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"The Free Market is for Saps". Noam Chomsky
Chomsky said this, what? Fifteen years ago? But it's more profound now that we have another "trade deal" being rammed down our throats.
Superpole 05/31/2015 9 22 - -
Psst, Buddy, Wanna Buy a Toll Road?
_REAL_ Cheap?? What a little toll road actually worth? More below the orange highway cone.
Superpole 05/30/2015 14 12 - -
STOP Trying to Make the GOP Look Bad
... and START making the democratic party look good to progressive voters, Labor, etc.. Any _ideas_ on how to make that happen?
Superpole 05/17/2015 38 4 - -
Rothstein on NPR: "We have government sponsored segregation"
in our cities". NPR this morning finally gave us some useful information regarding our race/poverty problem with their interview of Richard Rothstein of the Economic Policy Institute by NPR ...
Superpole 05/06/2015 12 7 - -
Obama's Totally Bogus Rationale for TPP
The President has to _really_ be kidding us with this one:
Superpole 04/29/2015 13 13 - -
AFL - CIO Throws Gauntlet Down Today
Hillary's job may have just gotten much harder. More below.
Superpole 04/28/2015 9 11 - -
Hillary's Brand Recognition Problem
_Subtitled_: The Myth of Political Advertising. It appears Hillary Clinton has a serious _brand recognition_ problem: today she walked into a Chipotle Restaurant in Ohio... and _nobody_ recognized ...
Superpole 04/13/2015 84 4 - -
Study: Our Imbalanced Senate Causes Wealth Inequity
For years here, many of us have pointed out our House of Lords, _errrr_ Senate being stacked with millionaires is a big problem on regard to financial policy-- Now we have some proof; Learn about ...
Superpole 03/29/2015 7 2 - -
I, & Millions of Democratic Voters are a "Purist"
Seriously, this is what it's come to here??
Superpole 03/28/2015 97 6 - -
Oops! Pentagon "Lost Track" of $500 Million Worth of Weapons in Yemen
Errrrr... I'm supposed to believe this nonsense?
Superpole 03/22/2015 14 5 - -
Att'y General Holder's BOGUS Reaction to Ferguson Report
Holder: "I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!! To learn that blatant _profiling_ of black people is going on in Ferguson, MO!" _HUH_??
Superpole 03/07/2015 14 3 - -
Papa John's Franchisee Busted for Wage Theft
wow.. what a surprise. I guess this particular franchisee believes in a very different type of "FREE" market.... The fact QSR workers are expected to work for FREE is an epic fail. More proof of ...
Superpole 02/11/2015 13 3 - -
CHOOSE One: Austerity or Prosperity
"AUSTERITY IS A CANARD". But then-- most of you already knew this. More below from Brown University's Mark Blyth.
Superpole 02/09/2015 7 3 - -
It's All "Clear" Now; Obama Admin. Unveils "Strategic Patience"
I'm not kidding.... More below.
Superpole 02/06/2015 7 2 - -
Salon: Dump Current Democratic Leadership
The Salon article title: "It’s time for a revolution: Bankrupt policies, historic losses call for new generation of leaders". a bit much in terms of the word "revolution"; but the main ...
Superpole 01/18/2015 412 153 - -
John Podesta Under Consideration by HRC
to Chair her campaign effort. The corporautocracy door revolves again-- File this under: one more reason I can't support her.
Superpole 01/13/2015 56 9 - -
2015: The Gun Insanity Continues
NEW RULE for 2015: Armed and dangerous people do not have more rights than you or me. all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among ...
Superpole 01/10/2015 18 10 - -
The Pathetic, Dangerous Rhetoric of Giuilani, Pataki, etc.
"The presentation of one's own interpretation as objective truth is traditionally known as 'preaching'". Bettina Stangneth "Eichmann Before Jerusalem; the Unexamined Life of a Mass Murderer". I'm ...
Superpole 12/24/2014 18 9 - -
Cop Culture Does NOT Supercede Our Nation's Culture
But that's apparently where we are now, and it's a big problem.
Superpole 12/22/2014 13 3 - -
It's Not the Job of the Fed Government to Provide Security FOR Sony
The CYBER WAR propaganda wheels are turning furiously today- and Gingrinch over on the Twitter is demanding actions be taken-- more below.
Superpole 12/18/2014 50 9 - -
Our Injustice System Cannot Be Reformed
The recent piece by Mychal Smith of The Nation is devastating. Key to the reign is the suspension of a belief in the rule of ...
Superpole 12/04/2014 10 5 - -
Another Problem w/ Police Body Cams: Public Records Law
Police officers in the state of Washington have been using body cams for awhile-- now many municipalities are planning to stop using the cams; because: the state's Public Records Law. Another case ...
Superpole 12/03/2014 52 24 1 -
Congress Bails on Demilitarizing Police Forces
Totally as I predicted: Democrats in Congress are _not_ going to stop this nonsense. This guarantees there will be more Michael Browns.
Superpole 11/25/2014 3 5 - -
Tesla: How to Get a $Billion Dollars in Corporate Welfare
I'm a big fan of Tesla cars, all electric cars, but I wonder how the numbers work out for this deal? It cost Nevada $154,000 per job provided at this factory? and BTW, the sales of electric cars ...
Superpole 11/14/2014 99 4 - -
Senate Dems Considering Keystone Vote in Lame Duck
LOL... That didn't take long.. and is totally as I predicted, except:
Superpole 11/11/2014 28 8 - -
"How to Lose $10 Million Dollars" - Lessig's Mayday PAC
The unsuccessful effort by Mr. Lessig and Mr. McKinnon, while admirable offers another huge lesson for progressives. Their ten million dollars would have been much better spent in Texas getting One ...
Superpole 11/06/2014 7 2 - -
Pentagon Whines About WH "Micromanagement" of War on ISIS
Wow, _who_ could've seen this coming? Careful, General Hagel...
Superpole 11/03/2014 28 5 - -
Congress' Net Worth Increases by $150 Million
It was a very good year-- for those "serving" in Congress. I guess this explains why nearly $4 Billion is being spent on the current midterm election.
Superpole 10/31/2014 10 4 - -
Paranoia Regarding Gov. Christie
I'm not sure what's worse; the hysteria over ebola "spreading" in the U.S., or the absurd hysteriabregarding the _very low_ probability Christie could ever run and win the Presidency.
Superpole 10/28/2014 22 7 - -
Gabby Giffords: "The Cowards in Congress".
Heartbreaking, detailed account by congresswoman Giffords and husband Mark Kelly regarding their effort to get the Manchin-Toomey bill passed. Yes, Senator Max Baucus got up and walked out of a ...
Superpole 10/24/2014 21 9 - -
125 Seattle Cops Say They Have "Constitutional Right" to
use excessive force-- and they sued to make this happen. Wow... who could've foresaw this happening in our Nation?
Superpole 10/22/2014 284 292 6 -
Tom Frank's Take on Krugman's RS Article
Want to know why democratic voters aren't very motivated to vote this fall? You need to read Thomas Frank's _Salon_ article regarding Paul Krugman's Rolling Stone article regarding President Obama. ...
Superpole 10/21/2014 176 91 2 -
Hunter Biden Story = Crickets?
Noted the several diaries here regarding _fangate_ and what is and is not an "electronic device" but nothing on Hunter Biden being discharged from the Naval Reserves for failing a drug test (cocaine)?
Superpole 10/17/2014 51 6 - -
Happy Birthday Gore Vidal!
Gore Vidal was one of the greatest writers, social/political commentators of our time.
Superpole 10/03/2014 8 2 - -
"Failure is Success: How American Intelligence Works
in the Twenty-First Century". by Tom Engelhardt $68 Billion per year for seventeen "security" agencies gets us what exactly?
Superpole 10/01/2014 7 11 - -
U.S. Generals Planning on Long Term Intervention?
The bogus-ness, it burns... Our military is either setting the stage for another long term commitment to the quagmire and/or they plan to demand combat boots on the ground to "successfully eliminate ...
Superpole 09/24/2014 24 17 - -
Tom Frank Smacks Pol-Sci "Experts" and Democrats
Thomas Frank blasts "the experts", and takes the democratic party to task as well. You really need to read his article; it touches on so much that is wrong in the Beltway.
Superpole 09/14/2014 27 14 1 -
Democratic Pollster: Dem Voters Appear Clueless
Dear Bloggo world: The democratic party may have a big problem this fall; women voters. Are they going to show up?
Superpole 09/11/2014 30 9 - -
ACLU Opposes Udall Amendment (updated)
What is Udall thinking, I wonder?
Superpole 09/09/2014 34 5 - -
Violence Erupts at Tennessee Juvenile Center
The underlying problem here has been going on for years. The Justice Department studied the problem but went no further.
Superpole 09/04/2014 10 31 - -
Ferguson Protestors Sue FPD for $41.5 Million
Thus far five protesters are involved in the lawsuit brought against the Ferguson police department with the help of Black Lawyers for Justice, a Washington D.C. company.
Superpole 08/29/2014 101 194 1 -
"Court: Cops Can't Claim Immunity
after SWAT team fatally shot man while looking for cocaine". Hopefully this will have some implications for similar incidents happening across our nation.
Superpole 08/27/2014 190 297 2 -
Cornel West Unloads on President Obama
and he's not a fan of Hillary, either. Scroll down for Thomas Frank's excellent interview with West.
Superpole 08/25/2014 182 40 - -
"Missouri Cops License to Kill"
It turns out other young men in Missouri have been killed by the police, including by police under the command of Tom Jackson, current police chief in Ferguson. More below.
Superpole 08/19/2014 13 32 1 -
WHY is Congress Here? (in Wash. D.C.)
See below for what is actually required of the deadbeats :
Superpole 03/16/2014 10 1 - -
FOX News Turned Me Into A Teenage Werewolf
And watching FOX News turned me, a big D former UAW card carrying democrat, into _gasp_ a knuckle-dragging repuglican! Let's dispense with, once and for all the sophomoric, false notion that FOX ...
Superpole 03/06/2014 12 2 - -
Yulia Tymoshenko Calls Kiev Protestors Heros
Again we see that the people taking to the streets can accomplish change . Certainly doesn't bode well for the legions of armchair activists.
Superpole 02/23/2014 28 7 - -
SOTU Fiasco = Last Nail in Coffin
FOR THE "NEW" Democratic Party. You're finished as a credible political party. Last night's presentation may have cost the "new" Democratic party the Senate.
Superpole 01/29/2014 42 2 - -
BREAKING: Obama Tosses Script for SOTU Address
Superpole 01/27/2014 86 12 - -
It's one thing this particular type of _corporate welfare_ (meant to be "temporary") got started under the Grandpa Reagan regime... it's another thing that Obama keep it going.. _forever_ apparently.
Superpole 01/26/2014 19 3 - -
The Internet is About to Get Wayy Expensive and/or Sucky
Yeah, nobody saw _this coming_... The "Hook": "Hey sappy consumers! You can now watch sports or vids on You Tube on any device!! your smart phone! Laptop! tablet! TV! wrist phone! It's ALL Good!
Superpole 01/19/2014 28 16 1 -
NY TIMES Editorial Smacks POTUS for NOT Admitting Snowden
sparked the exposure, the debate, the dialogue that obviously has to happen in Obama's "more transparent government". One of his biggest lapses was his refusal to acknowledge that his entire speech,
Superpole 01/18/2014 263 87 - -
hEh... THIS Blows "bridgegate" right off the map. Turns out Fast and Furious was just the tip of the duplicitous iceberg. AGAIN, just how many rogue organizations are operating within "our" federal ...
Superpole 01/13/2014 35 30 1 -
President Obama Could, But Will Not Revise Pot's Schedule 1 Status
I'm having a very hard time _understanding_ why our President via Executive Order, with a stroke of his pen, does not revise the Schedule One designation of marijuana, thus making _medical ...
Superpole 01/06/2014 61 15 - -
Arthur Laffer is WRONG, About More or Less Everything
Remember Mr. Laffer-- _worshipped_ by Doofuses like Grandpa Reagan and probably the economic "genius" Alan Greenspan, among others? See below.
Superpole 01/04/2014 81 8 - -
My Letter from Mike Diana; First Artist Ever
in the United States to be convicted for obscenity for artwork. My letter from Mr. Diana is dated October 21, 1994. More below...
Superpole 12/25/2013 3 2 - -
Dear Boehner: The Moderate Wing of the GOP is Already Occupied:
By the "New Democrats". "Sorry". Poor Boehner.. Hopefully those cases of Johnny Walker Black arrive at home in time for his four week Christmas vacation.
Superpole 12/14/2013 7 4 - -
Mayor Emanuel Lauds Food Trucks as Huge Success
Yes, that's correct. Thus I guess an even larger indicator of Chicago's "financial rebound" would be Polish or Italian immigrants wheeling around rickety wooden carts selling potatoes on the street..
Superpole 12/07/2013 28 7 - -
Eric Holder's Epic, Major Fail in Chicago
If we need _more_ definitive proof Eric Holder is weak.. his speech in Chicago on Monday was totally worthless and ALL about denial of the WHY behind Chicago's gang violence. If we need more proof ...
Superpole 11/26/2013 27 2 - -
Yanis Varoufakis: Ponzi Austerity - A Definition
and an Example . INTRO: For a while now I have been arguing that Europe’s policies for reducing the public debts of fiscally stressed member-states can be described as a Ponzi austerity scheme. ...
Superpole 11/10/2013 5 10 1 -
Steve Cohen: "I'm Innocent"... (Really, I Am)
Superpole 11/04/2013 5 2 - -
Here's Why SNAP Fell Under Congress' Meat Ax:
And here's why the cuts to Social Security, etc., are still on the table for Obama and democrats in congress: $181 Billion in corporate tax evasion in 2011. It's also why public approval rating of ...
Superpole 11/02/2013 17 19 - -
"Worst. Congress. Ever. in Seven Charts"
Yes, that's correct. Congress now has a lower approval rating than hemorrhoids and toe fungus.
Superpole 10/31/2013 7 7 1 -
Larry Summers Finally Gets it Right
What's that Larry? We need to INVEST more in infrastructure? Thanks Captain Obvious!
Superpole 10/29/2013 8 1 - -
Hot Dog Production Needs Corporate Welfare
I occasionally enjoy a made-in-Chicago Vienna Beef hotdog as much as the next guy/gal, however....
Superpole 10/13/2013 13 5 - -
French Envoy Questions Afghanistan "Progress"
Everything is going well in Afghanistan, eh? After the white-coated staff passed the third round of hors d’oeuvres, Mr. Bajolet took the lectern and laid out a picture of how France — a country ...
Superpole 04/28/2013 2 4 - -
The Real Spending Problem: TAX BREAKS
Over the past year or so, I've pointed out one of the reasons Greece is going down the drain is because of their massive _tax evasion_ problem. Depending on what reports one reads, Greece is losing $...
Superpole 03/17/2013 21 15 1 -
Chicago School Superintendent Paid $250K Per Year
Just as I suspected, Chicago school administrators are paid BIG money, while school teachers are thrown under the bus because 'Chicago is broke'. Really? The article below proves it's _wayyyy_ ...
Superpole 09/25/2012 29 4 - 92
The Pathetic Truth: Poverty Rate UP in Our Nation
?????? How and why is this acceptable to anyone here? The United States now has one of the highest child poverty rates in the world. Dear Congress: Please just take the rest of the year _OFF_; you'...
Superpole 09/23/2012 11 11 - 64
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel = Bain Capital Strategy II
An inconvenient truth regarding the current relationship between Labor and the democratic party... For starters, Tea Party groups support mayor Emanuel's effort to throw our school teachers under ...
Superpole 09/18/2012 9 6 - 40
Rahm Emanuel = Bain Capital Strategy?
Rahm: "Hmm, Chicago schools/school teacher's are not performing according to my spread sheet? Close the factories!! _errrr_, I mean the under performing schools, and fire the workers! _errrr_ I mean ...
Superpole 09/17/2012 9 5 - 58
Chicago Trib: "Prepare for Rahmpelstiltskin"
LOL.. as I posited here the other day.. it's only a matter of time until Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel totally blows up over those darn teachers.
Superpole 09/13/2012 5 9 - 120
Paul Ryan Agrees with Rahm Emanuel
re: the Chicago teacher's strike. HUH?? Back story: Chicago teachers have not gone on strike for 25 years. NPR reporting now: "This is the new democrats coming up agains the old unions".
Superpole 09/11/2012 22 17 1 126
Anti Union Nissan Gets $1.6 Billion in Federal Money
Happy Labor Day!! In Nissan’s “roundtable meetings,” where workers watch videos that ask and answer loaded questions about the UAW, the company is using the traditional argument: Union plants ...
Superpole 09/04/2012 92 4 - 157
2012 Dem Convention Held in Anti-Union State; Happy Labor Day!!
Again the Democratic Party demonstrates their profound lack of common sense and _profound_ lack of respect for working men and women.
Superpole 09/03/2012 59 - - 138
Two St. John Parish Sheriffs Deputies Shot Dead Today w/ Assault Weapon
The slaughter continues. St. John the Baptist Parish is north of New Orleans, LA. Details below.
Superpole 08/16/2012 24 8 - 367
Incredible: Mama Dog Knows More About Public Life Safety
Than Rmoney/Ryan and the rest of the deficit/debt hysteric nutjobs. You have to see this photo.
Superpole 08/13/2012 8 7 - 128
Mother Jones: Were the Sikh Temple Killings Preventable?
Well, looks like someone else is asking the same questions as some of us here. More below Mission Statement of the Department of Homeland Security: The Department of Homeland Security has a vital ...
Superpole 08/09/2012 29 5 - 167
Author on PBS Newshour Confirms Rampage Killer Marker(s) for Mr. Page
Pete Simi, author of: American Swastika: Inside the White Power Movement's Hidden Spaces of Hate (Violence Prevention and Policy) was on PBS Newshour this eve with Judy Woodruff- discussing the ...
Superpole 08/08/2012 14 19 - 291
(Updated) FALSE Premise: We Cannot Preempt Rampage Killings in the U.S.
{Diary updated to include recent rampage killing at the Sikh temple at Oak Creek, WI on 8/5/2012) This is for the family of and for Christina Taylor-Green, an innocent child shot down in cold blood ...
Superpole 08/07/2012 19 7 - 189
Rampage Killer Jared Loughner to Plead Guilty Tuesday
This is the mentally ill guy who was allowed to purchase guns/ammo and who murdered a nine year old girl, a federal judge, and nearly murdered his intended victim-- the great congresswoman Gabrielle ...
Superpole 08/05/2012 48 2 - 166
FALSE Premise: We Cannot Preempt Rampage Killers in the U.S.
This is for the family of and for Christina Taylor-Green, an innocent child shot down in cold blood by a madman armed with deadly weapons, and all the rest who continue to suffer from our obvious ...
Superpole 08/03/2012 67 7 - 322
Cook Med Device stops Expansion Due to New ACA Tax
So they say... This is about the new 2.3% tax on medical devices manufactured here.. the tax is to help provide funding for the ACA. (note: with more people in our health care system, there will ...
Superpole 08/02/2012 24 10 - 154
"Dark Time in the Revolution" Lyrics
Laurie Anderson channels Tom Paine...
Superpole 07/27/2012 1 1 - 33
N. Barofsky's "Bailout" Getting Hot Reviews
I just got my copy of Neil Barofsky's new book "Bailout" and am totally looking forward to reading it. Def required summer reading. couple of reviews below.
Superpole 07/26/2012 1 5 - 52
WSJ: U.S. Builds Airbase in Afghanistan, WHERE Are the Planes?
Well, chalk another one up to: 1. Incredible, UNacceptable waste of taxpayer dollars. 2. Another prime example of major U.S. policy which _never_ changes, regardless of who is POTUS.
Superpole 07/25/2012 16 1 - 128
Portland Today: AWPPW Union to Picket Obama Fundraiser
We could see this coming, surprised it's not happening ...
Superpole 07/24/2012 21 6 - 145
New Barofsky Book "Bailout": Critical of Bush & Obama Admins.
"IT might seem remarkable that there’s more to say about our late Bailout Age. But there is more — a lot more." Let's face it: the Fox is in the henhouse.
Superpole 07/22/2012 6 8 - 36
Henry Rollins: Letter to Ann Coulter - Epic Funny
Given yesterday was the birthday of Hunter S. Thompson, the original Gonzo writer/observer of our sick and pathetic system, and given the quality of this video, it may be time for Hank to assume the ...
Superpole 07/19/2012 19 8 - 376
Peregrine Founder/CEO: "I spent the Money"
heyyy, what a surprise! chalk this up to _still another_ FAIL by the SEC.
Superpole 07/18/2012 13 10 - 171
"Tithe" Me 10% of Your Income Yearly, & I Will Build a "Religious" Empire, Too!
I'm wondering if everyone has seen the article in Bloomberg Biz Week regarding how the Mormon Church makes their (significant) money? WOW, how do _I_ get in on this gig?
Superpole 07/17/2012 23 6 - 79
Report: Asian Carp Could Migrate to ALL Great Lakes
ahhh, nature. Problem is, the alewife population and other feeder fish are way down in the Great Lakes, already having a negative impact on sport fishing, particularly chinook salmon and other ...
Superpole 07/16/2012 25 16 1 99
SEC FAIL: Statute of Limitations Nearly Over
File this one under: How _convenient_ for the wealthy class/banksters responsible for the Crash.
Superpole 07/13/2012 14 14 1 155
"The Real World vs. the Confidence Fairy
"Smart investment, wise regulations and fair taxation are the things that restore economic confidence in the Real World". Paul ...
Superpole 07/11/2012 2 1 - 32
Why Is France Much Better at Treating Smoking Related Illnesses?
Interesting thoughts from recent piece by Fareed Zakaria...
Superpole 07/09/2012 7 7 - 87
JP Morgan Pulls an Enron
Regulators Are Probing Possible Power Market Manipulation By JPMorgan Puts them right in the same category as corrupt, venal Enron.
Superpole 07/03/2012 9 12 - 113
FAIL: Sen. Feinstein Calls for Prosecution of Mr. Assange
Chalk this up to "democrats" acting (again) just like repuglicans who have massive conflicts of interest issues. It's time to start talking about another capital investment behemoth that begins ...
Superpole 07/01/2012 30 10 - 133
HCR: More Leaders Like Gov. Kitzhaber, Please
Here's a Governor working to get it done. "Not having the Affordable Care Act would have made our work much harder,"
Superpole 06/30/2012 4 14 - 59
BREAKING: GOP Reveals Jobs Plan
yes, more Strip Clubs. and by God, these "adult club" owners are going to get plenty of tax breaks to help them _grow_ their bidnesses!
Superpole 06/29/2012 5 3 - 122
"In Praise of Discrimination in Ins. Market"
Ohhhhhhh, another conservative is "SCARED" of the ACA!!
Superpole 06/28/2012 4 3 - 28
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