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The Grieving Room: Love Survives
Welcome, fellow travelers on the grief journey, and a special welcome to anyone who is new to The Grieving Room. We meet every Monday evening. Whether your loss is recent or many years ago, ...
SwedishJewfish 03/25/2013 24 39 - -
How to Not Rape: A Practical Guide (Final update)
Getting rid of everything else that was cluttering the top because this last comment made from the creator of the #LiberalTips2PreventRape Hashtag speaks for itself: @ swedishjewfish you are a ...
SwedishJewfish 02/23/2013 174 282 3 -
There is nothing more that can be said
H/T to my fellow Kossack frosti for pointing me to the blog Farine: Crazy for Bread . As the title suggests, it's author, a native of France, is passionate about "bread, bread making, bread tasting,
SwedishJewfish 02/07/2013 191 431 2 -
Nation Reacts to Horrific Gun Massacre by....Buying MORE Guns?
Well this just warms the heart, doesn't it? From The Daily Beast : Gun sellers say they are struggling to keep up as people have been rushing to buy firearms across the country. The sudden surge ...
SwedishJewfish 12/20/2012 81 38 - -
For the record.
Please do not recommend this diary. I'm writing it strictly for the purposes of clearing the air, and clearing my name. I seriously contemplated leaving here for good after everything that happened ...
SwedishJewfish 07/23/2012 328 22 9 2809
You lose. No GBCW. (FINAL UPDATES from Mets & WD) As one of the targets of the behavior...(11+ / 0-) I've seen the evidence and can confirm that it was The Nephew that was responsible for this.
SwedishJewfish 07/09/2012 854 753 14 7822
Please unrecommend this diary and stop commenting. I'm going to post a new one shortly to explain why. Congratulations, asshole. Mission accomplished. But before I leave, I want to offer this ...
SwedishJewfish 07/08/2012 877 239 15 7388
BREAKING: New emails show Joe Paterno may have orchestrated Penn State cover up (FINAL UPDATE)
Penn State fans, please put down your pom poms, place the life sized cardboard cutout of Joe Pa back in the closet, and have a seat. This does not look good. From CNN (CNN) -- With convicted ...
SwedishJewfish 06/30/2012 630 396 3 3937
Penn State: Now that the whole child rape thing is over with, are you ready for some FOOTBALL!?!
Penn State tries to move focus back to football after Jerry Sandusky trial Just days before Jerry Sandusky was convicted on multiple counts of child sex abuse, an email was sent to thousands of Penn ...
SwedishJewfish 06/25/2012 604 229 3 2205
Tree Climbers: Bearing Witness-Truth and Justice on a Friday Night
It was 8:32 PM, when I was stirred from a fitful sleep by a phone call from Roxine. "Looks like something’s going on at the courthouse" she said. "Any news?" I rubbed my eyes, squinted at my ...
SwedishJewfish 06/24/2012 139 266 2 1079
Never ever ever ever trust anything you read on Twitter. I just sprinted 4 blocks in flip flops and inspired a freaking stampede to descend on the courthouse for...NOTHING! Jerry Sandusky went into ...
SwedishJewfish 06/22/2012 41 19 - 441
Tree Climbers: "No One Can Hear You Down There" (w/Update)
As you probably know if you read my diaries, I'm in Bellefonte attending the trial of Jerry Sandusky. And every night, or sometimes in the early morning, I post a synopsis of the days events. Last ...
SwedishJewfish 06/22/2012 156 309 4 1896
Tree Climbers: Bearing Witness-The Trial of Jerry Sandusky (Day 7)
This is going to be a shorter diary than usual, because the defense rested it's case today after about 40 minutes of testimony. I am also working on an in-depth analysis of the case in it's entirety,
SwedishJewfish 06/20/2012 175 149 3 1018
(UPDATED)Tree Climbers: Bearing Witness-The Trial of Jerry Sandusky (Day 6)
UPDATE -After calling 3 more witnesses, the defense rested its case this afternoon. Closing arguments are scheduled for tommorow, and then the jury will be given it's instructions and sent to ...
SwedishJewfish 06/19/2012 148 178 3 1214
Tree Climbers: Bearing Witness-The Trial of Jerry Sandusky (Day 5)
After a relaxing long weekend enjoying the company (and Margaritas!) of Kossack Cinnamon, it was back to Bellefonte for day 5 of The People v. Jerry Sandusky. I had hoped that the media circus would ...
SwedishJewfish 06/18/2012 131 163 2 986
Tree Climbers: Bearing Witness-The Trial of Jerry Sandusky (Day 4)
(Note-I had to come to court late today, so I was not attending in the morning. Please note that Roxine has written everything above the fold in this diary-I have written everything below it.) For ...
SwedishJewfish 06/14/2012 285 179 3 1312
Tree Climbers: Bearing Witness-The Trial of Jerry Sandusky (Day 2)
*UPDATE* Court wrapped up today at 4PM. John McQueary (father of Mike McQueary) 3 more victims, one of the victims foster mothers, and a Penn State janitor testified. John McQueary had what I ...
SwedishJewfish 06/13/2012 259 251 5 1380
Last chance to send a message to the PSU Victims before they testify (With a sneak peek of book!)
This is going to be a short diary, because I'm on my way out the door. I arrived safely in Bellefonte last night, and will be attending day one of the trial of Jerry Sandusky today, along with ...
SwedishJewfish 06/11/2012 56 47 - 278
PLEASE HELP: We Are the 1 in 5-Stand With the Penn State Victims (UPDATED x2 From Bellefonte)
UPDATE #2 -Just wanted to let everyone know I arrived safe and sound in Bellefonte about an hour ago. I'm pretty exhausted, so I won't be able to reply to comments tonight, but I would like to thank ...
SwedishJewfish 06/10/2012 183 172 3 951
Tree Climbers: Send a Message to the Penn State Victims (Action Diary)
(Hate to do this but PLEASE RECOMMEND/Republish so that people are able to see this and participate!) This Sunday, I will be driving over 700 miles to Bellefonte PA to attend the trial of accused ...
SwedishJewfish 06/09/2012 57 61 2 435
I f**king love you, Wisconsin.
But don't worry, this is not going to be one of this "chin up everything is fine" diaries. No, there is no getting around it. This sucks. This is brutal, and I have tears rolling down my face as I ...
SwedishJewfish 06/05/2012 60 122 3 639
The real problem with Scott Walker's "Crime" ad that no one is talking about
(Warning-This post involves child abuse resulting in deaths. Multiple. It was hard to write and may be hard to read) If you have been following the events in Wisconsin, you have probably seen ...
SwedishJewfish 06/03/2012 66 272 1 1281
The Bathroom Wall Goes Digital: Cyber Harrassment and the Daily Kos Community
Thu May 31, 2012 at 3:09 PM PT : Holy Meta Jesus on a pogo stick, can we all just lay down our swords and shake hands, or something? This is draining, and nothing is going to get resolved. Some ...
SwedishJewfish 05/30/2012 617 435 14 4391
Tree Climbers-No, it's not f**king funny (UPDATE)
UPDATE-The diarist in question has been banned. Not my aim in writing this-I wanted to address an issue that extends beyond one poster. As I said in the comments, he was not the first person here to ...
SwedishJewfish 05/20/2012 424 355 3 3194
House Version of VAWA is going to kill women
Hi there, it's me again. Sorry, I realize this is the 3rd diary I've written about this topic in 24 hours, but it doesn't seem to be getting much traction here for some reason. And I think part of ...
SwedishJewfish 05/18/2012 101 93 - 615
Men's Rights Movement Enthusiastically Endorses House Version of VAWA (Sadly not snark)
While just about every advocacy group for human rights, victims rights, and womens rights on the face of the earth has repudiated the shit sandwich GOP version of the Violence Against Women Act (...
SwedishJewfish 05/17/2012 98 48 2 438
Rep. Gwen Moore Lays Down the Gauntlet: "Stop Playing Games With the Lives of Women!" (Action Diary)
WI Rep. Gwenn Moore-a Child Sexual Abuse, Rape, and Domestic Violence survivor- took to the floor yesterday and told the GOP where they can shove their War on Women: Transcript follows: Well ...
SwedishJewfish 05/17/2012 50 79 2 423
Mississippi GOP Lawmaker on Coat Hanger Abortions-"You have to start somewhere"
Oh, Mississippi. I try, you know, I really try not to stereotype. But Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, when you have some Critter named Bubba gloating about the prospect of women impaling themselves ...
SwedishJewfish 05/16/2012 18 31 - 248
Mitt Romney's "Mothers Day" Ad reveals the heights of republican hypocrisy
Mothers Day-a time when we all stop to honor the women in our lives for all of the hard work and sacrifices they make raising our future generations. Or, if you are Mitt Romney, a perfect ...
SwedishJewfish 05/13/2012 72 137 4 1093
The Tree House Open Thread-F*ck Bullying Edition
This week we saw the issue of bullying thrust into the public spotlight upon learning that our would-be Commander in Chinos was so offended by his gay classmates long hair that he led a gang of his ...
SwedishJewfish 05/11/2012 40 26 - 223
Books That Changed My Life-Trauma & Recovery by Judith Herman, M.D.
I will open this with both a warning, and a bit of an apology-As the title of the book suggests, Judith Herman writes about Trauma. I am a survivor of sexual abuse. The importance of this book ...
SwedishJewfish 05/11/2012 68 81 11 486
Fox News Flip Flops, Calls Off War On Marriage
Well, that didn't take long! Yesterday's headline: Todays Headline: Once again, the republican party shows us that they love starting wars-but when it ...
SwedishJewfish 05/10/2012 48 41 - 679
"Well, Duh!"
(Note-this started as a comment in Jpmassers diary-I decided to expand it) The Junior Jewfish was a bit perplexed this afternoon when mom started randomly jumping up and down, screaming and ...
SwedishJewfish 05/09/2012 82 240 - 1207
UPDATED x2-Facts Matter: Daily Kos Labor Diary on Charter School/Teacher Appreciation Week is Wrong.
Laura Clawson posted the following diary this evening for Daily Kos Labor: Instead of Teacher Appreciation Week, President Obama asks us to celebrate Charter School Week As of right now, it has ...
SwedishJewfish 05/08/2012 318 358 4 2043
I apologize (Please do not recommend!) UPDATED with statement from family
I posted a diary about a half hour ago before fully understanding the facts...clouded over by strong emotions, as it involves a member of my family. I was confused, and now I'm just distraught. I ...
SwedishJewfish 05/08/2012 21 12 - 643
The Oppressor's Language Sometimes Sounds Beautiful: Let us move on.
I will not say again I sat on his lap. No. He had me on his lap. You were not raped; he raped you. Memory moves as it can, freedom is yours to place the verb. And yes, the oppressor's language ...
SwedishJewfish 05/07/2012 123 112 1 780
BREAKING-Jerry Sandusky Was Running An Overnight Football Camp For Kids On Penn State Campus in 2009
Oops, my bad...this actually isn't "breaking" news at all. It was reported by the website Deadspin on November 6th, 2011 and for whatever reason it never got picked up. I just happened to run ...
SwedishJewfish 05/06/2012 222 169 3 1556
Meet Jane Doe-An "Infamous" Rape Victim Reclaims Her Dignity *UPDATED with email from Reporter*
[Massive Trigger Warning for this entire post] I first "met" Jane Doe about 8 years ago. I was lying on the couch with my boyfriend at the time, watching TV. One of those hour-long primetime crime ...
SwedishJewfish 04/30/2012 168 408 3 1867
A Kossack needs our help (LINK FIXED!)
And I feel responsible for the lack of response- I told her not to say right off the bat that she needed help, because people here would naturally assume that without her needing to say it out loud.
SwedishJewfish 04/22/2012 15 41 1 330
TREE Climbers: Opening Pandora's Box-The Forgotten History of Sexual Trauma (Part 1)
This is the first installment in a 5-part series on the history of rape, sexual abuse, and trauma as a social and political issue: Part 1-Opening Pandora's Box: The Age of Hysteria Part 2-Never ...
SwedishJewfish 04/20/2012 133 129 2 871
"I don't care if you're just thirteen" (UPDATE)
"Jail Bait", written and preformed by Ted Nugent Ive got no inhibitions So keep your keys out of your ignition I steal a car like I got the curse I cant resist the old lady's purse Jailbait you ...
SwedishJewfish 04/19/2012 475 580 11 3931
Introducing TREE Climbers-The Movement that Daily Kos Created
The ordinary response to atrocities is to banish them from consciousness. Certain violations of the social compact are too terrible to utter aloud: this is the meaning of the word unspeakable. ...
SwedishJewfish 04/17/2012 153 307 10 1332
Tree Climbers- Emotional Abuse & Gaslighting: A Teenagers Story
Inspired by Lonely Texan's great announcement, I decided to share my own story. This is especially important for parents, since I was only 15 when I started dating this person. Abuse in teenage ...
SwedishJewfish 04/08/2012 56 60 1 399
Sluts: 1, Pat Robertson: 0
You know what they say... Never doubt the power of a few committed sluts to change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. You may have seen a few ...
SwedishJewfish 03/28/2012 21 52 - 287
(UPDATED-Screed is DOWN!)Thank You, Pat Robertson!
Let me start by saying this was not the diary I planned on writing today. I actually have some really big news to share with all of you, about what my dear friend Roxine and I have been working on ...
SwedishJewfish 03/27/2012 200 312 3 2236
That's how I went to bed a couple nights ago feeling. Disappointed, angry, sad, but most of all disappointed. Disappointed because when I wrote FUCK JOE PATERNO, the whole of daily kos pretty much ...
SwedishJewfish 01/28/2012 422 442 11 3513
“No One Spoke Up for Us": For The Children Who Had No Voice and For those finally finding Theirs
WARNING* WARNING *WARNING This whole post is full of triggers...there is no getting around it. The black boxes were a good idea but they don't suffice. If you need to, just scroll ...
SwedishJewfish 01/26/2012 416 384 24 2612
I need MORE of your help! (Updated)
This is a continuation of the diary I posted yesterday: I have an idea, and I need your ...
SwedishJewfish 01/25/2012 72 112 3 758
I have an idea, and I need your help *UPDATED*
This is going to be a brief diary, because holy cow, I'm still overwhelmed by the other one. I originally put this as an update but with almost 2,000 comments now, I imagine that it's not going to ...
SwedishJewfish 01/24/2012 146 370 6 2046
F**k Joe Paterno
Yes, you read that right- Fuck Joe Paterno. And you can HR me, unfollow me, curse me out or do whatever you want for saying that. Have at it. I don't care. I don't care that Joe Paterno is dead. I ...
SwedishJewfish 01/22/2012 2389 1106 44 12125
I'm not doing this sh***!!!
As I write this, it is January 2nd, 2012. Two thousand and fucking twelve. Iowa Caucuses this week. It's starting to get really...real. And yet I look over at the rec list, and here we go again...
SwedishJewfish 01/02/2012 670 628 9 3864
"I did what I was supposed to do"-The Martyrdom of Jenni Lake
Authors note -I have gotten many comments in response to this diary saying that as someone who is pro-choice, I should respect Jenni Lake's choice to not terminate her pregnancy. I have explained ...
SwedishJewfish 12/29/2011 61 37 - 294
Paying it Forward- A "Thank You" Picture Diary
A few days ago, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw a banner at the top of my computer screen that said "Congratulations! An Anonymous Benefactor has given you a lifetime subscription to Daily ...
SwedishJewfish 12/13/2011 39 59 - 309
UPDATED-Thanks for putting Dave Mizner's diary on the rec list!
I don't find myself agreeing with Kossack david mizner all that often. In fact, I will go as far as to say he is one of those posters I often find myself at serious odds with. He is what a pragmatic ...
SwedishJewfish 12/12/2011 41 8 - 265
BREAKING-Mumia Abu-Jamal is OFF Death Row
Welcome to hell. A hell erected and maintained by human-governments, and blessed by black robed ...
SwedishJewfish 12/07/2011 29 29 1 237
REAL Update this time- Homeland Security is (still probably) NOT coordinating Occupy Crackdown!
Or, maybe they are! Or maybe Glenn Beck is right and George Soros and Barack Obama are organizing the Islamic Caliphate to kidnap all of us and throw us into concentration camps and/or ovens!!!
SwedishJewfish 11/15/2011 564 193 2 1947
How the Black Bloc Occupied Oakland
**DISCLAIMER** I am aware that Black Bloc is a tactic, not an organized group. When I say “Black Bloc” in ...
SwedishJewfish 11/11/2011 96 20 1 429
**UPDATED** Breitbart and Right Wing blogosphere SMEAR injured vet Scott Olsen
Next time I hear a republican tell me they support the troops, I'm going to kick them in the fucking balls. ...
SwedishJewfish 10/28/2011 306 418 8 3167
I am Troy Davis *FINAL UPDATE* Troy Anthony Davis has been killed by the state of Georgia.
It now looks almost certain that the execution of Troy Davis, despite all of the lingering doubts about his guilt, will go forward.
SwedishJewfish 09/20/2011 602 426 11 5712
#TooMuchDoubt-The Story of Troy Anthony Davis
I write this today with a heavy heart, knowing that thousands of miles away, in a small hearing room, the fate of a likely innocent man is being decided. His appeals are all exhausted; his requests ...
SwedishJewfish 09/19/2011 69 144 8 720
URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Troy Davis Execution Date Set
BREAKING: Troy Davis, an almost certainly innocent man in Georgia, has been given an execution ...
SwedishJewfish 09/07/2011 23 43 1 252
Et tu, Buffet? Raise my taxes? Coddled skajillionaire says "Wahhhhh!!!"
This is Harvey Golub Harvey Golub used to be the CEO of American Express, where he made an amount of money ...
SwedishJewfish 08/22/2011 17 22 - 189
Horrible Glenn Beck fans featured in New York Times
The New York Times : July 28, 2011, 8:30 pm A Madman ...
SwedishJewfish 07/29/2011 112 420 5 2665
Glenn Beck- Consider yourself on notice *Pictures fixed*
Pull up a chair Glenn, and have a seat. Make yourself comfortable. I would like to show you something...
SwedishJewfish 07/26/2011 259 833 30 4437
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