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Lieberman likely blackmailed Obama & the Senate Dems.
I'll bet that a lot of you folks out there are still baffled as hell as to how such a Twilight Zone-like episode could have gone down for real yesterday. Well, I am the ghost of Rod Serling, and ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 11/19/2008 107 6 1 22
John Kerry you POS, don't come here anymore.
John Kerry, don't come here with your diaries anymore. If you think that Lieberman is such a good Dem that you felt the overwhelming need ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 11/18/2008 162 15 1 14
Our 6 new Dem Senators WILL vote on Lieberman! (contact info)
The purpose of this diary is to put some contact focus on our 6 new newly-elected in 2008 Dem Senators, who WILL vote this Tuesday Nov. 18th by secret ballot on whether or not Lieberman gets ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 11/16/2008 43 39 5 210
Our 6 new Dem Senators will vote on Lieberman! (contact info)
It just occurred to me people that our 6 new newly-elected in 2008 Dem Senators may be the critical swing vote on stripping Lieberman of his HS chairmanship! (They will all be a part of the ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 11/14/2008 41 9 2 77
Dodd a DISLOYAL DEM working AGAINST the 2012 CT Dem senate nominee!
The following diary inspired me to realize the following, which is that, by Connecticut senator Chris Dodd current attempting to ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 11/13/2008 190 4 1 31
WTF?? Dodd speaks gibberish about Lieberman problem!
I don't like the smell of this at all people. It started this morning with this : Harry Reid is now singing ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 11/09/2008 130 22 1 26
I disagree Kos; Lieberman must GO, and here's why:
[with bonus video and poll, below.] Yesterday Kos posted a front page story in which Kos indicated that it would be OK with ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 11/07/2008 55 39 2 41
Hey Mika you dumb sh&t, Lieberman is NOT a Democrat!
I was doing a bit of channel surfing today, and I caught Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC briefly commenting today about how Joe Lieberman was a "Democrat who is supporting John McCain". For the record ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 11/04/2008 48 16 1 1
What a NEW HAVA Voting Rights Act needs to cover!
It is clear now that the previous HAVA voting rights act of 2002, born out of a repub-controlled House, was passed with a repub touch of shit that encouraged rabidly partisan repub state attorneys ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 11/02/2008 19 10 1 1
So tell me Sarah, was Jesus a Socialist??
Hey Sarah, you live your life by the Bible, right, and thus you know the Bible chapter and verse like the back of your hand, right? So tell me Sarah, was Jesus a Socialist?? After all, it is ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 10/30/2008 28 8 2 4
Highly likely that Lieberman will be PURGED in January!
Dear Kossacks, these are just my own thoughts, but please hear me out, I think that it is highly likely that Lieberman will be purged as soon as possible after the Nov. election, that is, ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 10/25/2008 133 22 3 22
I got my Obama yard signs today! You can get them too!
I am posting this for the benefit of anyone out there who thought (as I did) that it was now either impossible or else too late to get the geniune ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 10/21/2008 34 8 1 5
Obama finally plays the silver bullet "temperament" card; Yippie!
I have been diarying here and here ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 10/05/2008 54 18 1 23
[Bailout action diary] Our message to Congress: Why the rush?
This is a lean & mean Bailout call-to-action diary. I know, I know, look at what happened with our contact efforts around FISA immunity. Bailout is NOT like FISA however! This time, the ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 09/23/2008 10 4 1 17
HOPE: Dems growing a spine on the BushCo Financial Bailout??
I have been reading some of the diaries here warning that the BushCo-proposed financial bailout of Wall Street sticks the regular-Joe American taxpayers with all of the costs but none of the ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 09/21/2008 52 51 2 64
POW Butler video: "McCain temperamentally unfit to be pres-"
In Robert Greenwald's latest free-distribution web film, fellow McCain POW and highly decorated veteran Phillip Butler argues that McCain is temperamentally unfit to be president: "...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 09/16/2008 40 8 1 18
Enough is enough. Take out McCain on temperament issue, NOW!
OK, enough is enough. We see that McCain and Palin are going to lie, lie and more lie , all the way to election day. That is their game ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 09/15/2008 12 8 1 70
Time to hit McCain on temperament? w/1964 Daisy Ad video, poll
In 1964 it was Goldwater's temperament : LBJ "Daisy Ad" political commercial, aired September 7, ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 09/09/2008 54 20 2 54
BREAKING: Court DENIES Motion to Seal Divorce Papers of Todd P's Biz Partner!
The sole purpose of my diary here is to get this diary (not mine) recommended to the upper rec list. Do NOT rec my own diary ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 09/05/2008 26 12 2 30
Palin extramarital affair: "Larger report" coming next week!
Yesterday the National Enquirer ran a print edition story alleging that Sarah Palin has had an ...
SwiftBoat McCain NOW 09/04/2008 181 31 2 57
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