know him for some years and outside of the fact I ...
SuperGNC 10/25/2012 2 5 - -
Debates in a nutshell
This is what I've learned from watching debates over the years: Partisan Republicans on losing Our guy would have won, but you cheated and we're voting against you anyway. Partisan ...
SuperGNC 10/12/2012 1 - - -
It's over Mr. "Nice Guy"
Apparently every MSNBC announcer is channeling American Idol host Paula Abdul these days. It's so obvious where this is headed that even Chris Matthews has to keep repeating that Romney is a nice ...
SuperGNC 09/26/2012 8 5 - 123
Pipe Dreams for Big Government, the Healthcare Industry, and the People
As background, I've worked for years helping companies deal with FDA approvals. My Dad was an MD and I know some of the high insurance premiums that MDs pay make it burdensome for them to operate ...
SuperGNC 09/22/2012 3 - - 11
A moment of silence please Mr. Romney
Hello DailyKos. This is a first diary post. I had hoped to give a more proper introduction and figured I'd be focusing on more on small business issues since I'm a small business owner. However, ...
SuperGNC 09/12/2012 5 10 - 50
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