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ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement
(THE WORKING CLASS OCCUPY MOVEMENT HAS MOVED BEYOND JUST WALL STREET)! Our group was Co founded by METEOR BLADES and DEMOCRATS RAMSHIELD. Meet our blog editors which are some of your favorate writers: teacherken,slinkerwink,X,Laurence Lewis,boatsie,LaFeminista,Eclectablog, MinistryOfTruth,xxdr zombiexx,Barbara Morrill,JekyllnHyde,Jake McIntyre, Eclectablog,Ojibwa,icebergslim,BruinKid,CityLightsLover,Mentatmark to name but a few. As members of the MOST PROLIFIC AND LARGEST GROUP AT THE DAILY KOS...
Climate Change SOS
Blogathon: September 9-13, 2013
Comics at Daily Kos
Community Spotlight
Community Spotlight, formerly Diary Rescue, is dedicated to finding great writing by little-known or unknown diarists whose work hasn't gotten the visibility it deserves. We rescue and promote these diaries based on the original vision set out by Susan Gardner, Matron Saint of the Rescue Rangers, who single-handedly began our mission and has supported us vigorously over the years. We hope you enjoy our efforts.
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Daily Kos Classics
These diaries are "oldies but goodies." Despite having been written months (if not years) ago, these diaries are still timely and generate a lot of engagement.
Daily Kos Economics
Daily Kos Elections
Daily Kos's official elections portal.
Daily Kos Labor
Feature Box
Feature Box maintained by editors
Progressive Hippie
Progressives who believe that the hippies got it right back in the day and today. We have a Facebook presence. Here's the URL to our Facebook group: And here's the URL to our Facebook community page:
Pushing back at the Grand Bargain
Chained CPI will effect over 30 government programs by adjusting the Federal poverty levels via Chained CPI. This achieves long term deficit reduction and increases income taxes on working class families by 65 billion over 10 years. The goal of this group is to build awareness of the wide ranging impacts of Chained CPI beyond cutting Social Security and VA benefits.
Readers and Book Lovers
Where readers, writers, bibliophiles, and lovers of all things literary find their favorite series and one-of-a-kind diaries, including "Bookflurries," "Write On!," and "What are you reading?" Plus newer series like "Books So Bad They're Good," "Books in My Life," (formerly "Books That Changed My Life"), "Monday Murder Mystery," "Contemporary Fiction Views," "LGBT Literature," and "Books Go Boom!" We hope you'll visit Readers & Book Lovers for the same reasons you get together with a friend -- ...
Social Security Defenders
The enemies of Social Security have been on the offense for 75 years seeking to gut Social Security and wipe out the legacy of the New Deal. Time to join the defense?
Transcripts and Documents
Group publishing transcripts of speeches, briefings, debates, judicial decisions, interviews and any other interesting original source material that strikes the fancy.

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