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Statistics Show The End is Near For Rush Limbaugh
Numbers don't lie, and telltale signs like Rush Limbaugh ranting daily about #StopRush suggest all is not well in Limbaughland. Desperate to convince advertisers to return to his show, Limbaugh ...
TBTM Julie 04/03/2015 110 238 - -
Rush Limbaugh's "Digital Fixer" Strategy: Become Creepy Stalker Troll
UPDATE: Brian Glicklich managed to file his Anti-SLAPP suit against Carol Wallin, so the article below reflects the court information available at the time. I'll publish more information as it ...
TBTM Julie 03/02/2015 39 60 - -
Internet Law: Reading this could be a felony
I'm a cartoonist and activist, but perhaps lesser known is I have spent a significant portion of my life working in software and web startups. Companies I've worked for have been acquired by the ...
TBTM Julie 11/16/2012 39 30 2 -
Rush Boycott Working: They're Running Scared
Illustration by Bob Staake With the launch of new boycott site - a database tool to organize the boycott of Rush Limbaugh, the right - and Rush himself - are stepping up ...
TBTM Julie 05/04/2012 137 304 3 2040
The "Toss The Middle Class Quadrille" Dance
Symbolman and I have been hard at work creating a new book mAlice in Wonderland: A Tea Party Fable , and thought our DailyKos friends would enjoy another ...
TBTM Julie 09/20/2011 1 1 - 44
Excerpt from Upcoming Book: "mAlice in Wonderland: A Tea Party Fable"
TBTM Julie 08/22/2011 5 6 - 86
Why Breitbart is STILL TOAST. (New court doc analysis by Symbolman)
Posted on behalf of Symbolman: dissects the latest Breitbart filings in Sherrod’s case ...
TBTM Julie 06/04/2011 25 50 2 676
Breitbart's Weiner hoax: New photos surface! Analysis, and Surprise! (UPDATED)
I apologize for yet one more diary on this subject, but I have a lot of information and photos - too much for a comment. I've been puzzling this out for days, asking questions as new information ...
TBTM Julie 05/30/2011 292 227 4 3804
Why Breitbart is TOAST (New Court Docs from Shirley Sherrod)
Reposted on behalf of @Symbolman from Take Back The Media:
TBTM Julie 05/20/2011 179 417 9 3894
Sarah Palin: How do you feed your family when you shoot like that?
Posted on behalf of @Symbolman On the 50th Anniversary of the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge Sarah Palin kills a docile caribou, while TLC advertises for Oil Companies. Coincidence? ...
TBTM Julie 12/06/2010 66 31 2 111
DEVELOPING: "Ground Zero Mosque" brought to you by DC Lobbyist firm, ties to "King Birther" Gaffney
From @Symbolman and @jsigwart from Take Back The Media, authors of Going Rouge : The Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring & Activity Book Helter ...
TBTM Julie 08/23/2010 253 436 12 186
Coal Companies Mine Family Graves in West Virgina
Posted on behalf of @Symbolman: I come from mining stock. One of my ancestors was blown to hell underground with a ...
TBTM Julie 04/12/2010 19 36 - 67
Leno's Tonight Show Reality Hacking, adds Laugh Track to Sarah Palin Appearance
Posting here on behalf of @Symbolman:
TBTM Julie 03/04/2010 487 443 14 1328
Merry Fitzmas! Decorate your own Fitzmas Tree!
TBTM Julie 12/19/2005 3 3 - -
"Secret Agent Plame" MP3 Song plus VIDEO - "Rove's War" & Plame Chronology
TBTM Julie 10/06/2005 - 3 - 11
Put Rove on Administrative Leave!
TBTM Julie 07/21/2005 2 2 - -
If you were Karl, how would you deal with getting caught in a leak? Answer: leak more information!
TBTM Julie 07/15/2005 1 2 - 1
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