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Life Begins at Conception
Those are my kids. Right this minute, as my wife sleeps in the other room, those two clumps of cells are sloshing around in her uterus, hopefully with the short-term result that one or both of ...
Surly Cracker 04/29/2013 16 29 - -
The Latest From the West/Murphy Battle in FL-18
I was glad to see Joan front-page an item on the FL-18 race yesterday , and I hope it raised some much-needed funds . I'm going to try my best to lay out all of today's developments and the road ...
Surly Cracker 11/09/2012 18 45 1 -
Allen West is Trying to Steal the Election - Info and ACTION!
This will be a short diary, but an important one. I've been more of a lurker than a writer lately, but FL-18, my congressional district, is knee-deep in what I hope will not become a bitter, ...
Surly Cracker 11/08/2012 15 32 - -
I've always thought that saying about "lifting oneself up by one's own bootstraps" is a perfect example of the failings of the Republican worldview. Disclaimer: This isn't really much ...
Surly Cracker 01/06/2011 8 4 - 57
What I Must Do Now.
OK, so I've made a decision. I'm attending my County Democratic Party Executive Committee meeting on the 15th and getting my hands dirty. Not volunteering, not "Organizing," though both of those are ...
Surly Cracker 11/03/2010 9 5 - 35
My Comment upon Unsubscribing from OFA
Today I unsubscribed from OFA. I'm sure my thoughts are nothing new around here, I've just been lurking more and commenting less for 6 months or so, and I finally wrote something long ...
Surly Cracker 01/05/2010 145 24 - 27
ACTION: Ubuntu / Linux Gurus Needed - Iran Proxies
H/T to Omir the Storyteller for this idea, I think it's a great one. Now I need your help. The idea that Omir had was to ...
Surly Cracker 06/16/2009 27 26 2 76
Why they shouldn't release the photos
There's a lot of talk going on right now about the photos depicting heinous crimes committed by various American soldiers, translators, and other associates. Most people seem to come down into one ...
Surly Cracker 05/28/2009 108 12 - 16
Cloture? Wait One Damn Minute.
Maybe I'm just stupid. Maybe I'm naive, maybe I don't understand "how Washington works," or what the politics behind the procedures are, but I know one thing. I was told starting in third grade ...
Surly Cracker 03/26/2009 36 13 1 29
ACTION - They Already took My Dad's Job. Now They Want My Mom's.
This is a diary about local politics, but hey, all politics are local, right? The Florida State Legislature is currently considering two identical Republican bills (
Surly Cracker 03/10/2009 5 16 - 25
The "Do-Nothing President?"
I went searching around today for a good list of President Obama's accomplishments since taking office. After coming up empty on the Google, (and by the way, you don't even want to know what the ...
Surly Cracker 02/09/2009 12 9 1 862
A Christmas Key Lime Pie Recipe for You
This is sort of a non-diary, but I thought I'd share this with you from here in sunny South Florida, where currently it's 82 degrees, and I just finished making it. I justify it politically because ...
Surly Cracker 12/25/2008 30 12 3 29
The Man Who Made Me a Democrat is Gone.
I've known I would be writing this diary for some time now, but I never started a draft of it; whether by principle or superstition I can't rightly say. But I have to do it now, because my ...
Surly Cracker 11/28/2008 71 194 3 40
GOTV Support Supplies List - What to Bring
The next few days are going to be huge, folks. I was about to sit down and write out a list of stuff I need to bring with me to keep voters in line and happy. Then it occurred to me that my best ...
Surly Cracker 10/30/2008 9 14 2 2
FL: Early Votes Not Being Counted? RESOLVED.
This is going to be brief, but I posted in an open thread and Ausoleil (who had ...
Surly Cracker 10/28/2008 54 8 - 21
I Got Screwed by the Obama Campaign Yesterday - UPDATED
I woke up at 5 AM just north of Palm Beach County. I drove two and a half hours, in the dark mostly, to Orlando. I navigated downtown and found the site where, as promised, a couple dozen people met ...
Surly Cracker 10/21/2008 189 653 13 38
Florida Constitutional Amendments: Back of the Ballot Explained
I just finished voting, and I realized that one problem I almost always have, even though I pay attention, is decoding those Constitutional Amendments on the ballot. You know; YES ON 2! NO ON 4! All ...
Surly Cracker 10/10/2008 27 16 6 178
The Global Electoral College - Must-See Visual!
With apologies to fellow Kossack Bronmaderine, I wanted to diary this story again, because it's really a quite striking ...
Surly Cracker 10/05/2008 31 29 1 94
Bill Clinton: “All of you are helping to elect Barack Obama and I thank you very much,”
There's been a lot of stuff said about Bill on kos this week, some of it justified. But all I can tell you is that on the campaign trail, he's as good a surrogate as Barack Obama could ask for. In ...
Surly Cracker 10/01/2008 39 41 2 20
BREAKING: Government to Acquire New York Yankees
In a move that's sure to make some waves in the world of Major League Baseball, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced early Thursday that a component of the much-discussed bailout plan would be ...
Surly Cracker 09/25/2008 36 17 - 38
Florida to Ohio - A call to ACTION
I flew from Florida to Ohio over the weekend, visiting some of my fiancees' family. Maybe it was the cocktail, maybe it was the fact that I'd been ...
Surly Cracker 09/08/2008 3 8 - 3
We Are "Community Organizers"
I just registered the domain name It's kind of long, it's kind of esoteric, and there's nothing there yet. But since ...
Surly Cracker 09/03/2008 15 11 - 16
A fight I had with a Pro-Lifer, which ended well
I got into a stupid online fight with a guy who I sort of tangentially know yesterday. I acted like a dick, as did he, and there was much gnashing of teeth and such. Ultimately, he apologized for ...
Surly Cracker 08/31/2008 33 23 2 2
My Interview with Joe Garcia, Orange to Blue Candidate, FL-25 UPDATED W/Video!
I was recently lucky enough to interview Joe Garcia, the Democratic challenger in Florida's 25th Congressional District, and ...
Surly Cracker 08/28/2008 14 12 - 70
The Power of Positive Campaigning?
To expand upon a comment I made in a thread today, this is really the central issue I've been worrying about for the entire summer. I'd like to know what people think of how the Obama campaign is ...
Surly Cracker 08/21/2008 12 1 - -
Conversations with Republicans, and Finding Common Ground
So, this is my first diary, and I'll try to keep it brief, I guess. I got to thinking this morning about the conversations I've been having lately with some of the people in my orbit, and I wonder ...
Surly Cracker 07/23/2008 62 11 2 -
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