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Posting History for Sustainable Food and Agriculture

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The Family Afterward: West Virginia Four Months After The Freedom Industries Chemical Spill
“Put a marshmallow on it.” he told her. “I'm telling you, fish love the marshmallows. Helps 'em to see the bait underwater. Normally it's hard for fish to see bait moving around, but the ...
Virally Suppressed 09/26/2014 64 294 13 -
We kicked Monsanto's Ass!
Election night in Jackson County Oregon. One County measure 15-119 was a measure to ban the growing of GMO crops in Jackson County. We were outspent by Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer and DuPont by more ...
madame damnable 05/21/2014 670 414 5 -
Tell Your Representatives to Oppose HR 3964, the Delta Destruction Bill
Restore the Delta, a coalition opposing Governor Jerry Brown's Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) to build the peripheral tunnels, has launched an action alert to oppose the "Emergency Water ...
Dan Bacher 02/04/2014 3 15 - -
Kos Katalogue Blogathon: Malls? We doan need no stinkin' malls! We got each other!
I gave up on shopping in malls several decades ago. If you find me in a mall these days, it's only because I had no other choice (that's where the local Apple Store is in Ann Arbor, unfortunately, ...
Eclectablog 11/13/2013 14 47 1 -
OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) Fights Back Against GMO Salmon "Frankenfish"
Received this e-mail today from Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) regarding the GMO salmon known as "Frankenfish":
poopdogcomedy 11/09/2013 13 13 - -
AK-Sen: Mark Begich (D) Wants You To Tell The FDA To Reject GMO Salmon A.K.A. Frankenfish
Received this e-mail today from Senator Mark Begich (D. AK) regarding the FDA and GMO salmon known as "Frankenfish":
poopdogcomedy 11/07/2013 10 8 - -
Still think Big-Ag is the answer? Read Bittman.
Let’s at last recognize that there are two food systems, one industrial and one of small landholders, or peasants if you prefer. The peasant system is not only here for good, it’s arguably more ...
angelajean 10/20/2013 88 75 4 -
OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) Praises Senate Plan To End The Monsanto Protection Act
Here's some good news for ya:
poopdogcomedy 09/25/2013 8 13 - -
37 million bees died in Ontario. Do you want to guess how?
This might be the largest die off of bees yet due to neonicotinoids.
willynel 07/06/2013 149 333 2 -
OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) Calls On Congress To Pass The Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act
Received this e-mail today from Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR): Summer is here, and you know what I love? Corn on ...
poopdogcomedy 06/28/2013 10 27 - -
AK-Sen: Senate Committee Passes Mark Begich's (D) Amendment Requiring GMO Label For Frankenfish
Here's some good news: An amendment to require ...
poopdogcomedy 06/21/2013 7 11 - -
Monsanto: A Beginner's Guide to the World’s Most Dangerous Corporation
Monsanto has been around over a hundred years, and while it has a history of questionable ethics and practice—including helping to create and hide health risks associated with DDT and Agent Orange �
JohnAloysius 05/25/2013 73 71 4 -
How the US Sold Africa to Multinationals Like Monsanto, Cargill, DuPont, PepsiCo and Others
This is an article I just published on Alternet that sums up the theme of my upcoming book. It's probably the most important thing I've ever written. I would be very grateful if you would read it. ...
Jill Richardson 05/24/2012 58 108 7 402
In Praise of the Lowly Dandelion
Everyday, on the teevee, I see commercials advertising weedkillers. And the most unpopular weed is the Dandelion. People all over this great nation, are obsessed with the sterile, uniformity of ...
GreenMother 05/15/2012 141 95 3 545
Living A Green Lifestyle: A One Year Report Card
Almost a year ago to this exact day I realized I was being something of a hypocrite. Here and in my personal life with family and friends I talked 24/7 about living a "green" lifestyle. Having a ...
webranding 05/06/2012 139 174 8 649
Activists Rally Around Wisconsin Dairy Farmer Facing Criminal Charges
As snow started to fall, a Mennonite dairy farmer arrived at the courthouse in Baraboo, Wisconsin, on March 2 for a hearing on four charges against him related to the production and distribution of ...
Bekah 03/05/2012 11 12 1 198
American Indian Forest Management
This is a quamash (camas) meadow. You can see the life-giving camas plants as the violet-blue flowers. The major tree species are the sacred oak ( Quercus alba and other spp. ) and madrone ( ...
Nulwee 02/29/2012 26 46 5 155
Adventure of a Lifetime: Removing Poachers' Snares in Africa
Habari (hello) from Kenya! I am here for three weeks, researching food, agriculture, hunger, and what the U.S. government is doing about it through foreign aid. However, I took a three-day detour to ...
Jill Richardson 02/18/2012 29 37 2 229
What Can You Do To Avoid Monsanto's New, Deadlier Neurotoxic Sweetener? Very Little
Short of completely avoiding processed food, growing your own, and getting to know your local farmer, there is very little you can realistically do to avoid ingesting Neotame, the new and improved ...
eXtina 02/07/2012 662 362 19 3454
our daily bread, Belgian style
I visited family in the US over Christmas, and was stuck by (among other things) how differently Americans and Belgians organize food for their families. I thought I would share a few of my ...
averblue 01/24/2012 17 28 3 142
How To Drink Mate Like An Argentine
angelajean 01/20/2012 97 103 16 607
Finally! The FDA Restricts Use of Antibiotics in Livestock
New York Times After ...
VL Baker 01/05/2012 75 144 4 718
Feliz Cumpleaños, El Galpon!
Back in May, I told you about one of my favorite places in Buenos Aires, El ...
angelajean 11/22/2011 7 6 - 33
Farmworkers Reality Tour: A Smack in the Face.
Having lived my entire life within a 1 hour drive of Watsonville I was not completely naive of the migrant farm worker’s plight. My early years were spent growing up in a “comfortable” lower ...
Glen The Plumber 11/14/2011 66 92 2 480
Wandering thru a Watsonville Migrant Camp (w/ Video)
Last Sunday a group of Kossacks including MB, Navajo, Citisven, Norm, Glen the Plumber, Remembrance, catilinus and myself mad a trip down to Watsonville in the Pajaro Valley to visit ...
BentLiberal 11/09/2011 51 92 3 315
The Key To Rainforest Destruction and Child Slavery Might Be In Your Pantry
Normally, I do not cross-post my articles ...
Jill Richardson 10/25/2011 84 230 13 1055
Are Dreams Dead?
With the news all full of frustration and anger, is it possible that a dream can still come true? I hope so, because we have a unique chance to make it happen. But it will take a little help ...
hamesfarmer 10/20/2011 8 15 - 188
Closing Out Another Portland Summer: A Farmers' Market Photo Diary
content removed by ...
JayinPortland 09/20/2011 37 38 - 177
How Coffee Goes from Harvest to Roasting
I just got back from 2 weeks in Bolivia, and during my time there I had the good fortune to visit a coffee processing facility that let our group of enthusiastic gringos take coffee from harvest to ...
Jill Richardson 08/31/2011 23 52 6 180
Just some quick food porn from Montreal
I've been spending the last few days at the Ecocity World Summit in Montreal. It's been a truly fantastic conference with amazing speakers and superb hosts. ...
citisven 08/25/2011 46 55 1 290
The Dead of Summer
Even the most established and experienced market and CSA farmers in the Austin and Central Texas areas are saying that this spring-summer season in our area has been the hardest that they have EVER ...
CarolJ 08/08/2011 38 22 - 180
Buying Local Everything
A popular slogan around Madison's farmer's markets (and probably elsewhere) is "Buy Local Everything." It's an effective slogan, and it crossed my mind last evening as I drove past the tiny, one-...
Giles Goat Boy 06/30/2011 187 146 5 701
Monsanto in Haiti
Based on reporting from Haiti-based Haiti Grassroots Watch and ...
Bev Bell 06/28/2011 3 20 1 50
Sugar Politics and Why Our Children are Paying the Price
We are facing a major epidemic in this country that could mean our children will be the first generation to not live longer than their parents. Nothing illustrates the perverseness of subsidies ...
notdarkyet 06/02/2011 104 49 3 373
Living Simply: Zero waste in frugal times
For my first diary here on zero waste, I'd like to start off with a green disclaimer--zero waste is not the most important thing a person can do to reduce their carbon footprint. Taking public ...
cordgrass 05/25/2011 171 86 10 596
Five Vegetables You’ve Never Heard of That are Helping to End Hunger
Crossposted from the Worldwatch Institute's Nourishing the Planet . No single food can put an end to hunger. But worldwide there are ...
NourishingthePlanet 05/23/2011 69 143 9 1077
The Case for Raising Farm Subsidies
Farm commodity subsidies are absurd, so they make great news stories and action alerts. They’re almost always misunderstood, however, and easily lead progressive activists astray.
Iowa Farm Activist 05/18/2011 233 28 3 374
Saffron is a Family Affair
Crossposted from the Worldwatch Institute’...
NourishingthePlanet 05/17/2011 20 21 1 112
Indians 101: Southeastern Agriculture
When the Spanish first arrived in what is now the Southeastern United States, they found Indian nations that had been agriculturalists for more than a thousand years. In 1539, the Spanish explorer ...
Ojibwa 05/10/2011 12 61 2 126
El Galpon - Sustainable Choices in Buenos Aires
Living in a new country provides lots of unique challenges. For me, one of the hardest has been trying to live sustainably. Okay, that has to be a little bit of a joke, really, because our military ...
angelajean 05/10/2011 24 27 1 176
Lies, Dioxins, Sewage Sludge, Hollywood Celebs, and School Gardens
Some things should go together, like peanut butter and jelly, cute pictures of cats and the internet, and kids and gardens. Some things don't belong together, like sewage sludge laden with dioxins ...
Jill Richardson 05/03/2011 21 29 1 94
This one is personal.
RLMiller 04/28/2011 39 212 4 1329
I Dare You: Put Sewage Sludge In Your Mouth
A new Washington Post piece by Darryl Fears ...
Jill Richardson 04/25/2011 68 97 1 573
Interview with Locavore Legend Joan Gussow
As much as I love locavore legend Joan Gussow's books, I love her for so much more than that. I love her because she was undoubtedly one of the first to GET the problems of industrial agriculture ...
Jill Richardson 03/18/2011 19 26 2 106
Oh! Oh! OMG! Oh yes! UN Report Just Gave Me an Orgasm
The UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food Olivier de Schutter released a report on agroecology today, which you can access at . And. It. ...
Jill Richardson 03/08/2011 218 395 41 3501
Report: 2/28 Florida Farmworker March in Boston
It didn't feel like Florida. It was cold and wet, the ...
ActivistGuy 03/03/2011 14 37 4 177
Hate HFCS? Pretty Soon, You Might Not Know You're Eating It (ACTION)
The Corn Refiners Association, no doubt upset by the consumer backlash against high fructose corn syrup, has a simple solution to their problem. They want ...
Jill Richardson 03/01/2011 109 132 1 723
Scientists 'Debunk' Anti-Biotech Letter
There's a new post on Food Safety News about a formidable team of Purdue scientists who ...
Jill Richardson 02/26/2011 178 29 - 454
Sustainable Food News of the Week
Here's some of the top sustainable food & ag news happening right now. Thanks to homo neurotic for his contribution! Here's a ...
Jill Richardson 02/25/2011 29 20 - 128
A Scientific Bombshell Dropped This Week
This week, something big happened. The Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) published a letter on their website, written by Dr. Don ...
Jill Richardson 02/24/2011 733 452 33 4651
Tools for Finding Sustainable Food & Ag News
Yesterday I proposed we do a regular series of sustainable food & agriculture news. Today I'd like to share my favorite sources of food & ag news with folks who like to follow this stuff, and I'm ...
Jill Richardson 02/17/2011 16 25 15 108
Sustainable Food & Ag News of the Day
I frequently do a news roundup for my own blog, La Vida Locavore , featuring what I feel are some of the most notable food and agriculture-related articles ...
Jill Richardson 02/16/2011 20 22 - 146
Republican Plans for Dismantling the EPA
It's amazing how different my world is from the world the House Ag Committee Republicans live in. You see, I'm constantly ticked at the EPA for not protecting the environment enough . You know,
Jill Richardson 02/14/2011 18 41 1 121
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