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Too important for just a comment. This affects YOU directly.
cross posted to Docudharma, Dailykos, Turn Maine Blue and VetVoice from Military Spouse Press, I began writing a response to NamGuardianAngel's article below this one,
TKK 05/05/2008 5 37 1 85
New blog for military spouses and those who support them
We would like to have anyone come visit a brand new blog established for military spouses to discuss issues involving the troops/veterans, their spouses and their families issues. It is not ...
TKK 04/13/2008 6 2 - 1
More than just Hillary, Obama, McCain, Election & Economy.
cross posted from Sancho Press. There is also a war going on. There are men and women dying and getting maimed. There are men and women getting screwed by the right ...
TKK 03/11/2008 8 9 - 2
Help veterans, call your Congressman about H.R. 5448,15&lnk=b&ItemID=910 Rep. Tom Allen Praises VA Decision to Change Rule on Proving PTSD is Service-Connected ...
TKK 02/29/2008 - 4 - -
Special laser to reduce Iraqi civilian deaths also falls on deaf ears as MRAP did.
Cross posted from Sancho Press. We had an article contributed two days ago on Sancho Press about investigations being launched about the delay since 2005 of special ...
TKK 02/28/2008 11 5 - -
How did your day begin today?
cross posted from Sancho Press to Dkos, DD and TMB. Mine began with a cup of coffee and then a short walk of my dogs. Beautiful morning here in the deep woods in the heart of Maine. 15 ...
TKK 02/26/2008 27 7 - 11
Another Bush promise to Military personnel being broken.
cross posted from Sancho Press. In 2002 President Bush signed a bill to put citezenship applications of non US citizens who serve in the military on "the fast track". In ...
TKK 02/24/2008 17 17 - 141
As tears roll down my cheeks
cross posted from Sancho Press. We spend our time on Sancho Press highlighting problems faced by our troops and veterans. We write articles about the injustices suffered ...
TKK 02/22/2008 5 13 - -
4 years of despair, hopelessness & torment turns to 5 years of recovery & happiness.
(excerpts from "full" article on Sancho Press) I have considered writing this article for nearly six months. The only way for me to write this is to reveal very deep, emotional and private ...
TKK 02/20/2008 24 24 - 4
Dogs***t, horse*hi*, bulls*i* and Bush*h*t.
Cross posted from Sancho Press. Come over and join to help the troops and veterans. This post is just for fun. Horseshit, bullshit and Bushshit below the fold.
TKK 02/17/2008 15 - - 3
The troops and veterans thank Dkos as do I.
I regularly posted diaries on Dkos from the beginning of August to mid Dec. (4.5 mths). DKos was my first blog in my life. Dkos was my first left political internet exposure after coming from the ...
TKK 02/14/2008 8 11 - -
What the HELL are all the veterans and their advocates complaining about?
(SARCASM) We have a presidential election race going on. We are going to have one of the most important elections in our lifetime in ten months. We have many other major issues ...
TKK 02/13/2008 58 33 1 88
Do NOT watch these or read this if you do not want to know about PTSD & TBI or are faint of heart.
Cross posted from Sancho Press. TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury. The "signature" injury of the Iraq war. A traumatic brain injury is usually the ...
TKK 02/12/2008 25 24 2 6
PART 2--Problems ALL Americans should know. We need help to fix these. Join Sancho Press to help.
TKK 02/11/2008 9 8 1 1
We have a problem that every American should be FULLY aware of. Read this and learn about it.
Series of two to be posted from Sancho Press on Docudharma, Turn Maine Blue, DailyKos and sent to the Communications Director (per her request) for Congressman Michael Michaud,
TKK 02/10/2008 53 38 4 6
Tribute to those who held Sancho Press up since 28 Dec 07.
cross posted from Sancho Press. I hope nobody at DailyKos will be offended by this shameless pimp. Sancho Press is a completly different type of site than Dkos. Sancho Press is solely dedicated to ...
TKK 02/05/2008 2 1 - -
There is a you tube video below the fold of this article I write. It is about OUR troops. It is about our nation supporting them. It is about our obligation to help them with the multitude of ...
TKK 01/07/2008 5 8 - 2
Al Queda and the Taliban
I am doing research for an article for a magazine. I have been speaking with troops directly in Iraq and Afghanistan on the front. I also speak with Veterans who have left the military who were in ...
TKK 12/27/2007 8 - - 12
It's time to stop talking and complaining. It's time for action
Cross posted from Docudharma- please post comments here- I am tired. So tired. I usually use an editor for my diaries because of my head ...
TKK 12/17/2007 28 10 - 3
Right wingnuts push a huge voting block our way
Just when you thought there were no more groups for them to alienate & abandon they have pushed a traditionally reliable repug group to the breaking point. Will we take advantage of the opportunity? ...
TKK 12/06/2007 5 24 1 16
HEY, do you REALLY support the troops?
"Do you support the troops?" I thought it was a simple yes-or-no question when I asked it in a DKos open thread. The first five responders said yes, and a couple of them seemed baffled as to how I ...
TKK 12/04/2007 79 34 3 62
Why are discussions of Hillary so divisive and polarizing?  
This is the eighth POTUS election I will vote in. I do not believe that I have ever seen a more fervent, adamant, emotional and virulent group of candidate supporters as early as the first of Sept. ...
TKK 11/19/2007 94 5 - -
Respond if you are ready to call to IMPEACH
and willing to take action. I will commit to call as many people as I possibly can in the next three months in the state of Maine (where I live) IF we can get enough people to volunteer to do the ...
TKK 11/16/2007 43 15 1 9
I went to the Veterans Administration hospital yesterday.
Cross posted at Turn Maine Blue http:// Ctoss posted to VetVoice. I went to the Veterans Administration ...
TKK 11/09/2007 43 25 - 33
The silent epidemic & "signature" injury of the Iraq war.
Cross posted to Turn Maine Blue Cross posted to VetVoice TBI--Traumatic Brain ...
TKK 11/02/2007 32 38 4 147
Do you have an issue that is a "MUST" for your POTUS vote?
I did it in 2004 and to the detriment of our nation. I believe too many of us dems do this and it is part of why the repubs have the power from the bottom up and we have been getting our asses kicked.
TKK 11/01/2007 132 5 - 14
Should we have a "Kos primary" before super Tuesday?
I am not saying we should do this for sure. I am posing this question to you. This whole diary could just be mental masturbation (one of my expertise), but, indulge me for a few minutes. Of course, ...
TKK 10/28/2007 33 9 - 13
What is Putin up to? Dictator? Czar? More about Russia#6
This diary is not the same light hearted trivia of the last five in the series. Here"s a link to the first of those 5, if you are interested. Maybe after this diary, you will want to read something ...
TKK 10/22/2007 33 7 1 13
More about RUSSIA (#5)
Welcome to the fifth in my series about Russia. Besides the warning here, I must add some text below the fold. Links to priors just below fold. If you did not read the prior ...
TKK 10/21/2007 82 14 3 142
More about RUSSIA (#4)
Welcome to the fourth in the series about Russia. The only text from me will be the warning here. Links to priors below fold. If you did not read the prior diaries (...
TKK 10/20/2007 31 6 - 10
More about RUSSIA (#3)
Good morning and welcome to the third in the series about my trips to Russia. As stated in the previous diaries, the remainder in this series will be little text from me but primarily simply stated ...
TKK 10/19/2007 17 5 1 13
More about RUSSIA (#2)
Good morning and welcome to the second in the series about my trips to Russia. Today’s, as well as the next diaries will be primarily more facts about Russia and more photo’s from Russia.
TKK 10/18/2007 12 6 1 18
Wonder what it is like in Russia? I have been numerous
times and have many photos. Well, if you read this series of diaries EVERY DAY for the next six days, I will tell you and show you. I am going to publish a diary at 10am EDT each day for the next ...
TKK 10/17/2007 78 6 3 10
I believe we can gain comfort and solace by knowing George W. Bush‘s future.
My opinions here will not propose changes to affect the mess our world is in today. My views herein will not provide solutions to fix any of the multitudes of problems of the world. My ...
TKK 10/12/2007 15 4 - 24
Repub candidates body language analyzed by "expert" during debate. (Satire)
Well, O.K., technically, I am not a body language “expert”. I do have unique credentials that make me a reliable source for interpreting the “unspoken words” of the ...
TKK 10/10/2007 25 17 - 22
(SATIRE) I heard Bush has a speech this week announcing that troop withdrawals will start
immediately and all troops will be out before 2009 inauguration I have this information from a well connected, very wealthy. ex-army, diehard republican ...
TKK 09/30/2007 20 6 1 20
Do we attack or degrade too often in responses to diaries and comments?
YOU GOTTA SCROLL DOWN TO SEE MY "MOOSE" AND A "SNAPPER" REAL UP CLOSE AND A CRAZY "LOON" DOING A DANCE. I wrote about this same subject and posted a diary about it around ...
TKK 09/28/2007 73 9 - 2
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